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Butch Stern discuss the Celtics Offseason Needs

May 4, 2013|

Butch Sterns discuss the end of the Celtics season last night as they loss in the first round of the playoffs to the New York Knicks in game 6. Butch discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bringing back Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

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Are now works as. Itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll I did well a sports insider about me coming there and now here for -- And turns on the WEEI Sports Radio network. 61777979837. As the number now that number always here on WTI once again driving around six -- seven. 7797937. What are you about. What's going on the Red Sox hop tonight Bruins. What's gonna happen what are your thoughts are you are you overconfident. -- you just extra confident. No wait Bruins lose tonight. It is playoff hockey strange things happen in playoff hockey good things happen in playoff hockey. Thoughts about -- I would I would love to hear me without interference. There's several guys get a chance to step and I love this Wade -- story that's developing. -- guy who's played a long time in the NH dollar guy from last couple years of bounced around. Kind of feels like he gets shafted by the rangers' situation. Balance up the Bruins get the nod for the playoffs. And down the stretch. And in game one. Has had a couple significant moments. Some big hits to lead some goals. On the power play. -- idea I am a guy like that -- Mean I'm not sure he's Mark Recchi and what impact recchi had on the Bruins during the cup run. -- love veterans that come Manning can contribute to -- championship run. Six point 777979837. On the flip side of that is the rookies Doug Hamilton. Willie get starts I will play and Lisa and parents should eat your thoughts. Each game -- was on earlier with general oil. Giving his thoughts about what might happen and he surmised Arafat or his opinion was. He would rather see. Murkowski of one of the other defenseman. 379837. Say let's have some dirty talk -- -- derby talked the post on 624. Will be on the air. When it goes off. Grew up around horse racing was a big -- and I when I was kid. Just -- casually like most of us now you haven't looked at the race gets a really cool names as always in this derby field twenty horses going to post. The favorite as a horse named orbit. He's seven that you favorite what's interesting is out of the point horses. On the sixteenth post position -- He's on the outside and while a lot of people -- -- when you're out that far you got to -- all kind of things happen. Four horses have won the derby and that post. On I was just reading about most interest most recently animal kingdom won the second favorite is very is Donald who is not lost a race. 41 and also won the wood memorial. The third favorite is the horse that is. Owned by Rick Pitino. And that horse's name is golden thickness. Excuse me -- cents. It bears on T get -- -- -- -- and -- and cents. Many got some really cool names black onyx was scratched though so forget about it. -- spoke revolutionary. Golden soul Normandy invasion. Text that says. I'd -- -- again. I poppy will be again it would be good date field call. Might -- giants finish Rick Pitino source gold incensed over analyze. Palace malice there's only -- lines of battle. It's my lucky day all one word falling sky -- -- -- charming kitten or but the favorite. Will take charge twenty to one -- daddy fiery seat. -- is war. And fight yet. I don't know -- like it. Not sure. Get dirty today we get the Bruins tonight we got Paul Pierce's future. Mom. It's like to hear from -- to think it's. Good to hear them off late last night people heard the comments to read is one thing. Like the late to a three minutes -- afterwards we're very straightforward and very how. -- really do me talked about his future. He was very honest that there would be a different day. Here's heat and down and the three of them all said that their future. Com. Hangs on each other. Which is interest. So. Here's Kevin Garnett after. Talk about why it's. I know it's helped me. What is twenty. Years ago. Very. Well -- basically. -- is two. -- -- -- -- Destroy your homes. In February were up -- and -- -- himself his greatest. It was time to. Milk was from last time. It's -- the world's I don't know so not only that I -- capable to do. Where the emotions and news. -- strong and there's. So much and tonight we think it's my little thought about to -- that you know conduct just a -- don't -- the current. And and on guard came before or not society. It's wolf all three of us agree to you know speculated. Promotional posters of big game. -- tough loss especially home. More important in the future. Nosedived today for -- for -- -- such an easy group now is do you think his. And for me some additions. -- -- No help -- just this because the ship. And tension and wanna address that. Can you honestly it's difficult as it was this year. What -- from anybody personally that's and use it. It. -- -- -- -- That's enough. Because there's we've been there and my question isn't whether or not you have seen. Them. Oscar factor into an off with the team the way ago. Or reasons audio woman good resort and those -- or. What obviously you know you wanna be in the situation was better. -- Michigan army was to always help the team. Boom. From your position to where. Give us homeowners. And on demand a lot of myself. Almost fiscal years ago from skill level. -- beyond small Bellagio policy. Paul