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Minor Details Ep. 47: Sean Coyle and the irrelevance of size; Mike McCarthy and the social impact of being a Sox minor leaguer

May 5, 2013|

A pair of teammates in High-A Salem, Sean Coyle and Mike McCarthy, have done eye-opening things for different reasons this year. Coyle has done some remarkable things on the field, hitting nine homers in his first 17 games of the year. McCarthy has done some remarkable things off of it, taking part in grassroots efforts among Sox prospects to make a positive community impact in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

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Welcome back to another edition of down on the farm. Age is just about everything when it comes to prospect status. Players to show the ability to outperform older competition are typically the ones who profile as the best -- big -- It's clarify the performance of players like Bryce Harper in Mike Trout. The rookies of the year -- -- is nineteen and twenty respectively. So captivating and otherworldly they really are. This week we check in with a couple of players on the same team represented different type of quote unquote prospects. Based on their ages. What's up with one of the most interesting people on the Red Sox system Mike McCarthy a 25 year old pitcher in his second full season a pro ball. But first what chicken with Sean Coyle who's McCarthy's teammate in high Salem. -- is just 21 years old. But he's actually in his second season at Salem having spent all of 2012 there. He's even been in the Red Sox minor league system for a year or more than McCarthy already. RP -- level is sometimes viewed as a setback in player development. For someone as young as coil that not necessarily the case particularly given his early season performance this year. The MB one of the best players in the Red -- system to the first month of the year. Last year Croyle struggled struggled badly in Salem looking overmatched in the first half when he had just to eleven with a -- PS that was barely over 600. In the second half though he made various adjustments to hit 297. With no PS over 800 in now he's playing at another level. Through us first sixteen games he's hit an astonishing seven homers a mind blowing total given that he's playing in a terrible park and league hitters. And these slightly shorter than Dustin Pedroia it even more impressive given the players sometimes have to work too early to appointments. And sometimes underperformance. When they're sent -- repeated season at the same level where they spent all of the previous year. How did -- approach spring training and the question where he might opened when he thirteen. Every year we will look to the next level that. You know. I guess and really obvious how will Kohl on down. As far as. My game vultures creature features there's inching into. People on my game and build -- success have last year and worked -- being extra lit offensively that -- offensively can be simply and -- -- in that regard I think. Good specials very. What Dell what specific things offensively and defensively where you're trying to where he tried to move out. I'm offense but he I guess and these sensors Israel area. Terry Terry humor and more -- my about it. Keep my head Stiller on both sides -- the water and I think that. That's been that's been key for -- this year so far. With regard I guess you know backtracking for a second to two last year you know how how would you describe. What was you know what what was going on in both the first half. In the second half did you view them as being you know just kind of completely separate and he's. Yeah I think down. Consistency it was a -- problematic for the first questions someday they'll come down. You know -- have a few hits and had irregular that play the next day. Almost hadn't played baseball order in post. But kind of searching to find myself in the -- And making adjustments that are probably. I had no business making com. You're trying to kinda. Commentary heard the the lack of hitting those going and so I think in the second half -- Went home -- also bring -- I'll do my brother my dad. My body -- -- -- it's going really well Kevin well then you're trying to help me out. I got it back to basics and invective being. Had success with the past and I think. Perry said this is. You know first photo can't do anything to change. You can. You can't come back in the second half and and treated ought to concede that's pretty much good bit. Talking to Red Sox second base prospect Sean -- let -- you were one of the younger couple of guys in in the Carolina league. Twenty years old playing at that level. Were you aware of that where you mindful of the fact. He knows that you were kind of on an aggressive development path at that point. It -- where it. I would say that thought about it over or really put too much value it's you know when you plant. -- -- it doesn't matter who you're playing against what level at age. You know you wanna be -- be successful and that's. That's the biggest thing it's not. Although you know you know into the -- They're. Mixture of doing the year thing but but yeah I was I was aware that. Aggressive placement. I complain about levels -- Then how significant was it for you to be able to -- seed like that tangible result in the second half when you did -- to have you know very different results. Our it's extremely encouraging community. Our -- approval order and we've worked really hard and things aren't going your way. It's tough mentally. To be able to keep keep working hard every day come in with