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It's Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson -- The Celtics Just Fall Short of a Miraculous Comeback, Let the Postmortems Begin

May 4, 2013|

Craig and Larry kick off Sports Saturday dissecting the tough Celtics loss last night to the Knicks which officially eliminated them from the NBA playoffs. What went wrong in this series and this season in general? The guys discuss how it comes down to the C's just not being that talented, an older Pierce and KG giving everything they had but running out of gas, and how the C's REALLY missed Rondo. The guys attempt to figure out some possible moves going forward for the Green team.

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It is mustard and Johnson so it's mustard and Johnston must be Saturday although all the believe it or not the last time we got together on these airwaves it was a Sunday afternoon. And the Celtics somehow improbably. -- -- managed to hold off a gigantic. Knicks' comeback bidding game number four. At the garden won in overtime and suddenly we were talking Kevin -- large Jack Daniels. Johnny Damon cowboy up. The ghosts of 2004. Were suddenly wafting around causeway street Madison Square Garden number Broadway. Well Larry Johnson I thought it was gonna happen I thought history was gonna repeat itself and we're gonna have the first comeback from all three deficit ever in the NBA. But it was gonna happen again last night in the fourth quarter. It's simply did not in the celtics' season is over surprised they didn't complete the comeback last night. They have Pedro where they didn't have Schilling. And Bradley. I thought. You know that fourth -- it was just unbelievable casual all set to come -- here and rip into the and his team a pot party. Left logic just unbelievably. -- war. Play before a three squatters they just couldn't get anything done right maybe the suspense at all on game number five. But I tea. You could have nothing but admiration. For the way they just came back like that that like 26 doubt I mean it was just unbelievable. They just gave it one more try as a true. It championship. Driven. Team and -- -- -- -- I did read and I -- they may get a gag order -- to drive somewhere but you don't get -- yeah run out of gas yes epidemic that's exactly what I saying in dark rivers said the same thing he was. Collectively so proud. Of this team certainly we will spend time breaking. The team down around me is far as individual players in efforts being made. And I also think the question -- you talk about the Big Three there is a question for the Big Three this morning and it's about god that. It's about years. And what's the difference between Doc Rivers last year and dark rivers this year when we got beat last year. Mabry definitely set -- dog's definitely coming back there's not no question about it which kind of surprised all of us. This year. Right after the game reaches -- -- I really wanna talk about it any time to just. Just meditate on the whole thing but. He wasn't as dogmatic about coming back. Watchers a couple of years ago and he signed a five year deal which surprised a lot of people because we all thought this is after they lost in the second round of the two years ago. You know this is -- for doctor now he's won his championship came so close the year before in LA the thirteen point lead. In the second half -- way they lost that championship in May -- it was time to move on May -- was time for the Big Three when he came back with a five year deal. -- Garnett surprised everybody by not retiring last year. So I guess the question now way as the Celtics had their run. -- really think about it that 46 point deficit in the furious comeback they made a microcosm of the series but they were down 03 made one last Valiante. Very courageous stand just couldn't get over the hump. And our guess the question is what happens the Celtics in the future. Is Paul Pierce going to be history will they give in the five million buyout does that mean that the domino falls war. Kevin Garnett because the speculation you've heard this a lot over a lot of different places that. If pierce is jettisoned then KG will not come back. And does Doc Rivers really wanna put up evolved as he's got three years left on his deal what is he gonna do. I agree with you that as pierce goes. So girls dot net and and then of course then doc says -- I don't know if I I don't mind rebuilding to a certain extent but I don't wanna go through this whole. -- all over again the the bad news is aside from years they have a five million dollar buy out. Bomb every just about everybody. That you it's on this team right now is under contract for next year. Or it's not like people's contracts -- well here's the going back to -- and thinking of route and there is in when people discuss. The future. Doc Rivers. They never say well you know we just signed a five year deal two years ago he's got three years left. Understand when he -- that five year deal. That perhaps a good portion of that contract would be spent working with younger players yet but I don't -- the -- -- think it certainly does no way you can and -- people I don't know why I mean. The -- you get a Kevin Durant who is great enough with a with a skill level to even overcome. Losing -- -- Westport. And the polls are battling -- roads it's very very different -- -- it up the offense was just awful. That there