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3-0, a banner night for Boston sports!

May 2, 2013|

It don't get much more enjoyable than that for Boston sports fans, 3 games, 3 wins. Unless you're our first caller that is. We discuss the amazing night that was.

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Earlier on a good mood today I -- I dare somebody to call this radio station to dancing and on the goodness it doesn't remove your partisan agreement you're suddenly complain about today. I don't know something seriously wrong is going on your life. Like how everybody is it possibly be in a bad mood today everybody's in agreement you know why Orlando everybody's great -- Because no one besides us is actually inside this building. There's an ice -- on ice cream truck out of ice cream truck outside you didn't wanna mention anything from your upended. -- -- I might have forgotten about it it out or something right push pop area. Or an ice cream sandwich here's something. Fashion popsicle. -- -- -- -- -- Everybody's outside. And we are here and I'm not complaining not. Great. My last night was about as good as again to your flip it around and you see all three games that each one. Each one goes perfectly what I love so much about the three wins last night and by the way just that I would love to take a ton of phone calls that. We're gonna have couple -- Joey Mac Joseph McDonnell from ESP in boston.com join -- talk to Bruins at 330 and Danny age at 430 we'll get him to to follow up on the comments that he made last week that we continue to break down throughout the week. And then also -- obviously to react to what happened over the last couple games but. What was so cool to meet last night was that each. Each team. Played the perfect version of themselves last night you know -- -- like like we end up with its. You know whole idea of what platonic forms -- like the absolute perfect version of yourself. This is where you need to be it this is who we are -- let's see if we go out everybody always says. Simply put whole game together for the Bruins at that at least sixty minute sixty minutes the Celtics. Let's not have some third third quarter collapsed for the Red Sox you know we we pitch well. Well we had everything comes together where they did. Everybody did what they have been that they've they've reached that I deal you know they -- reach. And they all did it their own kind of unique way right I mean the Celtics got down what do they missed the first nine shots of the game I turned it on it was five minutes in the number of them basket -- They dug themselves holes and eleven not eleven or and or something himself a hole and and cause everybody to give up on them over and over again and certainly you and I were as guilty as anybody yesterday is believing that that team was not going to find a way to win in new York and they make it look right off the bat like they can't. And then they just come storming back and they were by far. The better team down the stretch because they were more physical because they were tougher because they were more clutch because they didn't start talking smack they just they just took care of business. -- -- I noted people gonna call open rip me a call up the offering. All I will take every ounce of ripping and criticism you have if you think I gave up on the team and I. I was as blown away as you guys last night out was a mall while the the Bruno -- -- We were just talking about two mill hill yesterday she taught me an outward. In -- -- Now what does that mean I don't know how dare you you're she's friends with your friend you can how -- Jim now friends and friends have referred to Jim Mel's word but I will steal it was a Molly -- it was a mile a full fledged Molly whopping. Of an inferior Toronto eighteen of the Bruins were amazing how you use that now before the children yesterday you and hate the Maple -- today you hate the maple legally I'll go to it on the Internet -- you just hate them -- now hate the Maple -- it took me it took me sixty minutes of hockey and I now despise me. -- you know you're not buying this thing from Jack yesterday where he says it was 97. During the regular season now. In the Bruins may have won more games in Toronto but it's a good match up in the little scary matchup and. Not buying nice not even buying belittle them all -- of Jack to make the case and would love having a man I could not disagree with the more the Bruins are superior team in the Maple Leafs. -- wise and if they play the game that they played last night hitting cycling. Dominating and -- James -- is as bad as he was last -- because he look like a frightened little boy. There's -- they are going to die he knew he looked petrified but do you look nervous he looked Petro. He looked awful that if that is a starting goalie in a playoff game they got help me made the hole and each product is watered down. Is he was an atrocity are you sure you -- -- up there in Toronto which dimensions we submit them you know said at the stars show. You can't tell me that you're in a bad mood today I can't -- I would add and add something to it just in case you when