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Who's your April MVP for the 20-8, best in baseball Red Sox

May 3, 2013|

Clay Buchholz is the obvious answer, but Salk and Holley look deeper at the amazing April the Sox had, and how it won't be stopping anytime soon.

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It's on 777979837. A lot of time to take your phone calls here until about 540. Or sell. I think we have found a way to combine into one no longer segments. Mike up and into the questions we'll see we'll see if it works are gonna try it out they were experimenting on the fly. Experimentation is a good response we're experimenting -- director experimenting with so if you guys have questions for into the question -- the earlier you get them in the better text -- -- the text line. 37937. Any question we answer it and of course as usual Mike up 6177793535. War. -- hope we're gonna start getting some of these on the -- the iPod the iPhone app is now the -- -- is not quite -- but it's got the 102 open -- deal -- you can record. -- ticket to get intense second. You you recorded and it goes directly. Anti -- miracle he puts it in -- Mike up with and it -- past and its partners in the meantime three major stories dominating Boston. Red Sox Celtics. -- not necessarily in that order with the Red Sox -- you're pathetic -- -- waiting to answer that that -- their DNA of Rex -- what NA. And you asked the question earlier you know the office. Yet -- one. That's really good question if no but you didn't ask let me let me ask you right now it's a great question is it. Yes who is the one Red Sox player that is contributed the most of their 28 start. And receive the least amount of credit for what he's an. A player. Because your first thought would be been cherry Cher and Madonna -- but the team together but people -- done -- John Ferrell obviously quite buckles Jon Lester. Anna -- to everybody's gotten props you Ryan Dempster. Great game last night for Dempster a nice addition. But it's got -- he -- eat it to a guy on the field and -- I think your answer is the right answer. Well there's some there's some names like issue could roll out there you get their Bailey Nokia -- -- he's gotten credit and last night he's hurt Hanrahan comes in and I guess I assumed right away the Bailey was -- there were people thing and I don't know which is trying to give an embassy of opportunity. Now that's a little weird 22 biceps injuries on one team. While it'll be weird if it's true. Yeah I asked you know will Carol you know no -- has aging underground guy Albert where is he was -- baseball prospectus and an SI. And now is that Bleacher Report. Guy he says it doesn't it it there's probably very little connection so whatever that's that's his point of view but that's a little strange. The name the name I would come back to his Daniel -- We talked at all about being army maybe once or twice we've mentioned his name. And I'd rather OP -- your favorites that I like it I think it's a pretty good indicator of what kind of -- you are combining on base percentage and slugging you know PS. Go to PS of 932. It's incredibly good. -- and Lewis Lewis talked about this many times little has been on the he's been on the not a bandwagon for awhile and he's pointed out that. Not a a couple of years ago. Even think novel was a good defensive outfielder and now now now he's improved defensively. And he's got a great -- if you think he's a good on base guy. And he's got some pop did you trust still PS is a reasonable hitting -- as the best in the local into war and some of the crazier. -- metric goals -- demonstrations the I trust OP -- That's fair he's not he's number one on the team. He leads the team and open yes he's number one on the team and he's gotten -- qualifying path -- and one plate appearances. 932. OP SC's hit into -- 98. On base percentage of nearly 400 any slugging 536. With five home runs were barely talking about yet you would think. Based on what we've seen so far from David Ortiz in the short sample for him. And Mike Napoli that those guys would be leader in the Red Sox and obvious but I think the point is that we and we would talk about this before. 120 and -- got the best record in baseball. And everybody's just excited about. Excited about the team as a whole. Don't get this is mostly for negative information they don't get into the particulars of who's not doing of who's not doing well. On the outside sometimes when your team is doing that great. You don't get into the particulars of who is performing well either -- Daniel Nava. Has fallen into and into that category. Where he's. You won some games he won a couple of games where that. You go expected home opener did not won their game form quite buckle was dealing. It was great but what broke the game open three run homer. From Daniel -- he really has being good -- -- credit to him were barely even talking about him so let's give them little extra credit web -- but beyond -- NA damage in Clay Buchholz of the stories that's great -- story and it's it's -- -- -- and by the will grab some calls your a lot of Celtics calls come minimal -- Celtics in just a second and and Bruins as well. Are we overconfident about both teams are probably -- -- your thoughts as well here but. I law I find the weather up buckle is cheating. And that to me secondarily interest thing I like the fight going on with the X ball players. I like the fact you have Jack Morse complaining about it and then this guy the -- -- Akers who's up in Toronto nobody really knows who he is he's complaining about it. And an actress -- is like the one hit makers like he comes -- in his hall of Famer Red Sox analyst just throwing hay makers last night and yes and after the game. He you know when I get into this I mean I was upset during the game we found out what was happening -- force and the more I saw the more guys you know started thinking about it. It may be more and more angry about Jack -- I mean he showed it to me that's clueless on his part. If he knew anything about job buckles he knows how nasty is. And -- ball doesn't dance all over the place the guy paints the guy has got nasty stuff he should know that he's gotten carried away. It becomes about Jack -- almost you know it's like worth Jack Moore spent all