was one point during the game where are -- Asia's. They Britney finally got the ball up over a half court in there was just no body to gold to. There was no go to guy Garnett was about as close as you can get to that. Jeff Green occasionally peers was missing everything well. Jeff Green Jeff Green. And I will be a 21 21 points -- it was say it was okay he's he's silent for -- they don't -- he's not -- sky you regard let's face it I mean. Pierce had signs of looking like Willie Mays and the Mets uniform. Just signs of that. And I'm not in any way being negative about him I'm just sitting at some point. There's some rumors that he has a pension -- and in his -- -- quality was playing -- is also 36 -- at all in -- But he needed -- ago. Comments on -- trust me it -- I was a great inside rebound he didn't mind getting dirty so. But our teams did beat up and all teams get injuries. In the light. Hear the questions that we need to ask this morning as the Celtics -- and I was surprised because the Celtics amber -- played. You know opposite each other in the Bruins -- -- -- twice the ratings that the Celtics cut. Would surprise me because a Celtics game meant so much more there was so much more on the line by you know as well I don't just giving -- -- front runner. Well -- you you're you're here once once a week sometimes twice a week you listen to the show is I don't think going into the post season. There was a heck of a lot of anticipation particular Rondo down and in soldier out for the year all the injuries in the age factor. It's been a long time since they really. I work competitive for a championship I know they made it to game seven last year Miami in the Eastern Conference finals but. I don't think the expectations were very high I didn't hear much buzz even throughout the series I don't know about you there was much hawk about this Celtics knicks series. At least at the water cooler weather as -- -- not playing well I mean the first three games averaging 75 points a game. The offense was stagnant. There's no point guide Avery Bradley did the best he could but he's not a point guy Terry's not appoint guys they really had no. Point guy -- com which. Which leads me to my second point which is which is remember target mark forum this morning -- -- -- on to buckles on the Bruins if you buy. You know it's easy to just say well I which is below the team up well it's easy to say that for sure gonna talk about. How would you go about doing if you choose to do that in them number two. Are you willing to sit around for three or four years because the end you and I were -- about it in the green before we came much. Let anybody know that we actually talk -- -- now while we actually like each other which is this a shark to separate microphone off Chopra. NBA it's not like. With the -- -- you kind of play again EU is guaranteed money and stuff that you move line baseball. Grunt so crop -- bracket and I got a salary dropped the -- in -- mall and but we ask you it's like you get an MIT guy right here and -- -- so many different scenario. Just to get rid of a player we explain the -- work and got it usually something you where and when it's cold out there. I -- know this much is out the Celtics are over the cap now -- even if they got really gotten it appears. This -- right around. The cap wobble in the as a luxury. Attacks that did it. -- and Baguio where you have to deal what do they wanna pay that. The question I'm throwing out to people that it don't hit it too quickly because I know emotionally. I think we all just feel I just blow on -- get rid of if you bring a -- -- and here's Barack. I mean I wouldn't mind bringing them back Rondo. I think they need a banner supporting. Cast you've got -- -- pianist appears he's a warrior he played 43 minutes. Got net party won. Manage you've got to figure out a way to get a better binge. The UK and cut down. Some of the minutes some of these guys have could -- I agree with -- -- that you don't just want somebody who's got a sniff around the -- if you want somebody who is capable of winning -- championship. Well you know what and help those guys certainly the two guys around the court the two thirds of the Big Three obviously Ray Allen is elsewhere I mean you got everything you possibly could yet out of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett playing together when Garnett came here. I would Danny -- that great -- with his buddy Kevin Mikhail back in 07. You know there's the expectation was they had a chance to win a championship remember that the worst team. In basketball the year before. They went from the outhouse to the penthouse they did everything they could they were so close in 2000 intent took the heat right down in the fourth quarter last year. You got everything you possibly -- out of these two guys and I -- -- abortion -- -- that lakers series -- -- -- -- -- Perkins -- -- yeah you'd think they would -- if they hadn't -- Trey Perkins Perkins was not -- that you're aware he was hurt -- -- probably was -- he didn't play he led -- -- said they never lost a game when he had his complete line right in the year the next year they were dismissed in five games -- eleven by the heat and last year course of a surprise -- -- up 32 LeBron -- is that break -- game in game six and you know the Celtics lost that game big they still respondents report where the -- the bottom line here is. I never expected Kevin Garnett play as