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Mustard and Johnson are now Forced to Ask that Same Question We Were Pondering Last Year -- Do You Bring Pierce and KG Back?

May 4, 2013|

Craig and Larry continue with thee topic of the day - the Celtics and their future now that they have been ousted by the Knicks. The guys discuss all of the issues with C's fans and most seem to want to call it an era and "blow it up". LJ says that's fine...but who do you bring in then?!

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Well it could have been an embarrassment last night down 26 in the fourth quarter not the way for the Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett air if it does then. To conclude Celtics fought back on the parquet got it to within. Four as you know. Only to fall short and lose the series in six where. More crowds out orders they say trying to figure out what the Celtics have to do for the future do you keep the team intact to your -- Paul Pierce back. At sixteen million dollars a year or you could buy him out for five. Of course that will have an impact on what KG decides to do in the final year of his country he's got a two year plus an option deal Doc Rivers mulling over his future. So many things to talk about what Hewitt 617. 77979370. AT&T text line up and running per usual. Re 79. The 37 so I I guess in out to sort of reboot a little bit in talk about what we started to show off -- briefly. Can you envision Larry. The 2013. 2014. Addition of the Celtics. Looking pretty much like the team we saw this year but with healthy bodies. Yeah I'd like again that locked into I. -- again another guy he. You know Jason Terry was okay he showed signs. In the play I would say that Sunday was a test of giving -- That. You know again there's a difference between talking about regular season play and play off season play and we both agree that that there is a difference. I just think as I'm looking down is she here they just have a lot of guys it's just don't -- haven't contributed that much may be. During the offseason maybe when they have time to come together and get over in the plays and everything more there will be more effective. I would hate to give up point on piercing guys that I personally I'd love to get one more year out of them both. If I could. If depending on Rondo is held in in Jeff Green. If they got a data supporting cast and you didn't have to put as much on them you know it's I don't think -- ever really wanted to. Like -- 43 minutes and got it party when minutes I don't think they ever wanted to. Put that much on. Go to canyon mine and only played seventeen minutes I mean Tyson Chandler played 33 minutes and I just think -- -- you know -- if they play those two played more minutes than anybody in the game. About games four and five in the overtime game pierce played fifty. Minutes out of a possible 53 in game five I think -- only set for Foreman and me and -- darkest hole -- you know and he's four -- rate team and you said earlier legs -- legs -- -- the problem is also as great players pulpit battle that he's a top five Celtic he certainly a hall of Famer. He's got his championship he's not -- -- Both of them got any -- is long but you've certainly got to mentally not as -- -- they're not dropped by about when you mention top ten. I don't know -- -- top ten. I guess if you put -- in the top ten I think Q they do go in a kind of a collective. Unit there are so. I got -- -- had sent intangibles to the right you'll never listing on the stat here is that Hitler we understand that Paul Pierce. His his reputation in his legacy. Was enhanced. Tremendously by Kevin Garnett to -- Natural because he was of a -- we still understand his flaws from Paul Pierce yeah. But. Really even though he was the captain. The he was the official captain always kind of believe that the unofficial -- with Kevin Garnett. And Paul Pierce got the captaincy wide because he's played his entire career in a Celtic uniform. Eudora desert gun at the only logic can say about -- game is -- Certainly the intent -- -- out there -- particular -- that even have a bad night and I'm not questioning -- or anything but. Would come -- you just. You knew you were watching somebody who was giving you. Every single amount of but every head to give you -- you knew that map pack last night when he left a game I hate to say but he got the big ovation I just think people. Even though we didn't play here is wrong I just -- think people knew that he was a warrior and that he -- out and gave it everything you hand I think pierce did too but. Got that has just a way of visually showing it right here's the problem now and I'm reading all these taxes. Is that. The problem you really. Goes back. 22010. Garnett and the Celtics in LA game seven game in the world for being here. All believe in the second half eagle out. In the second round against Miami in 2011. Last year. It will bronze in the heat on the -- -- that game six funeral. The fear was going to be for the Miami when LeBron that we put up 45 spot they blow them out so it's like all the gains we've been. Since that game six in 2008 which day in -- the lakers to win the GP to -- the gala losses. That's the problem. -- Integrate the highlight of this year -- the highlight coming. Was that unbelievable. Gain by Jeff Greene against Miami right. Just aren't going out of my mind I guess I saw this guy doing things out ads at all in bet I mean it was just -- -- are OK doctor. US twisting and turning in. I just I agree with you writer and Jackie to a degree. I don't think this can be EQB your number one goal two guy. But he certainly is in the mix there's the problem if they get the necessary support so you don't ask people to do he's not a bang. You know -- you know he is and we had this discussion on Sunday is referring to discussions John writer and you and I word -- Jackie came -- -- -- yeah and the problem green is east where pierce was at that point in his career. He's a very nice player. Has obvious talent yet he's never going to take you to the promised land and -- you have another. Person a leader I don't gamble is a -- Moses and Aaron. He did have a site -- Moses Malone and poverty and now they're almost does have some friends and -- right now. Yeah ago in Lynchburg Tennessee River was Petersburg Tennessee at dormant in Lynchburg. Follow follow follow okay so we're gonna give active phone and again this is all opinion this is talk show opinion radio. It doesn't mean you're right it doesn't mean you're wrong it disappointing it's it's the morning after and we just trying to sort all this out -- 6177797937. Mike is in the car he is first this hour we're mustard and Johnson. -- -- An area of goods on on our margins on the bubble up that and I think I think they. Think here there's an aspect here discount rate obviously they think here is mock embarrassment here. And they need to get a bona fide number two -- two guard who can score than you know that Corbett signed during the period. Get when you say yeah I'd different rate don't they -- the contracts -- you yeah I know there are actually charter are. You're gonna try to Byron. Well today that would be a tea that would be the greatest possible move for the Celtics and probably the most demonstrations support for Doc Rivers. If Paul -- would accept those terms you really believe that's gonna happen you know it's so funny though that market may not but -- Beirut here character are. All know or don't know I think we all agreed that. I think the other thing my -- bring up it's interesting about that is. When Brady did like Brady restructured in got a a cheaper deal right so you can bring some better people here. There are a hard sell stocks there's not much they can do and I think in the offseason they knew that our trade Lee and Terry. Baltimore it got two big guys in transition and do the same thing. Yeah you get slightly in the calendar. And our corporate world or in art song. Well I'll say it was that your brother while. And depends on your definition of Broderick yes we're Clark your next Sports Radio W media blackout. You were gone on Brothers Kauai yeah. While the light goes on but you know what don't -- -- -- think about it credit. It -- come down do you not give you want to bring everybody back because you can about it. If you can't pol -- bio how would you give him a chance to go to a team like the Miami Heat and try to win another championship. And -- the day after the game was that. He caught any of those play -- like shaking hands hugged one another doubt what you don't block whatever it I think by hitting just went to the Iraq. And all they do is -- awesome -- -- they did yup they did they should get reckless and other than that. If you are all idea which was to -- in the Jordan Crawford mouth and off writing a check that is mouth couldn't cash. Evidence that I think these teams -- it was a good series in inmate -- him. But I agree with you let's say you cut -- Let's say you buy -- modified my million by Coca tell me how that's gonna solve there -- other problems. This. Well because I thought about you -- also met. Beyond because price -- tomorrow night he thought I'm not I'm not sure of the if you know that we you bomb. Get rid of a play that you can't I'm gonna back them all credit around the bend it like it -- try to do that would devils picked up but he they come right back yet go elsewhere up. That is correct now they think about your right you can't apply the same rules in the National Football League as far as taking out restructured contracts I don't think it works quite the same way. So they probably have the flexibility here's my problem what car we used to have this discussion twenty years ago. At the end of the bird era how long do you cling to these these superstars these erstwhile superstars. With that. -- He's been saying eat this I'm not gonna do the same don't they get -- -- like Haram saying to use so let's say you get let's say you by -- out in Ghana retires. You're still not we're just still right around the salary cap level they're not they still got a lot of people on the books. -- -- so what do you do know. I could take into consideration bill which would be affected are being caught the knock out the -- them -- no matter what. We're just never got to put out about it they can't do the cost they probably had a camp. The thing all the matchups were not in the celtics' favor and for the hawks know. Well you know lot. I don't. Get -- -- I don't understand your logic OK