complaints. But this is to some of the conversations -- right now. It's a similar amount of it luster this kind of a mystery you know less than fifty maybe. Don't seem obvious that he goes -- It's all part of it also question. Posted two weeks ago that he hits but so. -- -- -- -- -- This process done. We have virtualization. For some religious person changed us. No like going through all conversation pushing things we talked about Edward Norton as soon known as Tom. She doesn't irrational where -- fine. I don't know somewhat like this. For all the talk about Paul Pierce's future. Find it interesting when you listen to Garnett there. Com very candid about a couple of things part of a big part of the reason he said that he came here with hall. He also said -- -- and he agreed to sit down. And talk about their futures I mean. I don't think it's too much of a stretch. To think that if Paul Pierce isn't back Kevin Garnett may not. I don't think that's too big distraction mean he's made it clear Paul was a big reason he came here. He reacted when somebody said to him that Paul. Wanted to end his career with Kevin didn't wanna. Acknowledged that. Cause he didn't hear Paul say that it came from someone who asked them about it but. You know let's just paint the picture for all the talk about whether all -- should come back or not no you don't hear people say they don't want Kevin Garnett. And I think. Knock on pierce I think it's more compliment to Garnett. That at his age and by the way he's going to be 37. -- -- -- He's going to be going to -- a -- year next year. But you sort of feel like he's got more left pierce -- at least right now -- this year. I'm -- it is going to be 36 and October 35 right now gonna be going to his fifteenth season but couldn't you see a scenario. Where. I wanna come back wanna be here. Signed for three years to more. Either he signed for eleven point five. And then twelve million for the next two years Pierce's fifteen point three for next year and that five dollar buy out. Pitch to C Garnett. Not threatening but possibly -- and look if Paul's not back I'm not sure -- And and letting gaining a wary stance I could see that after those comments I don't think that's too big stretch your thoughts about the celtics' future let's go to -- In Ipswich as the gap. Yeah I got you director Michael. Yeah I wanted to talk while Poulter situation and Kevin Garnett like the whole regular old -- You know -- with a -- average this year point. Up but I'm not sure does commit seventy point three yard gain public. Who -- -- get to replace. Kevin Garnett. Both of these guys were top flight players. And indignant they have they have the young guys coming back with them next year. -- -- them contending again next year with these are -- I think it's a no brainer acute. I -- let me let me say this I agree with your point that I would bring them back a much shorts and no brainer. -- and I'll tell you -- because you do need to make the transition sooner or later in the NBA. Now for those who wondered. You know when the Celtics were looking at the number one pick in the but that was timely and make the transition and it was going to be during a Odom. Oden and then all of a sudden they got the fifth pick liquidity and ended up doing a very creative and ended up -- Garnett. And and Ray Allen at that time so. You know you gotta make the transition. Somewhere. So that's why you gotta think about a by the way all stats were he had eighteen point six points it was lowest. He went down and in most. Categories. This year eighteen point six points his -- averaged one point eight. He was nineteen point for the before he's been pretty steady eighteen point 318 point 919 to -- Earlier you never give her in the guy that is horrible you'll find to be durable -- -- in the NBA. Agreed. You know -- Look if you I would bring him back. Here is attached -- their -- in -- says KG and pierce will both be back in the text that says. Don't forget -- became a six man and bird missed road games at the end there's no reason they can't come back next year. I would like to see them back for the same reason as you I think. You know this huge leap but let's assume -- is healthy. I say it's hugely could just look look what's happened with Derrick Rose with actor Ricky Rubio. By all -- his rehab going -- let's assume he's gonna be back and it's going to be. 80% of the same Rondo and by half season will be the regular -- -- colleges back if Rondo act if Jeff Green. You know really dedicates himself this offseason and you bring -- you bring Garnett right. Chances in the east with another draft pick a young guy some other signings. You know. And the you know for for at least another year. -- -- -- the transition. You know 10 those numbers come off the books won't do any change you know and those numbers off the books from. From from Garnett here. You're gonna have plenty of bucks right with the globe gets them because that's. Heart -- thanks for our approach. That's part of the argument to keep them both next year is that mom here's will come off the books. At the end of next year that's part of the argument. Let's go to Rick in Providence hey Rick -- -- I have come that we got it appears contrary five million is that the bio object yet they eat it traded. He betrayed or nineteen million dollar contract with matching rules 125%. All of the concert so the teams trying to get rid of a guy that made a lot of people that -- -- -- your -- -- -- he. They conceivably make betrayed appear to -- the play about or just -- five million to go way. And then you know 101000014. Million receiving care in and you know salary plus luxury tax dispute. 