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LB not surprised by Bruins domination

May 2, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to recap the Bruins Game 1 victory over the Leafs and talks about the team's ability to "flip the switch".

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Every team's physical pleasant and it doesn't matter who we're playing I mean so we do expect that from then expect -- personal visits. That's what people knows I'm here it's -- it's exciting. -- -- -- about his team's excitement in the post season -- -- 937. WEEI 617779. 7937. You can Texas AT&T text like 37937. Would not be. Recap of the bruins' big win last night without our hockey what you want to call hockey insider hockey commentator for what -- would. Whenever ads did you wanna use John. Genius. L being fat slob I Angelo this quit being a bit and a little bit as away impressed with what I wanna ask you this and beyond yes beyond we've talked about this team what they've looked like the last two weeks. I I. I know you'll you'll what you want it to see that from them you -- hoping that you would see that from them where you surprised that you saw them that good last night. I was not I was not surprised to see them that good I wise. I was surprised to see the leafs. Top two lines not finishing I directed they would be more physical and night I felt they coasted physically in the Bruins. Basically manhandled now. And -- ticker -- came up some big saves. James guy Roemer came up some big saves him and whale wars could have been way uglier. I love the way the Bruins kept pressing in the third pretty impressive but I you know again I would not. Be very you know I'd be I would not be satisfied with myself. Because the -- will be better. When did you what was the last time you saw them play sixty minutes like that. Column when I don't know -- before Christmas yeah I you know really to be honest honest I mean on I'm being honest and -- and you know when they were great early on. Okay there and a short season here. They were still -- much recent vote this team is so good it depleted it sort of the foot of the gas the second period that dominate the third. I feel like sixty minutes I can't remember the last time. Yeah and I I I -- I applaud the guys -- out for the -- -- -- when you know they went down to one zip on the power play goal early and and not. Guys did a packed their bags ordered. The -- into an attitude issue that maybe we thought we had. While on the way to this playoffs situation. But I was out early impressed with all the lines. Last night and I especially. And I think I made that call on this show mutton marijuana and I made -- Cobb the fourth line of so -- Campbell and high 8 would be -- a major catalyst in winning this series and they were phenomenal. All that red and gold just watching the replay export makes a great played appear in general which -- -- -- for gig in the -- against the boards the really leapt up breakout happened. They go the other way puck slides in front they don't get a gold their Wren gets that goal evens it 11. And he had a feel good about it I think you make a great point about the lack of response by two Ronald because. All I heard about was self physical they -- gonna matched the Bruins and van riemsdyk the ruins. Frustrated that well. Out of Toronto and that is good -- thoroughly and there -- -- for what affected in recent good -- is great player as a good player had a crush my across far away from being a different game but you know. IAA I'd like it they were just all just the what do late last night about the Bruins. Everybody finished up and adapt to GAAP situation in the back pressure situation everything. They did AJ you know I mean it's it's everything that we've all wanted to see over the -- and over the last couple months. And and you know like the effort on the boards on the blows -- breakaway yeah documents in that the documents get back -- reached no lifting this -- otherwise you know -- -- -- -- number one senator they've added that Michael top shelf you know. When your team right there works and goalie out right that's where it's gonna be cleaned up first and foremost I thought that was the biggest improvement the defenseman. Being decisive get the puck out of -- -- put it on the tape accelerating through the neutral zone they were clean in that part of the game where they haven't been awhile right. And his -- The -- for all six guys all six I swear to receiver Barrett prepare server that knew it was it was it was fun to watch. But again you know you know Lou -- Playoff hockey you can never be satisfied it's one game. Police don't care which game they went in the two but -- -- -- -- matter if you lose right one noted are eight to one. You know I think it's great to the -- companies but I I I know for a fact I know Randy Carlyle. I those guys got an earful. Last night. -- those top two lines are wouldn't be surprised us that he had one on one meetings with -- -- and let him a little I don't know why he listened -- work. You know you don't take for granted the Ambien and a placid gulf war and that the year and no pressure situations I said that. You know that's that if there's if