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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, on the Bruins taking Game 1

May 3, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Bruins game one victory, the Andrew Ference suspension, and the hit on Eller.

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We double dip we candor in the playoffs the air -- -- RU. Very well might -- to visit renewal may appear. What we saw the other night was a Bruins team the for the first time in forever year came out and oppose their will and -- physical and I thought out hit and out played Toronto. From beginning to end is that we use offer Bruins Maple Leafs game one. Option lovely it's not trying to either -- told you guys I was expecting better -- effort in the playoffs. To Dennis Seidenberg whose words saying listen we're glad the regular season's over now it's time for us to play RT. He couldn't have been more appropriate right on obviously got a little roster -- we have to do because of the restriction they have and prepared for one game. What you saw that she toward -- be a factor is -- say you know -- and number term bird I'll be a factor in -- Charlie actually step up with a flight. A lot and the way he played with -- yarder apparently was strong and on the first call. -- before I'm Rick Campbell pot is important. They get a real good fortune wrecked plane eventually Wade Redden scored but Boston Bruins hockey for line full frontal assault. Take no prisoners bang them in the solution. Make them look bad which they did -- shooting 40 that morning and inaccurate -- -- Performance in -- one. The Arab and your response some on the Andrew Ference. Suspension as well as like you said the shuffling of the defenseman and separating Chara Seidenberg. Well I think you have fled police here as a coaching staff and you know some guys are the outbreak now. And other guys aren't just got to play by -- they know a lot more than what we know on the outside and -- that will be a special -- You cannot sometimes you gotta do stuff even -- effective were they doing that for. I can you know different things within her musicianship soaring Europe too many secrets. I'm not around -- grouper and archived multiple -- -- -- -- data dictates is somewhat to gain from everywhere. On the got to believe acknowledge some but I got to believe that he helped -- check American that you're not. -- Hamilton in red and it's -- Quaid Seidenberg -- -- Yeah and so what what happens is -- and Hamilton probably look as much pressure timer big match against prop and apology put more of the depth guys. And then they're ready for the -- so much at the ready for the condor match up. With two different approach with -- excellent excellent since. Yeah I picked the beliefs to win this series -- just because I thought the Bruins were playing their style hockey they plated. The other night the other thing I thought was the James driver real little bit more steady in net -- -- your belts around the league but I was curious as to whether or not he -- What driver and the way he played the other night was with that is defense letting him doubt -- he will. Shaky like a fight a guy played its first playoff game a 25 years of -- But his biggest promises -- hands so the Bruins exposed in the books out on him and I've been talking about this it's not this past October the -- for. Control radioed his weaknesses all the -- gloved hand I'd look -- and watch for guys take it. I guess tomorrow and shoot out of control plane and shoot out -- may usually. Export of big time he's really good in a lot of other aspects of the game where every boy's got a little bit so little weakness. And that can be exposed and inaction that weakness in the broomstick advantage of it he -- -- there's -- question what sort of the entire team. And make a big reason why the Bruins force to be -- -- looks like Costco in navy Cory Fritz and might be out here for Toronto wandering. What talk to me about the next guys that step popping gardeners know burned the public the losses at the Toronto. Well all burned a big physical kid who won't be intimidated went to Cornell University played for the lecture ought to mean she's been that building many tribes so these are going to be intimidated by the -- at the moment any real physical kid. Jay Garner secure the warped universe -- Wisconsin was originally drafted by Anaheim. The only thing about him his weaknesses decision making because he's a tremendous that you can really skate. Sometimes you get caught chasing the -- rather than playing his position. And sometimes shall try to overstate the -- as -- turn at all so that's another little portable but. They're both useful players arm and I think probably an upgrade right now. Just because you'll burn technicality -- he's much more physical -- France and much more physical. Than what Costa -- It's interesting we're talking appear McGwire NBC sports there was a a conversation part of the game the other day people in the media. Pointing out how great Phil Kessel Albania we sat down talked about Boston -- the years you know we just not wanna do. And that he goes