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Marathon bombing survivor Pete DiMartino

May 2, 2013|

Pete joined the program to give the audience an update on his status since the bombing. He said that he has had his third and hopefully last surgery and that he is now beginning the rehab portion of his recovery. Pete told the boys that the one upside of his hearing loss is that he can ignore his mom from time to time.

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Look at Ford introduced unit Peter do you Martina -- from Rochester New York Peter was so one of the victims on the -- fifteenth of April at the finish line of the Boston Marathon -- he had his back to the bomb he was taken out at the legs but he did not lose a limb. Is recovering had I believe three surgeries Peter joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Ford GL TE good morning Peter John Jerry and Kirk and Boston power you. -- very well -- based -- this is kind of philosophical question I guess so much starting off with an easy one. Based on what happened to you and a bunch of other people on -- on Monday Peter do you consider yourself a lucky guy or an unlucky guy today. I consider myself a lucky -- thing. I've gotten to you know -- -- people get in the Bob Barr hand. Quite a cold. You know I consider -- thought pretty lucky. The great -- issued did not lose a limb very pleased to hear about that what are the extent of your injuries as -- comfortable sharing him with us. I'm not okay I have. 90% of my Achilles tendon suffered. They got a hole and that my leg side of the Yorkshire stakes so now on these things. Are there look like it's okay -- Boller took. A little large chunk out of the side and that other but. And then also. Took a little our whole lot out of out of my. Career and as well. So the Bee -- and attacks in the nails is what did the damage to -- out is that right. Assuming. I mean -- I don't I didn't exactly it's just the look and see enough. You know float what what hit me and and what it was by those -- when I looked down there essentially on the -- on the ground all around me. We're aware were you which bomb wasn't Peter and and then a -- and why we at the finish line. -- The first. While I was driving the -- she was actually a lot content violates -- the finish -- one. He bombs went off. But she was around the corner she heard -- -- did not see down. All I was glad. So don't members and and my brother in law actually went back to that site the day before they've reopened -- since street. And told me. Where out where we are standing. Between fifteen and twenty feet away from about one. Well how to do your family and friends fair where they injured at all. Yeah. -- -- little sister and her husband I got a lot. Where are pretty much perfectly okay. Diana west side my -- sustain some small injuries. My girlfriend five year old son had a little couple. Scratches and look like he just saw a bike on a gravel road. And my girlfriend handsome not pretty bad injuries to her -- just like I had a. We're talking a marathon bombers whoever PD Martina Q what I remember about the the moments before during and after the event the bomb. What before the end that I was actually text in a couple of my friends that lived in Boston trying to get them to come meet up with me. Well I'm kind of glad they didn't show up. When it happens. This is complete chaos. Blown right off my feet -- -- -- -- blown right off modify. Are a number of state and then back up you know. And walking back over to my sister and my girlfriend and my little sister told me that about it. A ball. You know I just looking around trying to figure out what the -- -- app and that. A lot of people screaming and just I like it that I haven't looked down in like clubs of CDs and. I have -- Kagan emails or anything that you -- like cold. And stuff like and I looked over at the building I -- to solve them. The windows blown out -- like that. And actually that you know they came in grabbed my girl and making -- grab my sister and -- apnea and I remember. I was on the stretcher they locked me underneath the finish line and I remember looking up at the lady lady here whoever carried me. The stretcher and had passed this sign you know. But it and it just but yeah I mean if it blew my answer right off it will not sure I got my batteries. All. The way out crazy. A resurgent surgeries he has so far. Our head. The initial surgery on Marathon Monday. A reconnect at night Achilles and then. And you know clean everything not as thought that -- I start actually have a -- The bar in my body but that can be kept there. I heard all zipper of his -- does that -- your body zipper. Delicate they grabbed actually give up your coat like -- the first somewhere I think it's in my head personal in my -- But. I had a second surgery a couple of days later and I haven't -- surgery last Tuesday. And that was a on graft they -- some small tissue from my arm and and get it from my leg or from my side and put it. Around my Achilles tendon and my cast. And I just basically another observation for the past. -- eight -- nine -- and made better and make insurers that's skin graft -- which it has actually beautiful. And Vietnam and hospital today quandary -- and I don't think under the evident in my surgeries. APD do you watch the news than any of the TV there in your room did you watch the news in the pursuit none the capture of no one terrorist that the killing in the other and now you watch -- them. Find these bring in these accomplices. There's an interest to you the idea happy that the at least the people that did this to your being brought to justice. I mean yeah I'm I'm I'm happy that they're catching you know I. After they cut the first guy I was pretty sure it wasn't just. You know cute kids do and those you know I think -- -- -- probably. More than that I really haven't watched. -- that you know I really. Don't I don't know I don't wanna keep being frequently reminded other things that happen you know keeps seeing. That one realization of the ongoing office. You know I can watch it a couple -- that's I don't wanna watch anymore at all. Pete what emotions are you dealing with as it pertains to the -- of Brothers. Well you know obviously the ones already. On them. You know I kind of liked it he just has brought the other -- You know and if they do find him you know only guilty of and I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not I mean I'm not I'm better -- like an angry person you know. I wouldn't mind taking a -- -- -- of icons that. You know. Pretty happy throughout the entire process and has been that. A Stanley and not -- allies and everybody's going to be OK it. -- -- Like what you guys that I live in Russia New York which is about six hours away so I've had a lot of friends already drive up from Rochester to see the end. And apathetic you're a great support system behind me so. So it's a pretty united. This didn't come back next year. I'm actually trying to figure out I think got to qualify for the marathon but I am actually hoping that they'll let me Iran and it not. If I can yet -- -- get back initiate me I was up to remain -- at one point up like 67 miles south and I got a ways to go. I think village Iran impede the electric especially succession. Yeah I think outside chatter on it next year from Europe that the cities taking care your family putting up -- hotel so they can be with you is that right. Yeah is that helpful to you of having them around. Well you know I can politics so much in my Bob. Hey. It in close quarters but other than that night at federally accurately -- really helpful. You know she's been able help a lot and. You know I had a lot of really great out of the hospital and you know I wanna buy the nurses you know the white pastries or bikes or something like that I'm I'm not that they keep bringing out some. But you know there's something like that I give it to the nurses that just to take thank you follow our work that they've been doing here. Two more quick questions the -- story fascinates me do you have any idea with a zipper came from that's in your body. I do not have any idea that there are speculation. But at this time no right no no real idea where -- came. So might have been on somebody's windbreaker and it got blown off in an imbedded in you perhaps you'll it was you'll it was in the Columbia. Six you know it could have been in the bottom of the -- do and those. Finally got -- -- very different -- now. I don't wanna do that but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry you're withholding evidence that they could use that. I'm I'm more than willing to take it now I ask my doctor today -- -- -- the -- -- tornado in the body scanners that -- right now. Well what you're hearing -- here in LaSalle. My hearing as I would doubt the other day and the nerves are all fine ear drums are gamblers still. And I have a little bit. Going vaccine on my mom being in close quarters with it and it doesn't it doesn't hurt that much right now at all. Did you sell like -- got to figure out pretty well continued success in your rehab and recovery and thanks for spending a few minutes with us this morning. Thank you very much just (%expletive) just elective Peter -- -- a Rochester New York joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTE.

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