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Jen Royle takes on Hockey Legend Don Cherry

May 4, 2013|

Jen Royle responds to Don Cherry's comments about women in the locker room.

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And. -- back on the ice it's -- last say. And off at 3 o'clock I want to. Why Toronto caller. Health and handle a flurry of comments you know an important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. On. If he calls back -- -- a quick. I don't know if anybody saw this hiking. On charity. Reporter -- whenever -- analysts. Then I guess hockey image and made some comments. I guess reading is academy for an. Saying fifteen reporters at peak at access to. Occupied by professional athletes addressing. I've never covered hockey that's a hockey. About baseball locker as the house Dresser and I -- SE as hockey hockey. In hockey in general not quite -- -- time. Sites at its east and how. Interesting. But at the same time he's saying it's not happened because they should be respect. Sell. I don't know it I don't know -- -- we shouldn't be. Because on easy. And acted. On. -- -- -- -- -- It covers sports. And eat. -- -- -- -- -- On. The -- it's. Not just day. Experience. I just said I was. Probably and I. -- I. Would probably rather I. Now -- probably rather. It's not in my eyes and it's like being on news. -- you know when people talk about -- It's -- and I'm speaking from I don't know. -- -- Oh. -- -- -- -- Me. It in. On. Almost every. -- -- -- Baseball. And -- our men aren't never won. -- -- Air -- out. I do not. Appropriate I need my pop. -- And on -- Anybody else. About eight women need act also. In respect. I know only speaking from now I know what -- In the ticker. My. Act and the ears it's the air holes. That final. I don't need. Because nine -- desert air. That's why -- I'm. In it's it is -- just. -- just smarts. Com. -- -- The majority of my. Accept my best. Our former. You think. There's anything out locker. And me more I have heard from my Brothers here for and I call it I friends. At best my friends in Boston who -- And then you're out of your mind in our choice to go step in your -- Think every eight till after -- -- App looks mean. -- Talked about. That's another story. You know Don cherry say he's saying that swim and eat. Each year. I don't care. It's not you know -- -- I'm kind of as a want a -- I know exactly. Act to be honest I. You. Any. Day on. -- -- -- Not and visiting clubhouse. -- -- -- The players. REE. And -- a lot and they could be action. Of the Chris Carr -- Time. -- and it into it and that's. Going. Nothing is off I don't I I. It's. A -- top. Oh. I don't know it's you know I talk whatever. I actually prefer I top. I have to. -- Having. Little pregame wedding stuff went. To girls talk. Oh actually adding a checked that the I was with the lack. I'm trying to -- If you want to cover sports. And you -- -- -- So goal is an act and knowing full. Year is is just part of cherry. We expect. That. Eight. -- asked uncle JX eighty. Just under comment about women in the locker room and all that. I'm Matt -- firefighter and it's a relatively. -- for women to be in our service maybe ten or fifteen years. You as far as what you said I think the girls to women who succeed at our house. Are the ones to. Treat every all the respect now generally get the same respect back I'm not sure that sound like that's what you experienced in your career as a. Year yes and act quickly acts -- -- -- Absolutely. -- -- what I called about and that's protocol before about Belichick and Brady. And and that's just my take I'm pretty sure that are checked Pope Tom Brady. When he did his -- -- renegotiate the contract. There's going to be some changes. And you might not like. So think about the money before you changeover. I can't imagine those two had a relationship they have that there -- some sort of surprised. Surprisingly well. What's not surprise -- and Al yes I just don't I don't maybe I'm missing something maybe there's. He -- out there that I am not aware of our response yet I don't see that. Belichick -- like that it seems whenever reputation that it and it being used to go on mr. people and doesn't she can become aware of what it. Now that's just my opinion on that I think that our Kyra -- and off base and who knows what happens behind closed court. And you -- -- really good -- about -- those. Starting rotation. And -- get your perfect example Randall. -- here. -- it was great Atlantic and come back -- the value is usually the Yankees got shelled by the -- -- -- game and get to my development. -- -- any go to Atlanta. Sub three ERA maybe that's not curia or whatever. Cut back yankees get absolutely killed me god bless each. Absolutely celts up. You are model are going great you got a nice program and reluctant. -- RA. I love it take impeach Kyle Herring say at -- Celtics and -- -- at Boston. I think we're at a time. It. And I -- with you next week and one and -- out. On the DDB. On. Porter great stuff from both of them sorry for the Celtics but -- tonight's game till -- time. Now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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