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SI's Tom Verducci: There are questions that need to be answered about Clay Buchholz

May 3, 2013|

We talk about Sweat-Gate with Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci, who doesn't claim Clay Buchholz's success is because of cheating, but he does believe there are some shenanigans going on with the way Clay has been going to his arm.

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Talk and all the WEEI. And bombardier Q will join us here just a moment SI dot com and also doing color commentary for TBS is -- the Mets and braves game on Sunday we can ask him but I can't think having another color commentator. Who started off as a writer not a player. Maybe there's one out there with somebody knows and I can't think of one Tony Kornheiser. I guess they're built on a court order for a third guy in the proposal different. Yeah a lot of same Dennis Miller and those guys are they're kinda both -- 320 today we'll give out Red Sox tickets for 45. Tickets for tonight's Celtics games stick around for that. Our poverty which is I said wrote in nine SI dot com today about what happened that with Clay Buchholz. Any points out that the left forearm listens this year where they kind of substance that is not -- perspiration. The right hander even admitted is to keep water in his uniform he does keep water uniform and stare and does happen -- backs all those things are legal resin as white and is masked. Where's this is wet and mostly clear and -- listens. On both colts is left wrist -- -- says it's not perspiration. He regularly regularly breaks his right index and middle finger across his left forearm being careful to keep the other fingers raised. And that is two seam fastball. -- with the index and middle fingers on the seems is much improved with more movement this year. So what is really going on Tom -- -- joins us right now from SIV the AT&T hotline on what do you think is really. Can question -- gone on here I don't know the particular. I will say that you'd take play. -- equation for one moment. Not unusual at all for Major League pitchers to use foreign substances to improve their -- And I don't think he promised -- also say that. We just loading up your fingers and really -- in the Baltic funky thing. But that it says it's pretty common practice in the game and everybody does that the commonly. Pitchers will use a combination of -- sweat water and some kind of lotion. General tacky it's on the -- -- baseball bats and small seemed -- very Lech. That the throw breaking balls that you see out all the great movement they're looking for not just yet again. A better grip on the baseball but they're currently questions out there and that it specifically that I spoke on -- -- answer. Well I can answer this for me if you say it's a common practice in baseball. Is it also something that in opposing manager whether it's dividends or Madden or Girardi. They know what's so common do they go out and in challenge. Clay Buchholz or anybody else who they see. Going to therefore arm to get that grip on the baseball. Or order managers candidates say I'll forget it's a big -- our guys doing the same thing. Yeah yeah you're in different ethnic blatant. As we saw last year with the rays and -- can't crawl the national liberal where he had really sure much on target of the joke was that. It's a much -- part of the Balkans. To his hand. So it's really a case enforce its league element in a stop anybody drag it to six miles an hour. But if you try to not -- schooled on you're gonna get out. And that's pretty much what coded in baseball and I think even hitters don't have a problem that pitchers. -- -- extra -- on the baseball but it that they have so much on the baseball that are really doing weird in terms of movement. That they're gonna call now. Loses do. I don't think unnecessarily. So no. You know I had written about three weeks ago about -- called the biggest difference for me the way he's pitching this year is the movement on -- seam -- -- -- -- -- much bigger. Much more run on it it's that kind of have -- -- -- -- -- discomfort down developing over the last couple years. But I don't I didn't look at it and it either case whether it was a week or three weeks ago and say. Patch as we're moving that much in -- better receivers out. But the little guys get -- to see -- tackle the politically. Our here's the big question now everybody is thinking and currently in Al -- Is Clay Buchholz six -- 0101. ERA is he having his success because of a foreign substance on his form. I would not say that the reason why send. That smell. I can say they said -- open questions that need to be answered. What is on his forearm -- Verizon because rather than the white and -- and -- substance. Is it something that clear and perfectly clear. And recollections. From wrist to elbow. Eight at around the -- sweat we look at that picture that I looked a lot of video a lot like mr. luster. There's not sweat on his right arm there was no sweat on his left arm last year. What is -- -- substance on his dark and why there's so much. Where it -- addressed to me about it not richer. And the other thing you know quite talked about it at -- -- -- for years it's probably paying. -- under -- last year the most pain not. You know whatever -- during this year he could not do much here I don't know what is. But it's not an old shirt that's causing. A pain at the suddenly there. Talk talk to Tom reduce G of SI SI dot com and he's doing color commentary this year for TBS that we do in the Mets braves game on Sunday. So. What's the other part that's odd to me Thomas the two people that have decided to enter into this debate. -- -- -- -- -- And