3035 million dollar played some -- -- there. He trait appears -- players a lot of value in the off season. Well it's gonna have a lot of value of somebody thinks he's valuable. Talk about it to get their money because the front -- there I wanna clear the decks like Atlanta did last year and I have 229 million dollar players that just don't fit into the ongoing young. And they -- two years last two years let. I can treat appears so the first -- to do it gonna get the Mario read books and they're just not not expect -- options open it becomes a free agent. Instead of paying out ninety million to a guy like art. -- -- five million. OK so so you're obviously cap -- Ricky you know which talking about this but let me read from a story today in SB nation from Tom -- About -- future. Celtics can renegotiate peers as it can not renegotiate -- fifteen dollar salary. For next year that's against the NBA's contract this outlines a bunch of things why I wanna read it because I think we -- get confused and his times. Because pierce has a player option on that deal the rule can be quietly circumvent. If -- executed early termination option. The O thirteen fourteen becomes a free agent on July 1 Austin retain his bird rights and -- dude you are saying. Could go over the cap signed him say here's could be had for far less than fifteen million. I nets signed a three year 36 million dollar deal last summer depending on how badly he wants to retire a Celtic -- could go lower. May be even something like two years eighteen. Wouldn't get Boston under the captivated shrink or eliminate the luxury tax bill while keeping a key cog in places Jeff Green develops the other options for Boston. Let him play this season now here's a fifteen million he doesn't -- opt out trading him get his salary totally off the books or -- him to take a four billion dollar cap hit. Pro thirteen fourteen. -- actually also amnesty eligible which means Boston could -- him under that clause to get that four million dollars taken off the books also. Paul probably wouldn't like that much is another team which surely claim them. Proportion of that fifteen million preventing him from hitting free agents. One would like to think Ainge has enough reverence for Paul Pierce to avoid a situation that results and -- playing want the final scenes of a career. For the bobcats some real. Just remember as the rumors have been flawless amateur caught. App hawks figure out what's going to happen Celtics have lots of options change historically has shown he knows perfectly well. How well to use. So there are options as -- -- points out. I'm let somebody say that is. That there -- sides in the options and loot but the club at an action just. Say good bye and here's an option -- unpredictable Gartner -- we remember ever found on that would be seen what options numbers that they're. At the option to -- This to the other -- the coop option and it's a player option appears on op on the fifteen million they have wink wink -- what you as the players that say. Eight million a year or about 31 million over the years he pops -- now legitimately 31 million. Let me read that sentence again -- -- -- read that sentence again but because appears as a player option on the deal. That rule can be quietly circumvented. Meaning that not renegotiate. So appears executed early termination option. He becomes a free agent so the point is. If he exercises early termination becomes a free agent and he could sign with anybody including the Celtics. Or. And regret part of it right -- -- it becomes premier Margaret image I think everybody is probably the best the second best treatment in the playoffs right now. He definitely you don't have an apartment get them all not -- a point guard he definitely shows that he thought the top of the position. In his ten million financial one million mature as well -- so it appears decides he wants -- -- what are yours and I think he can physically and it averaged eighteen point two games one of the best player in the position. You know bat a little bit too much woman's player to impede even try to do we did in 2002. Where you have the lakes -- equipment. Like control the team in the half court or on a it was a disaster -- offense. But it -- -- you decide they want to make another run. What are -- gonna do it and content. This felt it would think you work for three years to contradict existed where 33 years. They'll -- out of the fifty and abide by -- oh in the site for the thirty million like -- Right now that Rick that's interesting so if if they if that happened the rehab the knee jerk reaction for everybody was three more years for parents. We're talking about it's it's -- Garnett right now it's not funny money. It's guaranteed money it would Garnett inside the -- -- -- doesn't -- he's gonna play. Two more years they stretched it out over the three years to give them a little -- It's a good chance -- but never played that third year so in the Burnett would be to fifteen year. Years because of the you know the money guaranteed and I don't had a problem that it got to play one more year in year results at the right in the -- Paterno eleven million because he did it could be took -- this year so they could sign look at Jason Terry and unfortunately Courtney Courtney that didn't work out but people. Always compare you know they're not I'll let you know that that was not an option to make -- formed in. Well there are there are but that's where as Tom -- points out. You know on one hand just remember he says as