long as he did in Celtic uniform it was seven. Sees me six. Excellent years give melodic credit he instilled. A certain you know he never won a championship before. He'd still a certain level of intensity. Camaraderie. Of team spirit the you're never going to see at least you won't see for a long time accounts against -- a lot of credit the question is at this point. Is there anything left. I mean they they came close to the next yet let's not forget they were down 103. Let's not forget last night they were down like 26. Points of fourth quarter Larry before they came back. I think -- you can give them credit for making a comeback in the series and in the last night's game but it's an old team. About how Klein but the question is how much would help -- unhealthy about it we like it rolls how long it's taken him a combat Seles just of that at -- gonna show up. Like robo properties going to be fine. But let's say you had a healthy scratches or -- just wanted to inject there. I think that's a great interrupting me a winner -- and that's an all time for our finally turned the tables. Chickens coming home runs. So you think about rose it's been a year since he hurt himself in the first round last year's playoffs and had the ACL. If you look at it that way if you go by the Derrick Rose calendar. We come back talking about Rondo until -- -- next you can count on that. A major overhaul. There's no way you can count on Rondo coming back in the beginning of the year. And being his old self much like we see when Derrick Rose I think you got some major. Your problems now so I guess if you're giving our report cuts this morning so to speak each year free to call and evaluate the different players on this team. I Jordan Crawford where neither have been on the bench I mean thank god darkest so forgiving because that's stupid movie made in new York and my often off which is another story for another day but. You can evaluate the players who you you're who you thought that it you know really came through and replace disappointed you. And then of course Craig you cannot escape. The debate about. In change in some people I don't wanna blame doc I don't know what she can -- but -- it does Costa -- -- -- what what -- I don't think -- should be left out of -- discussion because you got a team playing about a backup point let me just -- -- -- time what's the a look at the coach what could Doc Rivers have done. In this situation with no Rondo no accent -- I've heard a lot of people probably -- some of the offensive set and it -- trust -- you'll bring people -- in the middle of the year -- picking -- and I'm looking at that at this stat sheet to. He's got three guys on the bench Jordan Crawford Courtney Lee Terrence Williams zip zip zip. They did nothing nothing from the bench. Fab Melo it -- he's a long way to try to make carbon mellow yellow I mean he's a long way our brother so. He had nothing -- looking guy on the bench -- nothing and order and a player -- shorten the bench but. Some people were criticized our marketing maybe they thought the offense should have been a little different a little more flow to it not just going to and from peers -- If that thing is that the job of appoint god and it's a point god he's appeared to help you get points in these. Over on there would make going to the middle and fake in the past though and -- back in for the lay up and all that stuff. We forget about all the stuff that in mind used to Dewey was a slasher. He did helped to generate the best defensive player absolutely not but there's so many other things. That he did and I'm asking you what could doc can have done. I think I don't know because I can only play with what you got exactly it -- where I tell me about Biggs. He kept used in the way big selector this year quota they have from -- non because a guy that you got -- -- Saturday exit you don't have by point guide rather than that so. My point being last time I checked Doc Rivers was the head coach of the team he was not the director of player personnel slashed. General manager so you're looking at a Frontline where guys played most of his career at the force most comfortable playing the power forward. Not the pivot position is playing the pivot position and then when you lose your all star guard your point guard. And have nothing at all to replace him with nothing he what she called Terrence Williams. A adequate replacement maybe down the line he is but he had to go all way to -- to find him. I mean I think you -- I think we talked a little bit about this on Sunday for those of you weren't listening. You know big got to put this on Danny I give Danny all the credit in the world he's being creative. He's been inflexible he landed the big fish in KG 2007. That produced the championship. They've been an interesting fascinating competitive team. For many years now six straight years but this year. Dini had to do something midway through the season Rondo went down in he didn't do. You can pick on Jeff Green. And ask athletic great game five we grieve that -- the play great defense carries two more year I mean they've got some people. Barely played in the series right now. Which which is the mystery meat and he has played yeah right he's even played really ridiculous. So bright idea from you get your thoughts on IQ do you think. Com and I love dark line accurate it tears he said that he felt so bad for appears because he thought here's deserved. Democratic -- -- -- you know. Anything about him as a captain and now he can he -- that aren't and it kills the Indian his theories when he came out with that. Artist faces something just went to -- number I think. A lot of things that he had to work through. I think he has represented himself well I think he's represented the team well I think -- on the cap and I think he's a great job. I too felt -- you know. Went usage for the shot in the chest were following news you know Craig great job shooting the first one late in -- Indies. Almost 3536. He's just in they just didn't have much on the bench and the knicks kept coming back and I think its yield. When the Celtics make a rally -- -- cut through. Fifteen people. And you know it and all are okay now this just after internal any -- the ball. Was chest. But it was a gallant effort. And I think we need to at least appreciate that. -- and the question of course is liberties asking at this point -- been over for many hours where -- the Celtics go from here we'd love to get -- -- 617. 7797937. The eighteenth -- text line available to you was well already. Many checks coming in some suggestions that Danny -- and company 37. 93700. -- bought glad -- -- screaming at me and her change. The first -- thirteen years the New York Knicks have advanced to the second round of the playoffs. The Boston Celtics. A six year run. Of weights and championships. And it memories. And moments. Comes to a dead at TD garden. Yeah I do you had a -- year in. You know it's not anything I -- -- that -- are not coming back I can tell you that. Arm. But Georgia right now coming back. Like -- judges are immersed myself and the U. To us detox. And then we'll find that out. John -- Doc Rivers at the end last night. Sublease did not go down without a fight in spite of its 46 point deficit fourth quarter twenty straight points you know what happened almost did it almost climb to the mountaintop. Pretty much a microcosm of the entire series the lose it in six knicks go on to play. Indiana tomorrow in the second round of the playoffs and of course we're dissecting and analyzing. Future Doc Rivers Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett. What did Danny do or not due to retool his team at mid season 617. 77979. 37 attacks coming in on qualify and laid. One point the finger one person text in the 914 fire range and -- afraid of a colossal mistake at that I name. Tony Allen played great last night in his team be Larry's rappers. Why didn't we keep Tony Allen that was Dexter in the 77 war. That's the reason Dexter and says 978 says the reason the -- losses because Paul Pierce was terrible. At both ends of the court he's a bench player at this point. In his career so -- -- anger emanating around these parts in the wake of the Celtic tonight. Over the phone 6177797937. Charles is in McCartney's first up of mustard and John Brian Giles. Well guys great show we got a really struck a quote Tony Allen at a time like at Wrigley you know I would bet the soccer game. Lap and -- in the Irish top -- riot and again. -- he -- ignorant about some people that that it would appear creating drink. Saying that we got out -- picking a coach I can make we have been -- lack. Captain guy -- Our poll -- we packed and so so much he picked great coat. They play by him and you've got people -- Sunday. There is an epic god should be taking these players what they're crippled lineup please can you help me now. Yeah I totally agree I can't think of one thing that Doc Rivers is done that I disagree with. Obviously. If you if you want to be nit picky about it maybe could've figured out a way to get that offense going in the half. War without a great great look at all the people that were out this year all of the drama that -- or -- but credit. And Larry you -- people. And that no like yeah Howell left. We -- -- -- -- due to extraordinary. -- and integrate. Well somebody once said that the reason there -- -- was such a great coach was because -- Deborah Russell -- the player and I wasn't about over the dollars a I'm gonna give you. When you look at the bench in you look at what he had to work with in an indicate and I know people don't. It Celtics -- there was stretch and I agree review without Rondo went global when the ball around and you're saying that's the way to indicate why can't they play that way all the time minute. Of course the answer is when you get to the playoffs not you not playing. Six different teams are playing the same team series of seven. They pretty much no matter affect -- calling out your place. And everybody dolls and everybody's doing and you have to have a point god who can improvise off of that. And also you don't tour -- best players are getting old. Well here's the thing and on the plus side in in -- certainly Doc Rivers doesn't may need me or anybody else that -- and his record speaks for himself. I think it it helps -- he has a lot of the supporters in this area because he is such a tremendous individual beyond just being a very effective coach but. You you people do wanna play form Kevin Garnett wouldn't have been in Celtic uniform last night perhaps playing his final Celtic game. Ever if there -- an opera Doc Rivers he easily could've written into the sunset last year he wanted to stick around I don't know if he was loyal so much of a franchise. Which of the fans -- think he was loyal to Doc Rivers Doc Rivers inspires that kind of passion and