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NH State Representative Stella Tremblay on FBI involvement in Marathon bombing

May 3, 2013|

New Hampshire state representative Stella Tremblay joined the show to discuss her views that there may have been a government involvement in the Boston bombings. John, Gerry and Kirk adamantly disagreed.

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Ellis joining us -- -- stomach problem -- state rep for are represented from New Hampshire joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning ms. -- how are you. I am trying. A -- insane that's my question still I really need to know you insane. I don't think so. Do you think. I'm asking is for a full investigation. Not the FBI but some unbiased there's two unbiased group to come up. Like the cold case posse or someone else. Removed from the FBI to make a full investigation. Like the world -- Why is the FBI disqualified from the Stella because you think it's it's potentially a government plot. Well I can see where you're going to that you don't want the truth that's why I'm asking for a full investigation. I'm not I understand you think it's an inside job and there are people who think nine. It can -- you might. Think liking this suspects into a court. And that happens. Do what our constitution. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I I need to before we get to that give you a chance to retract your. You're implication your inference on on on Jim Bowman that somehow this wasn't legit in an injury. I would love to go and visit Jeff I would like to a goal and apologized to him. And I would if you if you would hurt. But the fact is. I did not understand everything that was going on please get off. All these dangers too many questions. Acted Jeff when you -- if he was hurt you don't think he was hurt I don't know. You're kidding his legs blown off man you don't know he was hurt or not. These bone sticking out if it would be I cut something little on my hand I would be a -- Getty I would be screaming in agony -- -- My heart goes out to him I would like to go visit him at the hospital at the rehab center. I understand you I'm sure had done it because he because he wasn't screaming. You think you might be part of the conspiracy. I'm not saying if there's a conspiracy. I want a full investigation. That innocent people. -- Americans who really could stand up and find out who's behind this. Who was hurt and why did they know the answer. Patient we know who was hurt you just don't want to believe it I can't I find I find it beyond the realm of possibilities. You. It's time -- here.

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