there's -- opposites he get there might you know is is you get fifteen guys were not clever experience. They got no pressure and they come on they and they and they play like lions and they didn't. In the it for granted and -- that was the exact opposite is that. It's easier given the positive side of it they don't know the -- the playoffs is -- their play there I felt like day in a way. They shot away from it was almost like -- we don't know how to match the Bruins that ended the crate she goal particulars the one that I've been hammered on to enough port on you guys are going about. Beat the crap out of lease for two minutes then -- least turn the puck over in the order and their fall it'll reach other and great she makes it 31 it was like. They looked around and -- -- is discipline like why aren't quite as did not know what we'll put backed pull it out as huge for the blowout night at the Toronto did not respond well to playoff hockey. They did not -- not so I've got I've got to expect a better effort. But if the Boston Bruins play the way they did last night they've got they they can go along where there -- there's no way Italy's I don't believe. Then my call is there's no way police can win this series of the Bruins. I'll play that way even -- -- to at least play the best that they can play a bad that's the game the the black and -- bring to the rank into stock. It's it's it's going to be awesome. The tough part I think for Toronto like you said named Carla gave -- near full you know does not three teams out there at that. That wanna go after the Bruins in that way in other words you come out of the game or ankle or try to send a message. You kind of feeding in -- -- up wake up the Bruins don't ask enough but it's what they want as well. I did but that's the only way I -- -- that's the only way. -- not a big big big you know those guys the fourth line now McLaren and an indoor and to. It goes on in the militant some regardless -- -- -- -- mostly owners are more steel than the fourth. Confident blissful yeah yeah but I bet though that those guys say in the third period is way it's too late to Allegra to -- -- police had answered the beginning I mean I just fired up my arm arm I'm fired up and are you -- I don't know if you caught any the other stuff but -- Pittsburgh. -- guess whoever gets whoever gets to a conference mark it's gonna have their fans vote LA scored five goals cookies they are viewed live and not could have indicted. The islanders a hottest team going into the playoffs and they just get a big -- Arab rolled like a -- mule -- the Pittsburgh Penguins. Audience Rangers fan sentiment a tune in tonight I hope I root for the islanders tonight -- vacant at Plattsburgh about a second period Texas oh. -- -- I -- -- -- it was area it's just one of those sinister may -- be proud to be Abbas Sony and Aaron you know Boston sports last night just phenomenally in if your professional like me Antonia to look to declare current slide around. So I mean you know socks you flatter out of the south just went -- of -- bingo bank a ban on -- being O'Brien a three wins happy days well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You probably saw the highly then of Andrew feel parents has hit a -- -- which -- out there and looking at OK he was physical last night. They're trigger tweet up that burns and noble -- -- skiing in the first was reviewed supplemental discipline possible but seems unlikely. Now I think when you look at an I've seen it many times. I would be shocked that this -- he sticks his elbow up and hits right now at. Yeah no I ask you guys at Roland doesn't mean I didn't do not able to get it again if there's regular season. I might I could see and I I I find it hard to believe. There doesn't don't go marshals he gets up -- a game the out right. But again it's a noble and had the side you know with the rest you know it's an on call to be after the fact pro maybe a fine. And no stash from fifteen G fifteen large. Have you had a criminal at least they have my sorrow that I play. Yes he doesn't get a penalty on it but he does when odd key video has it today -- just re watching in slow Mo he sticks the oval out. And clearly some right now and -- if you gonna go buy them the rules. And maybe get to me like LB says because the playoffs -- This -- get penalty on the ice -- finalist at the same dude that -- wore out. -- yes with it was a clean hit I was a grenade hours Salazar on -- nor did afterwards. That should be reviewed -- -- face -- that a board yeah. I mean ads that are really again you don't hear me present him on and about to cross check or the elbow to the playoff hockey so. I you know boy check out late late in my local lord did what he's supposed to do compliant in there and I. If I was -- now you know it's the cross checks you know that that was a little weak but. You know you have to get that last pushed playoff hockey elevate him on Saturday baby. LB -- a -- hanging out taking your phone call 617779. 