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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

May 4, 2013|

Doc Rivers postgame press conference

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The one I'd just like to congratulate genetics I thought. The -- get a hell of a job. Throughout the series. Part of preparing. Tonight. You know they talked -- ball movement felt that came around that did that. So just wanna congratulate him. They can beat anybody when a player right to there's they have a lot of firepower. And they showed that -- stretches tonight so. Our guys. Tournament after the game I couldn't be more pro. Of a group of guys who went through. At times of adversity all year and all the injuries and all the stuff. And they just never didn't think that they could. You know Kevin looked into the playoffs in the employees. He was unbelievable. -- Tough to look total. Competitors that I've ever been around. You know rebounding and just do whatever -- for the stream. Didn't really didn't want them to go well that -- on our court and you know I just didn't wanna do it. Because we've also better team but for him. That particular. Just in more on the go out that way you as the Warner he's the best best -- actually. Top fields oil was to program. The way you -- that you want an article while did you mean. It might there's -- chance that no longer active season there that just what is what does it say about your team you couldn't score all night. And then all of a sudden he scored twenty points girl get back. Well wouldn't it -- there was a microcosm of the year. Stretch you know. I think we've been count on -- 45 times this year when -- -- the -- and now -- injured went down and each time. We just fall back. You know and and that happened again. That we had chances news four point game at the ball twice. You know Shumpert tonight with their best player -- -- you. Single handedly willed that game for them defensively. Early on Jeff Green and in the big steal and made some big shots. -- big place. The fact that we had a chance. To win that game being down twenty of 21 whatever was. -- one timeout left. You know. It was amazing it's amazing to -- is great for our crowd and you force and really remembered him anything that your run television. And so. Nice. Your voice -- on this radio what is human tendency to each other when he came. Just more personal it's just you know. Interim government until eleven. No Kevin towers checks or milieu which. Which is fine that's but he won that that was I OK you know. Last with a courses that's typical kept. Now he's walking off the floor plan 41 minutes. You know exhausted I don't know if we -- if you could give as much on 1 o'clock on Sunday. And check in on me CR -- That's Kevin -- in the match. -- mark Demeco Celtics dot com but I think when you guess folks down by 26 points called timeout. Look like you guys were your guys were walking up to court over their heads down but you were screaming at them trying to get them what did you tell them at that time. We'll just stay -- it -- stated though we stated on here you know. That's what I had to do -- now. They were they want to play well you know -- did and they didn't but they wanted to play well. And you could feel that. -- master -- or as a coach -- I could feel him. Down because -- powder plan meaningless and no other. They know their pattern of the plane and and that you -- -- just trying to get him to hang in there and believe that you Kurt and you know. It worked well almost worked. Brent -- and did not come. I see it does tell it to what does that tell you season for you as thought. Just -- -- both yourself and you know I see this team's court you you hope you guys are all back together you expect is -- student there. I don't know army brat -- do it zero thought no. I don't think about it that stuff. -- -- human -- knows me pretty well. I immersed myself that's where I can do it probably to a fault. Pretty much -- livable. -- a year and you know. So I don't know I mean there -- -- it's just at least a week just. Do whatever I do you know what to do you know should watch cartoons -- them. And then we'll talk about it but there it is already worked on stuff he knows never to show me. I don't wanna hear that -- you don't want the only thing so will feature an all out. And we'll -- Paul Slater is the nation just a follow up on that -- came into the year thinking you could lessen the load on -- Kevin little then it went up. -- economy again I mean can you guys go forward like edited your -- you don't know more. And that little girl on the -- -- the -- anymore. Because anymore you know anymore. And we do. But the two years ago for a us. You know. Do you wanna take aways to get more and I don't I don't view this -- and then maybe. Later. God can loss to Boston Globe. You for sure coming back next here. Action -- now -- moment among the contract. Bill. Loose we'll see him and obviously -- judges. But. You will be something you'll think about that mean to you don't have to be decision to cut. Yeah I do every year and every year in. You know it's not anything I -- -- that -- are not coming back I can do that. Arm. But Georgia right now coming back. Like -- just that I just I immerse myself and these two. This detox. And then we'll find that. I'm -- while we're on the subject of people men and not come back at the end of the game -- -- -- game. After not playing its wells there. And nobody really seemed to notice. -- and stood there and silence that that's not the way you -- indigo I'll. And listen I took amount of warm words could come back and so I don't think the fans knew you know. At that point so. He's -- to greatest Celtics. To ever play you know. He's done so much for this franchise are. You know -- rhythm and then time organizer. And change in teams like Sox. And Paul has chosen to stay here. Throughout his career. Ruined clearly. You have all rights to leave. And he -- chose state years so. I guess I have so much respect for him for that. When I first got here we were. Really -- rebuilding now and it's fun and we made the playoffs that first year in the remember telling them. When we're gonna tell you -- in Eden foods are gonna go well for a year or two and it didn't in the hall. You know he never waiver so. I give him that and just amazing amount of respect. He wanted to get it done here he made that chores. Where all the guys around and around on the trying to all the sudden a mistake here and see if we went in and he did that so. I hope he's remembered. That and no props open comes back and I just don't know right now anything because I haven't given much thought. The guys thank you by the way you guys are terrific this year for the most part. And are really appreciated this is the introducing year. But I really thank you can't tell you guys -- enough on the arm that's easiest to deal where it. And that some of our players aren't either at times but. Thank you really appreciate it but it.

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