support. From people. Paul Pierce he's gotten everything he possibly could out of Paul Pierce of other coach. Could have gotten as much because I didn't know Paul -- to play this way at this age say seven RE years ago. I don't know what it is with people I still think I know for Carl's doing a great job with the Red Sox now. But I still think that they jumped the gun on Francona I could of the put up -- -- for a couple of more years and in the way he managed their money was doing. I think -- dark Claude Julian is going to the same scrutiny people. It all the team if the team not playing that well for -- while people never look at the players they always blame the culture and I'm in his only -- so much you can do. These guys are getting paid five times which are getting paid usually. Tom and you lay it out in hopefully you can motivate them enough to get them to play well. Well Doc Rivers is on nicely compensated one of the highest -- -- years in the league and he deserves because he's one of the best coaches about the best coach in the league that you just at an earlier. Bill Russell was a great player coach because. The player was more important in the coach. In the NBA. We all know that the superstar team is going to win no matter who the coaches. So Doc Rivers I think got as much she squeeze as much Jews. Out of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett as any coach could have but at this point. The future of the team is really predicated on what -- does not Doc Rivers Doc Rivers I wanna see on on that Celtics sideline for ever. I probably dark -- his case when you compare this Celtics the lakers. The players on the Celtics bought into what -- with selling right. The list is complete mutiny out the area nobody wanted. To follow. That's not yet actually hurt by not -- Kobe after the radio went down in four straight he was actually very support might. Well he might be now your facts straight like he might be now but during the season I figured out how Witten -- solid and I don't wanna play in the he had his system of running it it was a mess out there you'd never heard any in fighting for it was it was certainly kept. On the -- here but that would the second I think there was a lot of that if you remember a couple of years ago when doc really wanted to throw in the towel. One of the this one of the many speculations was. It was so hard keep this team together 'cause these guys are. Outsized personalities -- deal of Rondo for 82 games of the regular season and other potentially twenty in the post season. Will take. It out of any coach is he's a real league if as we know you're really about pressure don't get me government acted upon the million dollar question to consider too wary right now buying. What do you think doc wants you need to do. 'cause to me appears it now and having a meeting what grows back Baguio got dark in the unique or maybe they're going on on the golf course and dark about it. What do you think -- would like to see him do. Players Mike in the cards are on Sports Radio I'm idea. -- -- -- properties -- -- thanks Alan and pay our commitment react to try to break out of -- and Doc Rivers and obviously one of the best coaches in the league I'm public Popovich and maybe does not make it harder it is typical to. It's got to go into. Chicago Bulls played defense makes me think why wouldn't the topic the current out. The way the bulls -- -- they do have some component -- back and get it to that level but. That's not me well what are -- outlook on how Avery Bradley though it -- -- so. -- -- -- The output of -- quote Prussia and really played up on opening guitar part on these guys -- that it takes a long -- that envelope as well. I think I was so I think he was so worried about his offense and at some point one point he made a basket and you read it one of the stories. In it said in vain he studied gaining more confidence -- corporal a year not every confidence level up. Because they weren't asking because they were asking him to do something that he wasn't used to do it wasn't a point -- Get -- back to awkward again I would give him credit that you -- -- it will be wired you're probably. He has opened that brings the ball court who's gonna bring it up -- let -- -- went up one dollar one this year all it would bring the ball up court. That's -- fact when they -- another little run but Rocco caught in a popular bring up the ball court that's when he got all the triple double. It would really that tie it to the point where I I never recovered. That he saw and the -- to relate. Did you watch the game did you watch the game last night what was happening -- OK I don't know about what -- One of the things have happened but -- is when he did get the ball they would gobbling up many -- yet secret break the double team. And the other thing with a guy like pierce. Is when you have a point god been pierced and find his niche he can run office screens and get the bar and AM slice in the middle are going for the job shot. When you gotta bring the ball up and set the offense up it does take a lot. Away from your game that you do best. Again there are all Hindus while what while magically you know obviously there were ball handler I think Eric. Well I -- Mike Mike you can't on one -- say that Doc Rivers is one of the great coaches in the NBA which I agree win. And then turn around say whether other ball it -- on this team if he was such a good coach you'd