out -- invisible one shot on net I'm curious the pressure. On -- castles this series of starts to get away he's not a factor both throttle fans seem to be pretty reactionary which we love out of a sports fan base but. -- the guys and have a lot of pressure on him offensively in this series. He does you know what's -- -- virtual Kessel and also a exactly what a lot of hockey people want actually right now. Wingers can't carry series senator placement can. Wingers cannot dominate series Lester or center Richmond are useful and productive. And that's the problem for Phil that's not a lock and Tyler Boldak visionaries and a very useful NHL player but he's not a -- like senate. Where would he be on the Boston Bruins he's not playing had a -- -- -- not playing -- Zetterberg draw any might not play at a -- certainly appeal for center and a lot of jury didn't play at a Gregory Campbell because there -- great three dozen other aspects of the game. So if you follow me. This is the promise everybody expects all the dominate as a Winger even deal -- work couldn't dominate. A game without -- -- -- Peter marble which. You need to have us generations to Winger to dominate and if you look at the teams that -- and the templates for really simple. To leave the enrichment and that allows before wingers around most -- -- -- the ability to -- You have to draw of the talk most of the things we talked about this team the Bruins team the last couple weeks getting the puck. Out of their own zone into neutral zone less turnovers. When you look at the rest of the series is there something that that the Toronto can do but the Bruins or was it more the brought -- play their style it's gonna be over. If the Braves play their -- bill when this series had been saying that from the beginning actually on trial are sitting here and I'll say it again. -- -- -- -- Regain their fourth -- full frontal assault game they don't turn the puck over. They have a little bit of power play success they don't need -- I'm just a little bit and be letter TrueCrypt at their penalty killing they're gonna be mr. you're gonna -- fast. But if they start to have injury situations or -- if they start they too many penalties and they can't kill the law and they're gonna have problems. Well the NHL's not talking about the scheme that they're talking about senators Canadians last night and work -- even Bruins aren't Baltimore again tech's all day here today -- make street talk to Pierre. About the -- they hit on Eller if felt a lot like -- 93 Kevin Stevens at that they reference on Yahoo! today where this bloody sit in the ground. Here this is suspension worthy in my mind do you think that Eric -- against suspended for his hit on -- last night. I personally don't think it's as suspension aborted I understand how a lot of hockey fans would think that put I'd blame Raphael Diaz the defense -- the -- -- -- he put his teammate. A large Telerate a trolley tracks what jerk write this supposed to do in that situation young man out of Boston University who's playing its first ever shall playoff game. He being told by his coach we need gap control craftsman truck means players. Step up and -- where they're GAAP. If -- forward. And you know you're coming across the middle especially the blue march an airplane at typed out you better -- that you can't look back for a -- And if you look at that and the question you -- -- -- You -- that's where was a primary point of contact where was the principal point of contact it was not it's -- the shoulder the chest. What is involved in the injury international. Was this rule forty contraction what did they blind side hit where was against a different source player -- well so. That's why it'll be the suspension ball hit. I think also the officials on the -- got a wrong they called five minutes for interference. Outside the Chara situation. With capture ready which also called interference. I've never seen their fair to call a play like that never. Well as I've watched three play a couple times I guess my only question would be say that the group -- a contact was not that they had but the -- shoulder area first it. I felt like there -- there was a very primary -- -- thought there was a chance for -- griner had to line him up. And again I'm trying to judge you guys at full speed but when I see it I say he could goal for the the back that the body checked there was an opportunity to hit him more. In the body not where he did and I just think it's a type -- hit that as an NHL fan I wanna see out of the games of these Karzai walking around the cost all the time that's lap but the -- suspension is a weary hit him. -- we're -- we're on the same page -- I believe that's why there's going to be hearing because they wanna hear what Eric rival which thinking. And you pointed more than trailer I think it's irrelevant point I really do. And it's something that they may have to go and look at down the road in terms of what the NFL does with defenseless receivers in football. Quarterback sometimes hang out their tight end to their receivers in tough situations and eventually get them injured. And what happens is that the