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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 05/03/13

May 3, 2013|

Before the weekend, we answer whatever you ask us.

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Then it's time for answers the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. I do want here's DG -- mentally we'll do what was -- what was her name. What was your did you name it did have -- -- -- to sandy. Went to college or high school with a -- one to -- -- became DGE money. -- I was relieved it's been mightily. Odd job money on some money to buy DJ equipment -- -- -- he. So you know you like like a wedding DJ Wright and now he's eating for -- high school parties. -- It's a question -- brought to -- heiress restoration specialists. Your property or facilities manager or insurance for local heiress to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place. It's 774611111. Or go to AA RS serve. Dot com. Jerks. Public enemy or NW -- so he seems so ridiculous it. Anybody. Body and NWA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bears that that question became. Now I'm in the same comes next question jerks Kathy Ireland's prime. George's hill right now. It's Kathy Ireland Ireland in her -- -- at 125 anniversary swimsuit issue you have that Europe cover. Yes I'd much like yes to academic my own suggestion -- -- -- in -- she's -- part of the question means that it either that's there but that's the question hips though. And then hit theaters and she's regulatory work -- -- back to your competitors look at some kind of runs its. Hard. Next question automatic or standard. Course. When you're young standard older. Which gets stuck in traffic enough for the standard like us you know standard is great though every person's privacy issue if anybody. If you -- I used to look for the vote. I was renting cars. To travel. Is any rental place that you can get a standard. Thanks. Is that what worked and because it does is it just messed up people yet the people's Kuroda yeah I love. A doctor Ivins lab I have my wife used -- -- -- later that night enemy I'm never. You never argued on right now you know -- like the Prius it's. I bought a car that was it. I didn't -- -- driving it long enough feature how to start to relive your standard -- you does it now you'd Hugh Adams street crime -- -- how about when. -- -- the talent I had in stick I would never let that thing up so many things to sell real state not the modified it's not hot. He's -- about when you first learn how to drive -- get a little too overconfident went up the hill -- And just lost in that you had to. I know you experience that as a trick for going uphill and it kind of -- going right back down there -- you remember the old atrium mall is gone now because it failed so badly -- park in the atrium mall. You report in the some. Newton and Newton like just just don't know cross just -- Omaha. That was like an incredibly steep idol can you imagine like learning to drive a stick in San Francisco were Pittsburgh communities Trulli -- cities. I did I've done it that I did learn to do -- there but I did drive -- -- Francisco it's it's an expert I guess you learned fast you got a -- on wrecked at river drive in the says Rhode Island. No let it all over the other side of the road here in Boston. I think back -- what six weeks and nature I have seen three people driving in Iraq -- in the wrong way. Three people in six weeks or every two weeks are they're not -- about accepting Charles Charles thank -- these -- divider for -- -- I heard other people are coming thanks -- you aren't trying to -- exactly you're fine I don't exactly what you mean in -- shipment -- -- -- -- you have to know if you don't know that -- you could -- down -- wrong -- -- three -- of people drive right -- Next question. -- can hire your wife to move all my girlfriends crap out of my house now she's busy moving all of our stuff out of our next question. After -- you know I had to she needed to move the table. That she tried the -- couldn't close difficult audio album was supposed to do there right now. Would you do after wipe the table at somebody's at my body's -- over -- but some unique circumstances you have tons of money you have connections -- management. You connections it applies to the -- and help he's just making stuff up. Question jerks lobster roll Google mail or hot water. This is that he is what I hate mail now totally. -- generally with a lobster you wanna -- honor roll the mail can be pretty. Adamant yeah. What's there when most African Circuit. City kind of races. It's kind of stereotypical analysis anyway. Jokes about it I worries is that I think I just what you think about that for a second. Answer a question or typical means there's no hatred and all -- there are now I don't know why is that if you work -- -- he -- -- tennis. It's congress experts that. I've received it and I hate mail. My brother brother likes me he's black I love them. Like it's a battle not to get mail everyday life there's gonna sandwich it's a battle again but I think it's terrible for her to think about that Iowa. -- -- hit eggs in coral. It's just slowly -- Manning's there. At least according to undercover brother -- was impressive tournament. Next question investment thesis. Jerks earlier in the men's room using the -- guy next to me using a Smartphone in one hand wall holding you know with the other are you guys OK with that. And Rodham -- what we -- what I objective. If he tries to shake your hand and that is how is that. We get coal. Which equal. Rights. Reason rate this. Should carrier went -- with. What goes on the next question. Are finally. Jerks who who would kill whom Josie Wales for Jeremiah Johnson with Jeremiah Johnson was among Robert Redford. Utah. In what is called -- my job and ever since. Like 1973 I see Jose wells -- 25 times -- held onto -- wheels -- did just stick around everybody. The question is could Jozy whales kill the man with no name. From either. Any of the three of them any of the three of them but I go collapse -- the best of the three or what where he comes back from the dead. That's not high noon is tightly stretched. Back has passed I like the guy -- And finally here's is his final Q on -- so once said. -- what's the score of the game tonight. Listing which ago when he got scored again tonight. Yeah excellent Celtics went. You know nine. Two EE eight. Our our monetary fund say one thing we haven't had yet in this series from the Celtics perspective. They haven't had a true. Wire to wire below up. 93 I don't know you said 93 -- 93 okay come and go on 96 or 76 iron off my out of Vegas. You Turks thanks a lot evaluate both date -- -- wanted to talk about corn not leave me hanging out here. At today you're you're going about Jeremiah justice but I know something about accused lately and why I never -- Jeremiah Johnson it's like every Clint Eastwood western tourists at every Johnson but that. -- Jeremiah Johnson's Robert Redford. And yes I like a lot -- -- -- you gotta check that out okay you gotta get a little bit of you know yeah there's a point in your culture yet okay. At Jeremiah Johnson you've got to see -- from like 1970 re prepared by. And and it's -- -- Robert Redford is it better than butch Cassidy and Sundance kid west different different shot but it's yet more written it's perfect for Redford all right. While I will make a I watch -- the way you're hanging out with Floyd Mayweather tonight assuming there's people that router represented here I I did seep up pollster Frank Luntz. And -- JT the brick so I think I'm doing pretty well on celebrity attitude he's not taken over your shift is the and it was coming back here are the guys not taking over for you all right I don't know you know between David -- that you probably pull it off. Mikey have fun out there we'll turn over the next Mike Adams coming up had a great week and hope it goes as well as the other 98 for the all of the local teams and -- will be back with you Monday at two look. Salt and all the -- that we -- and everybody.

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