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Jen Royle is joined by CSNNE.com Celtics Writer, Jessica Camerato

May 4, 2013|

Jen Royle and Jessica Camerato from CSNNE.com discuss the Celtics season ending game against the New York Knicks last night. The team was not able to get past the first round this post season. Jen and Jess discuss the offseason options facing Danny Aingle.

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Come back. Mean even -- act is in the air -- back when he points and little bit and it's quite impressive unfortunately. The Celtics stunk it up for the first three. First three quarters in and honesty that's in the story all these inconsistent. Of this team act that they show up for wind quarter and don't show up for a fall behind 2064. Start off a gallon and come back. And they tie it up. I said this earlier -- -- monologue right I'm of course. Yunel was from -- -- I want all the teams here to do well at the difference is as fair. But happening marathon Monday night and I think it's just time to move forward in time to talk about some theories issues and waiting here in Boston and that's with. And the future -- of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and talk more about that are gonna bring in. Jessica camera from CS and need dot com Celtics writer. And -- on AT&T hotline in. For me I think is -- in the most professional women in the business loves basketball knows the sport welcome in Jessica camera -- Hillary. And Maria -- Are you right -- was was -- Not -- -- -- last night tracks that -- speakers choose at this. The locker room last night I I think if they I mean that on. Wouldn't that a lot worse but I seem to be OK with let it -- under the end and at what it even without. Back at the one regular -- are still many teams and put forth an app for lack immediately see it. With that right at the end between Iraq there it wasn't it was acting in the end it was if he's. It and thought Jess from what I -- and just -- proposed in interviews they thought they had a chance to take back -- game. He had thought it had a chance to win a championship every team. Ever since the establishment of the new victory during the 20072008. CN -- has it. Writer died grind it out until the end mentality where regardless of what happened in the first three quarters. Whether or not it's true they always believe they can turn on that which when you have Kevin Garnett and Paul here and that even includes the minute you let throughout the year. Jason Terry on the court that the team like that. You know beat -- guys championship when he experienced. At actually except and that spoke at -- you really believe they can put you. Here on their backs and leading to a win last night. Bad at their first three -- in the and it would like -- isn't he really can appeal to grind it out. -- you talked about you know as you know turning it around in the fourth quarter at nine minutes and 21 seconds left that perimeter jump there. From Avery Bradley said that gave him confidence. To start their run defense that he played down mr. down the stretch in the fourth how EV Bradley really player in the fourth quarter. Well what we thought from you -- -- a really young guy and me 22 year old plane was such place. And that -- cannot turn double shoulder surgery. Last evening ticket he not a 100% okay McClintock -- how accurate -- -- so much from camp. Both from being ice cube guy to a one guard on the floor late -- and figure out how to operate it out in the next backcourt. And -- thought from -- -- is still really young guy explain a lot of maturity they you know you look Olympic type of player they can be seen back epidemic strikes. He will be able to not go out in the future. We talk and adjust camera at a -- and any dot com Celtics right there. -- kill them in the series. What an acrobatic team I mean look like the Celtics were at second seat being upset by that they weren't that he did but it was -- -- it. And without Roger Rondo the next. I don't think this is their hero win a championship and one -- -- better feet. The F Carmelo Anthony out there and care -- with absolute -- there. Off the bank and Celtics did not come out and that's what they have a chance to set momentum predict here is your city. Make it happen. On current. That team redistricting actual spot after everything this city has gone through -- -- you're expecting an emotional acting performance. It didn't happen it was almost like the media to be down 03 on the brink of elimination in the funeral attire -- that. -- that the next surprising. That he'd like to have that back against the law but unfortunately I think you're back up against the Wall Street deficit with typical -- to overcome. He meant in the next where the better team and also the younger team. We heard Doc Rivers and last night he doesn't know if he'll return next year he needs to detox. How much is his decision writing on Paul Pierce can. While doctor that after every even you know I -- -- -- it than the media that thought represented or gray -- -- he does because when you -- -- as a coach. It their apple and at the end of the -- he very need to take a step back and see. -- you wanna go through that again it is they're getting older but again you want to be -- -- -- -- -- everything I don't think so much in the decision and I'm. -- -- they haven't heard at Edmonton's Kevin Garnett if it's depend on out here you're not going to be here without pop here all of our. Ray Allen AG hot here they counted in -- being here until the end together obviously -- -- -- and he -- even. But KG or I am not a package deal you don't you don't really expect to have one without the other so much is going to ride. If you put it in but -- up here it happened at. Just camera at a CS Annie Annie dot com Celtics right there. -- mentioned eight. Ray Allen going to the heat is on Rondo. And out with that injury do you think if Rondo came back healthy next year -- year's day. That speaks. Is Darren asked to make a run next year. And we definitely on the marquee event you right now when you look in Miami Heat air. To be not