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ESPN's Barry Melrose on the Bruins win

May 2, 2013|

Barry Melrose joined the program to break down the Bruins game one win over the Leafs. Barry discussed Phil Kessel's struggles against the Bruins since the trade.

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Now games count now they really really count. Joining us on the AT&T hotline ESPN's top legal rule our friend Barry Melrose -- -- argued your it's your time -- my friend. But such a great time here about time here. Anytime here's sports and baseball go on not playoffs -- started great time. -- a team struggles of the finish line of the regular season I don't know whether you are a proponent or a believer in some ways somehow once the first playoff game the puck -- in the first playoff game you can flip a switch but the Bruins certainly did that last night at the former head coach just not something you like to see -- -- You know our idea at the -- didn't start last night's -- well they were down one not so and they they were very can Tuesday looked hesitant it was up to threaten to really turn -- -- comic gold Madison street stern digging around for -- -- -- -- -- and a lot of it going last night that. -- -- -- But turn a switch on an -- and has that set I think in order -- -- doesn't get that goal and in the first period and tied up you know might have been a different story that they went in the second period down one but those goals in the portrait change everything and then at Bristol or. You have Jeff Toobin it was domination after that there was great passing there was forty shot thirty scoring chances for checking forcing turnovers back checking the -- think they played a dominant game after that. A very much so they hear they were awesome after that they look like you'll Bruins after that they were. -- physical they're playing in new total was great I can probably -- of ten passes and played intercepted by the Boston Bruins and a new Cologne. They attack the net very -- atrocities or and and last he didn't you do a lot of work that -- -- -- -- cities in the game's on the line so. It was it was a it was just what the doctor ordered if you're Bruins sent. It they just look better marry you know we just looked like -- better team all around do you see a way that Toronto and Oakland -- game turns this around and and and wins four of the next six. I -- I -- watch and win -- series part because I thought that -- would control counsel and counsel clients and I thought they did that last -- I can't even remember -- -- getting camps in the second and third periods and you'll -- old guy's apartment and respected the skilled guys after a -- -- -- pretty small and you know if you put bodies -- counsel -- Poland and guys like you know you -- -- you can handle elements and the -- at that last -- very very well. Do you see them again Toronto and getting more physical isn't gonna you don't deteriorate and two and to a and to a fight. Like filled fight fest in most of playoffs we don't see a lot of fight in the playoff Toronto does like to fight is that gonna happen beginning in game two. Dull but they got to play mark -- -- got to do some hitting and that's probably got to play an edge they got to be you don't patient checks winning battles -- -- -- -- beat Boston Bruins -- successful and they weren't last night there always are retaliating or never initiating and that's gonna change for the economy police that doesn't. This will be a short series so I expect Ron Paul much more aggressive and I don't mean fighting I mean hidden in the grill of the Boston Bruins -- trying to -- some penalties and playing what some grit we -- in the second and third period of trial. -- very back the -- his lack of production -- his old team is pretty well documented over the years is that a mental thing or is that they Claude Julien defensive system thing. I think that this is Dana Charl thanks yeah Qatar the only case every time -- on the right right. I just don't look good that are charters you know year in year out I would argue which are the Norris trophy that good defensively. And you know that's what he did last night he's so there that you Ricci. He he's got that mean streak to the mine and and -- just at all tonight's council newsroom also needs some. Hamas -- to make plays and and which are Elena long stick and that you Ricci is doesn't have any -- straight to make plays and and that you are always -- -- -- I know. I think he picked Pittsburgh correct. Come out of the east and I know they started -- -- -- five nothing do you see away do you look at the -- at all ever and say they could win it all they could they could. -- beat the Pittsburgh in the east and win at all this year. Of course. We see that every year we see how it last year making eight spot when -- -- -- government and easily. So it's about getting your game together to vote in the -- at the right time as well great goaltending. It's about -- specialty -- and eagle at key times and and that softened their power obviously it's you know we see halt climate he looks unbeatable at start of playoffs. Loses in court straight -- without a -- things can change -- and change very quickly a couple of injuries. You look down last night -- -- for Crosby still not -- corporate didn't dressed. Also -- you know he's target and some injuries that even the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins can overcome so without -- -- That there's chances at Pittsburgh. The Bruins think they know took arrest is going to be pretty good maybe not Tim Thomas 2011 good but the big he's going to be pretty good about -- is he up for this challenge do you think very. A game by eight and I thought it was OK last I have been located not gonna cut it when I wouldn't rule under attack and -- did last night. And Pittsburgh at the same thing in the -- game. It's really tough on goaltenders because the bully. Let's stop initial shot and he knows he -- of any kind of rebound visit our greatness -- you start thinking about. And then also you can't stop you initial shot. Screens -- their all time. Elect and that double chuckle. -- -- he didn't handle that shot for perfectly. Which it was their theory behind us which opposes -- financial. 21 Boston's play in Boston style market they're very tough. Or the other goaltender and drivers young goaltenders never faced intensity like this before and frankly -- -- the intensity of play out really caught the founders and the -- at least by surprise neither team seemed ready for intensity -- the playoffs so I think that's sort of byproduct of not being in the playoffs for a long time. Speaking of rhyme or read this this morning in the Boston paper believes reportedly tried hard to land -- -- Longo at the trade deadline. And edit and goes on sale last night you could see why based along the success or lack there of against the Bruins having that would have been a good idea would that have been helpful. To this team beliefs. No I'm not I'm not a big along the and I say yeah he played -- -- -- -- Cooper got beat by channel today. You know that is key is the worst in nine million dollars or ten years or whatever crazy number is -- handcuffed and you start out the next generation. I don't think so they made the playoffs with a primer. If you get a chance in the playoffs. If he's not the answer than you don't you be using that time you still get along great -- and all that money -- almost -- are our primary in pretty good regular season they make the playoffs for the first time in nine years that get much that. It's something right. -- in your -- what's acceptable rate of shots to scoring ratio. Scoring chances ratio I should say what what looks like him the breakeven do you think that the pretty good ratio. Tend to want to want always I was always sort of the benchmark. We thought that typical delegates gunshots. Fingers of one goal you know you can live without that but 90%. Obviously once you get in the 929394. And -- your goaltending is playing very very well. Scoring chances -- goals. Going to have -- scoring chances. -- I would never got to count or chances but I sort of you -- some -- you can play Creighton and you know that you want scoring chance -- an unbelievable scorn on right next night and that night they -- seven scoring chances but none of the -- legit so I was never big. You know scoring -- back. Well they have forty shots the Bruins didn't have thirty scoring chances I assume that's that's pretty good -- -- just getting to know Wade -- tell -- about a what what what what's his what's his back story that we need to know. Well each song the sound of used to need to maps when he got treated the -- and London and he's become the weight reputable. With the Ottawa Senators when they want to Stanley Cup finals. You know weight was one of the best as such in the NHL one time. With -- you know Ottawa Senators -- great -- big move -- park -- -- -- -- like he did last night. You know he fell on hard times news the Rangers put him in the American League and now in the saint -- -- take them out but not the Boston Bruins picked them up from. And last night but you know -- that tomorrow the north talking about Claude Julien had so threatened generic set Hamilton and -- get a gold system first period. A final question I know you picked Pittsburgh and Chicago in the Stanley Cup finals if not Pittsburgh if not Chicago where you lose one a and one -- Buy a box and in east I think the next best team the next mortar round routine. Actually C when they look like you'll Boston Bruins that did it last night. And in the last I think she looked loose I like Hulu block. They're big they're physical Elliott played very very well on that. Late editions of -- Meester Leopold with a deadline. And we're bigger big big strong bodies -- very talking to play at seven games serious games. I -- you -- mentioned Doug Hamilton if that when he does see the light of day what's he gonna learn about playoff -- hockey vs regular season hockey does the a rude awakening your eye opening moment waiting for a -- I think he'll have an eye opening moment I don't think is a rude awakening I think when you're sitting upstairs I didn't. And you see you know that all the ships and all -- finishing checks and all the attacking and that. And you you can realize it's a different brand of hockey so I think when he gets his first game knows -- realize -- very quickly but he's Smart kid and I'm very solid kid and and you know he's going to be -- -- from our superiors to console. But I I think he I would be surprised aren't sensitive. He has the FBL hockey guru Barry Melrose good stuff very we appreciate take a few minutes this morning thanks very much. Our -- and morals that doesn't tell -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible.

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