think I'd be utilized one of those players. They're obviously guys want these people did not want birdie on the team yes right up the lottery Greek -- at the break the all court that got. Here's and here's another fact. In the post season things changed dramatically as we just saw in the last six yeah I went pressing. The ball handler bringing the ball up as much as they were in the playoffs 617779. O'clock -- nine 37 your calls continue right after this. It's all about to become that you -- conduct just never got to see the current. And you know abducting people or not society. It's wolf all three of us agree to those cumulative. Promotional posters big game. Tough loss especially home. More important in the future. -- doesn't use different safer world. For reconnaissance. I hardly saw v.s Boston Celtics over six years Kevin Garnett the rest of the team in dream. Allowing their heads taking their last exited the year old be the final exit of the KG Paul Pierce air that's what we're talking about a 617. 7797937. You guys are not says attacks -- -- -- Connecticut 860 Doc Rivers is an average coach. Hasn't done a thing without tip is what those guys are doing all the injuries and Chicago obviously referred to have a though. Now that he's the coach. Doc Rivers just a beneficiary of the great assistant coach Tom Thibodeau yet without top to -- last year. You know I certainly don't think that the Celtics had any business at all. Actually tied with the heat in game seven last year in Miami before the heat took over that came down the stretch. They certainly had no business being up on the lakers in 2010. By thirteen in the second half before they -- in neck games seven. You know I don't even think. The first year you know we take this as you know as an assumption now. -- -- that team was pathetic the year before. I mean it was the right coach in the right new player right new players in in both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Melding with Paul -- -- -- that was gonna happen get -- rivers credit for that. And for anybody who doesn't wanna see Doc Rivers come back I think they just haven't watched enough basketball. And don't understand how important he is that this particular French are you gonna do -- dark burgers is -- one simple question. Why didn't this team court. When they were down 26 point. Bingo perfect perfect evidence right there that's all you need to know. You know. -- I really doubt that would grow -- Steve Pagliuca. Or -- teams here are sitting right now listening to the show us. What's up in the -- on back river govern this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To do while I'm telling you wish you look at the starting lineup Jeff Green. I know people down on him he's not consistent he drives me crazy -- if you saw that photo I think they're charted on ESPN. As I was about American corporate coverages. Anyhow like dead -- fifteen and Scott down the middle of his chest and the doctors -- it would take him two years to be back to normal. As a person who has had surgery I got about a fifteen inch gash on this on my side. And I'm telling you it is scary it is scary -- even more when you mess with -- hot and you never know you're racing down the court. Then by is our Reggie Lewis and all of a sudden you're just collapse and that's it so arms I'm serious I I want the -- to be consistent to be great. But I thought I'd have trouble really coming down -- on him after one year coming out of surgery Brandon Bass. He's okay. Paul Pierce again he's a warrior he gives everything he has but he obviously when -- ladies Wear out he can't get a dining -- net. In Bradley. Are reluctant point god did you have to had an errand I mean if you wanna judge -- on that starting lineup going -- This way I look at it free. Kevin Garnett Ray -- This team was irrelevant. There were never on national television. They certainly were not appointment viewing -- they had a few feet and you wanna be -- result a loyal follower. But they weren't terrible team at best they were mediocre completely irrelevant. You know occasionally get into the playoffs and lose in the first or second round that was -- they certainly did not have. The strong fan base they have six years down the line I mean. The garden is one of the great places to watch a game it is intense it is noisy it's vociferous all the things you want. -- your home fans debate. Who was responsible for that is it Danny Ainge is a Doc Rivers is at the Big Three. Now what is it but you have to admit in the six years things have changed dramatically from what it was before over the biggest -- last year to get this ball strike mound or rom. The number doubt has -- to go to the games that -- successful teams you don't panic and you keep a quote for awhile. Right and he has been Doc Rivers has been with this franchise for nine years he's got three years left on his deal and I I seriously believe I mean we're -- their breath. Trying to do ponder. Any kind of firing scenario if he -- he's gonna do not desirable if it's not going to be because. I'm Danny -- and we're prospect decided to Doc Rivers is no longer useful for this type of what it changes sees him as it was trying to get David West the at the power forward phenomenal series he's having -- in Indiana ring and they tried to get him. But they didn't have enough money to offer him I think the offer was eight million they didn't have enough and they are. Basically