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Huge win by the Celtics at MSG

May 2, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk break down a massive upset win by the Celtics last night. The guys cannot wait for game 6 Friday night.

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I don't know what it is about Stephen -- Smith and I absolutely love Hewitt thinks his bombast would put people off and maybe it does but I just I love his passion and and and skip tries to keep up with them and tries to be that same kind of passionate guy. I can't stand skip I love Stephen way Borg at the Stephen day. A joke about the kid. Who is. -- electric train set and afraid to play with that because -- would get shocked and got polian -- wanna play -- -- -- -- -- opens up like -- other -- anything good that happened to -- he could not somehow embrace it. I don't get this Dexter from the 617. Napoli is one year deal looking like another mistake by the Red Sox -- you -- -- again. That's the one year deal looking like another mistake by the Red Sox double -- continue witnessed this idiocy. Would this morning at the time the right that would they be the day with this point in the season as a mistake. Obviously because he thinks that shouldn't animal long term deal that's not what he means Napoli one year deal looking like another mistake. These doctors either make too much of injuries that turn out to be problems JD and -- or not enough Lackey Crawford. A Red Sox have attic and the -- schedule which continue until June. Up -- is on pace to win thirty games hope that back holds out without -- port -- Well one year five million dollar yeah the that's hard it was justified that I can't talk right now you know what when he. And they on the hip problem and they tore up the reason 39. He went look in Georgia community in his agent made some calls yes there was no -- the rough and he's back here five million. This is it scared off every team there -- no option big. Except that the Red Sox I think there's a real affinity. For him in the reflect well -- They've made that clear and I think they'll they'll do it takes to keep me on the issue would you be surprised if in June or July. And I think it's a two year extension even with the hip. Well or one year extension it's a tough one. Yeah I think you can make the case this is as goodies as he's ever been or may ever Beagle board right we'll see how goes the rest of this year I mean geragos again hurt. Things can happen to -- because they get a two year extension during a year from Red Sox now one year. Talk to look around speaking to one year from anybody after that we can't -- -- this year. Having a look at it here -- because I like it 120 RBIs and a half -- would Steve Andrews but he has 3120. Whatever he's gonna take a look aperture. Stephen A Smith went off on the New York nick -- a much -- Woodson did in the locker room temperature Spike -- oh by the way. All -- Respect you -- you'll -- so -- the -- I'm headed for the raptors all that's stuff. You have to shake spike Lee's hand and you definitely you dialogue that loses her back on. You ought to be no problem or anything just puts a handout. That better than spots like it is and upper high fiber slap five and Paul just steps. Right what you I don't know what -- indulge him by the engage him just ignore him. And don't pretend he's not there it's how -- -- just a little -- from -- -- -- the last night's Celtic win or should -- -- Loss I'm not may have been one of the most terrific performances I've seen about them all season and that's saying a lot because they've had a few. This season they were absolutely pathetic and it starts with this star. Carmelo Anthony who shot eight of 244 from the field who shooting eighteen a 59 from the field in the last two games. Couldn't buy a bucket played all 24 minutes in the second half shot two of ten from the field. I don't know what was wrong with them and I'm talking about before he had his shoulder are not since that time and Casey JR Smith does -- after the game I'll give him credit. For -- enough and seeing if he felt himself that he lost the last two -- for the -- first by getting suspended -- missing -- -- and then by talking smack in that in the coming out here and shooting like he could hit the bags -- -- -- if he was standing on -- I give him credit for -- enough to that because he deserved it because he get the job -- -- twenty minutes in the second -- he got very very little done to the shots -- -- in the fourth -- -- absolutely nothing he was terrific himself and at the end of the day for the New York Knicks were not moving the basketball at all they gave Raymond -- a mall people know help what so ever. Defensively they want out of sync offensively they -- stand -- around no more middle of the basketball display a 101 right to be head and all this. After running their mouths talking -- wearing all black talking about they -- he had to send the Boston Celtics to a funeral pull forward JR Smith. Man dove at the end of the game has said -- able we would -- who ended up getting buried it was just a pathetic pathetic performance. And the city of New York I think I speak for everybody here was absolutely positively disgusted the stench will stick -- where does at the very release for the next few days. This -- quantifiable. But what do you think the difference in the New York -- mindset is this morning. Vs what was yesterday morning they're diverse. I mean they were cocky obviously. I think the Celtics succeeded in early in the game and on the window and supplement. In the by the end of the first quarter that within two and yet they succeeded in making them nervous and that was the goal that made all the difference it made them feel the pressure. Even though they were home. Even though that spiky and