May 2, 2013|

The Celtics have come back to just one game down and New York is WORRIED.

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The Celtics knicks series has brought something -- in new York stock price nature of the Betts city that has people like Mike Lupica -- dating game JR Smith who -- elbow in turn into a basketball that Obama. And people like Stephen A Smith won't read it. About three counts and I didn't throw up. And I was nauseous clinics came up with some small bag walking around like they actually want seven. It slang they never earned I'm depressed and -- dead were read every one in New York is worried now this is some deep. You've got to close this deal against Boston's everyone that is except for this tool makes me in that called the Celtics post game show. -- want to say -- about certain things that he's still thinks the Celtics are gonna get liberated. By the fantastic Carmelo. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Look for any new experience with a brain. You all worried this is so bad. That the knicks would have been better off not making the playoffs.

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