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Was Clay Buchholz cheating? Toronto 590's Dirk Hayhurst thinks so

May 3, 2013|

Mut and Merloni address Dirk Hayhurt's comments about Clay Buchholz cheating and listen to what he had to say on his radio show today about the matter.

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Did you say why you -- Nomar more than me. So. I love -- but when you put them on their kills me. -- Make me feel awful. Now there's a flight tonight anyways. Yeah there's a real -- there in Texas and well did you say your flight is so close -- the show you pickle ball -- you're just tell. -- go through traffic. Well just you know c'mon. Also should point out. -- next weekend and writer and Lou for one to three. Definitely are a weekend trip Atlanta -- mix in Theo. -- -- 937 W yeah like you wanna you evil a new week and shipped via. There's work to protect. Your phone call 6177797937. Detects the show on the ATP text line at 379 B 37 as promised. Dirk -- Hearst the at throttle media guys that's the booties to. Was the first got to speculate symbolically buckles. He went on his radio show today were being told they went after -- sleet in the city of Boston. In general what do buckles again what do -- do RK -- Have to stated. I'd like to hear that you would come on our show August at the plate clips of an issue today on our programs in Boston there was. I'm sure they are because they you know they are they're not very pro -- and they do take a balanced approach to things. Arm -- good fun for a couple of days beat Elena talk about the team yet it's nice I fully admit. Is an ugly topic -- and you know that's the good the irony of this is that. The lowest common denominator is of the world out there immediately latched onto the record and say all of your criticisms are discounted by the fact that. Your team sucks like we care. Act act based -- and -- buckles told -- Let's find politically buckled didn't mow you down I don't think they -- sort of brought this up he can hide behind the fact that his team's not playing well liberal concede with a brain. Concede even haters. But to say -- sarcasm that well. If buckle sky lit up on the mound it's an eagle -- seven score or hate her says a word. -- peep out of this guy big -- we know anything about buckled my vote is no little. No I'm still waiting for the explanation of. The power to help them. Movement you give it to us printer cable that the most popular man. In Massachusetts recurrence -- an honor and a privilege to be loved by some sort of rational fan base right now it's. I've feel I really do I feel honored to be a part of this a part of history -- as vigorously. Considering that I made a lifetime minor league pitcher. Do you realize the error of your ways now voter are you ready to have a tendency how come to Jesus moment right now. And and admit that you were wrong to point out that claim buckles had. Layer upon layer of that just solar whatever the hell was. Are you willing to admit you're wrong and that do you use. You're down with Jerry Remy. -- actually Jeff. GO. And wrong. I'm not gone wrong at all like -- wants stop don't want to parts dirt came present at what points and he's not wrong but I'm still waiting for the proof I'm still waiting for the the when he points out. You know what luxurious three matter is specific to talk about how would affect the pitches -- us via -- that's dogs are waiting for his repertoire pay her stay -- he -- be sarcastic about it. He can be smarmy about it that's -- to show you get a lot of attention putt picked up the water Twitter followers by feel good about self. But I'm still waiting for here's the proof I have. And I'm still waiting for the it's exactly how would help buckled in and out and here's what I saw pitches doing and how I can tell -- a guy -- Can be made fun of that he with a career minor league but he for a while. So he should be able to explain he was professional I'm sure -- time he'll explain how would help buckled from the mound in Toronto. He should be able to do that at some point here in this conversation. That's I'm looking for out of him is some ability to explain. The trajectory of the baseball how it changed and here is me is a former minor league pitcher also had time at the major leagues the self help -- I've got. July is a lot of experience around the game and I don't have championship is but you know if you're gonna measure. -- a person's ability to tell truth. About the game of baseball by championships. Well then Jack Morris should really be telling Dennis Tankersley deserted attack. -- -- So all I wanna say is that if you don't know what I saw please please don't just say. Because you don't play long enough anything you did saw suddenly this is only the port of baseball I love the court of baseball or there's so much posturing here's something else. Doug -- this blows my mind. It is solid Gaylord Perry used saw them so did everyone and not kept everyone in the house knew that he was Seton and so did the umpires. And they never really did anything about it. And so that makes it okay. Right to. -- I saw Clay Buchholz going to. His forearm where there was not skin color and some -- there taking two fingers wiping across massaging said. Kareem Moore stick -- -- him or whatever the popular buzzword of today is. And then using it to group the baseball. That's illegal. Can't do that not go to your -- -- if if if if -- If it is that substance. If sources tell you putting sun screen on but there's no there's no evidence of it. So you're sitting there saying it's shiny and it can't just be ros and water but again it's just speculation which residents left. -- get a that. What the roof was closed that it might have been that sort of situation there tomorrow I'm sorry Dirk mean to cut you off continue all of these things are technical rule violations. -- -- -- His most of baseball and cheating and yeah this is my observation unfounded now and most of baseball's cheating. It's a curious statement. It's it's it's -- and it's not an as uniform on his arm. And guess what you put rods and there what's. Federal two point zero a let's look at this one again. Pitcher may use the resin bag for the purpose of applying -- into his bare hand or hands -- pitcher nor any other players shall. -- the ball with a resin bag either shelled a pitcher nor the player be permitted to apply -- but the bag to his glove or any part of his uniform. But the thing about bare skin on the army have -- and and water and sweat on the -- technically right. I don't wait for the for the action based -- will get a very clearly had. -- Dennis Tankersley I hope you're listening in my -- I'm not taking anything away from Clay Buchholz and given him credit. Because he. It takes a lot of -- would see it does. What you know what if you're gonna do a blatantly. Someone's gonna see you don't want it every -- is not gonna cost you against the blue jays who