instill in there to root them on start to think in mr. wondered you know could we really blow this and could that happen. That's all took 'cause they're jump shooting team and jump shooters are getting nervous miss they started missing and the pressure built I think the pressure builds now. Here at home on Friday announced Sunday. I just want to make it to game seven on the what's gonna have many hands and records and they're gonna win this year ago when the sooners' first team ever. I do think the deal that fatigue is going to be a factor I get the ball leaves autopsy will be a factor but I think if they can find a way I almost feel like. In an odd way tomorrow will be tougher game to win on Sunday. Will agree more pressure Sunday that's for sure on the Celtics on on him and say all right so -- like pressure had been there won't be yet. On Sunday in the game seven they wanna go on these guys the picture Garnett the opening sick when the championships will be that pressure. But I can think of -- team in NBA history given who they are given the 30 lead given who appointed them more pressure against him -- single game one knicks on Sunday night what is Kevin -- doing tomorrow night when is he doing because doc has already talked about the 2004. Yeah talks. He's made it clear he won't get into specifics who's made it clear that has come up. Would put it past doctor bring in Milan -- little quick pregame to be great. I'm all talked ghost does he have pre game -- preempt a project that telecheck move he may be there may be in the building Friday night Muller. Go. Well they can bring -- -- -- when he's at Miller said this you could do a toast it's actually on a regular season if you passionately on it's actually on video. The whole documentary about that. Their World Series run and it features prominently -- lark. You play snippets that alarm would come -- he -- that would love Disco and talk to boys and I'm going to assume that show every day but you could fly and it doesn't. Matter -- the Celtics will be consistent they'll show that will play previously a couple of crazy bombs. Even Jeff Green and he'll do his part question is do the knicks continue to melt and that's what happened the -- melt that column Carmelo Anthony is melting. Recent history I mean real recent history as in the last two games certainly is in the celtics' favor. I'm pretty sure down 30 they had to win it was an elimination game to win game four correct Celtics won. Last night was an elimination game they want everyone go on for beat the knicks have yet to respond in -- situations here's Jason Terry talking about just that thing. Just know every day across the game seven. Tremendous resiliency. We know when this evening's most moving was off this week makes us. And less guys with -- makes and I still play the same amount of interest the American. So in this series the Celtics have already played two game sevens and won the ball. And maybe they find a way to the slowdown Raymond Felton on oh. They do that maybe Courtney Lee goes it's a turn on him but -- -- -- -- -- you know and again he has yet again. It again is all we have to do is take care Carmelo JR where we did that come from -- -- zero Hamels started twelve point scorer in this area and -- forty wants that his short career good solid player but yeah I mean he's you know use our body so well to those shots and he -- not like he's darn nice good gets the shots -- -- -- does that. He eats he. Com Woodson as I want the ball with him all the time and it Kamal gets a little upset. Too bad we going to play the series you watch these teams for 567 games you start to make that list you know which guys do you think more of the -- before during the series which guys you think less so film is obviously them more than category for the -- for meego there's a bunch of -- -- Anthony definitely the top of that list I become -- at these good color idea when you watch the series like this you know you can't call -- -- technicolor bracelet is a ball hog Horry volume shooter and he's got closer and why don't you adjust in -- if you are struggling. I don't know I would get the ball I would post up and got nets on some of these bigger. And wolf column you'll get got in foul trouble channel has some kind of game he's not. You know and you know that was gonna happen a violent dunks and create a great post player it's just -- if you if you got into -- you would maybe get Garnett and foul trouble and you're gonna get done well public and changes -- out of the game. Celtics at the same team and let's face it jumper -- fielded two -- you in pretty good about himself right now speaking of -- and following. What's your take on the cardinals injury I thought that was a bunch of drama about not -- -- -- didn't look that bad and you saw all the different replaced and it's it's like he would try to make you think that he pulled socket or furthermore. I dislocated. Of his reaction if he did that was going to be the biggest all glory in the history of New York sports have been back page cheap shot right -- upon and all that he didn't it was an act. In and they clearly -- if there's any time you missed some well it was right back in the game to continue to miss shots so I mean if he misses his old self. It at the people who dependency in adjusted great players I would say that great score not a great player I mean. What's the difference in him and no real great player like LeBron as -- paper bird magic and even -- I mean they would find -- teammates they would make them better exactly -- maker teammates better LeBron -- Larry -- did before that he makes his teammates worse rethink about Jordan for example and shut the Paxson to win that championship that was passed or drove itself the -- have to -- doing -- -- No -- felt that their shot they got a -- and