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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, on C's win over Knicks

May 2, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins the show following the Celtics extending the series to six games. Jackie discusses the Knicks trash talk, the heart of the Celtics, and Doc's game plan.

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Back Janet -- -- ID three point seven WEEI Celtics survived game six will be Friday back here at the garden joining us on the AT&T hotline. ESP a boston.com Jacqui McMullen so it's eleven nothing first quarter -- start to think about. The column and is that I get right about the end of this thing in and I think it about the final game will see these guys play together when the knicks are up eleven -- early. They ask their question -- question a million on -- plane that extracts so they went all for I would return over. I -- in Miami held for five. All extra shots were good -- I -- I don't know anyone I don't like at all he'd turn over land that return I was in the first whatever what he had. And then they'll add one more interested about so yeah give them a lot of credit her with any -- -- -- and they're taking it and and then afterwards come to find out. They talk a lot about it said that -- one in America and they're gonna come back too early if we can hold up that hunch we got a shot to win the game so they know what to expect. You know -- yeah listen it's the playoffs and a lot of teams are all highly motivated but it. If -- knicks team that's three to one and you start talking trash talking about dresses for funerals. I don't think that's the smartest thing while I was actually shocked that they actually went through with -- and actually all showed a lack. Yes not not the smartest thing especially from a group like -- collectively that. Let's factor maybe Jason Kidd really haven't won anything and now I'm sure they'd like it back and and you know Mike Woodson isn't that kinda coach. And and -- -- to me was a reluctant participant this is really fueled by Derek nick and Kenyon Martin guys like. And then in the wake of a change your mind would even stand up unanswered question. You know so their you know you sense a little doubt I don't know if -- had enough of them to blow this series. And by the way it would be blowing that -- in my mind. But it's a little little little seed of doubt planted now in the -- locker. It's sixty rich and -- I thought that was from up just a basketball standpoint for player personnel will get to Terrence Williams but from a basketball standpoint Jacki for four games. You watch the Celtics get trapped and turn the ball over for whatever reason last night may be something that. That -- and company worked on between games they dealt with that pressure they may be extra pass they got appears open threes to -- layups and he hadn't seen that when they were trapped in the first four games of the series. Arnold questioning you know they've been cut by a doctor talking about it's not just between this game and -- think he is talking about it. And not DM to -- before the series started and during that period that it was the single big disappointment to him. Then all these pictures that have been around -- couldn't handle it trapped and couldn't get the ball out. Look what the threat came he couldn't swing -- from the pressure and -- there's a reason why they shot the record their country from the -- while I got back. It's because they are open lot. They weren't content look there are wide open looks from Selena Bartlett doubled. Like Brandon -- who goes six or seven on the well. You have game three. The game three just upset me right with the effort -- back game for talked afterwards -- was -- united. Coming out of that game I felt like I did realize the goal was knocked it swept and that's why last night shocked -- used did you see that coming was that surprised you last night. Well I would I would disagree Q about game three because to me they tried with little disturbing note gain data mean what they tried really hard. It's really hard and -- and a lack of effort it was just a complete lack of execution. And what I viewed via a little bit of a disparity inability frankly I think the knicks are younger quicker stronger faster they guitar. And that's what I thought it was more than anything. But then we've also -- and how you can not -- these guys. Down he cannot count them out we all do it. But it is the mistake every time because they're so proud analysts and you know basically carried out that these guys are playing not just for that season the plane. For their lives in terms of the unit that things can have probably break up when it when -- -- -- over -- you're not -- see this -- together and and they -- -- it. And I think it means something to all of -- Garnett and your particular and you know what I like black and they win this game after all -- and not think. And it's -- crede. Said dude. Celtics locker room nobody's gone crazy in there nobody pomp and they're -- -- -- pocket where black. As hectic -- look would go behind one more game and we're done and and that's the right mind -- if you wanna get -- Militaries -- talk a little bit after game four in the last night you see Jordan Crawford and -- boxes. He wasn't happy about it. Can't help but think a little talking to the New York Knicks initial composure during this game but to get them down and get them rattled. The product the better I don't think that hurts at all. Well except church and -- -- someone that actually late in the game. Like Jordan driver didn't play a minute in this game he was the wrong -- many. The start chirping in military -- a little bit I get back -- they -- so let's listen. It hyperbole to say that that shot that he took from Gartner. Literally locate. Area I mean there -- different player -- that you can point at that moment. And you could be a different in the late date Jerry handled himself like he's -- packed game. The way he carried himself and the way he's been talking. Oh and and you know clearly the Celtics needed. He hit some big shot but I'd put green hit two big shot in the game well maybe brand ambassador that bank shot it'll under the reading up. Or you imagine Brandon Bass are talking to Jackie McMullen ES PM boston.com multi Celtics game five win over the knicks. -- defensively a -- throughout the entire year was a -- that the three of us talked about say boy he signed the contract that is not the same player in this playoff series. That's the shoddy at last night but defensively against Carmelo that too many guys. Frustrate Carmelo Anthony -- the way Brandon Bass appeared to last night did it look -- as frustrating impersonate as it did on TV from -- I wanna get practice properly if he had been invaluable he's really stepped up on both ends of the floor but I will cost you about best. I'll have a lot of good luck a lot of shot critical error I commemorative went halfway down and got it back out again. And again not to take anything away from an investor you're right he does irritate and yet it's extremely -- let me get them out of -- comfort zone but I honestly think. Settle out of earshot know that last night which it can be met and you know they do a good job an excellent job of swinging a ball and getting. Carmelo and -- had been held them in the eyes open look. And out so I just. It is knowledge -- good shooting night the knicks win you know. -- doctoral Carmelo before you mentioned