these years -- a -- he probably gets a job up there we -- in Toronto when he has to make statements like that and take away what this kid is done. I mean I think it's wrong I mean he's pitched long enough to know. We've got guys you know you talk about -- and whatever that is pine -- pitchers go to it he knows that you go to some like if -- sweaty just to get a grip it's all about a grip and you saw the comment that guy backed off a little bit saying maybe it's bras and maybe it says. But if you just watched the game you know the ball disappears and you five miles an hour on the -- you get to do that with a doctor based on Tony when you -- us what spit ball I've -- through a gap but it just falls off the table and like Jerry was and you know it right away and dependent in the hitters didn't complain. But Jack Moore says I think Jack -- Zip past OK great quote zip it for for your from from back to Jack Morse. Like all the stuff you know gonna defend our guy on and on. That's a little. A little too much and by your -- I get -- for my taste. Because what we really wanna get -- is the real story. Anti poverty -- we had him on earlier at 3 o'clock I can listen to a WER dot com and if you missed it they're the real story is. That this is something that's happening a baseball -- she wrote about it and we asked -- if he thought clay buckles was cheating or this is something unusual. He did he made it sound like in his analogy was is the equivalent of going 56. And in the end -- 55 will -- pull you over for that McDougall ninety in the school's -- you'll get pulled over. And -- play buckles is going ninety right now but based on his. Based on the high test and his video work he sees something unclear about global. Find out and I'm anxious to see where this goes over the next few days in the meantime it finally just as we didn't really talk about it at all after the Saltalamacchia conversation we had the other day with John Farrell. And you and I both have lost interest in his talk a lot more about him in the media than we're used to hearing. Then salty sat down the next again except on the day after that to. Coincidence or -- I don't think it's a coincidence. I think they start off the season thinking. In Tikrit they -- David Ross a lot of money it's not just your typical backup catcher money right. Is that it was gonna play more than your than your average back up. Maybe they've come to the conclusion. That David Ross is better than they think in some of the things with Saltalamacchia they wanna work on. We may have we may have a 5050 situation developing here. At -- catcher for the Red Sox. When you look at it wouldn't be the worst thing having Saltalamacchia obviously has more power. But at times he goes through stretches where you can't connect. David Ross is the superior defensive catcher. In the worst thing they have both of those guys sharing the catching duties. Now Allen and very clearly that I think they're eaten three in games were David Ross started -- you can take whatever you want an answer and I I don't know that I'd start lobbying for any -- a couple of games where it's. Despite some cheer you don't. Maybe because of the limited role he's in. And sometimes you just credit the manager take them and because Ross is succeeding doesn't mean he needs to -- at salt in my -- he just say. He's finding the right spots for him to hit against the right pitchers. And because he is older and you're not making him play every single day it's often these whatever. That's why you're getting the most out of them discredit John Farrell I think he knows what he's doing. -- these two guys 61777979837. Celtics calls here in just the second first and -- my currently on my. I know you might look who has got this might have been called a visitation to our new. I'm very excited about receptive to -- tonight but I haven't talked much about this article and by that simple enough to report didn't. Do anything about it. Between points. And doing terrible. There have -- reminiscent of last year at Miami Marlins even a couple of -- players. That bad mood. Story. Eight. We didn't talk about it and now the cabinet got cold if you don't like this the -- from. Him but he also points out. -- It implementation of the team Japan which have been devastating. But I -- going to be good opener hadn't been making changes and according to I'm I'm not at all. -- -- -- This that and use a passed ball which is not and that they didn't. -- that apparently -- look at it drops a bit but it's an interesting point despite coming from Bleacher Report there's there's there's an. I think there's something about Toronto trying to change conversation. Well first off -- I was spending on 45. Talk in -- Mike. Like Arnold's old jazz are asked to speak using the same recording studio as the kinks exactly now even even before the kinks remain there's Billie Holiday -- -- -- they've got -- -- The guard big is theirs is about to -- But that to answer the question shore. Sure maybe change this story but I don't mind that. There and their broadcasters they're working for the blue jays and -- paid by the station paid by the boot up the matter. Their job is to talk about something that non interest. They're talking about the blue jays they -- bad team. So they will bring up only some times you can say other terrible usually disappointing. Underachieving. They're not gonna bring up. If they -- house men they're not gonna bring up John Gibbons and how we do in a bad job and -- may be fired although they could. They could but I have -- although they should I guess is what I'm saying you know relatives and if they do bring it up yeah that means they were told by their -- absolutely OK he's out yeah and and start. Getting start prepping the public for John given I'm -- can't see him finish out here I don't even care. That the broadcasters brought it up it's -- -- -- that talk show host there their and their TV analyst. Who cares what you what you really think about it. If the blue jays. -- If he starts bringing something out or if Joseph Maddon started bringing something up or opposing managers. I start to play that they this psychological game getting into the gamesmanship trying to throw not -- buckled but maybe other Red Sox pitchers up their game. Mean Jack Lord brought up