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Jack Edwards: Toronto will be happy with a split in Boston

May 3, 2013|

The man, Jack Edwards from NESN, joins Salk and Holley to talk NHL playoffs. Bruins and Leafs, as well as Habs and Sens and more. Because it's the cup baby!

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That said the hardball talk Harbaugh talked NBC sports. Headliners convert energy -- Clay Buchholz is cheating the bombardier Q doesn't think that that's not positive -- -- and it's it's surprising because most of the time. When guys write that column that poverty which he wrote today and SI dot com. Where he has gone over the video and he sees something on Clay Buchholz -- arm is let the games it's been on his arm all the games this year he wasn't there last year. Usually the next step is that. Averaged got to do something about -- we've got to investigate. Cancel all of this victory forfeit these victories except opportunity dog owner Robert you're saying is commonplace in the game. Guys know about it is the equivalent of driving 56 and 55 it's. Weird though it's weird that -- he's the one being picked on I have a feeling that more will come out. Over the next couple days we'll get a little closer to the bottom of this whole thing. And the gamesmanship. He had a -- and an anecdote from yesteryear. And boys and girls yesteryear that's 1986 for you hit an anecdote. From Luca bella. Where -- and Ellis says to George Steinbrenner and the other guys treating patients conferences do something right -- what George just -- -- that the that the so I don't think the gamesmanship will happen. Because of one of these manager managers goes out and says -- umpire check his arm. Then that exposes them for the -- If nothing else happens this week Michael if nothing else happens this week I am working up a pretty -- hatred for Toronto. At the beginning of the week you accused me it's kind of trying to fake -- a little bits and I am down with -- not believing it. But between these bizarre accusations against Clay Buchholz and and why they're singling him out still can't hate him. They don't -- -- get there and get there with on now between that and the -- nor cheap shot and whatever was going on the end of the game. I'm start the war -- start work up a little frothing hatred for Toronto Jack Edwards joins us. He's usually -- this one on Wednesdays but we need a little extra Jack as we get ready for game two tomorrow night Bruins at least Jack I'm working up a little -- pitcher what do you think of that. -- -- -- and -- are just -- you know maybe throws -- sugar into the fervently please do be a couple of -- I'm I'm not exactly sure where the replay came from the F -- double bunker pops. And obviously the video is available -- on the game footage but. You know. Neither player had direct. An absolute recollection of of the moment immediately after it. At least not according to hear what they set on -- you know you can you can speculate as to the genuineness of territory or you know we know except. It's its interest in. CDC was covering again. And shouldn't -- of course is based in -- -- Then you also have factor. It where -- being one of these ringleaders. Of the the midnight coup that ousted Paul Kelly. And also -- Glenn Healy. Who aren't sure. As -- employees TV piece hockey coverage has burned in the senate rule of the TV keep track of who probably. Share it ax to grind against that -- -- now works. I think her should be suspended for what is that kind of an interest single what torture really have an acting career. And and you know I don't I'm not associating. It. Options. I think he should have been suspended and -- believing discredit but isn't it an interesting trail so what you wanna. Fired they'll all about -- where you know another great sought to control. I think and even listen even though there's snitches. It's still our little brother you hate your little brother -- Canada can't get fired up about -- Canadians with -- may not with the the Canadians. Odd. But let's see what the adjustment. Our little brother there in Toronto with the adjustment they made for game two. Well first of all it does get a clean up their act known entity -- and and net stop trying it will stop turning the -- -- Honestly guys I game for two -- reminded me of the way to -- walking -- 2008. Against the Canadian. Where there were downed trees -- electrocution -- -- -- belt -- and it was sort of as if to say all. So this is what it's like in the playoffs. And the Canadians were totally stoked and ready and split among the doling out and Chertoff wrote got their feet underneath them and discovered that they were pretty decent team after all and they -- that you -- the seven games before it finally lost so. And it wouldn't surprise me at all to model was able to rally in and trying to game and give the problems a lot of trouble because after all this wasn't very close series during the regular season and you look capsule was. Totally ineffective and excelled when he was on the power play they found -- way to get it done I think you're -- you ought to order it from not in Calgary and ridiculous your target audience enough. First of all I think the reason why we are now discover the reason why councils because he's Batman and his face is is very clearly larger than I remember Joey Mac all of this yesterday. So the rest of his body look bigger to -- we could come back to him I wanna come back to a Claudette. The decisions he's made now moving forward for game two. But the one difference is I thought I thought James -- looked terrible -- he looked. He looked terrified out there and even if the rest of the team plays their game if he's nervous like that again I don't see how they have a shot. Well you know and promised we're pretty nervous against Montreal in 2008 there's so. You know lower in and out and an important remembers that. You know but fortunately people he said Ochoa got a mark entity -- Wendy wants. Soul or wants and -- you're Troy you're telling myself okay this is one game on. Now we've got to find her game again and if we -- wants to go on there were still done. What we set out -- -- which was to split it -- which is. Realistic. You know it's not realistic to go into place. Outside any higher -- and presume. Even with especially I should -- with what. Playoff experience you're gonna come out of there too well so like a mile off the -- -- one they're going to be mighty happy and there's no reason why they shouldn't be able talked themselves into it. Feeling that they should win game two. I think Boston was expected to win game one a lot of people would start to panic. No guy sitting across from me start to panic about the Bruins. Didn't see this type of wind coming did you -- just in short you saw them winning the game but in this fashion do you see it coming. Well we we're talking young Frankenstein right now that they they're great Mel -- so. When we talk about the -- flipping the switch that was not like -- -- sixty watt light switch this was you know like -- -- Light switch on the wall where you just look -- up and -- maybe even move the -- this was like that Chilean Frankenstein's. Laboratory switched. Where you know what you will a big huge four pieces steel and it's limited there and there's a giant spark. Thought that's what the -- instead. Frankly it's hard to call any team. Looking so disinterested in the last six weeks of the season and then instantaneously. Finding its games don't matter to you or no matter of fact that the -- Are favored to win this series probably I don't like using his work but probably should win this series but. That they were able to change their game as dramatically as they work. In the span of 72 hours between Sunday and Wednesday I can't I can't recall ever seeing and maybe it's happened but I don't remember clearly. So Jack Edwards goes young Frankenstein I might have gone now I'm riding on back to the future there to Akamai to go with a one point one when Jindal wants. Of electricity because that that seem to be about -- the Bruins did I agree that I I did not see that coming in it was so much fun to watch. Then playing the game that we've all known they were capable of hadn't seen in forever. Now upload makes a couple of switches he's got to go with somebody over parents Doug Hamilton makes sense fine. And after starting dog events which we both kinda talked about when you were here the other day he's gonna go back to rich -- it looks like in game two how come. Well you know think about how poorly played after he got scratched earlier. In in April. He played with a tremendous amount energy and a lot of speed a lot of focus. Maybe that was the tactic include -- and maybe he felt. I'd feel stolen from the even we can get away with playing documents that are upset apparently. I can use you excuse. Documents played extremely well against Ottawa although everyone would expect and cute -- our -- in that way -- -- prospect -- And now he's really gotten currently detention -- currently understand that he is not expendable range even though. Three million dollar a year capture. So these are tactics that so sometimes coaches without the -- -- up. Are able to work the play out and and to -- that's what flexible -- that he. Really -- electrical and all that. Frankly in -- cartel that guy he's expendable than the one without a so now they're gonna try to work with an incentive the chance to win back his job and keep. -- we're -- this from cold before. You know making some moves in the post season going away from a guy going back to him in the same series in getting huge results you get with Phil Kessel. -- -- with Tyler -- do you think it's happening is it gonna happen. With Doug Hamilton or is it the next round will see it -- you again. Really I think that Mick Bellagio nailed. When he was talking about the lack of experience and Hamilton and how it is unique to quote for a head coach in the NHL not to trust. Rookie defenseman in the top four rotation that -- minutes are gonna get chosen for him. That it's not automatic swing like over the boards and go. That. He's gonna have to prove without doubt that he can handle