those people who raised raised their hands and -- and I moved out of that -- what -- it. Well -- -- a tree at some point today. Is it a beautiful day outside not only did all of the team's win last night at some point today. We will give away Bruins tickets. Now based on -- what we know what time we even know what time Purdue and today right today -- Four point 84 talent that will even give UA targeted her at fort -- Tony today we will give Lieberman stated to stick around for that. Bruins looked amazing and and I guess I'll ask this question because we're all watching all three games last. And I'd love to get everyone involved today's the day for everybody that's right 6177797937. Simple question. What individual had the best game last. Who had the best night last night and anybody on the three teams that all played as well as they did an author of a whole bunch of names you try to pick through them. Who had the best night last night so all other teams. All three teams everyone on the roster -- -- colleges all the GM's all the president's owners whoever you think how we best night last night and we think a -- analog TVs and cars here. And and I'll start with the guy that I think had the best last and best that was close I think load had the perfect nightly wind -- but. You could -- important name on the list I thought he played great after this and he was injured before that being disappearing act. I mean Wade Redden who comes in has a goal and assist OpenId is supposed to be on the team meanwhile Lucic had a good game showed up here people Johnny -- which was hitting people and scored a rare goal for him. Any number Peter -- if you want to name him camp was psyched up and that looking angry there's a few Bruins you could name. You can go with Jeff Green you can go dock you can go at Jason Terry -- KG who drained I think probably the biggest dagger in green. Had a two big daggers that really one that gains there's a few Celtics your argument to my guys aren't you can go to a guy. Old seven innings to -- he was unbelievable is now six and -- you could go Mike Napoli 908. Of home runs for Napoli last night including what Spierkel Zeus is camera but he swings. The war horse and -- seduce them like. Who has everything -- but he mostly like try to do anything themselves as some sort of problems does he think he can do everything in and his wife when I was like get under skins. I sound familiar. Those are really perfect is the ultimate guy there you go -- not Napoli certainly going to be on the list Stephen Drew a couple of big texas' Jordan Crawford. Up while I certainly got himself some PR so. They got the best night last night we'll open up 6177797937. Michael with a best. The best night to me it was belong to Kevin Garnett -- Kevin Garnett. Didn't look like himself in the first two games of the series. On Sunday facing elimination the guys playing hurt to have to put that -- that back at some point right here he's playing her. A couple of injuries hip injury he's got bone spurs in his foot. Charles Barkley is going on national TV saying he should be a twenty minute -- night player he'd done it over for him. Facing elimination on Sunday. He gave you late thirteen point seventeen rebound six assist game was great. Facing elimination. On Tuesday night in New York. What a mix of running out just running the gap yap yap. Shut up stop talking. Coming up. -- eighteen rebounds and he's not supposed to be a rebound anymore and it everybody anymore -- guys got to look for cage ain't. Too much criticism. What -- tonight now maybe 39 minutes eighteen rebounds a couple of blocks shots stay out of foul trouble and when the Celtics needed a basket. I'll -- was with cut down to five in the fourth quarter 8883. KG. As Tyson Chandler jumping all over the place in the drills -- jumper to make it 1983. Goodnight everybody. Kevin Garnett. Is team needed that type of four performance. Wasn't one -- Those games were doc is able to. I'll spare KG here on an arrest him here 39. Point seven guys played less -- for the Celtics. After eight everyday and one of them was apparently -- this guy's playing market. So I had thought it was a huge it was huge performance. In the world's most famous arena. Page a gift to give him credit and certainly the I don't know that there is a wrong answer here there's not there's no I mean everyone we just mentioned had a great night we all had a great -- need. You could call up and say that the -- a Boston fan. Had the best night because we got to sit -- -- to watch every single one of these games as a lot of fun. I just hope we would love to see calls on this because a fight. The the Boston sports -- reputation. Is that we will only call up and complain on Sports -- That Sports Radio as negative a 100% of the time and it's -- driven in the collar -- and furious angry at their team after a losses when Sports Radio is really at its greatest in Boston that's that. That's the national reputation. Today's -- -- were you have to try to prove that wrong or there's some truth to that I'm not saying the president put a lot of -- today's data prove that wrong at least for a day. -- nice