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Legal expert Harry Manion on the three new bombing suspects

May 2, 2013|

Harry joined the show to give insight into the new arrests in relation to the marathon bombing. Harry does not have a positive outlook for the men arrested yesterday.

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Dennis and Callahan. Get back the Red Sox in the Celtics and the Bruins and in fact we'll talk NHL bruins' playoff hockey -- Barry Melrose in the 9 o'clock hour but now our favorite -- of all time. Very -- and joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTP good morning Harry -- are a long time no talk. We're doing very well hope yours well how much trouble are these three bozos in and what do you suspect defense attorneys approach will be. Well John I think you know we need to look at the charges -- need to look at the admitted conduct and we need to look at the a likely outcome. But the to cut the nationals are facing an obstruction of justice charge -- -- destroying material evidence. And -- carries five years. The American. Man mr. -- post is. Facing charges of lying to federal investigate gators investigating terrorist -- -- eight years. If you look -- conduct. That we know about that's been reported illnesses conceded admitted conduct based on FBI reports. Is no question defendants engaged in the cover up. Of racial Carter's. Crimes is bombing with his brother less than two hours before so Carr and his brother murdered officer column value. They were in touch by text with so car less than two hours before they shot the MIT policeman. And they have admitted at least one of the cut -- nationals as admitted. That their intent was to cover up apartment they Wear. Did -- concluded. That is so car it was one of the two -- genocide at 5 PM that Thursday. And they went into the room after exchanging impacts that text with as a car. Think if you look at the quote it's ambiguous problems Elkhart to them two hours before the -- -- -- collier. I'm about to leave if you need something in my room take it. But I could be about to leave to New York about to leave the cut expand and it could be innocent. All likely be viewed. Is he part of a conspirator. -- the murderer of of the the bombing victims. And the officer. To encourage these three friends. To destroy evidence which is what they did and they admitted they did -- -- the outcomes and -- What to cut taxes are already gonna get deported. They are here on. -- no no we want him in our prison we don't want them. Jerry quarry they're gonna face jail or -- I mean that they could face jail -- -- some odd. And in so so that they are looking at jail and I think I think it's important for our listeners who. You know over the last. Years that you guys and I have been together and I've been -- aggregate twenty years. Our listeners what we know have in common sense and are looking for a rough fair justice for the time they started all the text and email regularly appear which you two guys. And that is these -- a couple of a couple of report innocent kids. Just help helping a friend. He's at three innocent is helping prep because -- Lou. According to one of the -- nationals that so -- had on the bombing right. And they know. And so it at nineteen years old. -- held responsible in the United States of America for for covering up -- the end destroying hopefully destroying their view. Material evidence that it wasn't just you know what and it was bloody sock -- -- otherwise it was up higher fireworks casings. Where the gunpowder to the presumably went when it was put into the -- Well was bitten. So. You know it it it's the same thing -- with was so -- I mean he's got you know curly hair and don't -- in just seems you know. He you've got to look at his conduct as is our listeners do you look at the conduct. You get the -- it's a stretch right now. Based on what we don't always know is what it told investigators as set forth in the FBI affidavit the criminal complaint chart -- -- But it -- it's a stretch. But there's a whole argument. That they were accessories before the fact of officer collier's murder. And that is I wouldn't say it is a case of that right now. But I'm an Italian and the prosecuting attorneys especially this state prosecuting attorney apathetic. But the state prosecuting attorney. Charged with the responsibility. For obtaining some justice justice -- for all of those of us who care about the fact that. I've been shot -- collier was murdered in cold blood after after the backed by these guys they've admitted it to the cart has gotten carjacked and so -- that got dispute. They they -- -- mr. collier. There's a whole question. That those texts and what they've hit both for. Collier was murdered at 1050. What they did at 8 o'clock in their content and their conduct contact. Will show car -- in the in the 8 o'clock hour. But could. Could lead investigators state investigators. Took implicating them in collier's death and that's a whole different -- finished -- very they had the evidence Jerry. But I'll tell -- I know prosecutors in Middlesex County very very well but. The beauty and you know they're my close friends in the what are the former one works equally Megan Jones mr. Pat Riley and I know that timer march 3 -- Where Gerry Leone we're looking at this state have a hard look at that. So found patiently prosecutors like the -- cases brick by brick charge by charge -- based on what you just said. You -- you see other charges being layered upon these down the road. You know what I see -- and it started happening -- between the lines they're gonna -- these kids on each -- -- these