playoff pressure and not turn the puck over in the final areas. There's no doubt that Doug Hampton had an excellent rookie season and the net. Abroad are very pleased with this progress as a rookie defenseman but that they partner and that is that for a few years it's. Like 150 to 200 games. Before you really know what you've got ritual -- such and it takes that long to learn the positions. You know let's go back to the old sought Edwards debate about what is both simple play at all. Sporty in its like the Lincoln Douglas debates really had -- -- I remember what your answer to portal and yet check it doesn't end well for Lincoln eventually get to -- -- I about all right Jack I remembered -- answer audio. Everybody remembers your answer use at quarterback definitely is the most difficult position and couldn't get our member of that thank you Jack I'm glad I came over to our side. No they'll wait I ran out of out of balance I don't like something neat so they wouldn't get earnings report. Yeah all I am sorry stopped the other guy. Jack quickly. Quickly here it's it's incredibly difficult to figure out what is what is legal what is illegal at this point in the NHL. I'm with you I thought -- parents did was suspended -- for one game I thought they got it right. I think what Lars -- what they hit on Lars -- last night to me that doesn't look suspend the -- look like and that was a clean hit although it was obviously violent. And then I see dirty plays like -- in the war on on Johnny boy chuck I thought that was significantly dirty than whatever boy chuck did -- to -- boss get a cost. Yup well here's here's what we've. Scene for common thread in -- -- -- -- and also. You know hats off for making a full effort on his part to try to explain these things that are so I'm -- on line. If you go body across bought. If you aim at the middle of the body or just bought the senator gravity you know right around shot level. You're gonna get the benefit of the doubt almost every time. And if you happen to get a guy hit. -- -- aiming at his body most of the time you're gonna get a pass in fact the preponderance of a sudden you're gonna get -- if you move upward. If you get that at first it's part of that says. You are likely to get supplementary parchment from the -- and -- came up or. And private did not. And -- all the stuff that happened after whistles and the stuff that happens in scrum. Is always going to be ordered debate and can't afford the sort that out. Right now Aaron. Ross. The director players -- use. They're. Emphasized the players that you can't go political. You kit spring ought to stick and marketing guys -- you got to go plight across body and and that's. No that's what people -- -- out with a rival on alert or the justice -- or just get absolutely slam and he did. And if you look at. The late in the first and you see it in regular -- you all -- privacy that is if you look at it a few more times in UCL a played developed. -- really -- I mean however could into the guy's career period. If -- targeted at yeah actually what body across body heat its shoulder and -- topical -- and then. In the collision. Prior. -- gets swept in the land right on six. So you know that I I think that that's the common -- if you if you aim at the party if you go body across body. As by the ordeal allergic -- at least 99% of its its. You're not gonna get suspended. A -- -- Jack Edwards -- a little -- a little -- talk with Jack today -- thanks for being with us we appreciate -- Or are they are Jack Edwards like all guess via the AT&T hotline in. Get ready for tomorrow night and and I don't know are you likely to have a little extra -- hatred. He worked up at least Michael can't do -- he lost -- Canada manages. You can't hate Canada just as you feel sorry for why don't you hate feels like you're SATA what are you hate her about Canada. I don't say -- about how did announce our work of hatred for Toronto now maybe you have a hatred for my country Montreal can understand Canadians yeah I mean that's what a longstanding. Effort is just the entire country. Why bring up the ball colts thing when you I'm coming to. It up Q I didn't hear him -- I just -- Toronto I -- to statue on the and that's typical of -- -- -- I've always heard that about you they had fixes that you wanted her while -- up. What do you guys 617779790. Threes that you hate the royal mounties. The idea hate you hate their their money I hate Dudley do right you'd hate to see FL. Hey Bryan Adams. Pride at Justin Bieber and Bieber Canadian yeah he Neil young and please don't it say at the UK Russia can't imagine such a thing would happen on this airwaves. I just I just think -- between these bizarre. Accusations against Clay Buchholz and some cheap shots that I -- on game one Bruins and and -- -- believes. Start -- worked up some some just trust of dislike in the eighties and even some good old sports' Adrian don't like to organize these shown. The free GI's and or denying I don't like either one where you got 61777979237. Salt and holly W via.

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