a good attitude in. It's it's tough ones and things start getting things are going -- way it's it's really. It's really encouraging. Well so getting back to that idea of what you've been doing in the dosage of this year you know from what I understand you had a great spring training someone it's just me that you had. A 400 may be above -- spring training. When you found out that you're going to be sent back to Salem we're surprised we're disappointed or were you like okay I'm not that I'm. You know neither of those things gas. I mean I guess were urged. Windows. You know you go to Egypt India -- the -- and without roster space to victory. It is spring training. Maybe maybe for the first public. -- of course but without after the look yeah it was like a real. Karaoke get back in the years and you know keep keep getting after. I mean there's there's -- -- -- it can do it. And about letting it things yeah that you have any control over and and controlling things that you can control so. You know I just. It went back -- -- And these can't work -- You -- 540 correct. -- Did coach able roundup I'm I'm like 57 and a half a local groundout by god I'll call myself like me to. How on earth do you generate enough leverage to be able to hit a baseball out of the park is frequently. Our -- I have. Yes. I guess not much power and it took off this this spring when. When I stopped. Suckers and Marshall is about bodies and figured out how to swing and keep my head still and I think that's. Because of the consistency. Squared some although I think. Don't keep -- It really using. Use my hands rather than my entire body is that it -- be quicker to the ball and -- more consistent. Coming up did you think of yourself as a as being a potential quote unquote power hitting prospect to someone who could. You know who could deliver average to above average power. Yes definitely -- -- being cut coming up also is. Com. 34 in two degrees and humidity guys who would everywhere but. Yeah I think I think I have potential to. You know it it's from -- here professional baseball. Let. Whether. Wondering what over the power more upbeat -- Like in the old. -- -- -- that approach. In terms of in terms of the Red Sox organization today that you're drafted I think that might have been the last time that you and I talked by phone and I ask you a little bit about your game and you said. Well the natural the natural thing to people do is compare YouTube Dustin Pedroia. To what degree do you think that -- you know not -- little further in your professional career. To what degree do you continue to view him as someone. Whom you kind of would like you. Indoor can model your game after. I would -- probably. You know about the take part in game. As as many second baseman Warren has been in Florida. I really part of it China there is some term -- -- anything in. Compared myself to. Be -- and -- You know. So they have might not be good at Hewitt and get -- out as far as accurate but. RB you know I'd love watching him the way he gets after it. You know -- his enthusiasm and in the way he carries himself. -- That's that's something that I really like. That didn't end up in the regarded as well as. His approach play everything's so. You know. Outlook pages is work ethic. And you know things things that. Aren't exactly is still set you know because I was -- what might get accused or I can't really do too much. To change. You know I can't work Arctic and because -- -- in the clubhouse and booze and things that are really important to. When you're becoming a bit spoke at. What is still at how do you describe yourself in a player at this stage as a player at this stage of your career at age 21. You know it back in Salem for a second. Own. It's a question. They're probably. So. What about everyday but I who's gonna play hard try to win everyday. You know that they're gonna trying to get that -- to play play solid defense. They're not try to -- too much and stay in my game that. You know. I guess work -- apparent fumble return here. Work hard every day in the it's it's below that it. Do you get a chance to go to meet Pedroia at all or play with him in many spring training games. No I actually. About in looking forward. Playing in playing. And Sarah think in an -- in the big league spring training games this year. Vietnamese knicks -- showed up it is news. You know. Dixon from all others it's dramatic exit and hopefully I'll be in situation where -- -- -- do that the you know popular figure brittle little. In terms of in terms of your own development you had. One of the reasons why the Red Sox regarded so highly. Is because you were -- end -- playing four playing for team Europe for USA baseball when you were still in high school after junior year. You were on a team then with with for an I believe with Bryce Harper as well as one of your current teammates in Salem -- -- Problem what was the experience of team USA like -- how much did that prepare you. For kind of being on this quote unquote fast track that you started your -- that you started your career on. -- cumulative unbelievable. You know just a ball player from the north he's been able go down and the -- -- you know. -- from the base area you know. Detailed from from taxes Machado from Miami to Kenya from Louisiana derby. Couple California guys from all over the country you they would then it. And two. To realize that hey you know I can I can play with these and I excel at this level. Was something. That was. Pretty cool who. To be involved with as high school baseball player I think it really. Gave me a taste of playing at a higher level Lauren and