things like last -- happened. Just like enjoying at least for a few minutes we'll get back to ripping whoever wanna rip believe me. Here's gonna mean more than enough time and that's just one game for the Bruins I know and he's furious because Bruins fans are getting carried away. Let we'll give him a chance to be negative Nelly here -- -- he's he's furious about Bruins fans is being 22 positive but nobody's Hoosier I'm going to blow out. I becoming more well of first of all as you know I've been down on -- recently and to the point or rice -- if they lose this series and don't show up. I don't see how has a job not only did they dominate the game on the scoreboard winning 41. Dominated every facet of back. They dominated every facet of they played a perfect hockey game everything that you would ever want the Bruins to do they did last night Lucci each hitting people. Creating space important meeting people finding a way to put a puck in the net in the way he tip that had a midair I was incredibly impressive. Great dexterity for guys kind of -- for that this year missing open nets. The way Johnny boy it shock. Had a clean hit in the third period we'll get into what happened afterwards the clean hit from point -- Every -- include and was shot and Wade Redden shot from John reports -- you're absolutely wanted to call it Johnny -- From from Jack last. It's just every button he pushed hey you know -- and go to the veteran and defense over offense and young guy Hamilton and -- rewards them. By coming up with a goal and assist and playing solid hockey the whole time he plays -- dog -- over over rich -- much to my objection. I would've gone the other way I agreed with a -- -- Disagreed with -- -- documents Allen was decent on my right credible but they were decent and documents in no way embarrassed himself. And and everybody including myself who looked at it over the last couple weeks and said come on you can't just flip the switch. The way they've been playing you can't just flip the switch I don't they can keep it going to Opel -- yesterday isn't guaranteed them a -- but. But why wouldn't they be able to keep it going what would they be able to keep this going in other anecdotal playoff series -- we we talked about this yesterday now the schedule for everybody. The schedule is normalized. You're in a playoff series. It's April -- may it's may now thank you. -- -- And you you can focus on one opponent that's not the Salinas of justice try to jam 48 games. Into any available space and it's gonna -- all you guys down and you guys can make this -- October you. So now what's actually we saw the bill the lockout season lock out affected season that part. Is over. Now we have -- -- a focused on them. I think that's exactly. That's exactly what they need. And here's a guy you didn't even mention limited Djokovic. Do you do -- gave up an early goal. And then you didn't think about the rest and re coming all the things you and in YouTube hit all the points he's talking about -- done about cordoned. -- and everybody. Except for to -- Does after that goal you just knew there was no way the Bruins -- the roads were plant last night yeah there was no way that Toronto was gonna have. That many opportunities you could see two to one tablet that has yet to one that the Bruins -- -- -- -- lawyer your team got -- when they were just gonna keep rolling right along -- what happened -- text -- AT&T text -- younger should not be on the third -- are you -- keep bitching about that fine. But in order to take him off that -- -- got to put him somewhere else. And watching that game last night he saw. That that very clearly Randy Carlyle wants to put his best defensive pairing. Against the Bergeron -- that's his number one line in his eyes of the best defensive pairing goes against that line OK so fine. Who asked to step up. You're what's supposed to be your number one line the creature Orton Lucic line it's been so torn apart everybody's rip them up and down for for for weeks and months. They were great. They are fantastic -- and they got to go against the number two of them to defence pairing more often but so what. You can now break up that line after watching the way they played last night because you wanna go -- they're not making -- does it makes it it out that's another huge plus. Workload Julian what he was able to do that. This is not what I want you to promise me you know. And anybody else who thinks like you want to promise news promising news. If or win. The Bruins really take control of the theories. That they go up threes it. And start talking trash. Don't start talking trash and go up three zip. Don't start saying well we're gonna Wear black because it's a funeral role or. It would have been over -- we had done this. I'm telling you. I know I said KG had the biggest night last night because Gload had a big night both of those guys. It's it's an Arnold brought the Bruins have some guys who talk I'm sure they do the Celtics have a lot of talkers on the team KG of the talker. But when the playoffs. And you're so focused on humiliating the other team. Instead of preparing for a game -- the game you're