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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 05.03.13

May 3, 2013|

We're talking spitballs.

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-- Mean it's so rude I can't believe that -- so yeah. This is our house. You are friends. Explosives in them. In life unfortunately all good things come to an end it's my job -- went south and Ali I. I have been fun to be in bullets. OK okay vote him out. Beyond high right now you guys Elmo yeah dial 6177793530. -- -- that no I don't -- I go to. Before the first ticket and now. My job to do have a problem turn off this nation it off weeks all -- hotly. Plugged up brought to you by AT&T WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by eighteen team they've set of a text to donate line to benefit the victims. Of the Boston Marathon bombing text Boston BO ST ON 280108. To donate ten dollars. That he won -- Boston messaging data rates may apply full terms. At and give them dot org and see -- on Mike to. -- -- heard from the economic times for a plan not a bimbo. And that's a routine -- that's French Fries with gravy and cheese Kurds who seen. You go maximum enlistment I didn't but I did go to the red the website for that place sauce -- look pretty good public he had some last week I said. But like the -- -- the read at all. Armed. The these. -- Oh I have. Oh hole. Yeah. It's. And looking acoustic version he was -- are gonna let our line that next part I don't know what instead of the gifts really and. Am glad he did. When. Can't believe you don't know any nuclear test and I don't pirate -- and everybody some -- everybody who thinks they know you're getting it wrong or -- you've read the letters that I've gotten out when I -- that is -- interview with the lyrics that sometimes go on that golf lyrics dot com now. And some they have question marks right -- like unclear -- inaudible. They're just guessing that the entire STV thought these articles -- that you have when you're kidding you can't figure out lyrics and you insert -- -- tickets and actually I still do that I do that all the time. I completely makes them populism thing on -- the song run with the cavalry says that love love you Cole real -- He said it was -- school -- because they. Did you ever fine we pulled some point the the isolated David Lee -- audio for -- with that level if you heard it you I had a slippery -- it's really funny. -- played at some point it is definitely -- agreement you take out the rest of the of the music it is hysterical. I do it is in -- you know you did you click on net that was going to play them in office last retirement. Hey stop calling it the guys that are really good idea bird who pre game. How about we take Saudi -- every time mud that he's going to break. And hormones human has -- -- hammered before ago. This horse have been regularly. Receive breaking but it did those Tuesday when you lose track tool it's all about the prickly thing that he did lastly there. But there's a bit -- bit. That's -- -- as well. He sounds like that chatter key thing that lasting human -- and of that man in the Joker died. It's just yet that I noticed you back if it's enough. It was the although the puppet in the commercial and that's more annoying than in the -- puppet starts laughing. The left ventricle others that are put -- on the -- yet. Kind of -- in general. And I am a bigger problem clowns are you one of those guys. I always thought that data freaky -- no -- in -- clowns the year I think is no I don't think if you negotiator for 8 o'clock while an app for just this kind of freaked out by well. Doesn't -- -- said Clemens was before wanna. I'm not into clowns or anything but I don't get the whole -- -- We're freaks you out would you paint frowned it's apparent that got us right there it just confusion. Confused by. In the words of -- can -- I think in Mexico at current series around 360. Degree. Is obviously -- map later and. It was a setup. With Bill Kennedy. I wouldn't get fed up with Joey Crawford. There is leaving the pits and I know I would -- that there is absolutely. We have been a Salvatore. You couldn't. Boom boom. It got to step. Couldn't do it and it was Howard and because -- -- but I couldn't have. So good so all in the first round in an embarrassing fashion. And yet I have I have to say -- -- I don't wanna just jump on the officials I don't wanna be gratuitous here and wanna embarrass anybody. But but. You want to Bennett Salvatore tonight in this -- the NBA. Some things some of some of the statements about. How difficult it is to refereed basketball statements are legitimate even and that's part of the reason the officiating is so is so shaky. With some of the stuff they can control you -- to Bennett Salvatore tonight I guarantee you. He won't miss. 34 or five plays because he doesn't get here quickly enough not to say that there are older officials out there is -- -- thing run that well. What's up tonight you'll miss 23. Behind the play when he shouldn't. My only problem that call it and that's a great observation Michael watched what to tonight. How many of those guys are there out there I mean if you're starting to say every single game the Celtics play as one of the David Stern horrible -- I mean. But just that many horrible -- in the NBA and eventually. Is just. They're horrible group of officials. You don't mean -- house down the count down Adams over. Everything will change it -- -- if he made that his first real order -- -- great lead up the officiating in the NBA but -- very good free dealt with you know. The dress code in the NBA whenever all of this -- clean up the officiating to the people can watch it feel good about your -- instead of assuming that maybe the whole thing is -- -- -- -- Got our new and his message. It's Turkish you're up early this Turkey acres cigar foods course like picture. That's his name big German -- lectures and it doesn't go -- The irony of this is that the lowest common denominator is of the world out there. Immediately latched onto the record and say all of your criticisms are discounted by the fact that your team sucks. Hey Dirk didn't -- someone of the highest common. And I still think you're due he. Good commentary about these ball eight. It. I still understand what the -- -- is going after Buchholz if I want to believe -- Purdue she said and I -- -- she's a very good baseball man. And there's a lot of people doing this and he's just going 56 and 55. -- Why are you talking about a lot of -- in -- and it's an analyst having is it's different. -- you know nobody in the game. Nobody in the game has brought it up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jack Morris in splitters and the -- think's -- is picture. The stock at all think it is region's boom. -- Buchholz and Chris built of that hill Crisco. I don't know what the real uses but badges don't reply it's. All purpose in life every day it's about -- All of us we hate and James and tells Morrison and jaguars should zip -- just go and watch the big leagues. Send them all those cars. Direct -- Coopers town. And you -- -- As well done very well that was well done accordion man will craft. That is today's Mike doubt. Brought to you and powered by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston bruins' most four G coverage anywhere in doing. Our house is gonna work I don't know artist -- -- -- -- is this -- And we got to is that what we need got to switch it up like a little scratched. It and go into another. Does -- have that kind of use that there -- no 1002 has got that great -- we turned producer in the into the DJ -- he's got an -- and it all goes deep and how worried. It's -- right. Away stopping these great story. What is. -- -- -- -- To where to turn tables mixer and all my records don't normally you have to really ask that's a really nice story and you're sure you don't and I don't really makes you believe in humanity. Our -- are all that jurors are the questions that are.

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