and Jack -- have all the people why those two if if we don't hear from givens and I know we talked today but he basically said I don't wanna embarrass myself by going out there and accusing anybody after the fact that would be embarrassing. Why these two guys fighting this fight. The bigger question. I can my guess would be they are not fighting this fight to. To gain attention to make something -- whole lot they clearly believe that what they saw Tom. You know -- hear it especially interesting because he wrote a book. About this very practice of doctoring baseballs with and the code -- -- that players will accept either of the rule book -- letter a lot to accept. Tony wrote about the things that guys use the you know a lotions. That the I partly I substance that you where they put it -- -- combine -- with. The water and with -- and -- and it's an accepted practice he wrote about the very things I'm looking at something. As a former pitcher and someone who was open about discussing. Who recognize what was going on. -- object wars have been running game prolonged I'm obviously -- you know he's been a borderline -- -- pitcher. Italy to nickname for himself you know it's as well anybody knows he's looking at. Adult he's not -- call -- play but also the Red Sox -- personal vendetta. Sol -- and think -- -- believe a lot of odd that there are questions here that you know so far they're not concorde can't. Let me ask you about the two teams involved here on the on the field baseball quite real baseball questions. Are we talked a lot here obviously about the Red Sox in other 28 the best team in baseball. But the blue jays were supposed to be the best team baseball I don't know where you victim but a lot of people had them winning the division winning the World Series -- these are terrible. Yeah well I admit I did have them winning the wild card. I like them more than a lot let them. But. I didn't think it was going to be a slow start for the game is silent here with the Marlins saw last year with the angels. Seeing a bit here at dodger -- -- really make a lot of big changes and all the sudden. Without success previous they are playing with huge expectations the party navigate quickly. I'm the other thing is they've built a team a lot on the top of the lineup without a grant anarchy Cabrera. And they rip the heart beat up for basically the first half the season Melky Cabrera obviously he's not the same player he was before eagle putt for PE -- Slightly up at three under and -- an MVP candidate last year. You know combined that would Mark Earley who just looks terrible he looks old and it stopped and not playing well in the American League. Josh Johnson not another -- can't stay healthy and and RA Dickey. Going from the National League big ballpark in America -- smaller ballpark but all -- You know he's not to have the same numbers. I hit entertainment. You know they got to be careful don't bury themselves maybe they already have. As much at the -- at last -- early on because the angle at start playing well but then it was too late. To get into the night he went territory that he unique against the policies that would be my concern about trying to go get better. But -- start may want to. For Toronto but the Red Sox on top editors in Toronto men who brought all due respect and that'll play here animal are more concerned about the Red Sox who. We nobody thought was going to be this good -- Michael and I both thought they'd be okay I city 84 wins Michael said ninety wins. I don't think a 124 win sounds totally reasonable for his Red Sox team. What is what is been so impressive about them. Most impressive thing is that every every sentence I began my look at the the Red Sox and spring training began at the word yet. Have turned out the positive side of the ledger the Red Sox you know -- Lester Buchholz get back to where they were they combat. You know it -- -- he would come back in his force melodic content they really need in the -- happen. Jacoby Ellsbury stayed healthy that's happened. And it and a best case scenario pretty much across the board and you know trying to apparently in -- as well -- -- -- again. But better than he's ever been. So I can't think Mateen you are so many things that early late. How it worked out aren't really -- -- you know what we happily. It sent it scenarios. Can be okay. And I -- -- when everything's gone right. Our job my last question for years goes back to the -- -- issue. Can't Major League Baseball to come in and say well look at it. And their money in the discussion is that the next step or is it just this mystery this cloud just hangs out there what's on -- buckled his arm. And nobody goes deeper than that. Yeah I think -- latter. You know again I think you're looking indicate that had people driving part of the slightly over the speed limit where. He has -- -- without nobody in uniform he got under the chapter. Nobody uniform lot protests. And I'll like -- just aren't there and -- -- like it compared Natalie -- I want back and look the other games that he's pitched this year. And if -- -- component and they've -- the same retained on an error in the arm. I would just two -- partly about the other fingers and nobody informant complaint. That's because it is somewhat common practice in the game and maybe about what every element arm it is more and you know let the. It creates a picked up by camera more like. But I don't think -- and and the. You under a microscope and other people will not be because he's been called out by two former pitchers and Iraq. And -- be interesting to see how he handled that whether he changes as routine whether it's less obvious. -- -- change and nothing at all I don't know but I don't