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Overtime With Grande and Max - the guys wrap up 2012-2013

May 4, 2013|

The Celtics 2012/13 season has come to an end with a Game 6 loss at the hands of the Knicks in Boston. Grande & Max wrap up the season and thank you for your loyal listenership.

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Good time would show. No pillow seemed to. Well we thank you for parts -- it up whether you were doing it says we're talking real time on this Friday night for the may 2013 or -- time. Go fly a little bit to let everything executive -- in this season kind of wash over you wherever you are time. We're sitting here at TD garden about twenty minutes after the so what's -- -- -- do it with -- 8880 lost. To the New York Knicks game 6 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. It's a six year run in so many ways that. You know that the new Big Three -- as we called it -- pretty much every way at the end of game seven last year. In Miami in this release in my view -- always going to be the first year. Oh whatever next but it changed on the fly this season because of the injury to Russia Rondo. The Celtics couldn't pass the torch because there was no run go to pass to. Jeff Greene didn't really get himself going into the second half of the year it's so you ended up with a sixty year while Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett somehow carrying the Celtics into the plan. Well to me at -- seem like a much other recipe when you think about the way it happened in and not the fact that -- Boca her but I think one that they can look that was. Was he going to be there at them make that change to make at least at least two run though what you did you didn't see that happening. And you know because of necessity. You know hallway Kevin made everybody he is more accountable the question the rose almost immediately once Rondo went down and felt totally and other. Who beat Toronto who meet them who -- -- the year you're much better without rob what about things -- civil radio -- sevenths guy challenged -- like. I was actual television. I came back the this catcher Ausmus said the Celtics. Playing together without Rajon Rondo but they're not the other without him. And it's got like you're just talk body but that's all that they can -- since well. What it meant was that in the law in the short term the suburbs will point to be okay do want to play all right but in the long term. Eventually losing a great player like Rondo is eventually went to somehow by Q in the below the edit the hit there -- -- -- Back in the -- podcast that day that we are reaction to it as it happened my feeling was at the time. People thought the Celtics would make the playoffs I thought that they would feel pretty strongly about it. I don't -- was not having a great year. In my view in a lot of different ways and when I said the time was two things number one the Celtics would that are short or without them they will make the playoffs. I said that day. And these 2448 hours that followed. I believed that they -- about her that the Celtics season the end result of not change. With Toronto injury and I still believe that -- I don't think the Celtics were getting out of the first round this year anyway because the -- in the -- is past New York with better this year Indiana was better in the Celtics were very much. A transitional work in progress. What I did say at the time and this is now one of the great questions going forward it is. Does the injury to run on run though -- sitting out having watched the team play well without. And then having to watch the season and because he could not participate in this series. Does that and the level of humility into the whole world out of Rajon Rondo to make him even more dangerous player when he was. Well have to if you want to be together if you want to transition that way and you want to be the quarterback if he would team. And so they give of this way of us this I haven't assessed all the things have to be done the right way. Rondo has to play that way of beat that guy and making gas around him and I'll say this that. And MIA in Rondo -- consider my friend and a look at some sounds like that a young man that I'm come -- bolted. He's gonna have to. Roll the beat the other with the press he cannot pick and choose. You know who he wants to be friendly with. He has still letter from Kevin yes -- -- Paul yes solar from -- that everybody can be an ally. And you don't you don't do anything to anybody. It and try especially breast and tried to alienate you know or anybody around you because that is what to somehow come back it. Not be good for you and not. Be good for UT so hopefully he'll listen that this you'll learn from this -- -- the process because you're away from the game. It is that you the game that you love and he's always late he weren't able play this year a certain amount of of human. Humility guilty would have had a password has to cut me at and I'm sure that he'll look the stated that way you will see if in fact -- learned that lesson I think that's. Perfectly said he has had whether he's chosen to accept and I'll say this that I have been. Sometimes I feel like I'm critical Rondo and I realized that it depends on what is the standard you hold it do you look at Rondo is being. A late first round instead who can't choose an ordinary player. You can't if you want to but. I hold Ron go to the standard because I have seen too many nights in front of my allies. In which you've been one of the best players in the world I hold him to a higher standard. Well I think he can beat the difference between -- immediately immediately in the NBA is the number of teams out of me to that you play. At that level we talk about dealing with the media and all of it Ron Lewis had a master's level course in locker room and media man. For Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen over this well he's like he's his time he's had the course. But he he learned from the courthouse what we're gonna find what was the what he did he have a vehicle on the table not listening sometimes. Armor group of people uses that well if I sleep with. The book. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If he learns a certain amount of of bad. This team is going to be the -- fourth if he'll be brother for Rondo to me is when I call it Smart almost on idol the smartly case for the sport Rondo it's Smart Smart. Smart and he gets all this stuff before the the bigger issue for the so now. On those TV's Jeff Reed Steve Avery Bradley. Who had the brilliant fourth quarter in the sixth game after having your typical playoff series gonna have to become the player that he was turning into 2012. But now. The ESPN cameras turned him -- the final minutes and now. The eyes of Celtics nation will turn to one guy that guy. Is there any. Because the first of the -- Is the Paul Pierce contract was signed 2000% of the four year deal with the fourth year -- an option for the Celtics to buy it now. Of the sixteen million dollar contract for just five million dollars it seems. In the -- but there were talking in the moments after the loss it seems inconceivable to me. That the Celtics will not by Paul. So well that you know what here's the thing about that -- you might bomb. What are you able to bring you back for low price means so -- Paul Pierce really wants to play here. I think he probably can't -- with the changes with the transition. But now a lot of I've seen some strange crazy things happen. And I'll always said with this team you know it's a certain time when the expiration date has passed. Well expiration date maybe its path but are they on -- put the same Kevin bid they thought this thing in but it's. Here is my belief about that -- -- does not retire and Carol aren't. Any team in the NBA he can help right now. EDT it's so if he says he wants to play someplace else he has a no trade clause right -- He can still exercise that say you know I wanna leave for Paul leads the doc leaves so there a lot of different things that have to come home. For circle I imagine it is both games we've most of you know by now about time listening to us it -- not yet addressed the media as we are talking you know what he said we don't yet. But I asked him before game five flat out it does he know he's coming back next year coach the Celtics he said now. I don't know what to think about in the offseason is most years he does. And these are the dominoes that will determine that you the truth. Kevin Garnett is one of I don't know yet he's moved into the top ten in the history of the game for years awful close if he's not it's -- a twelve man team. Of the greatest players ever to play in the NBA Kevin Garnett is probably on -- But at age 38 -- is about turn. You don't know what he can still ranked so with that with Paul Pierce you know shooter who relies on his legs and score. Reaching year number fifty in the NBA to me Doc Rivers is the most important domino. Of the three when you look at the way NBA works. You'd be free agency who players want to play for the NBA -- -- the biggest domino of the three in the summer is done. You'd love to have thought back in the fall which is he has that kind of recruiter that guy Kelly got it to bring players -- Because players love the place for Doc Rivers. And and and that has been stated understood so he is gonna be a huge triple what he wants to do here's a guy who eventually to me is with the coach of Olympic team. So what is point to be his goal worth it to you wanna go. This he all of a sudden abandon Boston say I want a boy -- go Beatrice and see what happens. One final thought from you six years ago. We went through season it was there was an eighteen game losing streak. The Celtics did not win thirty games all year. Every Celtics fan support and others that's tough weather computer running that draft lottery she seemed to get him the -- or Greg Oden and draft. And out of nowhere. Was conjured. Six years of these moments memories games wins and championship. That you could not possibly have dreamed. That it. For years after I came here take this job all I would ever here. You must've heard all the time I love you guys in the eighties we view and Larry yeah those were great those days. And Celtics fans out of nowhere. Got to leave the eighties campus they get a chance to live victory and we'll see how that -- its. Here's the thing about you don't you still have some very good pieces. In are there any reagents for -- good -- -- get out there I think that's going to be huge question but right now the story and now and during the turn the page. Season is over the podcasts are over it is. Hockey and baseball season now in New England the Celtics. Season has come do it in the six year -- in many ways. Has come -- and we thank you for listening to every game with us for tweeting us for China and we appreciate you guys -- the reason. That we come back and do this every year. Center -- all and I will talk to you again. In October. What will be our fourteenth year together. Believe it or not thank each and every one -- -- we deeply appreciated signing off for Cedric Maxwell optional grandly into the celtics' season. --

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