they issued against three guys are three point shooting team girls bought enough you know point. Nowak and and Shumpert -- -- Jay Grossman kid and you could kid now more in. Common good three point shooter. If you look at the league in double in the post he could kick -- -- get them open threes all day the question is. No collected one from one hit that shot that knocked that it took a shot that was it yeah the mark Gingrich for five minutes yeah. Mean why because you would do was working so well. I'm looking forward to ethnic. When -- will be one of the great game seven dramas. In New York on that stage with all those leagues. In the stands I mean will be -- is that it's this time Sampras on -- don't know -- opens in the old fashioned. Probably and I doubt it runaway price on big fat audience will -- and other game sevens and gesture to I don't know but that will be awesome all they have to do is win tomorrow night. Know that -- team's comeback from a tree at a higher than a true I thought forget it. Don't go for Red Sox -- I don't know why -- said that the flyers beat number I think during that they'll NBA I don't care. Americans say they have to win games and they force against the degree. It will be an I never expected the Celtics in the that they're not gonna win the title. But I think it is forcing game seven you always for over -- respect and remember the written laws and then thirteen right so the justices that lasts and be awesome -- me please. Leading the NBA in rebounding and the correct in the post season but he's what. On the last two games -- eighteen last night on double check that but I mean he's he does whatever he -- like -- you know it's not about him about the team -- gives them what they need they need rebounds. On the need help defense he gives his team when he needs to open when. An opportunity -- you know -- is it still don't know -- was -- going to culpable. Feeling good how would help recoup. I reunion and good returns. Please call. You know psychological psychologically here's what separates the Celtics from the New York Knicks the -- know they can win this kind of game as a said they won it in game four that didn't last night they know they can win this these kinds of games. When you're facing elimination I think it's almost an elimination game in the minds of the next tomorrow night in Boston. And the knicks don't know whether it can animals they want to know not you -- -- -- Tina the Celtics like it like it this is why Garnett plays his Mike Peters plays Jason Terry Doc Rivers. They like it the knicks not all of whom I am but in the non Jason Kidd obviously Raymond Felton. The -- some of them hate to read that there waking up tomorrow in Boston at the four seasons where they are going. On him and now we're gonna have to hear what again what you Garnett by the way far away the leader in the NBA in rebounding in the post season fourteen and half rebounds a game. -- gets I was thinking the same thing there we know everything about the Celtics team is no mystery anymore we know they've proven everything this core group of guys -- are knicks are filled with question marks unknowns at. Jump -- -- for years yet of any faith picking going to still have to hit 234. Shots to win about bush so the Celtics last night to. I mean by Marty I'm gonna talk all year all the time they're designed hit after hit threes. That's how they're built that's how they win and that's how they don't -- they have to -- what you think about game seven and watching people perform under pressure that your favorite thing in sport right yes right look at their eyes and their -- right -- can handle and so that happens tomorrow night it's certainly happens in game number seven JR Smith felt any pressure last night to perform. Yes after -- and his mouth after after you know. Abandoning his teammates by date was set as Mike Harris saying we would have won game four and I agreed with -- right if he had played. Because let's face it he's really good usually usually -- so Sri so streaky but he put pressure on himself. The c'mon have a big game last night an absolutely spit the bit he wasn't shopping champion on the bit -- -- spit the bit you vomit at the bit right and ugly -- and now that doubles. -- not. That's what those guys that doesn't ending and again when you play with these guys were -- -- The drive you crazy you don't habit today JM we all -- at the first three quarters and most of them are close -- degree right most of them aren't close you don't have -- Let's tougher let's find a team they're still covering -- they're chasing your run and it you know that means you open up some place for your teammates public share in the -- the end up. That flies in woody. I'll check it. I got it he had a two assists to a system resembles them Jason Kidd at one of citizen into anything just stands there easy to spot. He stands there and watches Carmelo lead. Two assists. While those -- -- I think that's a career high consider this the guy -- the best game ten for nineteen Raymond bell and let them and assist with four. Together at the best performance offensively even the best player in the series I think either team but -- you think of anybody who who absorbs more. Physical. Impact and gets his shot off and scores as he has in the series -- most creative little guards a dynamic -- traffic and -- -- -- and strong yeah there may be that gives Bradley trouble cause he's so strong but. Don't get have left them -- should be able to doctor equation they should be -- by so why can't I can't Avery Bradley get from -- drama filmed in its final everybody gets for a crisp ball much quicker than Elton. That's an -- ago and it felt sneaky quick he's got that sort of old old school game and the way that college --

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