in as many poor people -- out have been hamster right now in if they wanted to completely clean house if they said. Tomorrow KG -- on Paul piers gone. We need to move on they still really do not have any flexibility. -- OK given -- KG and an -- and piers interview saying Rondo nobody's got a trade for run -- right now NG darkening yet it's not gonna get much on him right now. So what you have left to trade right and so do you try to squeeze another year around with Paul Pierce. Kevin Garnett the return of Rondo -- who knows when that's gonna happen you try to do that you try to keep sort of the status quo tread water so to speak. What do you do while we're out of our -- into that only thing I'm saying is is there anybody on this team. Who can get better. Jeff -- can get -- you have to answer out. What we know that Jeff -- going to be stick around and think his view nobody can they get better can get to nick and they get better or this car just if you have let's say you kept piercing gun net yeah okay in India Rondell coming back. Is there anybody else -- Melo get better. Which now. -- points tomorrow -- out of looks at it now a lot more time I seriously. The idea is. -- it's revealed your actions that Rick Springfield -- it's revealed next Sports Radio WB yeah. Direct. -- allies that -- was. Meant -- wait for your Ian have for unity analyzes celtics' situation cars. Well Larry you're absolutely and very important points at first wanted stock rules aren't going anywhere without an. And then whoever -- The teen came back going. And then -- Watching that game these swing these wild swing and point your mind you watch in Chicago with Horace grant Scottie Pippen Karl. Without. Rondo. Like -- tipping. A charter member of the guy for the for the bulls and on the lake is he kept making these clutch shots from trying to think every team he went -- we -- making these clutch shots. Play for the bowl will look at it on by Stevie current -- pretty got all these rings and every week wherever continuing to in the playoffs that kept -- getting all these clutch are remember. All yeah Robert Horry yes Robert -- is trying to -- it probably clutch shot any changes favorite player Rutherford or he's the guy that threw the towel on detainees and when he played for Phoenix way back when Stephen was still you're next on Sports Radio W the money chief. Morning guys. They look to the Islamic a couple of reports all right. First of all -- the team's critical public discarding I'll forward. Starting point guard empirical point guard and schoolmate -- Obama patrol. Give I give that franchise and the coach in particular a lot of -- But Steve that part is we -- Redmond ridge -- bring a degree. -- -- retool them. And -- -- discretion to injuries how occurred in the ball game we spoke to -- -- really the only two tradable. Are people they added that I would trade him or what. Steve you bring up a great point going to -- number bring it back to you 'cause I want you -- to work on on your thought for a minute if that be the case. Everybody just wants to take a sledgehammer and dismantle. Garnett and pierce and the like. But you buying US scenario. What if these people who they lost come back in our healthy. Not only -- -- Salinger OK got -- was distorting. Yeah. It was just really starting to get a when he got hurt -- the world to see what it would look like by the under the trees and really. It was just starting to get his rebounding was prepared to enter an order merchant and they're missing his rebounding would that. Absolutely. Backer and a great -- -- absolutely and in how many people wanna go women -- get dirty like he -- be honest Steve what did you think of the celtics' chances going into this post season in particular in this series against the next did you think there -- gonna win. I thought they had a chance to work or what happened. -- you saw Peterson -- played so many minutes there in the mid thirties they don't they -- petite and that's what happened YouTube star players they'll look. Or older little long in the two and they get tired they couldn't handle. The military will play yet on what happened. Real -- let me ask you this -- and receive -- -- it is true. Who were Asia voices so what was the Celtics your press Shumpert. Who is a Celtics felt includes a Celtics. JR Smith. They didn't like every time to turn around these next we're draining threes I wouldn't say that had -- golf course and or ask them the amount and are Dixon -- buyer rob Marvin the Celtics rams as a when -- so when you say going into the series. I I just don't think they had the -- the offense just wasn't flowing didn't have anybody to go off. Fence doesn't fall you don't have -- read in the half court obviously that was became very dysfunctional and you have no support no reinforcements off the bench. I'm really surprised in in in retrospect the -- even made it. To where they did that within four in the fourth quarter. In game number six I -- and I even picked the Celtics -- to win the series based on the inexperienced the next and I just didn't think they had. The maturity and at times in the series they prove me right particularly in game five when they showed up in funeral a higher. Talk about inappropriate immature in almost -- in almost backfired on let's face it. -- had more talent in this series and better talent in the NBA usually does win out.

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