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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 5.03.13

May 3, 2013|

Four topics we haven't touched on today. Personal cheating, Songs about Vasoline, Kobe vs his Mom and more.

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-- now -- -- Silicon Valley school. -- -- Fuller report or -- for. Fun for me. -- -- Well we solved it -- and sports radio and WB. I would retirement Clay Buchholz in the accusations of him doctoring baseballs. What is the worst time you. Got caught cheating. Michael aren't you heard Greg Norman to go over Michael. Along the biggest drag this to our guys this is the. A long long long long time cycle. Michael Scott how are they are low in that regard. Just graduated from college engine issue he yeah. It was an old of them -- not necessarily an old films situation. Believe it or not actually had a girlfriend had to -- To -- in time -- reference to -- -- my college girlfriend who was -- Pittsburgh. Then there was my current girlfriend. The -- who was in Ohio tag on on the Pittsburgh -- college girlfriend or girlfriends advocate budget yesterday where. Just the opposite of the Pittsburgh that your girlfriend yes I did. Jeanne hang out with their -- that this. Well my brother was living with me and my apartment. She let her in the house that wasn't there he -- and then he -- So she trashed. The apartment she trashed your -- department extols the effort to go back to she just kind of messed it up a bit this week. At and the only thing you know it's fine I had I had like that share. I have like a little a crappy count -- like I Scheyer in the I had I had a bad I had a bet that many have been having Tim masters. But the one thing about it your model was that the future except. She took one of my. Coveted controllers -- mistaken. Now is not right answer is that. She knew how important is -- going to delegate yes I was that you love the workings of the woman's mind you hurt me emotionally so I'm financial interest that's Robert treasure apartment. I would cost to your deposit down the road. -- caught cheating. They're not image anonymous and on a wife for golf tournament like I definitely cheetah a lot in Latin class maybe occasionally in math class. Maybe some science classes when I was kid but I never got columns that. I was I was very smooth might -- there. Well personally could download anything with TI 82 format that. Most of the calculator graphic calculators. But I appreciating that I thought mattered in Latin -- who -- that history English those things that mr. It's tougher to -- now is it back in school. They have like -- spy cameras are gonna talk about the software that they have to have to figure out if your plagiarizing really going over. But think he's going to play dress that literally just put the book on the floor in Latin class -- to the -- But you can't do that everything now. Up that we didn't have. Access to you can't if you if you're giving it -- us now. Can't allow you to have Smartphones with them can now you got to take those weather. Of something that was in -- political honor system I don't know probably on the loose morals when it comes to stuff like that -- -- minute. I have loose morals when it comes to stuff like that. I just don't -- -- been finished -- -- chief executive director schools are allowed just a couple of classes that I need a couple of glasses all a couple of core class you brought up the ones that matter. -- As logistics here Michael got -- cheating when he told -- element to create his own show so. I. Are going off the Clay Buchholz -- accusations. Of that -- among other things -- vessel means all. About this guy by the way -- in secret from second discusses how you guys are chumps I cheated on my SATs. Impossible -- how to do that if everybody has people around you have a different. Right that's probably do it ideology -- your SATs yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- you have -- strategy young and had a Smartphone -- them urgency. And dump them SATs the last fifteen years maybe just you know. Isn't it tougher they have another element to it -- it and there's river are now reports now. Every tough. Choices -- choices for -- -- Flies in the past week we are. I'm amazed. You actually know the lyrics of the song yet. So I don't know the litany I don't know the lyrics to any nasty piece. What I hear if I make them. Even. I really don't know much more just gonna make it look as I learn. Here. That's what he's saying that he could be seeing some really strong -- we have out there about don't have a clip from the ice cube for gasoline Tsonga but you don't do well. Parity when they accidentally pulled from the song I heard -- word warrior Vasily as a pathetic that that's. All right let's tune we have a one more Vasily song and -- Buchholz. Tickets are here's. Our here's a question. None of the above what you make it's -- about that while what he got none of the above but. There maybe is pictured me touching it using he was preparing for this bit down the road I think. You know this -- -- A lot of those out of those options sure yet another gasoline options like that dollar if you're a musician. You make a song about gasoline you go to the top of the field -- a militaristic. -- La -- Anthony took to Twitter to blast Jordan Crawford saying try again you on the bench for a reason. Who's the best trash talking wife Lila Gisele. And embers while at some. Today's game game game game winner. Everybody else can go home that's it after a Super Bowl. Walking out and it's great and it criticized Israel for that stand by your man. Even though. It -- some pretty stupid mistakes and that's Super Bowl. Plus when you consider background. And it burns Welker was looters -- -- expects net while some reviews DJ who -- Whatever she was. Video. Here -- Or oh you're so nice video girl left her permit from everybody knows Richard. Everybody you know -- it was a video or images Joseph. No that's not all credit nor is there something else which I'd dissolves as high class woman it's just snapped and lost. Straight. So. Don't expect -- more. You're right -- expect more from somebody else does -- with -- wins a 100% with you a couple of text messages here on on gasoline songs bush. Did not think vastly increasing list. Poland if I don't know clustering is but that's not -- as far