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Butch Sterns discuss the Boston Bruins Game 2 Tonight at the Garden

May 4, 2013|

Butch Sterns talks about the Bruins game tonight against the Toronto Mapleleafs. The team hopes to keep the momentum going into game two.

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This number sixteen. It is the war or won the derby horse -- again. -- Won't be again I've -- And they go another legendary call here -- WT guys enjoy out in all seriousness. Phone number but there -- six on 77797927. Left here you had the Bruins game on your way there. -- just part of the garden give -- applause. Your thoughts about the beast -- -- talk about these people are just confident they're gonna win it's not a lot to talk about minimize. -- -- -- Trained by the legendary shot McGahee. On The Who is already a hall of fame trainer. But this is his first derby win. Jockey by jolt we're sorry you know young Dominican. Who. Won his first Breeders' Cup in 2009. Also on the Dubai World Cup boarding animal kingdom. On the set at Keeneland spring -- record this year with thirty winning rides in 2013. So first derby win for shoulders are real and four. Shot McGahee. -- is owned us hired by Malibu moon lady liberty by and bridled. I've supposing you horse -- and -- remember roughly in here's image and connections orbit is owned by Ogden mills -- -- Stuart -- the third and Phipps stable Stewart -- and any -- are first cousins -- and we both have a long. And distinguished history in horse racing Stewart Phipps was introduced to racing by his parents. Who -- the same rough mean he's the chairman of Bessemer trust trustee of John Hopkins university vice chairman of the Jockey Club and the board of trustees of the New York racing association. Any tips is a retired American finance here and chairman of the Jockey Club. He won the eclipse award of merit for all of his many contributions. To horse racing and if you're on Twitter and you just search or -- you'll find that there are a lot of people on Twitter I think orbits a special force they're talking Triple Crown already. -- has already won the Florida derby. Have already is already in March in February 1 of -- Tipton fountain of youth at gulfstream park. On and now -- won the Kentucky Derby and wanted in great style came from behind want it going away. And they're already talking about her orbiters -- Triple Crown crown winner so there you -- all you need to know about today's Kentucky Derby. Owens in Maple Leafs tonight gained two -- guard celtics' future. Red Sox in Texas against the Rangers patriots Kentucky Derby both the subjects we've been talking about all afternoon. Gonna be here for another 45 minutes take your calls talk about these things on the I brought up the point about Tuukka Rask and whether recruitment -- I don't to me that's not a story because Rask has been talking about. And that here's what I mean by. Rask started talking about at the end of the year I know people that don't meet. I have a lot to prove I like the fact that he was talking now normally I think to myself well he's talking about -- think. He's not going to be able to respond so he hasn't done yet. Think is I like that he addressed. It could be wrong because if he's talking about -- -- thought about it and he knows it's there. And if he's outwardly remaining at that shows a calmness coolness to me but again I wanna see how hubris. Bonds. When he has some adversity. I wanna go back to. The Tim Thomas run in the Stanley Cup finals. At this point. In 20102011. Actually. -- when the Bruins were playing. In the post season it was April 16 it was game two Bruins were down one game to none. And Tim Thomas had given up to Goldman lost two to nothing game wanna give up three goals they lost 31. He responded. Excuse me that was at home -- saint. The Bruins -- Coleman lost to Montreal. And lost at home three to one -- anyone on the road. In 142. Two after two home losses Tim Thomas responded with a win the Bruins responded with a win on the road in game three. They didn't respond with an overtime win in game four. They didn't want it over time again at home in game five they then lost to Montreal in game six and one at home in overtime. In game sevens that first round series was a dog fight but to -- Rask -- comparison I think the Tampa Bay Ceres. Is what I'm looking. Tim Thomas gave up five goals in the first game against camp again at all. He came back and -- gave up five goals the Bruins picked him up in game two and Tyler -- especially came off the bench. Was inserted into the lineup and a significant way scored two goals and two assists in the Thomas give up bibles they want six to five. So now it's a five game series you're going to camp and Tim Thomas -- shot. That started it go. Even though Tampa won game 45 to three if you remember that game they scored late. It was hard fought game. The Bruins then came home 1321. They went back to -- and lost an image that legendary game seven they won one enough so my point about. Rask. Is that he needs to go through. These things that happen. You know and the only experience he has to go by. Is. The Philadelphia series. That they had. In only nine. And that was long enough for goal. That you know it's legendary because the Bruins lost foreign row. Com but in that series they won five to four in overtime again Rask was in net for all these games. So he won a playoff series four games to two against the sabres. They then at home against Philadelphia went to overtime won five to four at home against Philadelphia 13 to two at Philly won four to one. So Rask gave up seven goals in three games abroad scored twelve and three games they -- lost in overtime five to four in game four. They they lost forty nothing it and lost two to one of them lost 43. So in those final four games I don't the