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Panic grips Broadway! Knicks fans and media are worried!

May 2, 2013|

We listen in on a few NY shows... where the normally level headed Mike Lupica compares JR Smith to Bill Buckner, and Steven A Smith just sounds like he had the life sucked right out of him. And we love EVERY second of it.

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What the best night in town last night and then the flip side of the opponent to the worst night I'm still going James right -- -- was a a lumbering. Lumbering mess in net for Toronto but they're freaking out -- out new York at a three nothing to what degree well. The play to cut. First here's Mike Lupica. Long time writer longtime columnist New York Daily News New York Daily News sports reporters has shown or to -- been around forever I'll talk at all do you have evolved at all now with a show on ESPN 987 in New York. Says has the mood the feeling that. Why didn't -- fried didn't nature of the big bad city because the next because here's why it and I will leave you with this had been talking about this. All afternoon. Did JR Smith threw one elbow in turn into a basketball. Obama. -- -- He's their Bob Bryan to right where he is the Bob Ryan of New York is -- -- lupica gathering that's he's the Bob Ryan of New York threat and he says he's -- -- partner. -- It's -- 32. Or 32. Maybe the series would be over but at best maybe take a little too for. But I love story of the panic here Stephen. David -- is is so panic is not even screaming this is so bad. That the knicks would have been better off not making the playoffs. They're losing this series after being in this position there's some more Steve and I I know that people as Sydney and then you know listens to the show it. Everybody came out expecting -- to bring five man man I'm I'm depressed. I'm not everywhere read. You know I'm hopeful and I still believes New York Knicks win this series. I don't mean they are not in trouble when. Boston has already see is the problem while winning these two games. Boston has already reestablished. Its credibility in race. -- His sound good. It's LE a happy man argument he's been talking are screaming for a long time. Because he is losing his voice he would spike and go out after they might sound like that and just scream back and forth at each other how angry they are about the next. You imagine the two of them just hang out together after just screaming at each other. Likely. It and -- -- mention healthy able to have like the run of the garden. And he's all over apply split -- -- -- by the way. I like that but it traffic -- like that like -- candy. Is that is that represented New York. I guess excellence -- -- -- 7979 at eleven markets in New York what's up Marcus. But in Newport new ports -- do you read I don't drop all that you maybe that time -- may be that time in. -- around. Lay sick Clinton how well it just -- -- is that -- -- in the way and Marcus was up. Soledad I'm -- man. Much. Finishing work and a beautiful day all the talk bad about. Appears okay. No I'm -- I'm at the -- what do -- Douglas. I -- who had a bad night and I think Bernadette. At a at a really good night. The best night of anybody else and -- give Brandon Bass credit to good night that that two points yet near the end. Was a huge huge bucket when they needed it but the best night of anyone question nobody ever look at it this way. And I think the markets you may be going here if you're not I apologize -- a look at it. Carmelo was ten for 35 on Sunday. Yeah it was eight for 2.4 of last night that's fair over five from three point range. In a very ugly 22 points for Carmelo. So in two games with -- -- Brandon Bass on them. Carmelo Anthony -- a good point -- your Israeli defense has really struggled and in Brandon Bass that's right six that he missed the shot six or 75 for five from the line. That's a point Marcus two point. Yet the events that you -- -- -- -- -- and out I would like you said Buchholz. But because of the importance of this game I'm -- -- And it's not reasonably content Camilla and I just under so happy about last night everything was great. And this is this this is this is you know it's not quite what happened in 04 obviously. And I saw somebody asked earlier whether or not if they were comeback against the -- it would rival for. I -- -- -- mean that meant something different while enemy it means a lot of things and amid a lot of things he's not an hourly in the first team to do it you're down three zip. But you're doing it. In the American League Championship Series. Against the yen -- Opportunity to go to you know whoever won that series was gonna win the world whatever that was and -- talking Greek mythology that system is actually pushing the rock over the hill. I mean it's finally getting over this gigantic -- you never thought it was going to be possible. In the doing it in the most amazing way imaginable yet think it would be this would be great lasting all would be a great achievement. Because it's