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Dale Arnold on a big game one win for the Bruins

May 3, 2013|

Dale joined Gerry, John and Kirk to break down the big Bruins game one win and preview game two Saturday night at the garden. Dale thinks the Bruins will have enough to get past the Leafs.

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Back DNC phone line 6177979. The 37 in anticipation of game two tomorrow night at the garden. Al Dale Arnold joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT TE good morning -- how are you. Are you don't find him before we turn our attention to game to elect to look in the rearview -- at game number one did their ability talking about the Bruins to flip -- which there's that phrase again surprise you in the least. I'll bet we talked leadership -- -- pregame show on -- and he said he couldn't believe that the team could flip a switch he would become the heat aren't alas. Freer more regular season -- also a sign that it's -- turn a corner he'd think you could just flip the switch it sure looked like it didn't. It that it -- now does does a dominating performance in almost every aspect of the game with the exception the first goal the Toronto got does that kind of dominating performance in your estimation. Demoralize a team like the -- or inspire them to play much better tomorrow night. All I'm sure Randy Carlyle hopes that inspires some -- a pretty -- teams should -- ship especially there in the third area. Body language shoulders slumped at -- they were -- -- off the ice it to say you guys okay you watched sports on site. A harder you work. -- -- The reason that the problems when it looked so easy is they were busting their -- from from the beginning of the game till the end. If they bring that work ethic that same -- -- something close to it. I don't think there's much -- -- can do about it about -- extreme if I played with that try to work ethic I don't think police. Yeah I agree I'm glad there was surprised that Ference got the one game suspension and what does it mean does that mean dug deep dug deep place. I think he could circuit. There was at one point yesterday afternoon. If there was some talk that it was anywhere from one story I thought he deserved one ended -- more than one I was gonna be a pretty upset about. Justice are being equal in the NHL on the partly every. Pretty likely felt oh I don't I don't use it at the same criteria. It's one of their defenseman is that the Patrice Bergeron we want I'd suspend its of course we want it and it sparked a player. He plight that the camel and because of all left shot right shot -- somebody's got to play -- offside on sense if you play Aaron Johnson. Flight into the left a -- slot at -- with CN. It's also the possibility -- art housekeepers and Providence right now is eligible to play for the Irwin in the playoffs they could bring that up. I think it's probably prefer to have a lecture in defense and they can't outsmart. Is BR -- stuff stale as it is it any more or less complicated than. The -- factor -- -- is it is it is the factories here before and they're really gets in his headers it just is that sort of a story line it's easy to write. I -- the storyline that -- -- right and and the reason is that true. Going into the game. On on Wednesday night. That they -- chartered flight 77 games in his career against the Toronto -- obviously not all of those so -- He was up -- in the 77. What he has one of the biggest topic defenseman play against in the National Hockey League and imposing forward who just get worn down. You know applied the -- but mine is joining in the right Phil Kessel none of those things he's not physically imposing -- -- -- to battle he -- ought to be right. I have a feeling it was the most of those early contests almost resignation. Knowing full well. -- -- quarter which is kind battle of the that is totally separate our. A day when you when you see Cassel play against the Bruins he plays like this then you look at the numbers and six M at the league in scoring you look at and say how can this guy put up those kind of numbers. I -- he's a gifted offensive guy I. I remember when Brian Burke made betrayed the Bruins for my own Brian for thirty years we've been friends for along time. And I remember talking to him and I said. I had I can't think -- pay less Brian Burke like higher until -- And Brian in defense of traits -- you know anybody who can put a -- forty -- irritate Brian -- like -- well ultimately. I think Brian simpler and -- he got -- he's not. You don't work -- warrior. I'm fairly well. Our physical player by any stretch of the imagination. And he can disappear -- Against the going to disappear. Minus 22 were twenty or. His career against some. Look a lot of mental block all of Zdeno Chara which is very real and very physical because of play -- And killing your estimation is the bruins' biggest advantage vs the leafs in gold because I'm not sure -- I looked up for game one. He was pretty bad I mean realistically. As I've put it post game show the Bruins had more goal disallowed in the may police score. I mean in and he looked pretty bad he looked like he was fighting with Blackberry made this point is we're watching the game. Even when he was making saves in the first and second period it looked like he would try to paddling -- fighting with a little bit. The Bruins definitely have the advantage in ultimate match up going into the playoffs and look at a three possible playoff opponents. This was -- one opponents of the -- from what sort of played where do we give the Bruins have decided -- people might find out that -- You know