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David Ross with Joe and Dave after tonight's win in Toronto

May 2, 2013|

David Ross spoke with Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien after tonight's 3-1 win in Toronto over the Blue Jays.

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I thanks John David you really at the guy -- five different pitchers a lot of work to at a pace he had both. That's a one year -- my money and I davis'. Those guys never gave in and and we get they did a good job. You know I gotta get like that those guys and make the pitches I asked him to do a lot sometimes. And they keep they keep battling keep trying to to execute you know served pitchers that are sometimes -- this environment powerful hitting team. Like -- their really that team a lot of power those days there's so credit that it just that -- down and. David amid a fair to ask you this question because we were under the impression that Andrew Bailey would be the closer in and Hanrahan would be in more supporting -- -- great to see Henry had pitched well tonight get himself a save. But is there reason why Bailey didn't pitch the ninth. You know what guys that. I just work here I don't know yeah I don't explode out of bullpen at all so you guys can say -- for the manager you know I think we got so many guys they do a good job I don't know. The reason -- and is that Tim has come in and and and I try to get them out so it was just nice to see Joseph command. You know the guys. An all star game and has done this for a long time and it was nice to for him to come in. And you know get it going to get to a situation. It's a lot of fun we allowed them. Or fifteen watch today's game David red sex received tank you've got three of them my. Yourself rise or any explanation. Other than the other was totally right -- -- that's how we go on a swing guy you have reality. I haven't gone out of their walk it was it was nice just to see it applies actually. The one time I got out I felt like I probably should take until I got to strike just as. -- what what have -- This job he would do the job of throwing strikes so. Operated that'll work patiently and you know what it's it's one of those things where we try to grind at bats that they. Are on the times in a row that is but it seems like the starter that is there in the fifth you know I mean yeah I just get the pitch count -- guys. -- pitches and down off ditches and doing a good job working the count it against our work. It's remarkable how often is and all the Red Sox have four starters to throw more pitches in the first inning than any other team in the majors but. Miss just one of the many remarkable things about this team which is now twenty and eight David. Assists 71 something winning percentage going on to Texas but you guys have a great. It seems philosophy and attitude but just move and on the next game forget about the fact you just won this series. Yeah I -- you're exactly right I mean if it never is if you get complacent in this league you're gonna get -- You know it is a decision come in and relax I think. We we got guys and wanna come to work they're excited to to compete with each other we do a great a great job of just you know going up going -- competing -- day. And what we do lose it's like we feel like we should have you know we feel like maybe we didn't do something that we could have done. Like the first game here maybe we get it done some a little better. And and it's over Dallas got that. The mindset of we should win every ball game -- in every ballgame over grind it out right to the end. And -- so many different people luck contributing at yourself certainly Mike Carp again tonight with a big hit in that. It's just does it seems like just about everybody on the farm club has made a major contribution from game to game. You're exactly right it's somebody new Stephen Drew last night big night you know that the first home run to put us on the board early in. And I see Mike Napoli is is drive and and everybody. And had some. And then David -- David had a night off is nice to give him a night off on this turf with this. You know Achilles problems and and and Mike -- to come up big -- feel like you know we're really deep it doesn't matter hoot who the manager calls on. He sees some -- to get the job done so you know kudos to everybody who works hard and in this locker room and and compete. For each other people in Tubal will -- manager bud about all hands are currently the fifth and on and our habits -- -- it's doing its job. That -- today that David another great night for you thanks so much for joining the pleasure guys. Are either Red Sox win three they'll want they've taken other series that once evident mind gap.

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