the rumors haven't flown us amateur app pox figure out what's gonna happen at the Celtics beat you up lots of options. On the other hand they do a -- to restrictions also -- while everybody starts looking at the free agent list and says I want -- to Alice I want Al Jefferson. You're not gonna keep you know all these guys pierce Garnett he's knocking him room the size does not happen right. -- -- -- land of the NBA landscape is changing because the luxury tax you're right up the 25% more right so that's in July right. The span the spenders the spenders. Hope people willing to spend you know under the best elections ever elect an amnesty called -- receivables sixty million dollars net. So if his Republican has asserted that article single platform that you are you gonna pay him. You know they can do -- repeal Colby in ever not play next year and -- will decide LeBron James and he comes and it created when nine or ten million. But it only got thirty this year and amnesty and then next thing you know -- -- -- -- -- you know Qatar Jordan was. So -- yet since you since you know you're obviously passionate about this obviously cap -- just let me ask your opinion. How much of Pierce's performance on the stretch especially in the series you think was injury how much of it you'd think with -- I mean that is at all older I think it's not a knock. -- party not a port forward anymore what kind of bought -- Campbell was lucky but how badly pensioners. I guess it did but what -- is fourteen or take any journeyman guard and -- Jamal in the morning they were in the struggle like -- struggle group. They just care about. Bring the ball up to collaborate trot echoed their -- quality -- Bradley was the play five bucks or get to include all of you. -- he can limit your options could you not you got ten seconds on the shot clock that is sixteen now. The community nestled stop one -- -- parity in the desperation time in it we have desperation time and you don't have a point guard could take the last shot to make something happen. But you know last letter that the game and it looked at the scoreboard and they inaudible I don't know what would. Fifteen turn over the elect eat for whatever like calculated that only about one -- -- time now. Yeah evidently eighteen gets about one -- aren't now that's suffering the -- I'm -- a -- stopped by about a six time. I look at that the best defensive team mobile Armitage. Know what's flawed team. On its last legs. In this series where the other -- locked in in you you need to have a guy that can stop teams when they locked down on you. In a written Rajon Rondo despite his flaws can do that any team in the league that like in the village. Give greatest he's at bat because that you do with 90% of the point -- can't do and that's important little under five guys wanna know that -- -- so why he has value. So written for a two Garnett -- ray Tomlinson only going to be a first after the break wanna ask you about Jeff Green I want to make a statement on the if you agree with this how you respond to this. If you're gonna bring appears in my opinion. I would bring pierce and Garnett back on hope and Rondo is going to be healthy. It took me all signs all roads point -- Jeff Green for a lot of different reasons. Money wise and performance wise money wise -- you got a guy with possibly this is a little bit of a stretch. But Max contract potential minute guy has that type talent not -- commitments content app if you could only pay him nine million dollars a year. You also have a guy on this team like Ray Allen when he came in third option on the team the pressure's not gonna be on him. But it's all yours is gonna take a little lesser of rule whether it's six man with a does not -- -- much on Rondo is going to be healthy. All signs. What did Jeff -- -- needing to take that next step in the next step being at pierce and Garnett Rondo have enough confidence in this -- to take over. Well you know -- -- seventeen game you know these doctored the opposite that beat -- during the 120 points and 33 minutes. But the top of the league numbers that kind of production for the -- -- the question what Jeff Green Google. We'll be about god can be imposed as well you know 82 types you know he looks like LeBron or. Or 68. Or 68 times not you know nobody does -- 82. He looked a lot but it brought some time -- you -- -- episode on just what it's like Gerald Green the other times that Jeff Green. But I mean is that you or optionally result I think they need to -- -- -- -- yeah. What does that mean what does that mean. -- what the big the new victory. Richard Green -- -- you -- -- again you don't solid as a tremendous feel for the game. You know I -- soldiers and development. That would happen -- -- I looked at a study about 90% of the guys are backing these compact also good to have good which. Partly why the game is gonna have to get created them because you forget the fact that Courtney -- in a -- Jason Terry both. The they've got salaries committed beyond this year TO. Well I mean Cornelius the kind of guy I mean you can always -- You know are a dime to nickel politically five million you know the big -- vacuum three million contract and you know you -- has some value just. Throw the charts that's -- lot of guys. I record I got to hit a -- I appreciate the call to Goodman thanks. Our Rick from province about -- -- about the about the Celtics. It's Saturday afternoon in Boston I'm -- Stearns leading up to Red Sox baseball Aaron WB I will talk about the Red Sox series Texas -- from Salem.

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