are just god awful right now. And I'm not. Calling on clay buckles because I'm bitter and I'm angry that my beloved jays are losing I don't care it's my job as an analyst be impartial. -- -- -- I'm gonna mention that that's my job it's not gonna costly buckles anything urgent need seats Hezbollah also has a little mystery round here in the area. Is are gonna cost them anything is the jays it was gonna cost them next start. And probably. But it's going to get your Smart manager you're waiting for that moment. When it's gonna blow a game a pivotal game. In a tight series you waiting for the opportunity what can benefit you most that's you don't call up the hitter is hitting under the Mendoza line -- too much pine -- has that we've seen now. Happened before. Terry I just don't understand we're talking -- in Milan brought up to with the -- and had him and pitches and be seen. Remainder of the year there hat is thick white it's not even of color. You really were talking about resin. Here. -- innocent if he if he knows all about cheating. Are you gonna put it on your arm and stand there in front of everybody to start rubbing your own. Is that what you gonna do. I hope the folks in Boston where -- was I'm sure they are because they you know they are they're not very pro Q and they do take a balanced approach to things. On. The funds for a couple of days beat Elena talk about the team yet but sometimes I. Fully admit all the second to be fair. That's not hey -- making -- of Boston. That's leverage sidekick but the thing is that I don't know where you are way -- where they'll -- -- -- but nobody really did on him because that he's defending the blue jays the blue -- homered -- This is all about you know look at a Clay Buchholz is dealing enemy how many times -- pay -- -- Clay Buchholz pitched as you know what is repertoire does he know his stuff. Is there -- tumbling fastball. That would a that would make you think that there's something fishy going on with his pitches. Or Zito won 95 in the corners with a two seamer changeup straight change I might -- Not deceiving action on the baseball straight change. A good twelve to six curve ball. Think it's just to -- it literally is just making things up is what he's doing. Resin is a yellow tint OK you whites in yellow. He put it on your arm and you sweat. The case should not put it on his arm maybe somebody will -- that. Who knows who go to the rosneft every pitcher whatever put his hand -- that his leg it's gonna end up on his pants I mean. It is very little he has due to stick resin bag -- a couple of times can drop in pitch. Dozen different topic. -- and you know that's the -- the irony of this is that. The lowest common denominator is of the world out there immediately latched onto the record and say all of your criticisms are discounted by the fact that. Your team sucks like -- talented team Eric. Act nice stock and -- buckles told cheated in us. He's still a good pitcher doesn't really it's like really -- taking away from the guys. Month. We're not just eight -- -- -- and he's got -- -- go to guy he's really go out. Yeah I I am always all right giving Barry Bonds so much credit for cheating on my ticket away from what Barry Bonds has done is cheating. The comet that that all of baseball for the most part is cheating on one or gets that from. I just want technically what he sought not just that the video. But what DC in the pitches that he pitched and this is what he did minor leaguer. Worked his ass off to get or he ones. I just wanted to what he saw the pitches buckle to -- like the again. Give me the physical as them not about help. It's not about like I could care less of -- career minor leaguer not or hall of fame Murrow or almost hall of Famer or just a great player and doesn't -- doesn't matter. The day you don't have to be. -- a hall of Famer -- to talk about baseball. I just thought it was irresponsible. Because for him to make that accusation. There's no there's nothing behind it rate some revenues in -- do she Pettit rub his wrist. Every single time receivable were all right David Wells broke his wrist what -- -- -- arrest. Lester rubs his wrist. What they do it. If as the resin on the trying to get a grip. That that's all it is you guys are great text in it at 37937. Get this -- and your show. We tried I offered it again he has a show on right out start at 11 o'clock he's off the year one. You wanna come on after your show is over there are no. I'm all set thanks gonna -- -- -- that did not want a c'mon -- hasn't won I would side for two hours every day like good. Well first of all -- were given this guy any play who said this you know I these accusations Sony is tired. To begin with the you lifetime -- league pitcher -- walks in the video and. CN that we laugh it up but I had. I agree -- in this case because Dirk was one of these guys that scrapped and clawed and probably had the look around for the stuff. But just explain technically. How it's helping buckle if you have proof right he wrote on TS -- say that -- B a maybe sizzle later -- but. He writes they had a source -- puts onscreen -- are even though wasn't. That the don't wasn't open in Toronto. Well then okay tell me how that helped him and how would help the pitchers you submitted it for this sort of very sick is sick -- that helps him pitch how does that. Affect each pitch he was throwing -- that video instead of my sources tell -- never once cheating and parochial Boston. Back crap that go to hide behind your sarcasm and you're botanists that you get Elvis attention which it wanted by the way. Tellme technically what brought on the pitches that I'd like. Dirk is a -- that's what I'd like the substance that he's kind of talking about reference saying whether become kind of gasoline form on his arm. Doesn't help curve ball. Doesn't help before seamer. Doesn't help straight change. It doesn't help -- Okay in what helps is if you have east diving fastball split type action. That stuff does not help. The repertoire the Clay Buchholz has it doesn't. Match at any point we can you get is -- him technically breaking down how and help them to oil play that entire thing without interrupting and it'll. At any point my guess is that we call his show will move. Joey technically could you call show -- -- going to show. -- effort I'm sure he's got five full right now on the Toronto maple leaves struggling but they'll try to. 6177797937. He can text the state TT -- line at 379837. I like most Canadians like Pierre McGuire. He's gonna join assist afternoon he's a good Katie he'll join our show. And in addition if you miss the the announcement today. There's going to be a concert at the TD garden at the end and made to benefit and support the one the one fund. One fund Boston Wiki here all these. Acts that are going to be part of this Boston's strong concert we'll play about baggage of phone calls next.

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