guys the the met mr. -- opposed the Cambridge man. That student in Saudi role because he can get charged. With the obstruction of justice he does he get charged with. With lying to federal investigators on three different occasions because -- changes story four times in space at -- -- four hours. But I'm so I I think he's already cooperating and that -- -- -- on each other and they're gonna implicating each other when we you know we're gonna find out kind of stop so. Yeah they're gonna they're gonna I could easily see. A visit by that by by the authorities in the state police to mr. Romo Romo knows a full post excuse me. -- so close I can see visiting him in his a jail cell talking to his lawyer and saying look like young man -- Here's what we're looking. It in if you think you're gonna do a year six months in prison and because you were helped in other friend and you're gonna have a lot of sympathy. Let's talk about the fact that two hours after you were in the dorm room. With which you're you're you're co conspirators but to cut back aliens. I'm opposite collier was murdered in cold blood and then a carjacking happen and that shoot out happened in which another police officer got shot. -- anything we can believe that on you in outlook and -- six months my friend you look at it a lot of time behind the well I think his -- he is he singing every. Ad -- and got cherry with the collier a murder was blocker too from this could live yes yeah I -- does -- This is just the beginning of the federal charges are layups I mean there's there's there's just no defense if -- didn't get it to itself. This -- here that they're they're going away but the question is. How how much. You know -- now how much. How much contact. Did they actually have was a joke -- -- between the time that dawned on them -- -- was the one of the bombers. And when they contacted him and wind up mister collier was murdered. If you're the lawyer for Phillip posts. The guy from came the man the nineteen year old man from Cambridge who spoke to the Fed's. At least three times without a lawyer you know he lied over and over again you know they got him cold. Harry do you what do you do if you're did did average day the missy. His lawyer. I get armed armed on this first just with the most this in cooperation I am there I amber I'm I'm remorseful. I want to contribute a big huge mistake I you know I wasn't thinking clearly wanted to help my friend I didn't put it to the two together. And I I really wanna make amends and I wanted to help every possible way with this I wanna completely cooperating I'll take my punishment for lying to the use the F -- sorry I didn't space like this to try to get the control that image what I wouldn't do is go out on not television and say. These charges are ridiculous I'm shocked we're gonna wait till we get -- day in court. I mean that's just standard issue and and you know. I understand that these are the bachelors have to do what they think they have to do and I understand everyone's presumed innocent number -- defense lawyer okay take. But it but you know. The bad this is that this is a very tricky intense investigation. And an every and it's an enormously. It's it's all the resources we have state federal local and if you can come the end. And show. Remorse. Regret. And say I wanna make amends its gonna it's gonna do you will not quite that's what I would be to. I know a lot of people don't think it's it's it's a felony for -- lying or misleading cops if you're not under oath but it is current. Is under 1000 wanted to absolutely and ended make it very clear when they sit down and talk to you that it -- -- It isn't there's no going there now at an -- that you play accurately. Than just a I'm misstatement it was a three guy has no intention. To mislead the FBI in a bombing investigation which. You know people died and hundreds were injured. Very very quickly some drop against the clock just explain this to me why did the feds believe lighting. To an investigator is worse than obstruction of justice it seems to me they get a laptop the bomb making material all the stuff that they've through the dumpster is a lot. Worse in -- little about it what they just took. A quirk of of the of the statute the penalty comes when you get to the sentencing stage the sentencing guidelines take over that it's it's it's it's not here the job it's not just. It is what congress -- that they just put the eight year tag on Isaac on that statute vs the -- -- take and. We always know -- -- for predictions. You know we like your predictions do -- implicate these three dollars. In the murder -- on -- I don't think so based on what I know now Jerry but I would not rule it out I don't know I just don't know I. And and and I know they're gonna take a hard look at it. And I guess I don't want to speculate as they try to just make my comments based on reasonable inferences and my experience from the evidence in my handling of cases so. It's something if I were representing the story that's what I'd have my eye on the beat the federal charges or look or lay -- that's already over. The deportation for the two 'cause that that's already over. But the murder of shot cut because of because of the proximity entitlements Dayton. End end end and that's what I'd have my eye on because that -- is a very very serious charge with very big numbers behind law. He is the great ones from calling Emanuel Jones our friend Harry Maggie and Perry good to talk you talk to down the road different. I'd seen and -- doesn't LL on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LP.

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