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Doc Rivers pregame before Game 6 against the Knicks

May 3, 2013|

Doc spoke with Sean Grande before Game 6 at The Garden. The coach said that the Celtics players really want this win.

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Game six addition of the Celtics that I presented by -- robot from the garden we're inching closer to the opening -- but our final piece of business. Is our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers Rodney Leisle Harvard go healthcare Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Count us -- we had an interesting conversation before game five. I was thinking that. You faced elimination on the road three straight years LA in two games in Miami game five Wednesday at a very similar fields through go into that fourth quarter but it seemed to be exactly what we talked about before the game at those three nights. They couldn't hold on to tomorrow and Wednesday they -- go. Now they've been really did it and you felt I honestly if war agenda they're going to be headed for the long all that the mean they're gonna win we're gonna win the game it's just felt like. We are gonna fight -- a variant and I thought we did and in arms the did a lot of guys. You know I think we may have -- at least one more in this game tonight to win it was a good. Flu -- that if I had that since you brought that up because that -- discussions have meant rotations. And there's all the stock soared teams coming faster now on the Specter if you win tonight -- literally came on Sunday. Is the beauty of I guess facing elimination the fact you can't let that enter your mind or do you have to. I don't anyway I mean. I just got to win each case individually. And in worried about that one when it charms and art rather take that gamble. Use your guys were exhausted when in did not happen once in that you don't get that chance in -- absurd so. I think that's who were at and that's where -- -- go back to letting go of the rope in the what you just said was you could sort of tell that it was going to happen. Give me something that character rises that that is -- I don't know Ahmadinejad after what I've been home. With that I just an acute fuel wouldn't that we're gonna win again I just I. Orders that have times really competitive you can feel they want this and you know you just felt good about it you said. Somewhat famously in 2010 on the way to the finals that you do that team could get there because they had show only earlier in the year mr. element of that umbrella. And this Brandon Bass Renaissance and it even though we didn't see much of it. Very little of it throughout the course this year fifth you knew he was capable. What we're doing is capable of it. But I'd obviously to this level I did know him really -- reform you know he's just an. A great place mentally aegis is completely given himself that. And you. You can see sides of that at the game quarter -- we -- two shots that he was happy because he's played well but then when you see guys you. Used to be you know all those players in the east Juliet. But just one -- -- and it helped the team could care less about your stuff. You know they're a good place that's what friends there that makes him -- -- that you shouted there was a far. That stopped the run. Andy did it over you know the NBA's best friend from last year. Have you in your mind played your best team yet in this series now. No we have not. What do you what characterizes what well. Are also the first blue -- good -- You know I -- mass. For more I thought there's perverts in all five the other games were -- really cute we just haven't been able to put together weren't tired. You know they they they know I mean they're putting a lot of pressure on our -- and they understand -- -- probably the reason why. But what we haven't been able to do is. We have stretches of turnovers in a row in a row that you of them light it we can to support that. I think we're. Great last year on this floor game six against Miami you'll always be remembered nationally for LeBron -- should be the final minutes. Workers spot minutes here for this franchise this team with the crowd and love affair they've developed over the last two years with this team -- through generations really. As off the radar this kind of thing can be you go into a game like this you've earned them another team six on this floor and at some point I know you're gonna feel. What's in this building. Yeah the club very they've been behind us they're there help us. And that's not a quarter. Through. We either. You're. Being back home in front of -- -- in sixth is next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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