quarterback doesn't pay the penalty that -- receiver to go to the defense back either get finder gets in trouble with a penalty so. And -- and -- -- really clear terms of player safety and that so maybe that's something and it just to look at without the rule hundred right now in the NHL rule book. Where was the primary point of contact and it was not. In their head in my opinion -- I've talked to a million players not a million but. You get the draft you that -- -- a lot of NHL players in the town of NHL coaches over the last. Twelve to fifteen hours and they all say the same thing that's a good Hitler game. Here via the New York Islanders and you'd lose game 15 nothing that you find out Sidney Crosby is back you probably don't feel too good about -- right now. No you're not less than the other thing and actually good about it -- a job they did on John taveras did back in number one and John taveras in another shot on goal he played a little over seventeen minutes he was dominated by Brandon Sutter Brendan moral. And Matt cook she was completely dominated by those three guys and Pittsburg Cadillac change or they had a real good game plan to take advantage last change our home -- And they dominated that players dumped -- that is sort of thought about commercial for the brilliant young stars in the game today. If you get a burden to appoint makes players around him better than there have real difficult time getting in ministers. Any big surprises so far just a game in game I'll maybe auto go to Montreal one in your mind. Large dog -- -- -- by I would do not at all not a surprise at the shot total surprise in my drug deputy shot terrible. But again particular look at data and the big reason why -- just second period with the penalties and I should describe the situation. And the fire on the very. One -- a little bit surprising to me right now bank Krueger being down channel to channel these road record was atrocious this year. Burn up first that'll continue their road record was terrible. And for them to go on the Vancouver and with the way they did withdraw for a long ball. I was a bit surprising. To neither wish channels they would be able to do that because along the -- relatively good game but the -- pitch around him didn't respond with a lot of effort. Get job on this ABC in the process quote appalled -- should get it should we don't really care a bullet that bug eyed fat walrus. Has to say that spark that series a little bit Pierre. You know it's a little bit different about the up on my idol -- a long time gold backed political one I'm more comfortable on the right back in 2005. He's a very -- player there except the flight virtually every single city's bid and whether Calgary Phoenix New York Montreal. Just to make into the NHL. And passed in the NHL job she goes first real big money deal last year's membership to trees coming out of New York which -- to meet my little got to cut it. Is he -- -- kid WikiLeaks so far things are real good teammate. But I don't I've never heard him talk that way I find that really different so I don't know if Paul may have said something -- I -- all really well. Paul may have said -- in the game and may be that -- crossed off I don't know but that's really not a Whitbread trucks delivered the. If it's a Beatrice thing -- rate setting this week -- or to travel schedule right now. Additional I was in Washington last night I mean Pittsburgh tonight albeit Washington tomorrow for a full thirty start. After the game slide in the sort of that a source Sunday afternoon. For Minnesota Chicago game three and then raid on a plane after that -- to do in new York and it was a New York Rangers. It is play and watching capital in Zurich on Monday yeah. Try to get some sleep here as always appreciate the time great insight is always we'll talk -- next week. You guys are awesome keep have formed by using all the extra -- between the blue jays in the Red Sox for the bush the ball off. And I you know we'll work it through another young artists. Guinness or is it through it we want this guy -- K Hersh -- -- -- -- showed that as a sports that Canada that's what this guy's number the year though. I I can't be back as I worked for GSM which is the big rival that sort of add an extra number but I will play your best. I'll attempt -- -- general message of the blue -- you guys know he went in my area Albemarle in Montreal work at a college like giving. You know everybody did talk -- million people Pierre thank you travel safe you don't want our young wonderfully well. -- -- the best basketball Monday Joseph public. Takes Saturday. Apparently -- joining us on the AT&T -- is also of course brought you by the city of Boston credit union town fair tire. And Kelly automotive no surprise -- works for the good. Station up there in Toronto in 59 sports talk. 6177797937. The phone number two Texas ATT tech like 379837. We come back US interest in question about this Bruins series. Do they get cocky do they followed this trap of they were up one zip we have this thing we'll talk about that -- -- Bruins goals the next.

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