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Stephen Drew goes deep, Merloni goes "boom"

May 2, 2013|

Lou pumps his chest after a great game from Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew.

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Mike -- can be -- in the fish and fish -- car to meet technically. Like Kevin likely file to show on Twitter to get the optimist but. I don't know. How much that's what twelfth. -- that the 10 well last seconds at the clock. Because there's a we're -- these great things about the Red Sox they've mentioned Mike Napoli because god knows somebody else that'll run last night for the rents are. Well. Through hitting 154. Without a homer. He swings and there's a high one sack deep down the right field line hit into the final poll bearer file it is gone home run. A two run shot for -- room and a Red Sox lead -- -- nothing. Do you put that one well into the second look. Don't let him get three hits on Saturday night. When I'm on the radio -- new joke mystics -- out as a matter don't let it happen. It is funny because they all get out get the the tweets you know -- the drew experimental but it seems like it's always after. The good -- that two run triple I get three wins experiment over. And -- -- to run double whatever laws went experiment over it's on my last night at -- and the guy was experiment over -- delivers. When my drive down the right field line base hit fair ball rolling into the water. Hear him. But this course off the disparity things where it all out to pay me later that why do I. Yeah that Barrett is bad throw the reds actually history don't want. -- ought to come around him. -- -- Because all of a sudden Iglesias has three home runs -- AAA there waists and -- -- blade go drew has got one then. Iglesias has three in 57 at the left 57 at bats. Yeah the next Barry Bonds play elite level shortstop and keeping him out a tactic as an adult Stephen Drew. As I've had a lot of fun with it and those you know some people pick up on sarcasm and people though -- -- week to vote. In being an all star should represent the American League -- aways away from that operates out of a lot he is your big key yet on whether or not something that is sarcasm. The other part of his -- defending him because you predicted they would sign him you won and to sign -- and years. Sucked like a Hoover for a month now -- -- -- that really hasn't -- do it well the why we only tweet out to forget last night as that was more sarcastic. But when he does something good there you are when he strikes out eleven times in six games up in the air so -- there is. There is somewhat for you would defensive Stephen Drew that -- on sarcasm it's a defense of I should -- The game baseball. In what April can bring. It's a defense that. Apparently everybody but he Kevin Costner field a dream everybody Asia. Forgets. That may help a lot of April the first three weeks of April there's always someone on some team that comes out and is that one tent. Every single year. And then you know at the end of the year when -- -- nobody comes back as a former -- in April no. Have you got a track record any -- got thirty at bats. And people are judging a month thirtieth bats it kind of sounds ridiculous. And -- put it amendment issue wouldn't do it. Commitment to dual -- in Susan's children. -- for the process. And of course. And -- between. -- -- to -- -- because the government it would have been beaten but. -- And -- and I pray. To send. Walk onto the bleachers but. Whoever citizens should be proven that in him. Plan. Have reserved seats. -- the -- restaurant. Champ funerals. And watch the game send the damn papers abused him to themselves not to quarters. And members will be sold. Still listen this whack job signing papers in the bank opens in the morning before close. He won't comrade. You're broke break -- sell now or you lose everything. The one constant over the years rate. Has been baseball Britain balls -- America -- violent and on the student loans. It's been erased much of what I would rebuilt and efforts to death. I was gonna love you by the way you'd you don't want to tell -- -- because you are ranked in the in this -- are ready to say your re protecting baseball. Would you say I'm tweeting about Steven Georgia I'm tweeting about baseball protecting baseball you're ready to -- -- sell itself. That's -- you are you're looking for moonlight -- -- -- -- -- with a hot dog what I'm looking at field of dreams is a guy in his first thirty at bats this year was in a hundred -- Who missed what three weeks of spring training. Came back in his first thirty at bats in the hundred typical drew her retro -- yeah. And it's now looking at a guy in his last thirty at bats in two -- six. What's the fascination. It is true. With Steve and thank you Bob Ryan sixers last fifteen seat that this is over the point is is that. Yet if you wanna take it any good hitter in the game. And pick thirty impacts. Unfortunately for some it's the first thirty the ports -- fortunately for some it's in June. When you're already in 1990 and you drop the 274. -- 68. They need to play it out to look at a guy for a thirty had bats and sees -- hundred. It's been said that he socks. Is is ridiculous. What's the