to vote your -- -- the knicks team because he's display an MVP caliber throughout the regular season. Always start to see the -- Carmelo here a little bit lately. I you know I'm. Not yeah I'm not prepared to say that I don't think the wanting they would if Dominic and that would disturb me but he went. I think it was 25 minute -- What outscored the field and we're talking at the end of the order the entire third quarter and -- -- you know little early chunk of the court are yeah that's crazy. And ended down on him or that -- asking for not getting them all probably a little opening. If you're gonna be the superstar you're going to be an MVP and that you can disappear for a stretch like that -- or not. Acceptable. Look in their their MVP in my mind the most reliable and most consistent players in Raymond Felton can't terrific I think they do not have an answer. They can't stop minutes too bad you Avery Bradley is essentially in my mind bench late -- game four of all people Terrence Williams and I thought for doctor. To stick with Terrence Williams that second half Jacqui what he gave them. And it can't be that -- that one of the two guards that -- plays and a seven man rotation. Out of nowhere out of that was a very important. -- -- over about the box score big night from Terrence Williams last night. Yeah and a question and by little out of place played with a Communist. Play with the confidence that angered that unfortunately. Avery Bradley hasn't been an enemy you know like a feel for Bradley ever really do because the hard work and yet he declared it. They've actually do things that are not his guilt -- and it affected his confidence on both sent to the party can see it you know when he got that shot it's -- sport. And defensively he's trying to make up for what's gonna yacht and then I hit a home run defense of late but in a little your little it's come populated right now. You know he's gonna be -- -- -- comes back next here but go back to doing the kind of thing that made him so important to the scene. But right now a doctor doing the right thing eject. You can't really trust may be -- Bradley right now. Given the other way and Terrence Williams to play you expect to see more -- as a means that good satellites is rebounding due to thinking goes that little smaller lineup rather in the big one Google gets these next. Let the united you know he's certainly out there when met with a veteran unsolicited. I'm making comments about how much help them that's a good sign that means that he's earned that trust and that are important this time a year you know -- guy had appeared to carry. And you wanna look around and you wanna believe that turned away wind up every few. I think a huge statement and I think that's what -- elect and I think he he's really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know like. It is athletic he's big strong and handle the volume not trade. Let them help -- you know the big issue with parents and Detroit in the charity and I can tell you I'm still not a 100% convinced he's. A finished product in that regard. Who. You don't not super totally you know somebody not playing. Some of the comments he makes -- I let you know let's see if you can learn from it and it got an opportunity at all I -- right here. Jackie has already could help solve this mystery have been talking about here thought this whole entire playoffs with the knicks. What is what happened with Courtney -- is is he not healthy did did we miss something somewhere along the lines. It's a fair question and it's a good question and and you gotta get Cornelius -- -- credit -- he's a good chance for everybody -- dongle and you're actually a big part in the locker -- I count felt like a trial. You know you lock stock confident somewhere along the way. And if you never go back to the early gains both -- maybe when they were at it again -- the list communication. Even had a word with one another you know they just. Or whatever reason. -- is decided that and not you know I'm not that the practice certainly we feel a lot bracket so they can have a better idea what's going on -- I don't have an answer for you. And I thought that one little -- -- time he had -- little English banality and you know so. I feel for him you know I mean I think it sort of currently in comparison not within billion remember what dot net number there's probably back greasy and when they -- lean and they had Bradley in the course back when they had Rondo and Jerry. He declared them. The value not the best and deepest backward in the NBA -- -- -- said go back and look at. All I come back for game six and and he said it Melo was kind of in and out and the 232425. Minutes stretching -- field goals that the biggest question now is to me. -- the knicks close out the Celtics is that something Jackie think -- to be. I'll learn -- I think the Celtics like this pressure spot be elimination games I'm not sure the knicks do and for that reason. I could see it go to game seven and if things get tight late may be Carmelo and JR Smith. -- four all come back from the Celtic team. Well it happens to be the first and it -- it you know and there are a lot of black -- -- comment last night and you know Jerry I mean at Kerry -- -- about to -- it in his neighbor he knows they know the history and it but there. If you don't listen these Celtics. And it ensured the whole Kevin Garnett there they defy logic guys logic held -- Logic tells us the best player in the -- it seemed usually winds. The fear that somehow it's unequivocal and you know you could argue that the second best player in the Gary. It could -- actually entering account at this point so all logic tells you. But the knicks to win this -- because they're deeper. Younger they're quicker the better shooters. And then here comes the but when you are talking -- being in here and what they've been through together and what it means Democrat -- -- and that makes you. God bless them they just make it interesting every single part. And they now you know the one question I think that they're -- that our network that every -- pattern is not a couple laid up in between. The parade ceremony of the classic and in classic played every you know you know I mean yeah art and that. -- -- -- So you don't -- that come out fighting and they'll have something left in the tank at not that big gamble but it was a good one when he -- it -- and a couple minutes there in the fourth quarter. But that was really really critical and it and it paid off -- the -- -- can't eat it and it shot down the stretch in the fourth quarter. And it was a gamble -- work. But eight -- that you got to monitor it eat it because he is old beat up. And it's not just that you have anymore it's not just the ankle anymore Pomona prospers when I ain't got three appointing -- on. Everybody is in amazement what he's able to -- To be able to get out there and still. Play with bombs -- field. And -- by the ways leaving the NBA in rebounding so far in the post season Jacqui joining us or Penn Station in New York go catch that train Jack you'll see at the garden. For game six tomorrow night -- Should be interesting to be injured and. Thanks Jack makes -- Jack give equality SP a boston.com joining us when Jackie joins us of course brought to you by HSA insurance by Newton Wellesley dental partners. And by drama hill for more calls in the Celtics and Bruins and Red Sox as well 61777. -- 79378. Smut and little going.

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