should be thinking OK how close this series up tonight but instead of that. You're making sure that you've got the perfect black -- either you're wearing it. Where you got it next year like locker like Shumpert and it's embarrassing and it's disgusting. I hate that. And it's not a Celtics knicks. I hate when somebody gets you take control you take control of the series. And the only thing you can think about is just the histrionics. And the gimmicks. -- gimmick team and I hope they lose hope they lose this series. And have to think about that you're knicks fan you cannot be there's nothing you can do to defend that to justify. That behavior from guys. -- are that good. Now JR Smith is with a six man of the year but it JR Smith in its history not a great player we can. He can start saying well I'm gonna do this JR Smith Kenyon Martin I know how to live until February. -- like a bunch of Anthony Smith's on that team is that what the next -- or they are they the Anthony Smith's. Of the NBA memory Anthony Smith that Pittsburgh Steelers safety Brady and Belichick decided to just personally make it their mission to destroy him after he talked smack. I mean now that's not good it's a stunning lack of of leadership because of the ups and guys your team. Wanna talk like Kenyon Martin didn't JR Smith did not want him back that up especially DR Smith. You talk trash and come -- mr. first and shot three for fourteen last night and by the way -- that there is a secondary question here if you're gonna ask who had the best night last night who had the worst the worst night last night from an individual perspective you can jump on that went 261777979837. Is -- JR Smith. Mr. talker goes three for fourteen isn't -- 824. If 24. He -- what 12530%. For the -- he's been terrible in the last two games especially. Was a James or -- We'll look at James driver and say he gave up four goals -- in the third period although I think the Bergeron goal should have been given goal I didn't think that he had in anyway control that popped. He was soft. He looks better you see her skirt skirt here. He looked terrified he was kind of nervous and shaky couldn't catch clearly the Bruins have the scouting report on and go high glove side over and over again he had a terrible -- I guess you could don't have crisscrossed the are you can go a lot of people need to go with a lot of people last night and if you think about. I you know I guess the blue jays would be analysts. How they got -- altering our regular season game although -- bad man they are bad baseball team they play they play a bad brand of baseball John Gibbons a bad manager and they are bad they're bad baseball team. I don't gonna win some games because they got Batista and -- and -- hit home runs that's what they -- they're gonna get -- especially in that park. But they're bad baseball team I hate the way they play baseball. You don't want -- well you know how we all know that they're in last place and they deserve to be allowed only right. They're not -- I said it before the season started about Toronto. I said that they won't they won't lose -- 86 and not so sure about that they won't win -- 86 we won't lose more and 8617. I don't know 7979. 37 John's driving around a card John to get is going to make here and WE. John. I Carl -- a long time ago when guys were doing the best Celtics of all time. And Paul Pierce. Is not even -- I'm not Paul Pierce city. Never -- yeah I remember yeah. I look at the turn over every single -- he's a fifteen year veteran mixed breed and fight for mistakes every -- let's take pot right. After so -- it isn't so I guess I was right ultra thin -- -- aid -- -- I'll let you continue is wondering. -- -- I mean this is one of those days people outside with your phone. And you take a picture you can be anywhere in the world to us. It's a beautiful you know and it's basically drove through the ages because it was a lot of fun drive out the door was in that -- was relatively few are -- that girls were wearing much ice cream man was outside John the Celtics won last night -- double elimination. Political problem here. -- you're not happy on your miserable. A lot with a greater portrait but I don't and the only thing you want to call up bitch about was Paul Pierce and try to do what we should tell you. All the complaints that -- colors and lets it. Matt what I would say it was the correct order at a yet you give me I'd better not quite as John or John I -- at each pot and play. -- you need to take a deep breath seriously look what John John John. Go outside get out of here or you work where are you right -- I'm born and that -- all right we have a debate just. Getting on the outside for like five minutes and enjoy the day John I don't get it about this that your what is your point is what this and also. According. -- Paul Pierce having no I didn't say he was beat him. Complete forty -- -- will rebound. External with all the not only caught two point yet you also had production can you go John how are you economic appeal is the most overrated now. John how old are you tell -- how -- you -- please please tell -- how old York. -- -- concerned