fascination. It is true. With Stephen Drew on that this this is where you and I are different would you look at -- for five last night you wanna sit here given credit. -- to a different double play a whole trees or should I double playground out last any cause for outs and two at bats fire him. What month that they buckle them. -- -- -- -- That that -- that the baseball the other class under rubble 650 events. -- percent when -- guys get track record it's it's extremely difficult. The judge him on thirty up on that's all I'll say -- foresee persona comes in the first thirty. -- was defense. It plays you think that he would have made that he wouldn't of. One. It's it's not a lot of good. It's it's it's not it's more than one. Because the range of Iglesias you can't compare to the range and nobody that wants is a few balls that were just out of Iran are your -- record fans haven't seen haven't seen as good player. Through nearly 154. Without a homer he swings and here's a high of one. -- -- Three for five last night yeah good player average up to 193 -- RBIs -- 96 in his last nine games eight games to. Sixers last fifteenth grounded double plays you really get a crucify or -- Boise just joke and Mike Napoli was hopeful for punch shots two nights ago. -- -- -- -- Just in the three hits there's guy drives better field -- back Basra is looked -- mandated that they. -- out there are -- on. Mike Napoli without -- that -- -- The irony of six point 35 wouldn't -- to drive left and that's what way back I don't wall by the ball. Happily it well. They go became the first player in eight years to Mike Napoli to have two home runs performs sixty feet one. So excited -- think these days. -- joke it's easy for him. Well Joseph here's the bus right now Joseph has a pretty good cast the cannot get a great -- care to round before but the kind of change it up on read the press release for -- -- -- -- he's going to be a delay into its games for Dave O'Brien went if it's. John -- has moved on John Ryder. We do in the pre game and the post game now regrets the job not harder -- working guy around the station. Legitimately good guys don't say about everybody around your body's good who's your -- boy to package. But another guy and that mixes Lou Maloney will be doing games beginning eyes darting down a couple of games. Somehow decided to texas' weekend sort of ranger games -- not be flying out tomorrow more off the show so let's -- Mason. Up up up up a while ago the power. The power. And it tied into you do in the game's text -- stated yesterday. Talked about we need to mix in -- -- a drop in any hockey crazy player during the game via. Most of the text we can now laugh then move on this was a good idea. So we're gonna tie that into today's pop you know poll question New York it's Saturday. Saturday night. You're doing the game we Jokester Leo I got in Texas right. We're gonna give people three different options. Of which former Red Sox player -- like the year -- mix in. While broadcast in the game Saturday -- do you have a hand in what is said. On the broadcast Saturday. Point -- in three and a hundred names. Unit I give you the names them a comeback and animal pepper will be different usual. -- -- Spill are good -- -- though. Donnie Sadler. When he a or is the Al -- You're gonna get to choose the listener WEEI and cement and the Red Sox radio network and in. You get to vote out what guy you want to mix into the broadcast on Saturday night against the Texas Rangers -- Archimedes -- Albert professional expose. The EOZ 037. Ninety recently detects the show you to expose OP OZ 03793. You want Donnie Sadler -- -- Sadler. The 37937. Or you want it easy. Thank god he -- for is the eyes EZY. If 37937. Also place your vote online by visiting W week yet dot com slash my -- But -- present about pop you know pop you know just introduced their new Mac and cheese pizza hot topic pizza -- sausage and roasted red pepper pizza and the buffalo Mac and -- obstacles. Call or online a puppet you know dot com let's. You're basically. Your program in the game what you wanna hear what former Sox play want -- mixing -- Saturday night. Next imposed though for Archimedes pose Sadler. For Donnie Sadler or easy breezy out -- 37937. Although sampler. -- vote and it's not about seventeen. Not sell the rookie cards somewhere. I think if you mentioned Saturday value -- up to the couple. Notes at one cent were threes. And it UN Donnie Sadler go a little bit of history movement -- them. In any case you -- that's. Monday. Texas is don't go Lou every series you called you lose mean that your could be opened. Beat -- Monday -- sick. You know why in -- -- jacket. Over -- and and you'll like the broadcast with the wind but it's a little bit sick. Not down there at -- mobile. Early returns are and who would you vote for -- so I suppose so. So far as an early early early early early stages lay down established and run 312 peoples repose or -- -- At 37937. Or get a break come back to your phone calls you'll also hear Manny Ramirez he's gone deep again all. In Taiwan not Thailand keeping. Bartlett is a chart and Longoria at third Crawford left scenes in center right -- was gross. It's just me.

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