help me work harder. To become a good bit of black. Talking to Red Sox second base prospect Sean -- To what degree does it just blow your mind that you were on that team in fewer in the middle your high school years. With harper -- Otto in both of those guys are speaking are at this point kind of tablet -- as kind of beaten them you know instead of the big league level. It's W. Just -- step back end. -- There's a lot of -- play in the big leagues and you know -- anger or what its other you know. Depends who's going to be next to me you know witnessed restarted play hard. You know it is district after Saturday's give -- so that shot and he could be the next one -- the big thing. As you mentioned Guerin and you know the opportunity for the two of you to be playing in the same infield now on Salem he's obviously playing third base but it. He's off to a pretty amazing start he's hitting almost 400. You guys are kind of you know. Are kind of comparator. Seemingly in this competition for who's who's doing the more ridiculous thing on on a day in day out basis what's it been like to watch. To watch him. This season in Salem. Now let's take it it would. You know you go to you have. -- intent and the -- studio. A speech about hitting deletion dude play that. It's like checking every -- -- demonstrating what should physically I mean it's. It's ridiculous it is it's like a clinic out there he's on his depleted some that are like watching not a above eight. -- -- -- Indian and you know talk to him -- because you know we kind of broke things off each other -- it's it's great to watch and learn from. To what degree is he a different player than he was back when you guys were and now we're in high school on that team you. Just more consistent I mean that's. That's I mean he's. They -- Egypt you know you're getting against you can get a hold on cigarette. Is going to be a basal he -- -- pitchers and it is is consistency is just unreal. It so you mentioned that you know that -- -- consistency was kind of an area of focus for you how do you feel about where you've been at the start of the season. In terms of having game to game consistency week to weaken him. Well. A very. I've been pretty consistent history training you know I haven't really been into two vote. That's always something I need to work on them and you know I can only become more consistent and that that separates guys here in the Carroll finally guys out there in the -- easily got up there in the dignity and it's these -- It's not that -- war on every day in and that's what I've been doing I think it would go to a pretty good job with that. But you know it's so -- you got to go out work every time. As someone who is who is you know who is your stature but who has the ability to hit the -- impact for power. We're server points where in terms of your coaching you had to kind of fight the perception that. Oh Europe you're a smaller guy who should be playing. Kind of ate a team that more -- a Smart guy. You know less -- you know like smaller swing may -- that when that has -- swing and miss but one that probably won't generate the kind of the same kind of extra base and -- home run potential. Yeah it definitely. You know. Like -- you know you know -- what do you. We -- like that or you know -- I think that was I was more when. Last year it in the year before those post when he really with with my shoulders and about it. Creating. You vision oh really swing really hard now I think now what actually aren't. It doesn't really look like you know a bit more accurate and it's it's less. Lesser of big -- cut -- swing at more. But actually at least that's that I feel and a half ago. Though it is to look and watch it. And I think. -- -- -- hand Lauren. And that it helped me swing even harder than before without even really trying to do so I think. Those. Comments and things about swing too hard I think visit Canada. In. Slowdown I guess -- match here. Right right when you're missing the ball 420 feet did not then people are going to aren't going to second guess the and the amount you put -- -- doing. Are coming back full circle little bit what was the conversation like with the Red Sox front office with Red Sox team officials. When they when they told you officially that you're going to be going to Salem. Nothingness just head and say you know you're about. They don't they don't have a good attitude about it I don't. Rudy. Sit in the corner -- predicting over. Of amenities like abandon. It says. We like we do it and continued to be working hard and do we go again. You know if you're playing well any player of the lovely you can. Equity promoted so that's that's whether -- towards. How much to like that idea of being able to kind of forced on the door. Are -- critical. Not -- my first two years almost waited the level he's somewhere where those those green no amount of fresh here. Probably but it all year there and Bashir. Com's product -- you're there this year to and I had an incentive but it standing at a stage where if you know to. Forced smile at the latter rather than it is great camp out of spring training it's it's something that actually. Especially critical -- is -- -- motivated. Sean thank you so much for taking the time to join in to kind of explain how you've been approaching. Approaching the season and to. You know your efforts I get you lots of work your way up here to New England in the not too distant distant future. Or. And yet you come on in. -- -- You've heard from Sean Coyle who's hoping to force his way up to double -- Portland as a 21 year old the season. But another indicator of the fact that