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Clay Buchholz pitches gem, improves to 6-0

May 2, 2013|

Merloni and Mut break down the pitching performance from Clay Buchholz and discuss the best pitcher currently in baseball.

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But -- uses strike idea to preserve the shutout bid to pitch. An air strike three fastball over the -- -- -- And he gets the punch out to retire this guy really as a runner at third. And -- haven't -- nothing Red Sox. Jokers say -- McCall Butler 937. WEEI. Calmed down over there. And in ten minutes I'll let you what have your moment in the sun okay aren't always -- -- to -- one of the home runs hit last night that's one while. Got in market market clock over there and I think that's the most important thing that happened I can tell by your Twitter count. They need at the home run from the shortstop the Red Sox was I might be a crack biggest deal. Ever are those that I I'm I don't may be a -- sarcasm well but I -- and sarcasm with your tweets with. I thought Clay Buchholz on like US Buckley buckle down. Was the most important thing for the Red Sox last that if he was dominant it was a fastball. It was a little bit occur ball back great occur -- has the showcase all time but it worked last night. They get another win he gets the six you know their now what eleven and one. In the twelve starts between Lester buckled this year and he was flat out dominant electric whatever you wanna call it some might say Cy Young asked. Hello predicted to win the Cy Young award before the season. In the blog went against the blue jays last night while lot of people focused on the playoffs and -- Celtics. Gotta -- first pitch for me last it was about 1140. And and yeah it was he continues to impress you know I've I've talked about before. With. His office. Is outstanding and ended. Were being overworked both sides of the plate with pretty much every -- he has. No we huge scene and be able to throw that cutter in on left these BC and be able to look back toward lefties to freeze them. You know we can throw it the right -- historic in the writing seized on Mormon slot or look a way to varieties. With every pitch he saw a change -- effectively the both sides of the ditch the right handers and lefties -- on rate change -- It's that's difficult pitch usually don't seek is afraid to leave it up to fly ball it's -- Fenway Park he's effective with so. And he put that with 95. AM last night massacre ball through its. The -- you watch him -- lately you forget he's got one of the better curve balls what has got that ridiculous change anybody's carcinoma and embarrassed him at 322 to go to the curveball 32 and as the other guy I go back as a hitter and you -- if you watch film on him and I know they have all these stats. Right percentages all 1011 every count to one as a -- 31. These are some of the stats you look at the advance scouting stats. Every always try to pick a high percentage -- -- -- facing a lefty. And you see lefty what in -- 10 count -- EC 60% change. No okay well there's a pattern there alive fight get ahead in the count one moment I'll sit changeup off officer left. Leopard up and go get him I'd love to see the scout report on him and his counts. Because he's all over the place he'll throw any pitch any time. You know a lot he's the culprits and to -- to throw both sides of the plate. And in the stock right now the sound he's gonna have a one point 01 ERA ended the year but this is the jet did well in these -- He now has more wins than any other pitcher in Major League Baseball he's pitched more innings. And more -- than any pitcher in baseball bat is the number that stands out to me more than the wins. Clay Buchholz who. I was on before this year saying he's not journalist because Lester is getting to be 21 -- plus and I know I'm not sure about buckles through the end of April early may. Click buckles has pitched more innings anybody in baseball -- that's a huge step for for him out of that he's gonna throw toward a thirty innings -- -- Red Sox are are. It's always too Smart to let that happen. But didn't make all these starts and go deep every single start is huge for this team but one that about a year -- I mean. And illegal any pitcher get into that you know 2.5 -- I think it will day and -- not that they want real we've investigate to twenty before. Lou we -- he has built their majority is the normal but you know it all these. These drafts of body in your increasing innings in and going gulf so many innings per year mean we are forgetting the 289 last year. So could you build off of that and point nine starts and get a multitude ten to fifteen. -- that that's that's the only thing that's in question about this kid right now is you know sustainable his stuff is yes -- physically. Will there will he be able to make 