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Kevin Millar, 2004 World Series Champ, on if he'll be at Celtics-Knicks Game 6

May 3, 2013|

Red Sox legend Kevin Millar joins M&M and explains he was approached by the Celtics to attend Game 6 but unfortunately a prior commitment at a charity golf event restricts him from going. Millar also discusses Clay Buchholz and the cheating allegations.

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You've told -- before you -- big league a big leaguer I think act as big league did not hall of Famer Jack Morris there. You can tell -- at Ketchum you know some in his in his voice right it bottom line is that I'm -- -- next -- like more but. The problem -- we sit back here and -- checking guys and -- you know you brought it is peachy keen or something like that. The plot but the tough thing to do much you got some -- in the bottom line rob baggage there are region. Picture we're all over half weeks you know we're complete that we see you know we do you know what you saw -- lately -- -- -- -- I Parse staying there you know. It's for the picture grip when you're out there will pull on latter. And local bail perhaps something the other -- springer the amount they all do something illegal other -- for its -- -- -- worker operate like you. It that way. Credit that this -- doing right now and you know my -- Yea they're talking about a vast lean on the arm and whatever it is and just like Kevin field goal around all the pitches in the big leagues Snooki here's a -- best -- do you know what to do with it. I guarantee you laden and what they held a duel with a lot of guys who see a scuff a ball total wake is that they wanna clean ball -- ought to do these things. You're exactly right -- and and and the thing about it. Let's focus on the job that he's doing. And they're always trying to find out. Now instant cheating and you know there are guys that know how to use -- baseball and pitched debate all throw out their spot it -- -- do. It's just the typical it's like when a pitcher -- it somewhere. And how I want to put on trial. They're that line the red light you know we -- the Cleveland went channeling exit where we're hanging over that now. You know like who in the heck are turned to look at -- -- -- -- government yellow ball or 25 feet it's at its support to me. It's that forced him. Well it's it's almost as bad as like a year ago at this time somebody call and out Clay Buchholz mean that that would be the worse that be worse than what. Jack -- -- but I mean it. I like your radio -- you're -- great I'm great but what you -- your knee jerk. Typical reaction to the guys struggle for a month and how can multiple -- so that you don't need a great job right there. Getting UN and you Alou once Stephen -- to play shortstop every -- despite in terms of the start itself when guys start to do this -- just sounds like and you're talking about. The legacy here buckled and that's fair. It also sounds like sour grapes from may and announcing crew of eight team. In -- it's off to a terrible start and their feeling was where a -- these guys gonna come together and work I think that that is a that there's something wrong there besides just bad started like the vibe in Toronto is not what it's close to be based on the priests in expectation. Nobody ever -- -- -- -- Yankee game plan really great that you look at -- we're not yet been. And I love you haven't told good Jack. The problem is restricted tickets cannot mix yeah it's the same type of merit and not -- all the moral guy that three is she seen that -- -- in -- -- -- and they're well all of double box. You have they have them it's an organic managerial. I'm looking at their team it's not that killing -- who does that make sense yet. Does that mean it can't happen we will we -- Detroit Tigers -- 500 to -- last year to August. We watched the Chicago White Sox play over their scheme. And -- wait for the tiger to come through they ultimately end up in the World Series. So it's a very similar -- what's going on Anaheim. You're not very good -- at all. That makes it good and Toronto they have some homer -- guys and achieved in her car we all like -- aren't very good. You know rest must. At times looks not competitor that I'm like OK actually this healing Hillary at all market he -- put all run -- The overall picture losing -- kill you. Did you get outside and short stop and think jobless but that's -- -- -- big -- -- are. But you know so weird mixture and it starts with a -- -- -- I -- you you weren't they use the year after I think you it's ego but you know a lot people -- it put this team together to bring John Gibbons back I've always loved the guy. But yet the question whether he put that group together was -- the right fit. You know what will not your fault to be a good thing about it here's. It's like babies and integrate and why not think that he has seen the scene that -- got a -- -- I got back about. That can't get a right now. -- -- And I'm not saying that can understand right now that -- look like they're they're that they're competitive club on paper they spoke but you know you got. Can more broadly I mean we all of his partner -- you got tiger. You know -- -- terrible watching -- for -- -- you know I can you stop that bleak jobs jobs and become big old former Johnson does Arctic he actually. This is you know and actually east. The American League east. So all these question mark nor are there and I think that that you know you look at the -- -- -- animal and -- -- there animal animals while the bench that are not all -- you like. -- -- And -- -- program and a real look at the number that you you know it 330 an opposite -- -- Robin -- -- upgraded. And I find what you -- pretty well. So I can make you scratch your -- time. Not a waste of with the -- Henri coming back who's the close situation last week we talked do you bit. As it played out last night that was evidence that you know it was a wasted debate because the fact that they have two of them. In the case last night Billy can't go Henry comes in might not look sharp but the bottom line is it's a good problem to have. It's a great problem -- you need to bridge those gaps and whoever closed brigade. And I in my opinion I and I put it closer Bailey