to that as well. We're living out of this were so focused on -- I don't want to run my last night Zell looked awful even if it drew a charge to the line now. He just are charges and anybody anybody he can just start there on out there he will. Not you -- an apple doesn't move at all he just throws straight over the plate maybe they hit it may be they don't maybe they take the pitch but he just throw strike. After strike after strike is a lot of fun to watch in the meantime you start talking about confidence Michael and I know I know confident about the Red Sox are telling you right now I think their World Series contender at this point doesn't mean they're in it but there one of the better teams in baseball number one -- Power rankings and and most people's well along with the Braves so. They are now one of the better teams in baseball expectations have changed. With the Celtics. You go from a few days ago having no hope whatsoever. To now looking and saying all the pressures on the next. With the Bruins. You went from hoping that that team that we all wanted to see was in the or somewhere lurking in just hiding. The last six weeks to realizing that it's definitely still there and if they can do that consistently. They -- dominant hockey team doesn't mean that all the way but if they play the way they did in game one. They're right there with anybody in the should wipe uncle Robert currently director -- Pittsburgh -- -- with them doesn't mean outlook doesn't win that series. What you think when they enter the operator which they did the other night that they can at least play with Pittsburgh a short game series and have a shot to win wrecked Corsican. And I feel like maybe a little overconfident my dad yelling about me last night and he's all upset that Bruins fans think their goal of the cup because of one game enough spare. And -- how could you not be confident. I don't mind people get excited for the playoffs and it's the best time of year. The playoffs for the Bruins and they -- getting better by the -- the weekend playoff games. I have a playoff game you don't have to go to work the next day not my Uga not us but I'm not complaining about -- in -- I understand. I if it's a great job I've got a playoff game you don't destroy live at 1230 the next day -- does Doug let you guys you can watch the Celtics tonight. Stay up lay to celebrate the victory I -- a little overconfident now you know aren't the victory. Wake up to -- and -- -- and game. At the same building. Could stay up late again celebrate that victory. On Sunday at -- -- -- -- You're the go to work that's. Pretty you weekends -- or 77797. 937. Mark is in Cambridge I'm mark. Hi guys I love listening to you. Two quick points one. I think Mike Woodson deserves a lot of heat for allowing your keen to trade these kind of thing. You know -- doc would never -- and I had it to really put it in to a great perspective to the -- and Belichick -- -- anything like this ever happened with its steam. But I. Wonder what Belichick would quit if something like give it up to this point I feel like Belichick which is Quebec are asking and ordering it being at -- a mark this -- where Belichick. You would have it would be equivalent to that quote remember a football life. When they're up big in the game. And they gave up a late touchdown touched on it mattered they're up 35 enough then and they gave up a touchdown and went screaming -- satellite. Boy I don't really -- It would be like that would he be more confused by his team dressing for a funeral like that or by his car radio. Like -- the block on his -- like the clock to deal the confused and so utterly which would bother Belichick more than two something a couple of. -- we gonna get -- -- and in my head Margaret my I don't know my point here. It's different between a coach who controller to what's going on at the post what coach who is in charge. If you want public and -- that that really toward me and ask him out star -- Meyer was perplexing. And that's what that's -- political. Note columns are the other day. That won't and he said. Oh yeah out he's going to be fine for the next wow I don't think it might now want to say that it's -- stepped war bulletin board material. Yeah point Wright you're due out so Michael no it is not like Bill Belichick I think is what we've learned from market gamers -- a fair point mark I don't think anyone will argue with the I guess now that's a strange. And we have to look that up I missed tackle that's pretty good it's a strange thing to say but maybe. Just to defend them without knowing the whole story may be the ones that win would he be ready if you it. If you advance to the next round would -- -- it would he be available for you. I don't know -- that something like that or peaches went there naturally without being prompted mats and -- It. Where about Carmelo Matt what's up Matt what's up Matt. What does your ears yelling about Carmelo wherever you happen -- -- -- again I can't help but he's talk about the game and are down have been the same -- -- thinking about it since 7 o'clock this morning. -- our longtime Celtics and and my opinion on what's gonna happen tonight I think that the I'm gonna fold. And that the topic -- -- and the atmosphere and everything is so possibly -- game. But let's just stopped efforts -- This is this is the only thing that concerns me about tonight. A lot of people say that they think the Celtics are gonna win the game tonight in the reason they think they're gonna win is because an -- unfold. You can bank on that. We can't very well. If they lost they lost game five they lost -- focus on counting on them to continue to lose their focus. Traveling to Boston for game six it's got to be something that's gonna be another reason. For you to be confident is it. They know how to defend Carmelo Anthony. And they couldn't figure it out the first couple games. Mean what is -- that is if that's the thing you're looking for you were gonna love our next -- I -- I -- the caller earlier -- in a -- drop during the break so I'm very much about pressure can handle the pressure here and on and -- does not hang up the phone because he is going to answer your exact question Michael. We'll do -- next rockaholic W media.

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