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ESPN's Stephen A Smith on Knicks/Celtics with Salk and Holley

May 3, 2013|

The man was straight up depressed after the Knicks game 5 loss to the Celtics, so we check in with ESPN analyst and NY guy Stephen A Smith to get his take on game 6 and beyond.

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The great Stephen A Smith joins us right now for first take of sports editor of ESPN radio in New York 987. Of -- -- UK Kristy sounded just. Unlike yourself I've never heard -- liked to have known him for a long time I've never hurts to even so bill. Yeah I realize that let him and I realized yell at somewhat. I love this. Are the standup stand that they love coming their game. And -- no coach in the business I love more than -- -- -- that. And I expect a lot of KG. No doubt about it and Paul -- it is that he has the true but. You god they didn't expect. The New York -- on themselves. In this situation in the data fair ballot at all bought only about the it to appreciate the fact that I am a native new Yorker. It raised -- -- brought race in Queens new York and I have suffered enough. Watching the pathetic. Data is that have been the New York Knicks for more than a decade and I. That it would -- work. At the bit no way to -- get worse than that they had the debate -- that period that we had a real. They got the same argument you can make it might be. Are you said I'd use that if they lose this series Steven will they -- this series. Until I go to one out ship picnic when that certificate. I don't think that I think the -- when the night. I'm glad it back they -- -- they're better chance of winning that series that the night. I'm not saying they would lose the series that they lost that night -- you'll you won't be competent and that if the New York that don't and not. And they allowed it to repeat it back to a seventh game in the Madison Square Garden in New York. No one will be more nervous. Let me speak out of Boston went inside that nearly three ring. I don't think more income and an article in the day. -- -- Stephen L argue the I think there will be somebody more nervous than you and I think it'll be all of the next and the one thing about it right. They are they are Michael said that they are somewhat mentally soft that they allow that they allow words to bother them. Are they mentally soft. You know what I don't want baseball. That then yeah. -- of applause when you don't allow it to acute to the point where are you a week. You get -- the -- and could become a bit of moral and it responded. And a bit despondent and lose cure that -- fight back. -- because rebellion that Vick -- accurate they wanted to fight you. But it just felt that that that it ends up the lone wolf state game which is not a good thing because that ought to unto itself that. Though isn't meant that it has the word I would go to I don't -- Paul. People bought for the New York Knicks don't have that -- I heard your interview yesterday we both heard -- interview with Mike Woodson Mike Woodson told you he wasn't aware of this starts this wrestling stunt. That is team told or few members of his team pulled at the blacks -- Eighty believe Mike Woodson. MB if you don't believe them why -- -- now even talking about a for a couple days and actually did it. That's an effective questioned by telling you I have a lot being an -- why -- now. I mean as you I didn't know what time but I'm not go to New York Knicks see. And I've yet to hear that talk and have my back has -- -- coveted draft that they're going to a funeral and you've heard a lot that would have I don't I don't understand why he didn't know. But I do believe it. I'm not quite what to that he was an assistant coach and the Larry Brown at all Kelli Ali. Are you nice to -- of the -- -- that exit yet -- now I'm out there and watched. I know quite what can we go back a long way. And it entity that he did not know I'll believe them because he's the -- demand that he -- know. He would man up and say he's -- and it would while I needed -- Stephen you called the -- sensitive there -- other people saying their insensitive. Because of what happened in Boston a couple of weeks ago and then the whole idea of a funeral for the Celtics 88 honestly did not dawn on me didn't Donald Michael either. Was -- -- sentiment did they do something wrong they're given what just happened in Boston a few weeks ago the marathon. You know you can make that aren't that accurate estimate to be ruled that out outlet that they can model like that at all you've got one arm tied up but at least it if it will be mentioned it. Clearly it's not the -- -- the bit that somebody Smart but I don't think they intended to be insensitive and that we're caught we're talking about basketball at all. I mean let's put this in perspective do you really think that basketball players. Wanted to be is tentative title bombing that took place at Portland marathon clearly did not. Eighteenth street that's all that what it was a mistake if you think about it at -- contact and I'm sure that it doubt they would acknowledge while. We didn't even think about it that way. Mob added it would happen again. But it certainly not one of the situation. Where they would be like so what an -- We don't K this is what we want it to you know that's not out there made up that's not how most professional athlete than made up almost contribute for that matter most but. -- -- got -- here people knowing that such a terrible tragedy. We all need to you know showcase to display. A strong -- that the that he had never thought about people are -- a lot. Like I looked at the New York double bullet and all it grabbed my four game one hour that the game. And I instantly noticed that they -- point this -- at the all but it likely -- the pop act because they like on good. He talked and you know let somebody represented to be bought -- at the -- in the bought the marathon. Army. And -- would get on it and that's that they want -- -- are literally want to think about. It would that they -- that it -- bought the topic trying to talk to them deliberately but -- effect is that one out. He's -- because. Our -- and the part where it's at the Bob. Asked about Carmelo Steven he missed that -- shots in game 410 for 35. There's a ton of shots in game five is -- something that brand ambassador and the Celtics are doing or is it just Carmelo. Not joking Carmelo losing it what what do you think. On the ball I'm not gonna say kill him but I know he played