about I don't want you to have a heart attack seriously if you're this angry today eight. What do you like what things actually go wrong you you can't be. All right so take a deep breath and. -- -- Mike you're asking that question one real disarmament and the other day in the office like Phillips the world and that -- -- -- What is your name got what I tell me what your name is I want -- find out your name but it takes something for you. Possibly be so angry. How could you I tell you what there's only one thing I'm angry about today it has nothing to do with the Boston team and I'll tell you what it is next I guarantee -- I am not alone on assault and -- W via. On NBC sports last night salt and -- on WEEI Bruins and Celtics went Red Sox win sun is out perfect today. In the city of Boston today. I got a service to your steps for our last call well John he's got some support. John -- and support does yes. Call texture on the ATP text sizes -- what you allow all the people that call and just saying what they called in for Jon called and it was a joke now. Four what you did to his chance to explain his gift okay not -- listening to him for the first time I just for context. It's called. I would say called him at three or four times all. Six weeks. And I know -- thanks -- thanks -- -- you -- they what do you call on Tuesday. Paul Pierce is overrated he's terrible never liked him more and -- guys like implement your hair which is a fair play well one and a -- but not today. Love at one point not gonna just appears yet so Paul Pierce is overrated. He's more -- guy John and like you know Dave Collins. Dennis Johnson and Cedric Maxwell real Celtic not Paul Pierce -- the ball too much. And it's another guy. Who says the fact is Paul Pierce is the reason the knicks are leading this series. The miniature -- who lead Bradley green bash on KG. So now -- I don't get it to doctor -- six. I I don't get my I don't got bigger and if you're angry and amen I'm worried about you don't worry you're gonna have a corner. I'm worried that your blood vessels -- to come bursting through your brain. A wanna play why am now furious at the least here just a minute I'll explain who dropped calls first 61777979837. Lead in in a car hello Lyndon. I learned then that LB. I'm not certain a long time first half. There's leadership -- -- what's up. And I know John there are other donkey yeah. Are you you're right Michael. Argue. That if anybody checked that the top scorer in the NBA this year. -- -- -- I can't. You. Chew on. That didn't you don't have it. Two years old Rondo went down there and they are going to work pretty ain't Cheap Trick here. Are you like watching what's happening and -- on them. But you're talking. Out of New York where I'm so out of here. They poke the Alter it well there -- AG. And you can see you can keep -- leaders here. On. About 80 thank you all are out. Did you get all fired up -- -- are. At all eighteen that would take that that would that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean you're saying where sports. On this this guy has legendary Celtics. Went and finally winning at quality try to build around more -- aren't equipped to -- corporate Arnold and they were all your market. Couple players and then when they gave him. I work with a pulled down a champ ship and made a bunch of. I'll be -- demand LB is out of they'll be as popular. Okay what order de LB. Well I'll let you know public capital -- -- -- to everybody Wal-Mart. Are marking a little much more that that. I don't mean to save my retired army picked that at least. It. LB -- a lot of some of your fighter knowledge perspective you. You fought however many times in the NHL -- just about to do this segment and you're the perfect person to ask about some -- you happen Colin. I did not have a lot of hatred for the leafs heading into this series -- not that I like them or anything but and have a lot of hatred for them. And then two things last night drove me -- -- -- three things Phil Kessel -- that based drives me crazy how is that guys they still fat for guys as fast as he has. Then I saw a boy chuck ticket clean clean ironic or Bob ski only to have -- nor in retaliation ticket cheap shot. Boarding cross -- that was definitely dirty and then at the very end of the game you had the fight. And that I played the sound of this is too long to play the whole thing by. Chris Kelly it was not a fighter. Right it is is somehow engaged with -- And he manages to get com rob sweater pulled up over head so he did what I've always been told is the right thing to do which is he stopped punching right. So why does cover -- get to keep punching while his sweater is over his own face and -- not hitting them. They're camera you've written out there and nobody in the year -- Chris -- comet like. Why aren't outbreak they're -- -- they'll lock pick or might not -- the first aren't a lot but I speak you know and you still have a shot to win that aren't you -- -- -- But he thinking it was a -- there and not another. Common hobby you know he's one of those at least it'd better physical and you know I I totally thought that was chief Michael