only in the east but the entirely. You're going to need more and fiery -- cart -- not that he -- injury and aging veterans and he's -- guys -- like. 33 years old and you went out there an eight and are -- at how much heart and happening at which it. On that I have an undeniable it's so admirable -- in the future I'll the united. Bottom line is being younger. I don't know you can't date younger still having him on eighteen chest because that you're number salary cap. All those other numbers -- ensure that they're getting hot in the summer is figure out which direction they want to go in the next season. Okay it's heard and played GM ATM forming. What you don't you split up the Big Three it is it's too risky losing docked you bring everybody back and I'm not. And I know -- out there -- -- field issues of those two guys but what did you -- GM. -- I'm really bad out there that and so that vote are those that not let me itself -- for the front -- it. And not mean you want to move in the direction it younger your unit the same time not just going to trade away eighty guys are not saying. They don't have value in the market. And your team should be returned to their very -- -- options. We have done over the years you know it's not like they can lead it. I hear it and says OK now this is the first time I think he without -- this I've been very active front caught invite them very delicate exploring options. Especially at the trade deadline if you're from what you are seeing in return in really makes sense for them to give up some of these -- So you can just say. Let's move on -- talks here are up but you're not getting out app for it he doesn't and it's. Leary dot ever -- last night he knew his Dini is RE doing some things tot he stock -- he does the heat -- -- -- about it. The highlight that attitude going forward. I guess my question is. You know if those guys leave who steps up who's the leader mean. We talked so much about which I'm trying to not be either of these teams -- -- aren't well. Who who steps -- is Rajon Rondo mature enough to take over the ship. He will be eight -- but not the type -- -- -- I -- -- and -- they are -- -- -- in terms of leadership we have been through so much on really not the point in his career we yet didn't hear it not be a heck of it yet. I don't think and bring a guy in free agency OK about the -- and figure out here a lot ardently anti. -- look at the changing of the guard and I think -- -- -- up here not here. Will be shipped in the style of leadership but laundered it automatically. Come out here at port eighty -- we're talking hasn't been -- -- magic hat. A I think about the vote this year getting -- little chilly. -- -- I mean it's really not an option could be very interesting a lot of exceeding you can actually situation and very different and it's. Even silent at about eight play eighty completely different outlets like accurate app. All right just came at a CS and any dot com Celtics aren't very confined Twitter. Is it. Eight. Day. Again I began -- -- and professional reporters. That they keep your time. In that it's not asked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jeff in the car says. -- they lost they lost Carmelo is that really what you think Jeff. -- well that's what I think. I would like to. To say that I agree -- -- -- camera -- but leave is respected Jack. Well please first thought to get that clear. -- Is a whole. New stratosphere. She all of our hero she is our mentor she is who all want to -- When I have her on Michelle trust me she get her props. Etiquette to -- at its. It's an extraordinary got back out -- are all well -- You. And where you know it didn't. You know -- Woodland. You know. Everybody knows they EG in order to get soccer maybe in the end it. Indeed in. He would be soccer that played. -- Is a situation where you know beat I never like what you waited they're cute at that aren't. You know. I sort of a dot com you don't sort of and have opted people world. AG continued and think about -- but there's something about Carmelo. And the way to -- carried it out. And that. You know. You know. You know it just. Want it. Out over the right. There's. A whole -- And I enjoyed. Who -- we you and I. Game. Great a -- player from out. -- -- -- -- Like I slept in my Jersey sports. -- and its history. I I was fifteen. You know I don't know I ordered it. Look I wrote I cannot -- a believer -- it. Campbell I wanna ask you a question differently -- -- talked about -- be in the trash -- of the do you believe it was okay for Avery Bradley in Kevin Garnett and all these guys talk about somebody boning his wife. Well here here's the thing I would get it like what they do on the court and the court. I don't know a lot cart -- to provoke. I don't that you had the potential to do so. You -- knows -- and I don't try out that Kudlow didn't really something Warner. I I just don't know what's hours. What's worse but -- listen I found it highly entertaining. If there's any kind of on the ice axes and -- sports -- floor and Shuler a light is off limits but if it's an. -- What. I think an -- Where classless that the outfits are brutal. High. I actually themselves. That they say -- Class. -- why I want that was why I want it act mixed ethnic there. You -- -- go where we are skewed. Now -- rule are you covered didn't acts or would have been met at one point. Not that I cover of yankees are having here is in the evens for TU. Now you you're you're you know inner workings of York but let me -- yeah rush. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean the ball I don't know what happened but she's been Eric -- on. And did like how are -- whoever heard Carmelo. You know Mary -- or whatever. I know. You know yeah eight. -- -- What provoked angry you know. I agree. Provoke. Provoke it -- I don't know. How I. I don't know I'm talking about -- about the check out. Cell. I don't know what ever know. Is it's over the series and painful it. I take -- and come back. -- talk a little bit -- and also an antique Red Sox causing -- it's 7777. 937.

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