not all prospect -- of the same if not all minor league stories of the same it's worth examining the path of -- teammate and Salem. Mike McCarthy. McCarthy was still in college when he was 21 years old and indeed when he was 22. -- -- signed out of high school McCarthy graduated. From cal state Bakersfield but we're starting his pro career. McCarthy's view on prospect status and general worldly perspective is simply different as a result of his background. His interest and goals is a professional extends far beyond the baseball field and yet he remains is committed to advancing his playing career has -- as to his. Here's McCarthy on his unusual background. Digit we literally go to your school notebook and hopefully progress. We're all out there between consequence. And under strong connection which stove. Other players. And the program when crude oil reduced orange coming from scratch and there's. There's something special about it took its Beijing are scratch -- -- its stores so. Where I imagine -- round and and OK you. -- -- -- betrayal -- -- -- voting occurred in different. Not a was pretty adamant that it couldn't on the first one around them. I would -- mentioned it -- -- really wanted to much. But also to a -- option this fourth -- The complete. Implement. But so so the question and special because each and you'll never get. And in the world to achieve that. Experience as we know what is he threw. Through my eligibility. Rule barring. The shouted in Poland and who aren't. British Open. I. And punched out in the organization you know didn't go out to vote on first announced. In the so that only can play. It's it's really interesting to hear you mention that idea of having built a program from the ground up because. You know you're in this here in this thing that -- -- you know the world of the minor leagues where people use this phrase player development. Without really. Often this cut consciousness of of the development part of things from a baseball input and I assume that you have. You know by virtue of the fact that you helped to literally construct a program. From the ground up you know. Whether it was you know mowing the lawns and in physically building this mound you probably have a greater appreciation. Then others might for you know for what it means to have development as a process governing baseball. From your vantage point. How different is your perspective on. What the minor -- -- on what professional baseball ends. Late as a professional baseball player in the minor -- means then it might be for someone who is coming out of high school. You know I think my. My experience. And from starting and and seamless entry. And entry level. Ways and code placed orders. They're also being able to travel to these mile and being able travel can vary in South Carolina. And -- of the top programs can these gorgeous in -- -- Six guys can come out of if you don't lie and -- In maintaining entire field. Whereas we return as voters northern OK you know whose term -- -- the checkered curtain and a lot of them. We've got to run him down in the fourth inning between innings -- come -- -- and -- the -- and it is -- go to work. And we still. Into an apartment that we can. Empathize. It's been moved through its own. Large contrary expert. Quote -- To test into -- So you where they came they -- program has an exposure and so we have some hard -- British opens -- -- when nationally and high exposure. Mutual pension. Accounting. Missed all of I scored in as much a -- -- mentioned. Charging for content -- -- you have to crush mentioned something just took the lead to depression in Egypt the top. Life. Constancy of course it's can. Particularly in particular and now. And you're the -- and stretched. Thin and to work arrangements. How then do you view your experience as a as a baseball player when in which you've had at times you've had tremendous success last year in Greeneville. -- in fact I think had that second or third longest scoreless inning streak in in that. That particular my early franchise's history something like 23 straight scoreless innings at the same time it's baseball you've also had periods. -- in which she didn't have quite the same degree of effectiveness how how do you how do you examine how do you reflect on your own progress. As a baseball player now that you have been at the professional ranks for. Nearly two years now. Coffee at British intimidating based coal provides a most well. You're gonna. Walk around -- in church. I've scored -- order under. A great chance to one. Sort you're gonna see all the respect. Are being. Routine and and order in. The deal. In the -- is important to connect consistency. Through when things go. You never get to know one thing here. Well in particular are. Only to hear it in your ability to repeat. Six college pitching coach in the lectures. Are greater your mechanic sugar detention -- -- -- completely. Outfielder. And a parent says that the -- It. And I think that's exactly. I hadn't been in the water or do it Irish open. I've gotten burned particular. Really rough outings. It around the world. That's released audio. -- now you know W. But he can not. That that he's really on the Google -- -- eaten much cheap vote it'll actually. Physically. One of the things fixing to me is that you're 25 years old now you know which in life is very very young you know I think effective when I was terrified and I'm like well -- you know. Was really at those sort of -- of my professional life. And you know that however that age makes you older than almost all of your teammates and not. He's in element -- point how does