see that going anywhere at any -- look -- them. Not a fascinating part of a two of all the give everyone is doing and why did these two guys point -- buckle to that because he's a red sock is because of something in his past does it. Because of his personality a mean of all the guys to point this out on if your if you're saying it is common. If everybody's driving 56 and a 55. Why is he the one that's getting -- Well in -- because he. Driving you know sixty miles an hour and a lime green polka dot VW bus do you understand that. That he's hired then yeah it -- high of these high job he's got the good stuff that we can. You know the mannerisms the amount of glistening substance on an arm you know they have hair. Yeah that is the routine and he goes through is more extreme than most guys you just have you know a lot has something in the back of the arrest. So I think it's just more noticeable way east China in the mannerisms and that's what those guys Alex has anything to do it John Farrell managing there that. It's east division rival. It's something that Clay Buchholz a -- like. Part of all the guys who just reacting to something that -- I -- in terms of the video. We'll certainly a person with Dennis Tankersley check worth and purpose and that's for sure that is definitely personal either way Tom got good stuff thanks for John greatly appreciate it. All right not bombardier Chia SI dot com and work -- do in the Mets and braves game. This I gotta say this is what I was there before I don't stop with the Packers Lee and Jack Morse is fun hearing exit exhibit. It's worth doctor evil but this is the kind of stuff that I love. About all sports analysts are watching we watch a game. And we see what we've seen HDTV. And we got good views and we're looking at this -- looking at that. But there's another game going on a game within the game that we're not aware of because we didn't play and we don't know all these nuances. That are now being brought out -- the fact is our -- that zip top Purdue -- -- saying this is no big deal. Let managers know what's going on an even more net -- understand that is happening. And then stopped it tried okay just don't take it too far there's only one weird thing about them by the earlier Red Sox to get to give you -- here about a two minutes but. Baseball needs more offense right do we agree on that the police do not agree there's no I don't either not at all -- -- baseball wants good ratings. Or do we agree that home runs and Howard and the equal better ratings I don't know the I think they -- utterly with a that's a question when when guys are -- to ask you. -- fair enough but what I don't get the question bags and protect our fair about what is I thought it was hard I. Sartorial question is high school debating techniques. You learned a lesson the other night from Brett. Don't know that I'd -- in my time before it -- Donna and I thought that was a rhetorical question about that that because the ratings are so graceful so popular in the late ninety's and early two thousands. In the steroid era thought that that was sort of assume that that people generally like all the home runs. Generally -- wide population. So my feeling has always been people like the home runs and people like all the hitting and that's what leads to good ratings why do anything that is going to slowdown hitting so I get are fine you know wanted to -- is getting longer. Brunswick games and it sort of guys walking around Madison at what time they wanted to order they want shorter games you wanna speed -- the game but -- have more home runs if you have more pitching changes have gone now and again I didn't seem to be a problem in the early in the late nineties and people hit home -- potential longer idol but nobody using the drugs are so many home runs -- actually. Why do anything to help the pitcher in the pitcher's attorneys are in Ottawa to do that I've said before it would lower the mound and -- -- anything to increase offense without just allowing steroids in the game. I think baseball needs not I don't I think I think if you love it you if you love the game you go watch him. And I don't think. A fan who is not interest in baseball right now we'll come flocking back to the game if you put it out there you know we've lowered the -- And scoring is up by 14%. Come on back. -- love baseball you don't I don't start seeing eye popping home run numbers I think the people like video game baseball to the comeback ought to get your video games and and leave the baseball the real baseball baseball -- employee has a lot to baseball free ticket Friday to the ninth caller right now very simple be the ninth caller right now it's 617931. 0937. It's not a regular column it's actually listened. 6179310937. When a -- tickets go see the Red Sox take on Minnesota at Fenway on Wednesday WEEI. We'll have three chances speedway in Boston baseball tickets every Friday all season -- -- 617. 9310937. Right now to win brought you by green pages technology solutions. Fair -- Ninety Nine restaurants and your FM home for Boston baseball that would be Sports Radio in 937. W yeah yeah guys are again in 61793109. -- different number different number not our call the number one more time -- 17931. 09. 37. Here -- -- Costa victory it did you -- been at the Red Sox and the winner we have Celtics tickets for you later in the shows you better you better you better listen carefully then. That'll be at 445 right after we talked Stephen A Smith but next. Jack Edwards a preview of game two because closed already making moves. To break up some of what succeeded in game one what to -- what is it got to work -- next rockaholic WE.

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