you look at this team they're not they couldn't get out of the first round most likely this year what's gonna be different next year when Rondo is gonna come back you don't know what the stated that he's going to be when he comes back and got two guys that are going to be 37 years old is that a 36. How you get any better or you improve the scenario down the line. By holding on to these two aging veterans. They are going to be the Milwaukee blocks of the 1980s for a long time become a box of these always good enough for the second out -- the third round in the other opinion you don't wanna be pretty good. That's the -- -- yeah. -- that's a very nice players Marcus Washington junior bridge remember those guys they they would play the Celtics in the second or third round Eastern Conference every year. And they always bow allowed never good enough. To make the to make the NBA championship in the other. Problem is happening as with this this agreement that they came up with -- these players these are college players can come out younger. After one year or so it the the draft is getting like the NFL draft of this year it becomes like a draft -- really good. Greats -- play is narrow and -- he's a six foot eleven power forward senate from Kentucky I mean there's a few. People but -- to remember the NHL they have these drafts every year nobody knows any team probably know the top two players. So if you're looking even while they got to get to always go for the lottery will lead to -- for the lottery. But here's the thing how does not change and help but how this team get good channel seven they sunk to the bottom they fought there and get the number one pick thankfully they did not Greg Oden more the second -- -- that would have been bad not -- just -- for a second now. Another thing to throw a few people on the line and in people -- in -- Colin. Greg Oden. -- ponder would you consider him. What I consider to go ahead and it hasn't -- -- yeah I just say this to you OK I just said -- to you. -- going to have to do something outside the barks. Otherwise this stock Craig -- even if they get credit KG and -- this stock. Big going to have to do something outside the bar but they all I have to be patient and they have to understand that business brother you can't be so patient when you're playing playing in the same. Town is the patriots the Red Sox in the -- and you'll get eaten -- life. All I know is they're breathing a sigh of relief in New York the only New York team to ever blow a three nothing lead in the post season. Will be the New York Yankees and only the New York yankees' Mike recant or you're next on Sports Radio WEEI. -- Larry. You jump the shark with your cartoon but the next choking Larry should hole held off on that a little while. OK so. Only once in our kickoff off a four ball like that -- brought it should give me credit and a -- too and I did Wednesday when I said CU Friday. Okay you didn't hear word on how. Yeah. And then. Everybody. -- the only right. You have really all hands on me until I want to -- -- on the back -- -- than getting your hand for crying out loud. Paul. You know great courageous comeback why did god this reminds me -- that you guys will be able to know what a -- minute. In 1975. World Series people. -- -- won the series. Yeah the Carlton -- don't run. -- talk about it but it really matters. But one that people that hit the -- history. And the only system that legally yeah -- did not take our case. You can look at that game to you know what I -- to blow your morning but I have I have to tell you story I read this morning it was a close. They are accusing Revere of cheating. -- cold. Turkey does is going to be has. You know he could be as good I've -- -- and it -- 2002. Big guys retiring he's hitting it that's. No I'm just -- you. I'm kidding that's my -- branded going back to the block -- situation average answer Riviera now are you kidding he doesn't have to cheat that was the company's filings of Larry John thank you very much trying to open -- If you -- your -- I don't look if called his queen. People come out if he's -- bad joke about being the only team. Not that the Yankees we know anything about that. Not that the Yankees would know anything about. I'm one point I'm trying to make is the only people who got away with cheating. All the guys on that list of over a hundred players in 2003 when the list only a few days to release like Iraq. And a -- -- the Red Sox. And who's hitting the cover off the ball. Who's hitting the cover off the ball. Cover -- -- -- and actually getting by the way hi Mike Napoli. He's a good player Larry here's the deal. Look he's a good opposite team but you -- well I do Larry when you played his guys every day. 462 games there war you're gonna show you can't get away with it that's the appeal of baseball. It was a grind you have to go out there every day you got to produce every day. So what did you let me ask you that what did you think of the Celtics gallant comeback. Crawling on mass games as a sports -- and can you take a moment. Yeah Larry -- Larry -- get a good job but so what they let -- state lost that game that. That's what matters they lost that -- on a whole court I've gained by the way that everybody it is what it says you've got to