that change your perspective on. What it means to be you know in my early to what it means to be a quote unquote prospect. Order an interest in its so called -- to in the I think that's you know is Graham when he arrives. You know but it's a -- prospectus -- the and we know that but it's included -- -- not induced. Like -- there's poker -- annualized completions. And places in. Quote and -- look -- experience. But it also. You don't just need a more open. On the you know. -- -- -- is another. It's. One vote and -- -- is I'm in an organ arrangement of Beverly. I'm reported game no matter what -- And it's only in the -- been on the next. They're looking at it is what it is to know what to do. It will use the -- it's thanks in -- -- prospects its unions. I don't believe you get to the it is kind of -- open. Vocal and there and can -- keep you around musical political. And I mean a lot of congressmen and spoke. Because -- kind folks on the school. And they've been getting develop. In these polls specifically as quickly. But we all heard the story of late bloomers and early -- I -- entrance or monsters and each thirteen fourteen as well and some guys who don't spread it might them -- to college. -- so it's kind of different. A different route -- determine prospect but it. It is -- a lot of respect that they can. Not going to need the but it is my teammates in the. Talking to Red -- mentally pitcher Mike McCarthy. From your vantage point what does it mean to be a prospect quote unquote what does that what does that term mean to you. It is it prepared over the organization a place -- post writes books -- years. So women can cope with king who. Maybe not as great moment in the future and can that they the most important thing -- in Red Sox he. And when -- change. And do something special. Into the Red Sox represents them or greater than England skipper kitchen. Into the city across the but it more and I'm not and you -- That's. Who were prostitutes. And and the guys respect very strong. Connection between the coast and I think it's great post wrote on its own rituals that are. I'm interested specifically in your herb mention of the idea of the Red Sox importance in in the community -- You're -- -- minded individual -- that Bakersfield. You know you you worked there. I'm hoping an academic administration I think during the off season. Play one think it that striking you have a weekly column. Please remind you the paper in Bakersfield that that runs in. It. In the Bakersfield Californian couple weeks ago I was struck might buy a column that you wrote. In the aftermath of the of the bombings and at the Boston Marathon. In which you described the end of connection that. You as a minor leaguer appealed to the city of Boston even though you're you're the end of year contact with the city of Boston. It's the best of my knowledge would be the couple months that you spent with with lull. The target professional poker in in 2011 is that about right. -- And so tell me about you know minor leaguers you know to what degree you'd take kind of ownership of this idea being. A member of the Red Sox organization and even earlier partly -- Salem Virginia promote you know for most of the year you spent last year in Greenville. You know in Greenville, South Carolina. -- what is your connection what what connection do you guys minor -- fuel to the Red Sox into Boston. From -- -- As you know. And -- And I am. Someone who wins over our country there's people at a certain he's -- -- on Turbo mode of it measures. We're -- and also have our. Smaller. -- -- you part immortal and he just Richard Google presents considered -- -- -- order. A member of that rhetoric and unity and nation and so we live we have impact for parents but also. -- thought about it -- -- means. And the fans -- People who have been pretty. -- -- a nation. Our -- special -- mean more people whichever. I'm with great pride honor. And Norton -- almost as toward potentially -- An injury based on. And on most storage and -- On the Red -- Great influence the United States represents the greatest -- And sort of which if you are -- really good starting ninth. Year. And so liberty in. Large ultimately never -- -- -- The sort of the -- has been. I see Bosnia's special -- -- in the to a certain extent -- present. But more importantly it represents. All these people. Attitude. And approach it. -- -- -- artwork. Though of optimism and camaraderie towards each other. I'm not only represents. A lot of things move. Adults who were present a lot of -- but this country's. -- me -- So in the aftermath of of that terrible day of that terrible news and that -- my understanding based on the article he wrote in that you wrote in in the paper was that. Was that you were part of a -- of grassroots effort on the part of of some guys the system to try to figure out OK what what can we do to help does that is that accurate. Yeah I think. What outwardly. Essentially. Or and then from there and practice and we -- -- we've heard over the radio. The practice what happened was we can revenue which has -- explosion. I mean we don't know whether it was a propane tank -- Some drastic shall. We -- combo and a little extras. And that walking urged him but he just standing it's easy -- And it's I realize that point there's something -- going on. I don't know what they have respect. After sort of which or. Had -- moments trying to do contour what was going on punished and which still have days. We we were talking you know. -- -- -- there was -- view. Interest and everybody it's. Anybody who has watched I think so well. To push. Them into those people that