that way the next two games that were used network. I'm not gonna -- issue. Well I'll tell -- that Carmelo Anthony at that dynamic scoring machine particularly. In one on one competition ice played. -- upon the fact that it took -- -- the -- call they would iso. But he's converted 20% of them which is a very good -- 30% over the last two gates. I'm on -- look a lot better at the twelfth from three point -- Over the last several games as well it's not good. I'm at -- it venturing on embarrassing we know. But it ain't he had the -- machine. In the league scoreboard champion Andy he would do in the comet they estimate in the sense that she beat that -- -- or contact. Would he play. The problem is come -- -- you're not going to always get those calls that you get out Q if you could just be cute that. But you look at all an anticipated that god that. You've got note it will affect church the debris of some of -- or they don't need to be. Because you're not -- -- you're looking out from the this year. And it probably overcome that and -- and you'll be successful. Outside of the important that obviously -- -- the basketball more Mickey cure all the people that awkward trip. Plus I was gonna ask you about a viewer Mike Woodson and you were in charge of this team heading into game six tonight we'll have tickets are people here in about ten minutes tell you exactly how he can win tickets to tonight's game we've got a -- to give away. What would you do differently if you're the head coach what what what is the major change you would make or would you make zero changes. The only change I would make. Did nothing wrong with sitting mellowed out pretty gay I'd doubt even at that just a couple of minutes and advocate -- that the -- Then they get it -- that they'll let the adrenaline just dot data that the I hope that they are -- after the game and we want -- he kept saying that he was too anxious. He at all you know even in the situation where it got so spend that the people. Okay they lost decade he felt a -- that we knew we would talk a little bit toward -- -- he wanted to go up and backed up his words his bravado and the adrenaline rush. And get cute kid and he wanted it too badly and he wasn't playing it at all cut them every right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out in and the -- bit. You don't have to keep them -- at every minute because that comes across as incredibly nerve. That the circumstances like oh my god I leave you want but it what are we going to do you don't have that kind of attitude we try to win a playoff game. -- -- -- champion Liu a lot of that champion you've got to know how to you block personnel -- do you not think that what might work that have to do what the situation. Charles Barkley said earlier in the week that it's over for Kevin Garnett he's fun out of being a great player he should be a twenty minute -- -- guy. Barkley said and he should be coming off the bench what are you thing. -- -- totally disagree with that. Based on what hot seat from Kevin Garnett on the whole. I will acknowledge however is when our world and our red jacket -- colored column. The other day talking about and they date KG at the gold world. Just to get ready for -- And that adds a bit of credence to what -- we say it. While the content that kept out of all. You have to remember that kinky is going to be seven years of -- many nineteen. That that seventy -- he thought Opel that he. I'll admit it in his career. You do get on one date and jets say bail itself. I what I used to be you know an app that. The media won't debate no but it doesn't mean he got the monetary admitted and it doesn't mean he doesn't need to be out here. Aggregate forty -- and the game an amount that they'd like Kobe Bryant did it because my vehicle he had Abdul did an LA. -- nearly as depressed as you did yesterday we heard we played some clips to you in your show on ESPN New York 987 yesterday you didn't sound Stephen -- like you sounded -- get like a sad man and today you sort of felt like halfway back. We're proud that all day I meet tonight in the game tonight -- that -- was the residual impact of the war. Then he is looking forward reluctant to come. The next analyst I let them if they lose tonight tomorrow are you going to be more depressed than you were yesterday. Or you going to go straight beyond depression -- anger. At the combination of bald man you know that I'm a journalist by trade what you know. I'd like to believe Ali can validate that I'm an honest do. He would not feel. I mean what I say out they would -- me. And I'm not in the state at the ball that looked so bad that we did in the he'd make it the New York Knicks. I'm gonna have a problem with that. If they played like garbage and have a problem with that. -- -- did it Lou that put themselves in the precarious position of the game seven I'm gonna have a problem with that I'm not an act like -- -- Now beauty. -- will tell you. I loved coming -- bought it. Because of that and -- even -- -- -- thought a lot because it hit the in the league game at that although it is not talk that stand. Eagle Ford gave all of that but also integrated to that. We all I'm not a lie and act like got to watch all the little. Badly the night. Without -- respected feared that -- arguably it. Iowa caucus -- now if there's a great sports town I love it as well obviously what you know what else -- a great sports town and a greater arena. Madison Square Garden is great for game seven words you won't praise the -- Coming up because there will be games that is going to be games center -- Wow wow wow wow wow why yarder to act like crazy and brought pressure and you hear that you don't you can't get that way. You can tell you gotta wait I hung up I did not. -- and we'll do that now it's one of sonatas one of those things where they're -- and that's not know against. The gas will not come to your house and opened the refrigerator. But you've -- a lot around long enough and didn't come into the house and -- refrigerate it gets more so yes gave seven get ready tasty that I appreciate are right. All right I got good -- -- -- -- David Smith joining us via the AT&T hotline. He was not as depressed as yesterday but that was not the full Steve inexperience still -- -- there was no screaming there was only one however and it wasn't the full however. I'm like Stevens by epic cracks are we get Celtics tickets for you today he can win them next stick around -- -- WE.

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