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Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner on the Sox hot start

May 3, 2013|

Sox Chairman Tom Werner joined John and Gerry to discuss the teams red hot start this year. Tom said that the best revenge for the Francona book is winning.

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Welcome back -- our number three Dennis and Callahan will be giving away some Red Sox tickets later in the ball -- later in the ball game later in the broadcast as the Red Sox juggernaut rolls into Texas for the weekend. Joining us on the AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LT used the chair of the Boston Red Sox top 1 or good morning Tom how aria. Or you are doing very well I don't your very passionate about this weekend's event run on base and wanna get to that just a sec about it askew I know by nature you are generally an optimistic guy. But did you expect 70% of the way through the season the your team would not to be twenty and eight but would have the best record Major League Baseball. Yeah no I did not -- We certainly you are where I am an optimistic guy and we certainly so we were gonna do much better than we did last year and we were amused at the in the pre season prediction I think there was something like it and 41. ESPN analyst. And I had twenty predicting that Toronto Blue Jays we're gonna win the division and I think eighteen winning having the rays win the division and zero -- Red Sox went so. It's certainly Bennett have very enjoyable month and and clearly everybody is is that contributing. During the offseason and in the hot stove season and even the spring training I know that you know the people rolling their eyes when it seemed like the emphasis was on changing the culture in the clubhouse and bringing in high character guys to the clubhouse. How much of difference do you think that makes in terms of performance hobby gets -- seems like you're right the people rolled their eyes were wrong. Well I think it started with John Ferrell I was looking at statistics a couple of days ago and played buckles was owned five in his last five. Start. Starting from last August to the end of the season and and like his six point something ERA. And this season he's five and -- its first six you know now so. I think John -- I mean you when you start -- Al Al. He's turned around the pitching seven matches to play in -- and Jon Lester but the back in the rotation since it's been terrific. We know you were accused of being in the guy. Was looking for sizzle and star power. In eighth inning and a certain amount book about a certain. Ex manager what I do you feel did you feel going this season that maybe this team lacks star power that the just wouldn't be that must. Much interest in it. Well you know what guys winning is the best revenge to them both business and. How much did you. Kick the tires and Josh Hamilton. We look at Josh Hamilton we looked at a lot of good players which you know it's it's that is something in and we learned every year that the team that goes down nets and and -- the best players who are on the market doesn't necessarily when I mean. I don't know whether Aaron. And the Angels are kicking themselves about pujols there are or what that you know. We we can't we are used to the at the lack of success that Toronto is that is another indication and that's not necessarily a -- here winning ball. I mean you would know this -- -- -- when when a team like the Angels and obviously the Yankees and you guys to lesser extent have these huge mega. Cable deals like the Dodgers. Doesn't change the dynamic deal look at them and say they're not just trying to put the best team on the field. They're worried about you know there there cable subscriptions -- there were about the eyeballs you know we weren't. She uses that to tackle you you know but look we it. I think you guys know that we've always wanna win and we have the resources to win but. You don't necessarily win by by signing those high price to. Players and it's not that we cut our payroll this year I think just think we used it and and a different way and and we avoided. 150 million dollar. Five or six year contract that Carl Crawford and I think there's another way to win. You know Tom you mentioned the a pregame. Prognostications. That had that the Red Sox not -- very well those same people said the Yankees weren't going to fare very well is it a little unsettling that the two teams everybody thought would be fourth and fifth in the division are first and second and you haven't -- the Yankees as well you play the early two and a half games out. In spite of all their injuries. Well I think he -- at least they play yeah a little more mediocre but it. -- league weird -- if -- by the way it's still in early may. But you know what I what I'm most confident about is that the way our pitching has has performed. And then you know now you have I think -- Thomas -- it to Ryan Dempster is. Given up one earned run in previous six starts we just think that on any given -- and a -- wins so all or even at the Yankees. Our 17% of the way through the season here's the big question is this sustainable toward the end Tom to the end. And it. Excellent hey Tom I know your passion about the out the run to home base that's the Sunday. I believe 2000 runners and walkers including 448 actively serving military service members. Why are you personally so. Passionate about this event. Well first -- Saturday but so is Saturday that you know. I think anybody who who has talked to all these. Great men and women who've -- sacrificed so much when they have that come back from Afghanistan and Iraq and see bit. The that they'd they'd seen so much and and you know this year I think it's even more. Relevant because. I think that we now see that the same sort of traumatic. Trauma that -- happened to people who witnessed. Horrible Patriots state bombing they are also suffering from emotional trauma. And and so. You know that these people have to have a person -- they comeback win and it's affected one out of three. Are returning veterans who serve in Iraq and Afghanistan and and and when you think event affected you know two and a half million people. Have served so honorably in the -- conflict and come back with -- kind of trauma and then it starts with. When alcoholic you. Sure or lower order. Some sort of nightmares and ends we're in many people committing suicide I don't know how you can sort of say hey listen. It's our responsibility we can't help them and so. You know our programming in association at Mass. General which you know is the best psychiatric hospital in the country. Is trying to do something this sort of alleviate some of these have problems. The the the run of the -- start to yawkey way give -- the dynamic and ends at Fenway Park people are invited. Anybody can come to our fourth here as you said it's start. And Fenway Park you run around the city in touch friendly Fenway Park home plate at the end and I think we've got about 2000 runners this there are going to be raising event two million dollars. It's two great days of patriotic day. General Kelly will be there we none of them there is coming but he's been in the past. And then it's just it's it's a great game and have great weather and so would anybody want to come and have some fun. And do something that you know will have to meaningful impact we invite him coming out. And if my math is incorrect correct me but I think if you raise two million dollars you'll then in four years beat. Approaching about ten million dollars race is that about right. Right you guys are you can't you guys are Smart and threaded over ten million dollars and I can just tell you is that I mean I know you guys have have have friends and I know you know that. -- -- This is this is something that then. You know it is is it makes you feel good when you do it -- -- Segal these runners some of them have to -- leg. A lot of them running every year they've earned their backpacks they -- -- their unit that the National Guard unit and we also this year have twelve first responders from the -- that -- -- National Guard. Who were also seen in the marathon -- so they're going to be recognizing given some metal. And it all gets underway -- what time Saturday. And what inning it. Should accept but he is going to be -- right yeah well before that I think you. I think -- -- third and -- there are right now that you have all day after an excellent the the yeah yeah website is home based program dot -- good luck -- the event continue good work -- at -- very end coach Red Sox don't tell by the way that in my pocket the strategy we -- in 2004. And it over -- oh yeah I think they should bring the Lions pregame speech that makes Jack Daniels told Jack Daniels pregame speech. I think -- and it last week and ought to be all pumped up good luck double talk you down the road and tank top order journal Boston Red Sox joining us on the AT&T outline.

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