win. OK I including no. Yeah I think everybody who had observed this series in the Evan flaw -- -- watched the outpost season. A series over the years we all fought. You know here's the problem Mike and I appreciate the call my is a problem now here's the problem. This is my problem we're moving on and holding on to these two guys last year they went into game six they were supposed do. Take care of business and beat LeBron. After stunning the -- in game five on the road just like they -- the knicks in game five this week. That they wouldn't take your business. On their home floor. Two years in a row was that series the Miami game seven they lost in game six we got the doors blown off and they all look at their doors blown off last night until that -- that we can't search. So I mean you wanna have more of that next year Larry. Number your alternative deal -- -- might I'm banking on in only Dini and dark in the team Kenny answered this. Is it an outside from gotten it in -- I I think you're getting the best you can get out of them my question to everybody out there is. Is there anybody else on this rushed Earl who you think can get. That are having Jeff Green will continue to get better I think we agree with that he's got to be more assertive. And we saw that in it's sort of perverse way in this one of the reasons why -- foolishly believe Rondo is absence. Was going to be of benefit -- this team is that Jeff Green and got better. Perhaps we have a leadership vacuum Jeff Green in go to the next level and become more of a leader 617779. 7937. Text line 37937. Mustard and Johnson continues on Sports Radio. His government place. I'm and I certainly think you know they were on again -- this you know. Being a guy who was go to ground seem undecided it. You know. This has not announced golf -- on -- shutter you know. Get some momentum. You know taken a strong to the hole and you know get a thousand. -- Rondo -- just have been aggressive. Mean my aggressive from an -- -- On -- Paltrow. And also some attribute to him in on this morning continues to you know be aggressive in those moments and -- -- -- -- -- and -- Jeff Green got aggressive but a little bit too late Celtics down 26. Suddenly. Decided to wake up revive themselves for. When a three to have a distraction -- what people plates. To the other team's big factories -- in a three and a half minute stretch they did they almost pulled off the impossible when you have Anthony going seven for 23 I mean. -- hero ball is a -- way to allow another team to get back. Well and you know certainly those who have their reservations about Carmelo is game. And I have been one of them because you know it's not hard to detect this guy just wants the ball he becomes the black hole you never see it again. He was able at times in the series. To find his guys out on the perimeter. And make the double team -- but generally it was your right hero ball. I give me the rock I'll take over -- obviously. He's gonna have to upgrade his performance I think in a major way if they wanna -- by visited. Differences they had a support cast -- -- -- for it to problem -- you -- -- in. Who is the other one JR Smith spent a supporting cast so when when -- when he away and wanted to guys that appears is having an. Tough night shooting. You have other people to pick up the slack when Camilla wasn't able to -- -- you don't have -- shooting touch had other people you could go to. I'm Tanya it was a point that game where I'm -- I'm thinking to myself we do you go to get your. Offense well you know Terry provided in a little bit obviously saved them from a four games we I have fourteen while lashing out any any at a decent three game stretch but again. Too little too -- that was the story of the Celtic team of all the injuries Rondo sellinger. It's -- -- were talking about the future outlook and I guess in the rearview mirror in through the windshield as well. Trying to figure out what direction the Celtics go Larry says hold on everybody in his latest scheme Hampshire detainees listening. Think outside the box -- every game Greg Oden while attack on the. I am not a doctor I'd be exact text from the -- says. Greg -- That's not thinking outside the box that's thinking inside the author. It might -- I said our money doctor but I am telling -- when I am radio I'm telling you that when you're looking for solutions right now. Is you know Gainey orchestrated a great trade to get Allen -- in dynamic year. You might have to do some out. What what that entails. How much money they have to work with all of these things are problems this isn't a simple. Solution of just saying OK let's go out and get this guy you'll get big Al Jefferson -- keep it sounds grade. But it's all tied up at the salary cap -- -- you can get rid of in the luxury tax. It's not that easily clarify matters for all I have found a doctor doctors Dave from Fall River he's back at portrait. Did the other and so that sports bowler to that it is -- -- well. That's great now they call me it was trade edition. All right a law called the future by looking back at the this ownership had no idea to go back to lab each stage of acute member Larry when you fight the victory. If you wanted to cute they. He would never be a -- they traded Al Jefferson