3233 starts and that's the only question that is out there right now with him I have a couple tough starts shore. Again the beauty of is because it -- so well I mean it's only different ways. He can be without one of his pitches and still be effective. -- Jake Westbrook sat out half the innings pitching is a lower ERA the cardinal starter does -- clay buckles but besides that nobody. Of the stars and baseball's get a better ERA in the buckles one point 01. On my grade point averages look like that and his strikeout totals among the best in baseball 47 strikeouts fourth most. Not just the American League that the entire game and what beyond the stats last night how about his teammates what they said chain victory know. Not what he's doing right now is impressive it's fun to watch the guy just dominates right now both sides of the plate up Downey is a dirty curve bullets and everything you need to do. I seen it -- multiple guys you talk about those three guys doc Halladay. Holiday -- excuse me Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. Each one of them is nasty as the next I felt like they fed off each other and I feel a little bit of that here which is great. And that's about it. That's what it's about. What clay is done is set the tone he's going out there every night pitching his butt off it's fun to watch so he's comparing buckles. And that stuff and his make up to three pretty damn good pitchers in dock in cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. How Mike -- Mike -- who saw buckles Wednesday looked eerily familiar. A pretty good. As Ross stated the -- -- catcher Ross -- pitchers out there can offer up of the Sox starters capable of doing one that happens to a player with carpet Seattle. Felix Hernandez now come down over their senses your or any other favorite guys in baseball Felix Hernandez pulled from car. They don't like about Felix uses all his pitches well same thing with -- He locates all of them which makes it really hard for the hitters to keep keep -- balance same thing with Felix. He knows all -- pitches the work he knows he can locate all of them he's gonna bring all of a match you. Just to see him pick you put a -- apart is awesome. That's sounds like a -- You were talking about a couple of weeks ago with -- -- how we can strike out guys. When more pitchers and a any other array of pitches in Major League Baseball I think so well right now and no offense Mike -- soft Felix IDC fields up close by -- -- a lot. And Mike are -- Felix and buckle in the same category that is high praise from a fellow player out there -- it's up not to mean if you are. 06 starts into it it's tough not to be impressed you know so if you wanna judge what you've seen. So far this month. Known for the through six starts it's no question the best pitcher in baseball you know let's see he's still -- hopefully. Another what when he six starts to go so you've still got a long way to go what do -- my car. That's ridiculous right now isn't it locked in he's got and and the funny thing is you look at the way they've used. Car and then go -- carpets a bomb couple nights ago Toronto. It'd bring in the lefty in the sixty -- it's Gomes he hits a bomb. The last night game gets a weight -- David Ortiz lineup I think pitcher David Glover was a Dick -- some global arrest. Key that is another -- I mean the guys get is twelve for twenty -- and 480 another twelve it's nine or extra base hits. Nine in limited time. Kind of ridiculous. In one of these guys it -- benefited again from the coaching staff well and knowing the preparation for -- think. That not coaching staff allowing guys to know when they're gonna playing keep them engaged is not helping. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A forgotten man but he's come easier to do what he's doing now under the reign of Bobby VR under the John Ferrell coaching staff. Which -- be successful when it's always easier when you're a part time player and you know when your plane but you know he was a forgotten guy. Pressure early on assault Jackie Bradley and it was he was that the 25 point six got a rush to echo Mike Koppel is expendable. You know Jackie comes up there please wall and David comes down -- you -- -- carpet -- -- points from first base. You don't need him anymore repetitive. Same guy. -- you know a night given a cement pets limited time. Ichiro off the bench I mean this there's a lot of things here to like about this -- so glad the game look on. -- we said is back in spring training and retreated from a like that move then because they needed a guy behind Mike Napoli. Defensively. We need -- left -- that -- field. Probably didn't enough about -- -- to -- pick up and he stopped -- UT WEEI please refer to Mike Carp strictly as the fish. Try to get that -- -- out here.

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