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Jen Royle is Joined by WEEI.com Columnist DJ Bean

May 4, 2013|

DJ Bean joins Jen Royle to discuss the Bruins and their first round playoff series against the Mapleleafs. Toronto is in town tonight for game two and DJ gives Jen the latest on line ups.

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And -- up act here and ABB -- Sports Radio. Coming up now on the AT&T hotline and a welcome and BB I dot com writer DJ BDJ. Welcome. My first -- -- Real I'm like total there'd been no the app like. That NASA doesn't bode well for callers that now but. You're the first so so I like a professional. I am I let's get things started anything -- and I Hamilton and what's the deal with parents. Well it would appear be on the yesterday's. Broke that Doug Hamilton will be guided in a lot of the brewer coach Julian isn't ruling out. That's part because he either then when you look at it -- you know the better option than either of the two other guys. Aaron Johnson and -- -- -- but. When you put Doug Hamilton junior adding another right shot at the end. That means that you need to move Dennis Seidenberg left side which moved about about -- Eric was there are a lot of moving parts. Would you prefer your older lineup most notably years -- yeah. Yeah. For breaking up of the cyber curtain -- I think they'll put Campbell and then. But if I work -- Julian I would try to keep it simple I just plug. A guy like our -- he or to our city in the -- and really just played them as little as humanly possible. And that way you get to keep that top area up there -- still -- but. By the same token it looks like Randy Carlyle is trying to. Try to shake up in the wind a bit too so they're not a -- though. He can give that the second and third defensive pairings -- -- -- more challenging look so the short answer is I would expect that -- able to be in there but personally I would do it. Canada is just mention my next questions -- thank you. What is the importance of keeping tyrants hi -- together and how much of it is is just not good for the defense split those two guys. Well here's the thing in include Julian in the current defense. That team defensively that put a big defensive orgy everyone has played with everyone they all have experience playing with four others so even when you have. Seidenberg in for each other which is what it would be if -- break -- the -- side buried that would that that is a key part. There are no guys out there with the exception of maybe Wade -- just he's -- to the team who -- -- that we played a big. -- the other. With the rest of the other defensive back there felt as far as the importance of our Seidenberg -- That really you can park and park -- -- Saddam wasn't a -- they won the cup years ago but I don't think it's any coincidence that. Quote -- put the -- Chara Seidenberg midway through that Montreal series. And suddenly the -- go on this front that when the -- evidence of doubt that that is dominant is of -- -- that you can have up there. And for it as much as -- apple doesn't show up against the Bruins. A big reason that he was so quiet -- yet -- shots on goal. Until he and -- -- third period yeah strike your award. A big reason as to what he was so quiet is because that parent without -- get to line though. I think either way because this series and the cards really are subtle if -- really your news for the where the Bruins having you know chart Dennis Seidenberg split up for one game about beauty of the world but I think it's. You're trying to do what you did. A couple nights ago in game one keep those two guys together. Let's also not the end of the world putting Hamilton and on that bottom line but it is ready for this DJ is like mentally ready for -- I think so I think that's the one thing you can never dealt with Reggie Campbell then he added rookie -- -- but I think that that's. Maybe you. The fact that you played so much this season it would -- the Bruins used a lot and it's really pretty valid one which is that before. -- -- that went back to junior for the lockout he played in that. That Canada Russia challenge tournaments so he's been playing a lot of hockey all season long really he's played more than anyone else. On the on the -- so from a physical standpoint maybe it was accurate to get some games but mentally. I think you duplicate wise beyond his years so. From a medical standpoint I'd definitely say that he's ready as he'll certainly be -- -- for the challenge. Just being. And Ontario kid going up against -- so. I think that in. Maybe you've been tired but physically are are remarkably -- ready for it. -- WEEI dot com Bruins writer DJ beanie and and DJ just looking at this Bruins team in the X app. He's inexperience. And lack of policy experience it's. Just talk about how much that a lot and gives the -- the. Yeah I mean the guard and yet here or lottery circle coming Herbert Berger and really. Could you could argue that offensively they're just to get. Is beliefs and that really believes -- Agile and special teams but the -- for -- after it was all over police said. Inexperience I don't that's even look at the broad effect -- -- -- -- it was up I look over Ronald roster he'd 23 year old James -- in -- Who with 39 career postseason games is the most experienced post season player on that team indicated this so. The police are as inexperienced. -- on the post season as it can be obviously the group or at least each other. The