was a great guy becoming the -- you help. It's a lot of the same situation with the Yankees don't last year we have Robertson would you like out. Brittany GAAP to -- Herrera and before that was -- Joba Chamberlain. You've got some power now with a Red Sox got Bailey and her hand. Well you know carriers that you know it's a matter of you've got -- -- and how to bridge the gap would that started pitching that they have. I mean you know that's that's what you're talking about a yard -- -- to third six in the third seven innings -- you get Easter or the back. It's not problem I have. After this weekend. This schedule gets really easy for the Red Sox from -- record perspective Kevin it pays one team in the next six series after Texas. And as a better than 500 record but this is a good test I think this weekend I'll -- gonna be they're called a game on Saturday is a Texas team. This ranger team gonna be the best in the Sox have faced all year and a playoff contender in the American League. Right now on the coast near dark it's kind of and the -- now I think there are 800 million dollar for. It's a good you know -- -- a lot aptly be Lou there. A panel and make a lot -- guys you know Michael -- you know like I -- -- all we all around Washington enough credit. And now they -- -- and who -- opening day. You know and -- -- her on that note how long what you look at a club aren't going to get done it's -- on the stand out. -- -- You Garber has turned a corner but -- finally get to win. And we all know -- Beltre has over at their base in the leadership call you bring you on the black and lowest but the good ballclub and I don't -- they're going to be depressed -- doctor straight. Right now they are. Yeah I know we -- woods Red Sox rotation Texas. Right now leading the league in ERA in a rotation been aptly outstanding but I want to get to this because I think a lot of people here in Boston. They love -- -- April actually it's may now it's baseball season but you know being thrown around a lot not just in baseball. But in basketball. With what's going on with the Celtics and the knicks come back your quotes are all over the place but the Celtics contact you gonna be here. Tonight argument and yeah they've reached a little -- -- wrote that comment obviously when they want to climate. Doc Rivers and I relive the same you know same building -- that we played in art market it would give a speech about the Red Sox because the government on the port so that sort -- How ironic in that city. Saint situation going on I mean that you can make the -- so are our comeback now kind of equal and similarity. The celtics' comeback coming out right now projecting. And -- alone would be their bottom line I -- that other side. Remembered yet -- and I hear a lot less than anything else. Yeah -- at -- time I would be record Tucker seemed to detect them. Yeah that we are area about coming in bad could power and commitment that well it's critical boys. Right pretty cool what do you know about basketball. Give me a -- sick you can hit you can you can and don't get. Why aren't stopped short -- -- get all along I have stopped already. Many in your garage teacher about a -- that I believe you'll common in the garden help on the Celtics -- game game six -- Is that they get -- the only problem comparison is that the I think the quote was still what is when one because that we've got Pedro that we've Dutch shell and it could happen. I don't think Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling -- walk into the door. As. Little pig rarely had reached out quarter he want -- -- the point guard all go give this speech and -- -- got to go -- eat dot. But you know -- Sox nation at saint street and the excitement the Gartner map. Like China which we're very -- golf you played I am not Kevin Garnett. -- odds it's these let me ask you this down down 03 you know and -- you think about the mentality of it and as as far as beginning of the series you lose a game you're like OK no big deal. How does that just I mean the focus of we lose we go home it just makes you concentrate on. As a baseball player every pitch every hitter every out. Yeah ER and that's what it looked at you don't ask this course yeah actually -- it looks. You've given the Celtics hope that one win -- -- And all the send that one W when you're when you're up 30. In and make sure you're trying to slam that door that's like seven game series here what sport. Now you get the Celtics opened before. Nice to give up really being open -- five have a comeback to the garden. There that Bob what they had bought an ultimately have gotten -- right now and actually that's the mindset that sort of happy are like I -- to bite people or repair or -- didn't match up good. We barely got my ball barely got by five. And you know what. Also and everything got tight that you get tight and -- your kid in the trying to enact what they wanna act. They're they're they're they're there's a titans owner and right now Robert and -- and sell it -- apple. Well and that's the point not just about your team but you look at the yankees' eyes that I remember of people around Yankee team felt like -- tightened up and I just wonder. When you look at that list -- fourteens have done this. You can't help but feel that pressure as professional lastly the idea that you -- -- on the fifth team to fail so spectacularly. That's a big lower pressure for an athlete him. No doubt no doubt they have to execute -- and we've got to play well like he hasn't played well a couple games we play well cursory they want so it's not so much pressure if you have. Execute the game plan in order game plan is it to start becoming a snowball effect because now they can -- -- free and clear from downtown and I go to game seven. -- -- -- There's a bottle of Jack in the locker room right now was we speak -- -- -- -- The ball we're told symbolic -- little older. A symbolic -- wait wait. Our people are gonna mission here in -- it's great the golf we did dad enjoyed try to keep it out of -- was -- woods on theirs to keep it out of whatever is out of bounds and LA. -- Boy I appreciate it very -- Takenaka Camelot the -- 15 joining us on the ET the -- AT&T forgy LTE was speeds.

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