79370. Texas AT&T text line at 379 -- 37 in terms of the energy level. Is that just days off ready to go -- -- extra jump I. I don't buy into that I think sole idea was huge and I think these two days are huge I was kind of I was -- our -- -- like a baby that -- -- -- had a change their game. You know eyes -- to be held play Friday. But I'm loving this now I'm like you -- that's what happens there a couple of days I don't day optional practice and then nymex today not. Boy out you know it's -- it's -- while. -- like for journalistic to be Munter who got have to move game one because of Rihanna. And sold at an you your first game machine at this emotional but got your first game is tonight. In game two is tomorrow out and back to back up everyone needs to conference games six and seven if necessary will play back to back in Eastern Conference. But to come out and have plans Saturday to Montreal Sunday for Ottawa game one Thursday game two Friday. A lot down the. You know why it is being you know the it's it's change you know when I played it was 11. A day job go to a -- goal way back to back. Travel -- you know home. Next -- take it back to back travel data back to back -- back to back traveling game game game and Timmy showed a seven -- -- districts now it's on network these advocates a few million newly added a spread it -- NBC summertime to get the girls the summer dress and how awesome was yesterday Jack. Iraq still in August got a little hand. That guy I laid -- now going through the work out here on right over it ideals Jim yeah and I. I'm like you know -- outside so right now in this in -- -- out. Yet still signed before the word I'm like I'm a -- my body vitamins naturally naturally normally yeah. And a constant sign and you on the bike down and Howard to our list. And and then did the wrong machine and I was ready to roll for Bruins hockey. -- do you believe Tex Watson on the eighteenth he text line was going into the playoffs for. Part of an overall plan I'll answer it and all that nothing lead and they want it didn't try to -- to play everybody. That's a -- they never asked if any players proudly say going north was what caught a plane to agree with their. Eight DIA cited severe you know I totally agree intimidated not -- no team -- the plans are -- into a playoff series please. -- happened outlets can play every game. You LL -- studio. He is joining us to recap Bruins went last night your thoughts in the series your thoughts. On a game with -- LB 861777979837. Texas. As you are 379 B 37 LB would -- little going. Butler not a 37 WEEI limit buyers won't brew and LB in studio and LB series brought -- course by -- smoke shop and what -- their throats rocked and Wear him rain and and taught by LB -- doctor. Doctor Robert Leonard change lettuce change your life call 1800. Yet here. Let -- is all -- -- up on notice is that part of the sunshine -- yesterday it was the little lemon spritz. Well on its brits might want to -- interrupt the hair left. Fighting to do me any to get in touch with the doctor letter to -- yet maybe -- did you get giddy we're doing up there mr. Bruins logo on those two ports. I'll -- Rodham and run. And ran with the -- -- why I do I told you guys might I -- line of shorts and Pall mall multi colors all colors on nine collars. Will be here from China in that in like. Four weeks. I'm I'm starting a company and its gonna be awesome George tells. Distorts this event as a joint Sweetney last night at what how he gets into one government complain. On anything right and really with a night of sports it it's difficult longer at wanting action that I -- approved exams. Great game all around yeah -- ball for -- record this is not -- complaining now I am I don't think you're okay and I I got some four and I don't you be -- don't expect. -- do anything. Right going into game two and expect to change anything. When I -- its -- from what I saw. -- going back in a few passes were whining since the reactions. So essential to -- and shrugging rather. A jogger. I think he's frustrated out there that they're liabilities creating some things in east look at around the right all right I'll put in spots -- put this past -- and here there. He should be here you should be there there's some frustration with him I think. With Kelly and dog events maybe -- and always a good defense lawyer in helps in the PK. But that's the only thing I looked at him some frustration. Well I think you know I would say maybe might change and throw Beverly in there it if if you armor is really frustrate only Kelly. Kind of I just site that I can I cannot I was surprised I was surprised when documents -- to start put I think. What you just said he's -- he's on the TJ's great on the -- the -- -- struggled the least DK is one of the best in the league better than the bronze and at that you know beginning -- series. So -- the -- power play it way is and -- integral part of their success it's they have a good power play. Most voices -- the Bruins which is not saying much but still -- is geared so. That might have been a thing in and with the 41 win with the idea offense -- was output you're not. You know I don't -- -- -- the -- -- get missteps and the guys the as a kind of watching our army offensive sparks right Doug Hamilton yes defenseman. Nearly so are you should ask anymore no way to read and I can't I can't I wouldn't help gags just died but this -- the only one year