nor. No I wouldn't assume COLT not -- Johnny boy chuck. You know squared up and Johnny would have should be you would answer that call. And you know again they were frustrated -- run a credible job last night. It was it was not. Should you even had the lead -- -- not to mention our. You know people like you lose our mind and whatever happens happens. But it Leon -- you know I mean. I it -- check Lindy -- and year. And almost his era. -- which is only played I think I really cheap moments -- -- use the power might be in every time. And then in Ankara one time we you know Iran army green and -- and -- -- -- straight drop might well. A picture might let it drop to upload concert and -- And I I not vote on it though. I think it's fair that just seems fair and logical and I felt after a thank you opening up LB go enjoy your day thank you our partners -- the only and Hill Man Morning Show he's Alamo Lou once a week as well touted his face and before his parents. As wanting to get beat up I know -- -- up I even get beat up. You say are you tell your parents would happen. Initials are Fareed. Or maybe you beat somebody up from your parents. But to get beat up his luggage while your parents -- -- before McCain doing enough talk launch got into it they don't know that the on the right can you imagine watching one of your kids' regular stuff. Oh how does that look watching what your kids just get his act and don't I can't possibly I looked at Johns in a car John to what the best night last night and anybody in the Boston sports. Well this -- let me say I help early and you're your take government -- because. You know it there in spinach within it -- and it -- And that the iPad like record you know. The jury could not the sport and bought the sort of thing. This is why -- moved back to Boston. Honestly this is that it's nights like last night and I was so excited to move back to -- and little things do JP licks ice cream -- can only is the north and there's a million things but last -- like the reason I and to work with Michael on -- -- let's -- -- obviously don't work I don't think the last night was like the reason why Boston is the best they have now -- isn't there a. Top ten years whatever issues you know. -- where would call your coworkers see you're you're you're something that will note that you are there between the doctor or a particular experiment to. I'm sure -- short two of the last night. Well what I want -- now obviously you know that the biggest winter outskirts of the prevalent with just. An -- for a -- in the second time and -- circus that I'm where. Responded -- really equate to app like Erica -- beauty the Oakland series and out. You know so just an inch -- I think so you know at a. Patrick money after watching his comeback by you know. Second time in -- I don't know actual padlock. According to performance by. And -- -- -- you or is it appeared at a couple Napoli -- -- eight. Richard this guy -- -- the guy Sean -- and I just gonna go right to the guy and say Clay Buchholz mean that you're dancing around it may be quite -- colts. Who had a great night last night Dixon on a six -- -- pitcher with -- ERA of 11 don't want. Now the ERA is got to go up and and it's probably got to go up by Iran and half and because of Byron and I have that's still. At the end of the year you're talking about Clay Buchholz. With an ERA of of two and a half. I think you'll take that you'll be OK with it. Right now it looks like the best pitcher in baseball. If he and the only thing can knock him on. As for his career the fact we have this conversation who's the best pitcher in baseball. You would say I can't take -- Michael -- because I can't because he hasn't -- -- -- -- a page 200 innings before Warner's career. He has had good stretches before Warner's career but he he has some type of break down some type of injury I need to see it so. It it -- buckled gives you 200 plus innings. -- I -- I think I don't know a sub three. Saying that he's in that class he can do that this year and really he can do it for two years because you gotta do it more than just one time I don't want to be and he's got a couple of very good years. But that Doerr bill of these that they're doing and over the course 200 innings. Take a little bit to be in that Verlander Felix Hernandez a few of. Guys -- -- -- you move back to Bosnia and move back forward. Nights like last two nights like last night and JP licks and all the other things look stipulates is great let's give me -- you gotta get themselves I contaminate controller they showed that when I just. Drive -- -- at JP electric chair if art. So you moved back to Boston got all that good stuff but you moved away from a guy -- who is the best -- -- do you I think -- -- I mean when you get rich and I didn't realize -- there and -- two is an embarrassing hypocrite buckled the way he's pitching 1000 bears and put in the conversation. No not to have them in the conversation but to actually have him ahead of guys like Verlander Felix would do it every year I don't think he's quite there yet but when he throws -- did last night. And under a perfect for that. When you watch I'll