as arm. And then disclose. -- you're listening grocery store. Or some sort of like OK but it glisan. And if someone else's there's a Talking Heads -- Not a huge Talking Heads I -- some songs that right well and they're good night and and wrong -- again nothing wrong with Talking Heads. But they apparently have a song about how about we have erected thoughtful course that we could if you if you. It's very. The real sort of things like. It's -- name it Vasily they probably don't even mention rationally in the entire -- where I've. -- Kobe Bryant is taking his mom to court she's trying to auction off Kobe memorabilia and he's trying to block -- from doing so. Some of the stuff being disputed -- movies high school trophies championship rings sneakers. Those nine years so. Mementos of -- worth one point five million dollars soon. The question is who you got Kobe where's mom. I gotta say in most cases. It is just crazy to think that you would take your mom on the court should not happen. But they have been. They have a strange relationship the Bryant's. Clearly quit with with jelly bean and is mom who is who's beautiful by the way really is -- -- very attractive. What if you look at it why does -- mom be selling off the stuff. I've I've I think I gotta go coping in this case even -- what's his mom. He's got his high school his high school letters he's got 88 championship ring and there. Our all star rating at a you know they had all star -- and she's trying to profit off of memorabilia. That he doesn't want. He's saying you never want it but why. So here. Are urged -- they got cash. Right here cash. She needs cash why not just make Kobe certainly is not hurting for cash I wish I knew more. One of those stories are wishing you a little bit more about what you're giving you gotta be something else going on right can't be as simple as just. She needs cash or she Celek -- stuff and he's not matter what you see -- he's worth the -- zillion dollars. Mom I don't want you to sell that that's where there's got to be it's got to be more of the story than just. She needs money and there's got to be some level of personal conflict that is leading to wells. They've but this is and there was a great story many many years ago. In Sports Illustrated. About the Bryant's in the complex relationship. And I think there was some there was some dispute over this marriage they didn't want him to get married. And kind of distanced themselves for a while from the family. As a young Mary got to give wipers what three or four years younger than he was in the got Mary was eighteen or nineteen years old he was muscle to Israel's two or three years older. So they've there's some history there and it's been going on for a long time but I guess mrs. This is the worst I mean nobody can match throwing -- -- As the -- It could be me pitchers beat writer economy -- conference oh really yeah. -- We've or embarrass the guys that that's really -- and that could happen to me right now -- way some sympathy. Sand in the best when he was Talking Heads album was not -- -- front -- -- right so she's trying to buy a house. I'm like I don't text message is refusing to come home clean up the garage my mom's been threatening to give away my stuff for years now but a value of ships you sell it to. That's usually knock over it's got to be so -- on that the only will is got to be some weird. Can you imagine imagine like you know we we've all had disputes. With our parents can you imagine the -- the dispute escalating to the point now where you're in court. You're in court with your parents against your parents. Or hey what are -- or a.'s parent right yeah I don't know how that happened. This it's it's -- I wish I knew more about and I haven't figured and that's that's court and I don't know why am looking at that as something different and I think even we talked about Floyd Mayweather yesterday. -- think that's a bolstering the public. Dispute that he he has had over the years. Fallout that the reconciliation with -- his dad and his uncles involved. His bad do though and he's got I mean that's the one day he's a bad guy Cody. I don't know maybe Kobe's a bad guy to I don't know maybe as parents -- more on what's going on Mayweather seems like a bad guy and in the things he's done. Are truly or one when he went to jail. For beating his wife when he is a professional boxer. You put all of those things together to seems a horrible do at all as usual be rooting against him. This weekend. Are we get some to calls for some reason for four has. Generated a lot of questions to him North -- with the phone -- -- -- -- -- generated questions galore by the way we will Celtics tickets and a half hour or so like 45 yet Celtics tickets and a half hour Stephen A Smith and a browser. And then it -- despondent -- Mason he depressed even -- -- -- in a car IP. I don't guys. I'm good I'm good Michael listen I'm no -- -- an -- you don't know immediately or at TP aren't. Like you're gonna give me some it's all I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an -- and -- And the way below to ma. I'm. And I was. Yeah I thought. Durable all other guys element I've got to give credit for Dorgan a pretty good actually do on the radio I was managing its it is you. And I. -- I recognize. The ftp is one of those bands -- you recognize all the songs about all the all the you recognize the songs did you. Quite sure -- mind like the lyrics that you just saying they might be accurate or ABC. It definitely. Those early lyrics are pretty easy the -- and as and the lack. Unlike arose that somebody. Gave neon mark -- day death bed. Pilot you know at least without next time that's much more -- your -- I think that at the little more in your -- Iraq are harder to governor appreciated -- thanks for the phone call Jeff ads on a consequence it. This deepening on the something a while and he's got some -- got some drug issues. I don't know our current ebony they had in has that been disciplined person mouse it was a big day or two of their bigger arena stage and are still Tory government. While they all split off camera he was they broke up in a comeback tour recently he was in Velvet Revolver right was the scene with flash and those guys to build revolver and make them out to share -- -- -- he's he's got issue that's a problem.

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