radio. I know things change from the go to Toronto -- dale but to the change enough amid clearly Boston's a better team. When you go to Toronto is going to be pretty crazy right 'cause his first time the -- in the playoffs since like the eighteen hundreds. Will I mean do you do you expect it to change enough so that the the series changes. Gary everything -- -- pressure -- -- but it is. Gonna be harder. Not here Jerry -- -- the all 48 on Wednesday at the media wrong in the dressing room. And it's only gonna get go I am not sure it would make its Toronto on Monday. It it's pretty it's it it's sort of like Montreal not quite perhaps -- -- enthusiastically. Wise as Montreal but it closed. And because of the gap it's been so long to -- believed -- think they drop this thing tomorrow night. Even with the pressure of going all that out of all that well at least we finally got our ops mode. But the pressure on the east if you watched it or at the -- media over the last couple of days -- -- shoring. I was gonna say it today it was like the circus booked her concerts booked for their marine -- in May because they've never had a hockey and may there and they. Guy apparently it's analog. Well believe what Stanley cups in the sixties. I think at Batman and got a cup by prosper in seven years or whatever it is. And I'm sure they -- -- a couple things you know. Well -- -- look at -- -- -- -- the book walled off like this. Is we need it but go right to change the ball so. -- -- what -- buttons could or should Randy Carlyle pushed tonight more physical right to the edge or something other than that. -- you know I. I almost think that he only got a few guys who play that more physical right edge type of game. And and the broad swap those guys on the right more in a call or Frazier. Clarence if they want them out there. I don't -- comic he would say. With players like that all the dirty trick autumn when you dropped the -- In its history. That's why they're -- My -- is you know what -- more physically and irrelevant especially their defenses is not -- -- stellar. I'm not sure there physically capable of there are more skill type of team that there are skilled players are not physical at all. I'm sure he's -- -- -- question their -- -- all let's stop this Carlyle put up guy but they're certainly has suffered in play against them they've been in the past. -- -- a couple of -- that he might -- Wednesday night improved forms. Maybe just crosses its fingers an hopes for a let down from the Bruins that they're riding high and think they can you show up in a play not it's inspired -- and to me to let they'll come and the Bruins. Debit thinking you know that the Bruins team but I -- a vote in -- 66 and two and April. -- -- -- -- parts and they'll go back about Bruins team. And and I know we're a society that would allow any excuses and whatever gonna make any and I understand that here are some simple facts are excuses. The -- so the only team in NHL history at pre -- post all won by a blizzard to of course by the events of April 15. As a result of those -- moments. They -- -- place sixteen in their final nine night. Nobody in the NHL had to do that why are we shocked their record wasn't quite over a stretch. I -- -- -- this point just a keynote at an element at. They're now the Bruins are now the situation but it scheduled Lleyton. A quote from the bought the ticket yesterday no practice in any public -- out their except for the guys court playing. They're gonna be pressure in game and they were in game one and it worked pressuring and want to may have been a month. Was so Wayne redden a surprise to you did anybody see that coming because I think -- culturally saying when he brought -- in here this sort of -- kind of move for us. Probably they've got a little pleasantly surprised the spotlight they don't know game. With a right here in Ottawa. Zdeno Chara played with -- model as well -- had no idea what it -- what is. I can work I'd feel rejuvenated. Because of bad contract given to by the New York Rangers he was all of those guys who got stuck in the American actually. Making and it sort of column a model money. But not really getting an opportunity to play at the NHL level strict but it's salary cap issue. He adequately born -- an opportunity here. -- credit. To chop away from that apple right that you -- -- -- art that is -- part of a you know a -- schedule -- played more occupant anybody in this organization right now -- took the white album Arctic he's given -- back right off. A final question him and maybe this would be better suited asked Berkeley but I'll -- -- out what does -- mean from an X and -- standpoint dale when you have forty shots on goal and thirty scoring chances what does that mean x.s and o.s wise. What can we -- -- and -- in the -- -- in the post and shall be right or Ian Perry says the exact same thing. Forty shots and aren't -- and what that says is that the and not getting you out dirty area and and they're not quite well and all. Stuff still get it will be Watson. I would just so pleased that elected and that but that's all I haven't paragraph. He should be yeah that's like you know you've made it -- one minute and graduation dinner. -- Orbit and that's all right that's it they care bill -- a letter. -- -- Dennis and Callahan and minute man on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TD. 6177797937. Will be given away Red Sox tickets later in this broadcast Tom Warner will join us in the 8 o'clock hour. And now we'll do our annual little Kentucky Derby preview at the very end of the broadcast we'll be right.

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