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Trouble at the Merloni household part 2...Plus, Voice Activated Texts!!!

May 3, 2013|

Lou's family is pissed at him that he's decided to work more hours at WEEI. Mut and Lou also listen to some of the best voice activated texts/tweets of the day.

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Everybody loves having little remotely on the Red Sox for our dad. Everybody that is -- employees in Hawaii. -- one concrete message. But I'm just indicative. They would never call anymore I'm doing everything all -- for all the -- -- -- cooking -- here in the eighth then. That's got to forget machine thought only myself I've had to rent a lot -- Casey I know that it's been busy trying to hear -- -- but seriously how he's got more hours announcing for the red hot. -- -- -- Mrs. Maloney actually raises a good scoring. He's the only kind of game on Saturday I don't really understand why he had to go Friday and Sunday. Meanwhile. The truth behind lose extra hours has been discovered phone Jason -- -- voicemail. You sort of -- and immediately prepared gain Childress -- yearbook. You know what do we need to know who's ready to walk out coach got us into chaos -- security -- Can Craig -- there so anything you need -- week and there's just more. A case of the recall but -- Toshiba. He wants more work for the Mason thinks daddy works to mind sharp and in is Danny coming home yeah. And wind really teach middle Mason how to play baseball. -- -- -- I have. Mason misses you and don't you miss him encourage. And it seems that the same question always arises in the Maloney household. I pay you back you know. Allow us. Well some people weighed in on the AT&T text -- also voice activated text. In tweets actually total swayed a second. You tell me they found money in the budget to upgrade. The voice activated text machine to a voice activated text and -- machines they hooked us up after all of our listeners were tweeting at things are fruits. Well I like death thank you guys for doing that now and as a follow up the -- truce is. Our buddy Derek hey Hurst who does a radio show and some of the median Toronto although. If you do our radio show is that. I really do an hour. It's an out order than we thought it was two hours but the producer lied to our producer -- -- bottle it's another show goes to one. -- Dirk -- quality guys today. Well Jolie goes and looks against what was an hour long show that Ayers did today he still said no I'm not coming on all you people to waited at the guard troops. Thank you for doing now but he wanted no part of its thinking maybe statement between him and thank him and some of those tweets he came voice activated. That would -- -- have not -- if you missed Dirk -- Hurst today Turkey Hearst would knock mauled us one on his show in Toronto and was trying to. -- justify his opinion the -- about colts was accused of doctoring the baseball during a start against Ronald winced. I seemed to -- I'm gonna mention that that's my job it's not gonna costly buckles anything urgent need seeds Hezbollah also has a little mystery round here in the area. Is Augusta many opinions the jays -- -- gonna cost them next start. And probably. But it's going to if your Smart manager you're waiting for that moment. When it's gonna blow a game a pivotal game. In a tight series. You waiting for the opportunity you -- can benefit you most that's you don't call up the hitter who's hitting under the Mendoza line driving too much pine -- has that we've seen that happen before he called out after he has that three run bomb and you get it turned over and appealed when it helps -- -- -- -- And I hope the folks in Boston her or was -- I'm sure they are because they you know they are they're not very pro Q and they do take a balanced approach to things. Com -- good fun for a couple of days. Beat Elena talk about the team yeah it's nice I. -- it is an ugly topic Fiat and you know that's the good the irony of this is that. The lowest common denominator is of the world out there immediately latched onto the record and say all of your criticisms are discounted by the fact that. Your team sucks like we care. Act act based -- and -- a coastal cheated in us. -- number do injection. It's among the size and I hope I -- you hadn't seen this doctor Aman I hope you had not seen as it did he believes that there's something going on he dives into it. Just -- left arm and forearm on the go listens this year some kind of substance is not Rosner perspiration. Were you staff from what is right and admitted he does keep waters uniform. In his -- this at the resin bag is left forearm Paul paralegal. Is Barraza is white. And as a matte finish. -- -- -- Always just like to overdo it she played in the long -- to same resin is not a white residents -- hint hint of yellow. You retain enough -- you loaded up there's some yellow win there. And it goes on talking about those two seamer looks different this year yet that was like -- you gonna duck legs and after another thing that at that looks different in Clay Buchholz has stuff. Nothing well he would say it's more the actors like it was different because he's using it differently. He's using it on both sides of the plate not just down in on writings or down and away the lefties. He's using it. The comeback a -- -- varieties. In the end -- forced two seamer in on lefties he's using the other side of the plate with a more dirt came on that the most popular man. In Massachusetts right nonsense and honor and privilege to be loved by such a rational fan base right now it's all of us Dirk. He went on to say the homemade recipes to improve the group has become common in baseball the case of buckles is uncommon because he was called up by former pitchers. The lack of discretion. In the extent of coverage of whatever on his left arm was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After we are just not different it's how he's using it that's different what the text is that there's different first first breeders' -- tweeters first at the conference. Come. On the radio in Boston -- Canadian bacon. Eating nasty and at the Garth who's hey jerk off go explain your false claim against play with mud and Lou and show us your proof show you hash tag coward. At the confirms many millennia mankind you helped stop being at -- and appear foundation now. At the guard whose big -- -- Boston but hides from blew him -- like a scared little girl chicken hash tag blow hard and at the cartoons. Give WE -- Lou in -- five minutes until hash -- don't be upon us. At the car fees. Talk to do and -- in Boston. Stop being a -- Duke is a dork what approves. I'm taking a trip to Toronto to Santa brought him back up his ass so he can get a grip on the cramped piece them. In hell I'm a good to call command DC. Boston is keeping you again with the team and the Canadian. Well I always felt lucky to be a Bostonians because of how great guard teams are familiar feel lucky I listen to you guys another dumb -- on the radio. -- once -- ridiculous. When have you two ever held ourselves to that standard of proof when you wanted to shoot off fewer amounts. That's fair I'm assuming these guys are from Canada. They're only qualified to talk hockey. -- -- Dirk is afraid to step foot into the lender that is -- Melanie and -- has some direction for this conduct. I have a lot of Mason. Matt hasn't direction for misconduct. Real Mason will never have a brother or sister because loot isn't home to make him run fifth that that it. Lu -- wife is -- nice work I had to. But it was nice but I think that that's -- I'm from -- be sucked in baseball. Mr. pepper Martin were from Crennel be sucked in baseball the morale pepper there. Is that pronounced age pregnancy don't let the wife had the landscaper over to do some mowing of the long one Alou was in Texas. It makes recent. I know it's taken that seriously -- gonna make me cry. And with via. -- would be sad it is our -- -- today -- with a nice job today out and we err on the X gets that all their. All of our foods way to get after him. We got to get out of here I don't -- -- reloaded they govern future they -- Jack Edwards they got. Stephen A Smith enjoy the derby whether you're at Suffolk downs accompanies ceemea Mohegan Sun. Don't go anywhere Sports Radio WEEI think. On the -- easy to hook it is just dial 617. 7937.

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