tell you this about Felix Hernandez his stuff is so good that unless you have eight top notch catcher the catcher can't catch him. His stuff has not much movement. He he's got that Pedro like quality and not quite make in the comparison but the procedural like quality where when he walks a guy like he hurt. OK Ian -- pitch so well there's probably something wrong with him and you start worrying because he didn't Dominic. That's a good -- -- he really is buckled -- nobody keeps their own way has over the last month. He's going to be in the conversation the only thing left to talk about is their ability to answer. A silly question they're losing their mind in New York today which is great got a couple of quotes are -- -- Stephen -- Mike -- some of the nut jobs in New York they are losing yet. We'll play that sound coming up in twenty minutes a lot -- your calls until then 6177797937. What the best night last night or the worst nights alcoholic Emilia. It seemed like you force them into. Certainly didn't want it to go to send the -- and we've -- -- -- its. -- was like game seven every game and we don't know that we carry seven. -- -- These are sitting down like. The only thing you can't hear that KG sound clip or the or the huge. Droplets of sweat landing all over Greg -- And he laughed it did as Greg loved every minute of it happened at up you don't need to tell. You're wiping off the -- price squeeze himself down after Barack saved or Hughes used my here's my jacket Dickerson audience went on. Like like like rock of gigantic. Select all over USC great video and go back -- 2008 the championship celebration. Greg in the locker room and there's writing them down this campaign. And it's like it happened for him maybe -- -- -- the best night he got rid of all over like -- You let them that's why it -- bigger turnout was low for a away so the worst -- and is that you Aerosmith over the worst night as it's either here James James RJR Smith. It would be talked. -- -- -- Robert and Jimmy Carter looks -- OK but he didn't talk about nobody looks scare you make any guarantees you must say it was these these starting goalie in Toronto in Toronto their pay their evidence suggests they are the only thing to me he's the goalie. And he looks like he frightened little child okay. But used quivering you you quoted some tweet earlier it was their first game their first playoff game and what in the each and is their first ever playoff game in HD OK held in the playoffs and thirteen down to the playoffs -- long time. So that the expectations for him and everybody probably with Q&A team but the playoffs are like -- can't there can't be scared as the -- I don't just can't are you ready and miss handle everything but he's not the where he's not a guy. You -- RJR Smith who does this just go down the the list. Of of problems that he's had. Since game three game three they're winning their game. They're blowing out the Celtic Celtic were were booed off the court at halftime by their -- Games in hand he decides to elbow Jason Terry -- Jason Terry. There's still win that game he suspended for game four they lose game four. In the off day he says well I've played well -- see this thing will be over. I'd be playing golf right now they're talking and you guys. And he comes out and misses his first ten shots and Jason -- the guy who's -- who. That's legendary for who. Perry actually woke up he's hitting more he'd get more shots. In the last two weeks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An example and he hit a huge three last night near the end of the game in April it was 59 to three point range last night. So yes. JR Smith may have sparked the Celtics. And not a series. And cannot win this series but it shouldn't have been a series in the first place I was in a car high dollar. -- -- -- Got a call -- bet it all here all over all I. Sure hope that it. All ought to -- yet. Not all like act but just -- -- all your awareness. Now it is not that. Yeah it is that if the campaign for -- Tyler he's been on -- -- while he does that not appears that just fine. And we we've heard it felt like he's the first guy to criticize Paul Pierce he just does it all the time and that is one thing. Over and over and over or not becomes if that's your obsession. I mean that's when you gotta go get looked at or something right don't you have to like to find a therapist -- -- like if that's the one thing that is set you off to the point we call Sports Radio today of all days laws but where you drive and Tyler. -- Is it nice out is it nice that -- New Hampshire is a cold. Or -- I find -- on campus and just drive by -- -- -- -- you're going not just loved ones that's a mistake you should just a drive and -- Iraq -- at -- thirty -- going all these used to not a big -- grow. At all art data banks of the cult we appreciate it. We got this text here AT&T text like 37937. Best night. Cast to gonna -- some Mike Napoli. -- It. Did you see that we Pedroia had a tweet. Of Mike Napoli and on the hacksaw Jim -- going right he does there is the resemblance. Is just that got them like stupid strong thing known right just. The okay. That's