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Danny Ainge with Salk and Holley

May 2, 2013|

Danny Ainge takes a few minutes with us after a win that gave all of Boston hope, as the Celts now trail the fledgling NY Knicks 3 games to 2. Plus Danny takes the time to correct Salk on his interpretation of a quote from last week.

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Danny Ainge joins us right now of course Celtics president of basketball operations Danny. Pretty fired up after that last night. He nor last night was one of postponement yeah yeah. It's always fun to win on the road against really good team in the playoffs was a good moments. And we were just talking about it before he came on playing in Madison square garden and how. A lot of guys you know Paul Pierce -- one -- had some great games and MSG. What was it like for you playing airman do you do you see why. -- certain players really look forward to playing games against in the -- in New York what was it like. Well so I think -- different years I mean I didn't think it was anything special when the knicks were really good bet when they were in the mix for really good it was really fun. And a great place to play in the whole world the whole world is watching. But it's like anything you know like when Philadelphia was really good -- it -- any sort of same way I don't know there's anything special about the the Big Apple vs all the other big cities by. I think that it's not so much to garden itself as much as. You know big city and biggest day in and out of this great rivalry where there's two. Two really good teams going -- it does make a little bit more electric. I would -- a week ago you were down zipped to. You sounded down even you sound a little depressed. -- I got two more wins it's a different series. How are you feeling of you if you could compare the way you were feeling last week and and what the series was gonna become. To what it is right now how would do well. Well last week matter. Mike. Yeah are sort of mutes in the shallow but there's a few things that you can establish over like my eight. He -- cheered the doctors. And that is that are all. Happened back. And old women saying you know -- you know we've had this problem for a few years scoring. It's not about coaching. And that's never the point and that simply stating that class are going to last and being in the second half lead before games which shot 30%. That's just an issue that we got last night we shot but that 30%. We were able to get a win. -- and -- did apologize we were gonna ask you about that to clarify today in and we put a price should have followed up last week and start thinking about it afterwards and trying to interpret what you meant. And and it it it sounded that way to me or I wasn't trying to create I store credit or. I and I think that and I think that that's that's a fair statement welcomed where you mean that you haven't they heard me talk about -- years and we've been you know sort of -- yes -- some translate -- some more electric coach at duke. A general manager in you know -- and I just so you know what they might all that. But that is not that is what I was trying to say -- -- You know even we have -- -- world we'd better product it's -- in the beginning but even which emphasis still -- a challenge. Scoring down the stretch thirteen is our team identity and our success and are winning. Has come from -- great defense. But offense but we have been opposite challenge in the fourth quarter and -- and on the great you expensed in the same way. So what I'm trying to describe the things that we can be of that goes with -- and and part of that getting better at my job. And some of the players in the U coach double world altogether. On in the end our elected do a really good job of never throwing. Coaches or players and costs. Yes I I know I know you have got back and I feel like there's no issue between -- -- Doc Rivers but. I think we screwed up here last week because we should've asked a follow up question when you when you said what you said I was scratching my head I was like what. And sound like anyone would Danny was trying to say there because if it got we have the sound but let's play the -- if you listen to the sound it sounds like. -- thousand. You are you're wondering why the offense has disappeared in May be there's too much of a focused on defense. Sometimes I think we put such an effort is in the emphasis on defense that. You know our guys there you know don't have the energy to keep cutting and moving and so forth without all of fourth quarter. I don't know what it is but it's not easy it's not just the wrong position. Right. Is that all there yet so I think that's where -- turned what I'm saying there is that. -- I'm trying to make you know find a reason. Why we stopped cutting and moved the ball I mean we all want enemies came to come to our practices. -- -- -- the practice. I mean that's -- huge emphasis that are. Is moved the ball move the ball moved the ball players that you know we always say that but my point isn't not. Our team has been built in these. And our defense sometimes I feel like takes away our energy something. You know they're. Save their energy to their office they have great up and shouldn't there be sent shoppers because and it's really hard to have this great energy at both ends of the court. And we had great players like Paul who bailed out a lot. And mark my point is that you don't like we need to -- still a great player. But he is not what he was five years ago where we can rely on him to do so much we need to do it together collectively and and that's and that's been a real challenge in the series. So would you say that the the addition. On to what you said is that you're okay with that trade off but there's going to be a trade off because of the the intensity of the defense and it may hurt your offense late but that's the -- you're willing to accept. Right and you know so like sometimes doctors made. Great choice is great coaching decisions to stick with the deeper routine when work even when we're struggling to score and that includes routine hold on to win -- it would be you know getting stopped. And then you this year. You know we play smaller we played more shooters and we are -- suspenders. You know in in. -- tried to do we're taking care of the combat. Both low percentage numbers last night Jason Terry you know came up huge force for two met in a row. Two big games to -- by Jason Terry but you know we're not big we're not been redone thinking about -- and team. -- others you know those are all those tough decisions approached me in -- that's spectacular job. I'm coaching this team -- especially with -- so many players in trying to find all the right parts. And how they all worked together at the easy this year. If you look at the the series now a potentially two games left in this series. And we we talked about the matchups last week in news and I'm not crazy about the match up well with the knicks. Problem now home and we've had a week of of information. You went down -- happened since then it got. Pretty good job of controlling Carmelo Anthony how would you characterize this series now with potentially two games ago. Well I mean I think that -- -- we've done well and I still feel like we haven't played our past. And I know that we can play better and that's very encouraging. But I have a great deal of respect for the knicks and they -- farther they're buried challenge team. It can score points in a hurry. In -- it's one of those guys and JR Smith certain posters can score over. You really good defense. You can play perfect defense on him and still score that that's how good they can be. And you know -- open that they they don't get in one of those zones over these next couple. What do you what do you think of the funeral attire or -- post game antics at the end the last now what do you made of that in the series. You know I just have been involved and so many gains and so much. Talked and lot of media hype and I honestly don't think that anybody thought much of it. Other than you know it's just and another question that is asked. I mean we get to meetings to concentrate on focus on the -- worry about anything that they're doing and that we are cut straight on what's happening between the lines. You know it's all first got that down a total misfit tonight I think with you guys are playing the pistons at the garden. As it tonight when you go to the game. Watch Courtney Lee eleven of fourteen feet just watch him how he does business there get a bad game -- night so. It was it was a bad suggestion on my part but I've been. A fan of Courtney -- is this season what is happening him in this series how is he. Fallen out of it really. You know I don't I don't think it's so much has been cordoned Garnett and it. It's. You know -- almost seven guys last night and he played the guys who were doing the best Shoppach has indeed Ramon -- You know in the high pick and roll which is the really tough assignment in the wayward sending him attention that would give BJ our. Attention to Carmelo. You are trying to get rebounds and not get or spread too far to sit in the corner -- and -- -- -- got to sacrifice and -- -- I think doctors were the guys defended that plays. Not necessarily always the best players -- disguise it. Player's specific -- do certain job and -- Hopefully we can move on beyond the series and who knows maybe tomorrow night Courtney plays a big role in in this victory -- Court and have a decent year this year yet had a great year or a bad year he -- He's been very efficient offensively got a little bit of a slow start shoot the ball first month but according to good player. Very talented athlete. They can do. They can make shots. Because -- three he's been in the top 23 and three point shooting. Over the last couple years going into this year so we know he's he's very talented player. While Danny use your team has come back now forced the force this series to come back to Boston for game six -- into games away. From -- some serious history thanks for being with us appreciate it. Are there is Danny -- lot to react to their we will do that your phone calls the next alcoholic do we do.

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