somehow or another into account back. Don't want any part of that -- back where it. I think they do obviously that was the probably would the other team and the -- was seventy. And so what I did it work itself to back you get. Run run go back you'll get a in the playoffs so what no matter what you went out you can do some. I know every man -- back where -- -- -- immediately. I think that we're currently we have gotten that leaps and it's. -- he got a lot of action about what we greatly. Outcomes talks well you know the goal edge. Six flash yeah. I don't like. What do they have to I don't know what you're gonna bring it but you know what it did against Miami actually 85. Days before game six Larry. And quick and -- at all we came in and he did not always been that we shouldn't that it. It went from attribute stats and applauding and -- -- Matches. But about two -- couldn't get all out at all I don't know we put that I. We're sure you do realize that you're talking about going up against arguably one of the greatest players -- all that so that game and was coming out robbery out -- -- -- -- -- -- dismissed that from the argument everybody bought that -- Well it's about the second game in Miami where they lost it when they lost in overtime and I have. -- have lost again now all it -- at that he had -- mighty -- vertical -- If minutes. I accumulated local site. You can't blame scripting that it got rabbit. Brigham and don't so I bring a minute -- Steve wait a minute wait a minute I write your point if you tell me who you reported and place of them. -- -- Nobody. Who -- -- quite evident who's fault is. Laver who -- a fifteen minute wait -- this guy. Not -- blowing the lead she is the guy in the. -- -- This is short message that went. -- the art of playing nearly. Back to see how many time -- come back the Portugal -- they caught up believed to get all the I don't know what it's like eight. And -- like -- and it -- you didn't answer my other question and I ask you if they played -- too much and I agree wait too much too many minutes on the floor. When you replace him with. Greg I -- Larry I agree that was a problem spot where you. Go into all the time you can get fifteen minutes before eight -- a lack. You go into all the time to do that and occasionally issue. They went into overtime. A lot at 21 game patient and the walk let them -- The bullet and they went into overtime. Their coach called a great play. After a timeout we think well great but the problem -- back where it -- -- -- -- five minutes of the game the instant read into that that the -- well. Nevermind we'll actually go back to the year before when they would be I think she. They were hit in the -- That there it went by the Miami immediately and in the fall -- Miami in the lack fight meant. And I -- the only guy to be out a little bit but it would make. 44 minutes -- and -- -- not going to. Is this a great name is is this Celtics team. What should. They here's the problem right here right and that's the problems the -- Karl the the championship. Came in the first year. The Doc Rivers Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Ray Allen Rajon Rondo era it's been. By six seasons since that happened Larry. You have nowhere to go at all you just getting your wheels. From here on out you can bring them back you could sell out the garden. You can play the knicks again maybe in the second round next year but do you think -- news this earlier a championship driven by bringing these guys back. A great memento that Britain wait a minute though. What about Brady in the in in the patriots my last time they -- I'm not the point I'm trying to make Craig as it is it just as the number that's right Bill -- -- not -- so respected by how many championships he's won. It's not. I'm never forget whether it was at the Steelers are 11 of the they want at super ball. And a rookie was that there are methodical by the something -- Bradshaw went over to -- and says hey. Let me tell you some -- It injure wages 'cause it's very very difficult to get back here never take for granted it's not I'm saying is it's not that easy. He really is and it's not that easy to get back via. That's right San Antonio deserves all the credit in the world that. There are still in the hotly competitive and Duncan his as from a fountain of you didn't play in a -- deserves credit for that I'm making excuses that they are much. Deeper team they have many more weapons and Duncan. You can nurse him along and his advance statement -- came out the year got a Accardo got here is totally right -- you have older players but you've also replenishment younger guys off the bench. -- much deeper. And certainly you can get another couple years I'd stolen you can do the same thing. With the -- open is -- find -- I'm asking for it for now for four which are alternative to throw the alternative is to accept the fact -- they're gonna have to do what they did in the years preceding. The trade for Kevin Garnett which is getting into the lottery. And get creative again so -- when he got really wants billion bass Avery. Jordan Crawford Courtney Lee all of these guys back and and you won't have piercing that. I say bring those guys back a sellout crowd down here what I -- after Hamas earlier concern about