happening too a New York teacher. But still the first round of the playoffs but not that I'm looking too far ahead but. If you look at -- in the Celtics. This is this kind of this this this conversation was even possible couple days ago. If you look ahead to the next series which may be in the knicks have done already in the Celtics or Celtics fans can start dreaming about a little bit. You're taking on the winner the winner of Indiana and Atlanta. Anybody's guess the knicks are scared than the Celtics are scared of them. So. You can probably. If they come back in win this series. They can probably start a little bit of a run and wind up is very reasonable. Or plausible to see them why -- where they were last year that's a province iPad. Hey guys -- was a man. -- enjoy it or whether basking in the glory. About -- or actress class that's exactly right is what today is about it's about basking in the glory. Yup and I just wanted to make reports that I think this -- need to do here. Quite -- number what is it got to try to put a lid on health. -- -- -- -- -- Point number two. Is that they can't have a scoring constipation might take it when I got shot by. Distillate actually don't like last year and has got to be a little more careful -- because they seem to have a number -- -- strip. I don't know if it's a matter of of being careful I think he has careful but he's not a ball handler. -- comes he's he's not a days that he a district well. He's got a point guard what you're saying is that is without appointees being asked to be -- that the pierce turn overs to me or more of an effect than cause. Everyone keeps wanting to saint Paul Pierce is a cause of the problems because of the turnovers. It feels more like it's in effect of the fact that they -- -- appoint -- -- issue. That's the issue Paul -- handling the ball so much and he's turning the ball over so much because. He's being asked to do things that. The Celtics don't wanna ask him to do they don't want him to be this guy but that what what what other choice to they have. Instead of the rotation growing last night. It was shortened even war. You find many teams in the post season. Playing seven guys in the game. I'm just amazed by that I -- exceptions that are. Well under the gun I'm gonna take a guy out of the rotation. And last night that -- it was Jordan Crawford put but he kind of figured it out like that team figured I'd love -- post game comments of all the things and all the reasons. Why the Celtics did what they did last night I thought and look what they do in the defense of and that that's that's what they normally do about it just like contrast important the next plate and guys. But it just gives you just just some. It's umbrella of some context for what how dramatic it was last night for the big difference. But that that the thing that jumps out is what they were on the offense actually effective in state and ineffective which they'd been for the most part in this series -- -- -- summed up one perfect. And I thought in this series for us that's the first thing that we can we trust and the ball found the open guy that we can you in the stretches where we try to force is we stroke. In the stretches where we just trust -- put the ball find the open guy we're really good. Trust. Right right I mean making the all we talked about that in basketball but it feels like it's so infrequent that it occurs. There actually play good basketball. Like the way we sort of imagine the basketball to be not the NBA's version with iso 11 side and four guys stand around -- -- their -- immediate and -- -- get lucky. And they they played really good basketball last. I'm not surprised I'm not surprised -- I'm surprised that they. Surprise that they won the game. Honestly but in in terms of playing good playoff basketball. I'm not surprised that they were able to do that this is. That this is why this series -- so interest that they were out if if the Miami Heat were up three zip on the Celtics. Nine -- and -- it's over. And they can probably talk. If you. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh started talking trash after being up threes that you know happening game four they wouldn't. It would make a difference. Especially like somebody like LeBron who's a great player the you know it's going to be great player and talk trash you. Your your motivating the other team which are also motivating yourself. And you know that that a big performance is coming. But in this case was so interesting is that the knicks are better than the Celtics. -- not like tolerance. They're not head and shoulders above the Celtics they were in the standings but in terms of matchups and you look at. No weapon knicks do well what the Celtics do well. In how they can cancel out each other. It is it's barely even. Adds to the -- there's no doubt about that. But they're not so good. They can lose their focus. And start talking about what they're gonna do the Celtics and -- say good night in in and don't worry about it and now it's not less Wear black -- game right. Now it's getting you got that good you're gonna add pressure to a lack of focus is well -- is now the pressure is going to be squarely on the Rogers in Boston Roger. I thanks but at my it was a great night not night or that she performs to the extreme. That level. Agreed. Especially I think you know we've got that content is -- if you the loud you know I think I rent out. Is a totally different team this year. I have to give credit game manager just like I think read that yet two of you are seeing now not me. Yeah I almost like gone back to the -- two the 0102 idea of coming out as a team -- it -- Red Sox team seems like they would do something like that. If it was you know what I mean like address if that was appropriate in some way in baseball. Or they'd like nominate Mike. Jonny Gomes was at Y 16180. Or something he's not -- -- hasn't hit at all. And yet in some ways stands for everything what are your -- this team. An idea how I would like I was I know as you know last night which it -- with the Red Sox and this is. And I guess it's the opposite of of putting pressure on yourself. When you when you start off like the Red Sox have. And you've got great starting pitching. Really I mean how many times have become one year. And talked about who's hitting a who's not hitting for the Red Sox. And it just becomes such a -- thing that you overlook some of the hub of sub par. Offensive performances. That they've had. Mean RRR as it by talking about Stephen Drew and now we were talking about Stephen Drew when he first came back we -- Iglesias was not Lou we're talking about a constantly because they disagree. -- that we really. Don't really focus on -- Jonny Gomes -- got to get somebody here who can hit Jonny Gomes and you don't care on the when you're winning another thing -- -- -- exactly right when Mike Napoli pick you up by by -- in the the hammer of the war. And that's second ball he hits. Not -- he absolutely destroyed. That second home run 473. Feet. Ingrained that it's not high drive -- better at it where it back to acknowledge it. It is not a god into the -- that. Did senator those cold the other day Encarnacion go on fifth deck to laugh but he pulled it. You go forth deck did did senator 473. Feet. I -- a golf derive you know just as an aside I know what John Ferrell said about Encarnacion to put the. Yeah I have a hard time I have a hard time -- That it's going that far. And it's at another -- Gene Lamont. Gene Lamont wants. Ask umpires the other area thank you and Gene Lamont wants asked umpires to check Albert bills that. Because he's been watching baseball for a long time. You saw Albert Belle hit a ball opposite field and should have been opposite field based on the pitch in the swing. And of course that was the bet that they try to hide. And they did try to recover umpires took it in the Indians broke into the white rice. You know they they broke into the umpires room and try to replace the bad name they screwed it up. If you don't want to baseball for a little bit you see things in -- -- this does it seem right to me Encarnacion does not seem right to me. Stay tuned. I won't be surprised at all something happens I look well a week are we so naive depicted. Nobody's doing anything in the game of baseball could you Michael I have testing in baseball. Package you even. Ask all questions how could you even now I'll be watching like this tech's best night goes to Marcus Camby for anyone realizing he's still in the league I had that moment little bit the other night. It was last there's a couple of game market -- -- for the next. Like Marcus Camby mark Kelly's totally right in and it's strange when you see I mean Marcus Camby. You think he's just got to be ageless right. I think about the skinny kid who's going against Tim Duncan as a sophomore -- he actually had a great game against Tim Duncan or sophomore junior -- whatever game was in Worcester. And -- shut down Tim Duncan. And you look at it now he looks. All mayor. -- can be confident our image being titled man if this can't this is all he's always going to be. 22 or 23 years that's not fair Marcus Camby is not supposed to venal man this is not who will who he was -- today. Text message salt foreigners 73 feet about a 120 yards -- drive get on the -- it would use a -- -- first of all. It's about a 157 -- do some map. But more beyond that. That's about it is that it's about a 157 arson has calculated. That at all. How are so are gonna make you get an absolutely rise of about a 157 point something you know roughly -- roughly -- Augusta so awfully that. We talked to Joseph McDonald -- as BM boston.com Bruins to win a and windy I think Claude Julian had the best night of anybody last identical on warrior calls throughout the day before game means at 430. What happened to the Bruins last I did they just simply turn a switch was it that easy and is that goaltender James primary the most scared that you've ever seen Joey Mac joins us rockaholic --

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