old if you lost that game -- -- and I think you'd so some offensive. Launch some of those guys coming down -- because. The new -- when he went for one of forty shots. A driver I mean. You don't change a damn thing is our primary Amer Grammer James primer primer primer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call Jaeger on your -- your daughter really -- -- -- you and -- and -- English names and cleric who was an opposition. See you talk about the Everly aspect of winning demagogue Doug Hamilton stood up their level line. And now there's no pressure Plame because they're they're another game another game other game because redden came and performed it was the offensive threat to people want Hamilton to be. It allows you now to just put out there you wanna put up -- you trust read more because the more experienced to handle that and I don't think Collison is anyway the fan base is not calling it today saying play Doug Hamilton has -- -- was a factor. Why I think like he's certified result has been around a long long time he was upper Echelon player he's got a ton of experience. -- idea what you saw from the 35 year old he was it lineup because of the -- -- police are very tough. Physical nasty hockey team and that's our -- to play to win and and he was he was there. To -- to oppose that and what what he did as a wily veteran. And it's all I talked to bolt before the series started to these guys to get back on track him what they did last night. What you gotta push that -- the net -- do you took a ticket crazy. Side shot but it was on net and what happened. Primary -- you know he got a piece of it no one had ever show -- But he you know he did expect a shot to become a from from you know that's that hash marks against the boards a slapper past slapper from Wade Redden. And I does that count enough to get that shot I don't know what's gonna rocket right he puts on a -- Horton school. You know guy wily veteran knows you know he can put it on the ice. Instead he sees Hortons stand there he sees a driver down so he -- -- You driver stands up to Horton not -- yet if it goes down. Two goals and that you know it's it's not because Wade Redden has some offensive -- -- to six foot six juggernaut. As a wily veteran and and get the puck to the net increased things to -- I disagree that forewarned that's a negative today for me is that I is that I think closed the hole in -- back. -- records -- leading defensemen back score in the playoffs and it felt close to fall back I Jason Atlantic City as we take your phone calls -- body LB in the house with subject. Today. On the air bug had X. I. Diplomatic call up and -- not an -- my guys that are fired up last night night I'm down here in New Jersey and I'm going yes yes you know a real bank banks and Milliken and actually deploy as a player like exposed to play. -- -- -- -- Took part in the long go after -- And get it out of the fridge and don't quick. Edit in Europe. Now that they listen that that was -- -- Bruce argues they've played along on long term you know -- -- mere reference that -- -- from the deck we have seen sixty minutes of the steam for. A long long long time and an endless source secret that's what's happened man. Have you cut if he cut that it's for game if it's crazy you know -- can look forward to you don't series down the road but. The -- -- up well like they did last night each and every yet he can't ignites us and and he's in -- they only got to get better. Because they're gonna have to -- some amazing hockey to go along ways in this class from a they get the guys do that. Affiliate delays to do for the that a game is over. Kind of you know logos and addressed the team -- it was the stanza. Seek the back that's -- right. CA did do it my way -- the -- now you again and now the understand what we need to do I'll set I think I -- for gains any team you -- -- the -- permits at a loss in the fourth line every shift. There are so good -- wanna see my guys my fourth one alignment put out there evil and fans and media. Written before I wanna go watch that line. Beating up at least for a couple of minutes Bankrate she's like coming -- give angle that was the goal of the game to make it 31 and there are huge factor there and if they're going to be. That's sort of factor and you said it pricks that it. That's an advantage its advantage -- most teams that line is gonna have more chemistry. And and more -- A lot of four Weisel face -- And again you know -- -- I am a console -- to dropped the -- impound. Sound preachy. But you know there are guys -- -- band's van riemsdyk. -- -- you know they're not small guys and they did you know -- are gonna get in this series they're gonna have to become -- playoffs physical and they and they were. Last I -- a disappearing. Grow up people to put it all on Chara. And we all know who -- is got to be more than that because we've seen good players play well against this team right he is hit one shot yesterday. Time now but I gotta do it I think it's because the Bruins are aware. Now they know that he's a web and many are leaving he's leading scorer there where vent you know that's good -- are we definitely buffalo yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Evidently