Bruins to begin let's be fair. It's the goalies. Who get credit and blame because they're standing on that wall to a -- Philly series. The Bruins gave up and Rask gave up fifteen goals in three games on the Bruins scored only now. -- scored again. In Hartford who's next hello Dan Mario. And our -- and let's do this forever we want that. You are crushed or on or sported orange -- the players wanted to show only -- Cheshire. It's like I'm trying to find the official results or. To chart from Iowa. And a report. I. Yet through it win place and show you put twenty or or now. Although I'm trying to get the official results. Probably irritate him in a and I will get -- so are you big horse -- fan. So tell me about or tell me what we need to know about Auburn people rises specialists. This piece of that sort what you -- at a lunch text meters three ought to work or potential Iran and America. But I that's all I know thought that was so let's talk about the approach. -- all right well you get into what after impala that he on the flight to Italy in the heartland outside north approach and the other night. I think -- have been wasted three hours every other takes us to launch -- that. The match the Bruins that stamper and -- -- light that can bring you that. There's got to be -- even against Pittsburgh it is going to be held a series. Because back -- -- -- -- -- partner he is concerned yeah arrogant -- aren't you absorb Charlie stick it out sort dog inspect. They need to put your article -- -- -- -- that we'll -- I know he's. It'll what does that mean I mean let's be honest we should be taken Lucic off the first aren't. Call on the operatives quiche is playing great this but that's what are we not a pollutant. She didn't mean he hasn't played like this all these here playoffs are really any church congress to me there's a little -- in Lucci. And you know should be should be beyond. -- women if LS I heard Girardi and you're saying that. You're saying and that. That the younger should be with talented players you -- and Bergeron Krejci line. So what are we usually. Sagan -- she. The -- again. Point taken off. The first line Lucic Horton. And -- are you take somebody off that line second line is Bergeron marsh on and -- -- who we who we'd taking off to replace -- While I picked a withdrawal -- on op on the first line. Take important -- 13. Come on -- why you gonna change three lines that have got you here for playoff just to get yarder with some. With one of the top two cents. Our our butch concern. On the real value on that it is itself. -- port in Dellucci stroked the pretty -- out so once they've been dogs are reports -- -- audit the -- we see all the time. Or doesn't. Or. There's no. Our blog anywhere near -- large -- how important has played well in the playoffs he played well the other night. I'll -- -- -- it is it is a little cheeks well impeached earned in Ottawa and -- -- our shoulders look that match. That -- all of this its weakest shouldn't hit everything and it's neat effect from the error you are a play. What we need. Org is like amateurs it has -- he's not scored in what is. Our here's your official results and -- that you want it and I believe you want to 12800. Drive leave you want 256. Blocks. Our -- or paid or paid twelve -- to win 740 to show at 540 to place and you multiply that times ten right. Two dollar and sets a 1287. Foreign 54. Here are are doing or Paula thanks a lot and -- and I really appreciate you saying that we work hard on -- -- all right and thanks for the call by the way several other techsters. Said could you please tell me you know the official results of the -- orbit one. Come from the sixteenth pole position big twelve ladies and 4540. Golden soul. 83860. To show place in 1940 to show -- also. Ticked -- at fifty to one. Our revolutionary finished third paid 540. So their official results or golden sol revolutionary. Trying to see if I have the rest. Of the results finished one. I get -- where you heard on line. 2013 content entered results and details. 6177797987. Go to -- in Abington is -- upon having been called up earlier. -- go -- and I'll -- you yeah so all -- -- 51 finished second. What did you -- at the top three guys do what we were doing was announced. It. When apple and it marble double what they were. I couldn't tell -- of the mod and I'd end up on the TV. They sure it -- our number answered. I'm trying to find like Kentucky Derby dot com. ESP and I can't get the official results. -- media just to open them. I think the winner or -- I would like seeing a solar and I I got I got the top three. I'm just trying to find. Okay now find it. Yeah so we have people pollen Abington finished second with golden soul. That would have been a lot of -- a -- -- -- that he later put on that thing I did I'd it would -- product that it took place today. So I won now 55 on balance so I'm I'm not too much you like this planet. There ego thanks for the call are appreciated. Guitar for a few more calls here 617 for the top the hour 77979837. I went fine I'll find him in the break here and argue beauty. Results because if you had a horses on gross Rick pitino's horse. Finished. Remote DVR that so again we another half an hour to go leading up to the starter Red Sox baseball it's John Lackey. On the mound today Texas as -- young -- -- lit up really. It's just you know cause of his name because it was daughter at -- and government to this point. I don't relax and have a good year he can stay healthy. Are the guy knows how to pitch. And I love where he's positioned in this rotation as a fourth of its partner right now. -- the fifth started to be honest with you. So we'll see what happens Red Sox Rangers. Tonight I'm what Stearns let's take a break we -- another half an hour. Here on Saturday on WB.

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