I couldn't choke. A couple of guys -- Actually -- -- on line and we are trying to more bullish on. It group of people you know. Quality AT&T over in the. People who order. To distribute -- also turned -- Should contribute articles. And anything -- can use. To get people shoot those. And prevented -- -- that -- that was such a Q. He knows these tragic -- is on the way it is different life I'd change. -- you know put. Me in Virginia where can we use in. And that's when church on -- mean and a couple of times we really need to will congress change about it because the schedule and so the following. -- -- Internet traffic numbers and people marched on -- -- -- -- to you know what can -- do it but we corporate creation of different local children. Medical. Starting to. Particularly. People resource to be -- and he took an important announcement and then -- -- so we. There was exposed. Which. Letters home. This other -- in the underwear -- -- maybe. That situation. A little bit and and outcome of the people he would've ordered you to. What we can -- -- -- was -- You know part of Basra. Is being little inspiration to realize. I think that phenomenon so many levels part of it being the fact that it was you guys rather than. You know rather than a top down kind of you know the organization -- you know it's one thing. For an organization. That typically minded to say. You know of this would be great thing. I find it extraordinary that you guys being -- you know despite fact that -- far away decided we are going to take the initiative and do something in order to help. I find it incredibly admirable. Please I mean it's clear that you have interest. Did extend beyond that you know be on the baseball field. Social interest you know -- Please -- -- what you studied in in college. -- -- -- In that person. Would endure in the medical you know. Transition from. Looking at the doctors and distance and which. I mean that's clearly you know that that's clearly you know further underscores this idea that you're someone who's who in life placed an emphasis on the -- of being able to help people. How much of a balancing act does it for you to. -- say OK am committing to you know it's my baseball career right now. But I have this ability you know it in trying to rest and trying to. Balance that with your desire. To kind of the aid to be to be a citizen you know of something larger that you that you mentioned in the context of the red expert. You know trying obviously to make the biggest difference. In the lives of others that you can because you're you're someone whose bright you're someone who's driven to help people. How much do you kind of wrestle with this idea of you know is baseball really you know really the way in which I can make my biggest impact. It is no question not on the whole. I thought about. Trickling and also it is both. The beauty and -- in this. What I started alcorn college. One -- adopted just don't want. And I wanted to do top of their lives and he can put. But not. Separated family life and and didn't a traditional -- wage you're -- And went through highs and lows under the age. Vote. And -- -- our schools are mature. And deploy. Lot of people helped me get. I mentioned specially like -- -- -- because a true political -- since. But China's you know medicine when you have. Play in England match or whether he. Can't keep its look which injured doctor's orders. Accord between. The torture scored on some special but I also -- -- sensitive. Community and they're -- people too much traditional means. Surely hoping it won't change -- but what about -- and then -- Helping them that they do want to stay. And Ireland is just quickly you can hope somebody in the change -- -- -- and -- some pretty immigrants. Type -- in provided them. You can also open to -- prevention through giving her much can you open. GE. And toward being a role model. How to work. In a lot of power. Illness is typical user or the result of hard work core rock -- Lock -- intentionally do it's can only own attitude. And a little. And toward young kid in its -- Meted -- prevention went into production later in life. -- from the local which range of Costa which change and the courage and determination accused of church and. I realize somebody that. What are the most -- and for the people -- -- coaches. And -- like an announcement came back and so -- -- now become sort of a catalyst. And such and someone based on. He pushed -- button in the article more like lose. -- spoke in the -- Outlook on some of the people want. And obviously you know have the experience of being able to build fields from off from big you know a mode that mode is that plot of grass -- -- That can only be helpful in some sense. Yeah an unexpected you know but one of -- should it account accurate and punishment a hundred good. It's about. Actually. Such -- Let them in the remote field. I'm sure you have to twist his arm but I do he he may die he might come into what I -- -- his first request that particular designation. It. -- -- Well Mike McCarthy Red Sox pitcher again thank you so much for joining you can follow Mike on Twitter at and McCarthy 35. Great stuff Mike really appreciate it thank you for offering a thoughtful perspective. And what. Thanks again to Mike McCarthy and Sean -- for joining down on the farm brought to you by. Find a deal near you at -- one advantage dot com. To hear the complete interviews with both Sean Coyle and Mike McCarthy in this thing Marta both. Visit WTI dot com slash podcast thanks for listening look toward a check back in next week.

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