know very doesn't disappear. Very -- Bosnia that was huge you know put a body America. You know he's EEE is a great player he's a goal scorer having you know he had he had. You know really good final three weeks of the season. -- you know they did they did data with -- to do they put the bodies on the guy as he put the puck in the net. I Allen outside of the first part of legal. -- basically shut him down -- -- to commit to be -- as American and -- -- any of the documents effort on the doubles -- Kelly shot -- great now outside of that I mean it was decree of the other crossbar but that's not even a shot on go. All of a little bit of a scrum afterwards somebody asked those penalties carry over into the game now now at the end of it -- they. The give it pelted the twenty minute mark and that's it there's not NBA power plays on Saturday night Jeff -- in south click on the Bruins they Jeff. I don't. I want to hear -- players about it it is you get any extra motivation. From what happened. Our America. We think is that. I you know I don't -- I really think it was a -- -- I like I said when when you play a hockey game. Two days after three days after what happened on Marathon Monday due to wrap your head around our game. And Ted Eric come out and and we're all on the on the line I kind of -- those guys backed down. I I really really think it's it's a battle for anybody you know on the Bruins the lead. To me you know -- -- it you used to put some more data to your mind. You know because you see it's it's every day and you know it's -- you know you get up from here here here now after your -- amber. And dead TV just happens to be on and what -- you know three more suspects in. I you know you go right back to you know you'd think devote your friends that were directly involved and how's that you know how how upset you were how frustrated were you you were how angry were now are you out of your guy yet had put it out here Mike Young player playoff hockey games in hostile American. As a fan kind of watching sports last night S economic times that just literally in the downstairs watching ballclub these games just think that this is awesome. Straight just watching games -- detained yeah what a great night not know the kind of puts you hate -- important perspective to where now you just. Sit back and enjoy ensure the emotion comes out of of games and whatnot you know you're in the emotion of losing winning frustration always those things -- just a great night. Yeah yeah idea -- I saw you know yeah I I really I I know I would if speaking for myself. I don't know fire you if I would directly be saying. I think you'll Marathon Monday to get myself fired up to go pound -- more glad I mean I you know that's fair I mean dude dude do you wanna play for everybody you wanna play for the city wanna play for the the victims for everybody wanna play for Bruins fans went. 11 quick thing here yeah -- bounce if you put a percentage wise the extra time off and everything. Physical. Fatigue mental fatigue. I actually think it's more like you know. 7% for you on mental I think it's the other way and there are says there's a lot of their beat up the end of the year. I -- I -- to my -- right there NBC that's I think it would permit me you know focus you lose focus when you're tired we all do it I mean -- become and I I become jello I'm useless you know when and if I'm if I'm tired I'm in so. I think it's I think it's both I I think that they did -- I did you -- days off really helped I think the I just. Now I'm in love with the fact that they don't play till Saturday and I gives me more time to not finish my -- replicates. Stanley Cup. Tin foil Stanley Cup -- The simplest helicopter and I'm making I sort of making it last night while wind screech scored the third call in my area around. I'm I'm doing prompted a pretty good I mean I am I am the judge Joseph homer -- homer here. Saw I you know I didn't know do you guys want to help I was carrying 9 and I am a manageable for now. Order I'd like to see it much help I destruction of it lets you want it late last piece of bringing him. But I -- wanna go to the garage with Villa and help you work on it now a way to win around first or really get involved -- Islam and black gloves. -- -- your dignity get throughout my black homer LV homer LB and then these guys come out in the east they spank the least. And I got its idea. You know listen to everybody listen guys and everybody I knew he had a real these guys is Alan grill these guys now before the game. RA talking about how to focus the Arab guy and I'm I'm trying to think of who the police to win this series. I'm losing my moment that was now I know the apartments yeah I did take immense seven. I have a go avenue and again what to enjoy the nice weather enjoy that a six or seven years -- sex talk Claudia has 66 or -- us. The creator of I'm -- -- LD in studio have a weakening slightly Monday LB -- -- joining -- stop the -- get jumped it will come back. Mixing in the Celtics and the Bruins want what all happened after the Celtics game last night with Jordan Crawford Jack McMullen this hour as well --

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