picking on all we sell -- seats now I'm not I'm saying bit. If if -- you're still on a competitive market. In if you get if you get rid of -- -- computers. Tell me we've got to replace them yet. I'm not saying you got -- answer. As I don't think anybody does that disappoint our direct -- -- obviously have you have a business to run you've had a very -- -- -- your imagination. A very successful business in the six years that Kevin Garnett has been here in the championship in the -- championships in the fantastic playoff runs but you know lot. If if this is a franchise that is built on champions that legacy. Is franchises you brought a Bill Russell before. This is all about championships. It's not about being in Milwaukee Bucks in the 1980s. If you want a few blocks the Milwaukee which I completely how far how far down did they drop after item after day after a bird and parish and -- think about it. -- the next year. They didn't go to the playoffs odds are that was the year the Reggie went down 93 went down against Reggie goes down again Charlotte and we know what happened after that. And they have a lot of mediocre years in -- stands for them but the brightest thing happen in my -- with nobody that has come through it but my point is that lay and here's the other point. Weary and Russell -- retired at the same age 35 years ago. Now piercing Garnett 3637. Is only so much -- of those tires guys I just thought I mean. They're they're playing courageous valiant basketball but there's a reason why the two great Celtics of all time retired at 35. It's hard to do it after that I know things are different is. You know it's. This than that everything else but 35 to me that's pretty much the extent of the odometer reading a piece about Mikhail Leo today and he said -- then after the blown out of the series but he said he went -- need to -- continuously. Because you realize that he he he chips wouldn't do it anymore Mikhail played in the Charlotte series a year after. Next year that didn't make the playoffs is last year they did not make the play retired 9394. Count -- app but. They went to a whole it was a long haul and long time to get back in under the spot they're gonna get Duncan in 97 Tino came and a fortune they're gonna have to do that Mercer and -- Ron Mercer and not Chauncey and all that are we gonna take a quick break 617. 7797937. It's mustard and Johnson which race. Sure you know the -- are proud proud franchise that. Went through along rebuild. Struck gold in the trades or Allen and Garnett. And now. You know they're going through the natural evolution. Of the NBA you'd get old and you get hurt and you're gonna struggle and they have immense challenges in front of them where it. How to upgrade the roster at Garnett and pierce. Get older. What they're gonna do to manage that but the one thing I love and I think that Celtics fans should take. Great pride in his. Celtics ownership is. Serious about winning and you can't say that about every ownership group in every sport. But the Celtics ownership group is serious about -- and so. They will get the -- sources. And the direction. And then gaining -- Because of the support of ownership. Will be very aggressive in reshaping his roster. There's Jeff Van Gundy. On the Dennis and Callahan in -- and show earlier in the week that was actually before. Game five in between the game four they blew over twenty point lead. And almost lost but Jason Terry Cain the rescue obviously the high point of the series. Probably game five they win they -- in spite all that was great that was as a big time effort all of us believe and I guess. Thinking back to all four in the last New York Boston 30 series that they were gonna -- The Celtics were the Red Sox of the Kevin -- our area did not happen. And another game six disappointment I think of that game six last year they have LeBron on the ropes. LeBron put up 45 points and that was the day that LeBron became the LeBron we know now. And the Celtics haven't quite recovered from that. And as Jeff Van Gundy said Danny has the resources has the support. He has the coach the question is where the players going to be down the line. It's -- one of these online polls. The question is asked do you want the Celtics to. Stay pretty much the way they or or -- -- an overhaul and 82% one and over yet and I'm one of those people you seem to be clinging to ask you know I'd like to know more no no no no I'd like to -- to be part of the question is a health issue is salads are going to be better with a -- in our backs are. Rondo gonna be better the options that they have Bob bacon by -- pierce. I come in and -- trade -- that if he's willing. Four I got that retires but again -- still over the salary cap so they would have to go to other teams. Who are contenders in see if the interest didn't picking up some of these players. In salaries and then they have to get a -- back of a similar salary that's the only thing you can do but I don't be honest with you Craig I don't know how much is here. Other than let's say it Jeff Green -- -- out the I don't know how much is he year. The other teams would be. Interested. In getting like a Chris Terry do you relate I mean a Terry do you really want him back. I would you trade for him Brandon Bass would