another resemblance. -- despondent that Theo and I got to get a you gotta go back a little bit -- kids if you've never heard his name. On the Internet. Google this guy. What. John Farrell looks like. -- it muscular. Obviously younger. Bob Hope. John Little John Ferrell looks like Bob Hope I never thought of -- victories but he's funny that Bob Hope to different. No I -- -- opening -- college football. Great one liners. On me. The pants pulled up almost to a good to a stardom. That's a good look. It's funny guys Bob Hope. He's a little before Andre Almeida did before -- our goal that's our committees. Hysterical -- all laughable hopefully I mean come on come out a laugh out loud funny and I don't think so I don't know I can respect what he did you can't watch it now when laugh out he's not pay. We want to throw it out loud. -- Here again the football bowl games Iran through every city has doubled it used to be the Rose Bowl -- in the Dallas district of New Orleans. Even the -- people flushing New York half. And really get involved last year this year. I gave myself an insulin shot. We attacked here -- you've got all wrong you gotta get Ian walk at the college campus there's no doubt. I recommend different people look as a funny looking but your absolutely that is the thing that can complain about college campuses here outlet -- particularly once or drive while the famous hill yes or drive -- -- co -- currently counts on. They've put construction trailers so there's no -- women -- -- -- -- -- complete the book called camp at the complaint about construction. Zoellick passages brings to drive by Betsy McCoy it's bikinis so now not that. -- -- -- that found that sounds to me that you did that today. And found out is that it was a -- just over to the reservoir by -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there's nothing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what's -- -- Hey I've actually get that -- tempered Joey I went to be you. And always got to do is golf library and look down even at those concerns. During yeah. -- eighty ever been in the library. I know Indy and not at least a decade its stated here. And he's been in libraries have to finally sneaked into the best night last night. You can do it though I think so vocal. I think we are our again almost like a Bradley had junior thank. Are missing something. The something's being overlooked here. Dead you know in the in the wake of the Bruins in the Celtics. That I think we have two all star pitchers. At this point. Amanda -- never bad. -- argued to drop out buckles the last. And -- every he would he'd he'd be you know. He oh man what do what do what do pitcher with four pitches and in total control. You know I think that -- we're looking at a a real rise. In the in most it would -- does tonight but. Man I don't know I'd like to bet on the Red Sox right now and it. When the American -- Well I don't know -- of their when the American League -- not -- contenders but this is -- in the world and attend there and World Series contenders. I think you have to look at. I think is is this is fair to look at it on on the second day of may look at the Red Sox compared to the competition in the American League east you've seen them. Know -- to -- in Toronto's case you've seen them a couple times now. And Toronto is worse now. Compared to the first time on the Red Sox played the worse even though they have their guys back to state. They're just guys -- just names but not really teams that a good baseball team after days of names that you recognize. So you can you can kind of scratched a Toronto off the list. But you look at the other team's all decent teams. Tampa Baltimore. New York. And they match up extremely favorably with all those teams and you can make the case that not only their record better -- their personnel is better. They'll forget about winning the American League in winning the world sees -- contender I think you can look at right now and say they're the best team in the division not just what the record. But with there. They -- it with the way their team -- they're the best team in the division their World Series contender doesn't mean they're gonna win it but they're gonna be in a conversation any conversation about the best teams in baseball. Right now is gonna involve the Red Sox for the rest the year I think that's a great Red Sox win. Bruins win at. Every team had a great night last night who was best and the losing is worse is -- also they're fired up about -- about Tampa about Toronto. Is this obnoxious. Toronto maple leaf group with their goalie who looks like he's terrified they'll -- got a bat based. I I can -- couple little anger for this team all this -- the they never thought I would have. So wanna I wanna dig a little more into that Samir calls plus they're freaking out in New York Michael. They are they are jumping off bridges they are terrified I can't believe some of things hurt I will play you this family you'll you'll laugh. When you hear how upset Steve -- is -- said he's not even yelling. We'll play for an ex alcoholic heavy media.

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