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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 05.02.13

May 2, 2013|

Greg Dickerson sure loves it when KG sweats on him.

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Yet today for -- -- up. And it did I. Got and the message the the formula that's who -- on -- that's just gonna keep coming back to the sounds there. -- stock got nobody you. I don't like radio in my day. Political picking up a hoot seeing it who seem routine routine. There's a little bit of an -- Iraq itself out I can't just let. And imprisoned for us and -- -- NBA being down three and a tryout period -- comeback tour and it didn't end up but it baseball and time. We got the heart of the champions no we're not gonna let down we've. We had a good -- by Kevin Millar. But of the -- no less today though I have win this when you're gonna get real tight so we go home to Boston hallmark has not done yet. Every game -- -- what we really have to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know what's gonna happen I know what's gonna happen tomorrow night at the garden -- Kevin Millar is gonna make an appearance -- some general Laura will be at the garden with a is it a bottle of Jack Daniel's little. He might. Scared. It deeper allotment -- either water or whatever shots. If you would you do -- -- -- your. Meant to protect planet like this but it did last night. You'll have plenty of IMAP and -- it and the play golf. And you don't like to for the Celtics thought about this. This is I mean not only is it perfect if they were they were downed -- three and now there they're on their way to get some momentum. But I think all the chatter. About JR Smith. It's making it worse for the knicks because now they what was perfect for him during the regular season you knew that he understood his role. Any played beautifully there and Gregory. Now fits everybody's talking about him letting the team down. It will go so far out of this game. You'll think that he has got to rescue the -- this is going to be you know what he's so psychologically is gonna make it worse basketball also psychological wanna make it worse. I'll let you know I haven't seen. I thought about it at the debt in order to have a funeral. And the message. Both of the best -- you have received. JG -- it came out. But apparently didn't take with a bad girls hang -- you know we'd like them they don't you like some around. And that message like you give the girls like to do anything of that I think they are aliens. -- It's as good we are calling it. I'd it and I want it gone -- as well encouraged -- I thought it. It. This is a polarizing thing here now Texas is anyone who takes offense to the Boston Celtics funeral comment. Is part of the large PC problems this country has and another guy says I can't believe you guys and think of this before I don't appropriated is. I had just. If it never crossed my mind to be honest and public Kmart Smart enough to have it have crossed his mind what tiger and a I don't think anyone is I I would be surprised if anyone thinks that. They actively thoughts of what happened in Boston and said hey let's really rub it in their -- and have a a funeral thing. I don't think anybody thinks that just that they were completely unaware that there. PC it's just kind of inappropriate that's all sensitive. Our -- was called bitter about all here last night kicked -- printed in the growing. Field -- baby. It's always walker the weight problem what are your problem if you can't happy epileptic Celtic. Won't do. We will what's wrong with stealing candy from. Nothing. At all actually you know why it's a good thing it's not good form can take that can't get away from depends of the baby had a common. The baby always. -- comfortable with this system. Did anyone I don't know what do you do you guys fit whether they crank -- he's been dislocated. Because I was so good football put forward and they have -- for withdrawal. From double speed. -- Well look like David I think people in the last big news. I think she's still around I think she -- -- you and he she called. I'm certain you haven't heard from protects you went into another mistake but I believe generals on the in the senators would hear what. So I don't yeah I understand she was really unfair to general it is very critical. I don't know like -- if she had to. Dedicate it to come out and an in dash. A female host on the station to them I mean that -- the cranky Yankee's access just aren't cranky and Italian and sentenced. But I think well so these guys that. Who have the best I have yet to my. Who have the most formally excited. -- Do they get whatever radio been detonated that there is and I quote believe sort. It's not -- of mass -- grain for the act once. -- Now look. That it guys you wait so long to do you have that why is that so wrong. Satellites. -- All all of this. Out on. All. Three boom. -- I mean. What would be talking about. Talking about it being. It would have just hearing this now that it is life lessons on the solid knowledge that if a -- that that -- that I am assuming he means the basketball. He could I hit to Kevin Garnett. Kinda like. I had talked about work to do so why haven't. I try to stick it in the press and so long that I haven't -- that I'm -- What -- what. And -- half of that for -- is gonna splatter all -- last -- poor guy. That's well over sublime. I'm a college that was that was Mike up as early power through AT&T could be huge for -- wireless provider in Boston Bruins. Most -- coverage in New England. Are people out of setter or they've -- about the funeral thing I don't know why. I still think it was arrogant and obnoxious and and they got their comeuppance for -- But I don't think that it was I don't think it was meant to be offensive so I'm not that offended by it but I can understand that it was certainly insensitive. Texas says the bombing never crossed my mind with that would the New York thing now that it's been brought up it's still doesn't. And then another Texas says that it sure makes you question metals phony pregame ceremony. Our hearts are with the Boston. Nieces. My gas. So some people say no big deal on others. -- think it's a very raw in in it's very insensitive on the parts of the next. Well yes. JR Smith -- terrorist group in Kenya Martin. To -- some of the tough today people's -- city think that he's about to be the basketball version of Bill -- that's now you're looking for. In the middle of the series away to your questions and answer the questions are coming up here to second just -- any question you want 37937. We will lancer it's alcoholic WE yeah.

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