you want it swapping him that's the problem that they're having is they got everybody's got a salary for next year by. Are any of these play is. Plays that you be interested in adding to your team from -- Rondo. Well until his and he is a 100% -- they would get pennies on the dollar premium. -- right now watching Derrick Rose and his hesitation of getting back on the floor where he's been exempt medical clearance. And you know I'm not gonna sit here and speculate I'm not gonna tell somebody else how their pain and should be handler out there. Our comeback from an ACL should be dealt with. But I'm sure they're gonna be some hesitant people out there. Some GMs say you know while both are really wanna trade forgot it might be sitting out for a year -- and he wrote us an injury did IG three that was at the -- That's an exile yeah it guys are doing jumping jacks the other would not want his football Larry in the -- his basketball no I didn't think there is a different -- I want government to get slammed an Indy every -- play. LA is next on Sports Radio -- I'd be. They are doing well. Let guys get it over I mean. You've got every year reiterated all our this year and last year. We have Miami down three to come back to Boston and we couldn't hold to deal and I mean -- And when I look at the landscape of what do I look at illiteracy but he Eastern Conference. Forget Miami. Who will be the next logical maybe but you know. They have injuries as well I'll Mark Morris -- -- -- -- -- Rasheed Wallace was now. Are you know every -- mini eastern Derrick Rose is -- Chicago. On Danny Granger is output Indiana so when people try to you don't want to -- -- You got every other -- -- carpet as well deal which he usually does well it's like this they. You bring these guys back even happened managed managed you can't really go all out on an 82 games he's an excess. You need to keep young girl -- Are you need you obviously you re not advocate policy and I don't watch it. Tyson Chandler at the ball well on the senate fifteen times this year he. And have been amazed at second and third possessions are eighty deported dot five so I mean that's the bottom and I got over. You know I don't know all the solutions but I know. You know we're not edited speeches seven other teams that you can call. Are you willing to line are you willing to drop down for awhile. Yeah I will in the waited -- the way the NBA is meant I either you're on the top or your in the bottom but it talks and in the middle. It's like 818 year old ball you don't want to be in the middle. Now you're down -- Miami. I mean this -- -- sit around all week until until today. But you gotta admit they out loaded. Yeah NN opinion god they didn't god that they met Monday to come down to play with he's got so I mean I -- here let's hear what our kids. To really. Not Miami out -- -- -- -- here and we've already being right no wholesale changes but we couldn't quote and from that point don't want it is what I. Say that's at that point. When as a -- on used to say is not about the money you already got enough money to live for the rest TO life and your families at least family. Event futurist who would you want to live like to get up everyday golfers swim go play golf. We wanna live. And Ray Allen obviously to cap the money last -- was offered pretty sweet deal to stay here. Lots of speculation on why did he want to just play with -- -- that you feel we have a better chance. And it championship down there DD wanna. Avoid having more. Contact where Rondo apparently they were not exactly east changing Christmas cards at the end the front side that never got over the he really felt that he betrayed challenge well that about worker Garnett it. Garnett took half the money this and Boston. Was actually given much more money it's and he didn't if your bar -- you're completely confused by an ammo you're talking about evident best friend though if you you can have Barbara. What can open a dictionary but if you wanted to best friend are whipping -- that would be right up there as as he says he's. If -- goes Eagles either traded or retires. He's not only is -- warrior he must have some amazing character. -- with in him -- dark rivers last night and he worked after court he embraced me -- I love vehement. That's meant that it you know what even actually as a sports and I know if he didn't but he spoke that by coming back -- easily could have retired. He took substantially. Less money you make and -- countries like what 1920 year. He's now make it ten or eleven obviously as -- exactly chump change. Did you say that today's Emanuel bounce study a little. I'm not coming back for the last dog is -- residents -- -- love you man I did as a matter of fact that's way let me come back in 617779. 7937. Is that telephone number text line. Up and running as well at 37937. It ranks as a texture in the 617. -- just retire at 35. Because he wanted to be finally -- is back a bad back injury compared to Russell. Or better conditioned athletes of today you make no sense the problem is at 835. The body starts to break down we know of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak reflects his weekend hasn't changed in all of 2000 when he is off.

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