playoff site seventy -- beliefs haven't been in the playoffs since 2004. Mike Salk vaccine really deploy yesterday saying that. Is the first time beliefs have been in the in the playoffs it's eight. In it that amnesty and the whole world he go couples based in HD who are important for Toronto but. These guys are experienced. At the council obviously has the experience. In off and play in the playoffs Joffrey loophole is. Well -- -- you're being added various ports but. I mean would you look at a team with the data which are guy who's won the cup. So we've gotten on the up even say a 21 year old kid with it -- cup experience. Vs what you have over on the other side. I think believe. Definitely on what made it look like if he was just happy to be there whereas the Bruins probably see does that for that in -- -- process toward what is something. Currently it's a little switch of a key here is here and talk with -- and you look at -- and or in missed the final five games of the series with that. Upper body injury had a great game one. You think the fact that he's had some arrests. I came out strong in game one he is ready for game two and how important is it that first. He's very -- factor last year. Ridge -- of all people at the Bruins in post season points and not seven. Have a game like that -- that the capitals. Acre -- you can say a lot of things -- in your career has been aptly points for the concussion. Before all the precautions. He's the guy who in Florida you would use the garden -- or he admitted the in his first year with the Bruins -- Arguments find himself kind of take it shipped off in Florida but. When gains count -- -- the guys in the quality of scratchy when games count you can't on the off switch on the guy and he would I said he had via the goal in game one. And in -- season that's been kind of up and down for no surprise the production start to come back once the games start to matter so. -- in order is definitely a post season performer it's a shame. For hockey that he's only been in the postseason what -- this year he has lots the last -- he's obviously with with a concussion he saw the thought is that putting eleven policies in an early but it was cute in that goes he's been one of the reasons they wanna cup definitely. Three game winning goals. -- it over into Canadians. Outside the legal game against lightning. This -- the post season performer and to have him back. Is very very big. -- Dot com. -- Bruins right. Under the -- And we all know how much their fourth line played such a Lowell and copper mine. I'm just talk about them -- Lowell line out with Campbell and -- IAA and really you know how much their energy. -- helps the softens. That light has to be like any casual hockey fan's favorite lies yeah I as far as like Gregory Campbell. I mean talk about a guy who just put his head down and doesn't work and you have got to have some third line experience in the in Florida is a pretty good numbers when you -- like their annual high in the former first round pick. Who it's taken them awhile to kind of -- what is rule is in the NHL and -- John -- those guys collectively they pride themselves so much. On the anarchy that paper. I've had -- -- -- a million times didn't believe in first armored that it. I always go back in that in. Here tomorrow according order. Everyone forget the other -- -- -- they were on the carpet in the longer -- -- they're like he did birdie I saw an app that you. Lucky in their -- over the whole city was buzzing. -- -- you know they were out -- taking it -- the Bruins. I remember. Talking to other guys in the press box they're thinking this is gonna get out -- quick. The conductor -- we're gonna run away with this game. They've figured it out and it's gonna be over quick. In their quarterly report that were lower note her first periods their. -- in the park in Vancouver's own. They're never there might not get a million quality scores and but they keep the park and his own expire park under in the theater -- and not hurt according to Crusoe bit absolutely. That the court for the rest of those guys you know I. It if you -- they get to hear about next shift after the low line. What do you do would watch I mean you've got to just -- at -- bit out there and keep that going. So. They set a tone for the team that definitely appoints flies under the radar goes underrated whatever you wanna polish. In for a guy who would actually won a cup got a lot of flak for rolling four lines as much as he does include Julian gotta be happy as those guys. -- definitely. I don't know if you made a prediction but I haven't and my shadows so -- have tonight but he happens here. I have the Bruins tonight because I only have police splitting one game in this series and based on Wednesday's game one. I think that I -- police went too much credit because. Game one it was pretty much as good as the Bruins can be verses the work that we could be. I don't believe he'll I think but even that's their best example pretty easily just because they -- so many goals. Right to would have Bruins and how many corporate partner and since I RA TJ -- -- yeah I dot com's Bruins right. That. All right here's your Bruins plaque bust and now at the Celtics took up the first Al our love talking Red Sox -- taking some patriots calls when we come back. I'm and it touch upon Don cherry almond who says -- reporters do not belong. In Iraq. Definitely. -- -- --

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