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Doc Rivers postgame press conference - Knicks Game 5

May 1, 2013|

Doc Rivers postgame press conference - Knicks Game 5

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House open lines of dealers. Coasting talk about what was a big difference for you guys tonight to two victory. We just kind of hung in there you know loved. We -- reported and that we're gonna have to fight amazing emotion you start today. Which happened Europe 110. All the time -- Just -- -- -- far we're farm worker. Just pain just hang in there and I talked. Overall our guys just did you know. Terrence Williams came and it was just every single guy just came and gave us a list we didn't play seven. Short rotation. -- extend -- minutes. Everybody just -- To be in the fight tonight and everyone did their part. And you know they made a tolerance. Third quarter -- -- fourth quarter that room. We just hung in there. Technical genius in Boston duck. I think he shot 52%. From three point line you made I think you outscored their I don't have the numbers in from 33 and twelve or whatever. If I told you before the game that's -- gonna win with what would you say. I doubt it you know but. We work do you wouldn't -- that three point shooting team. Said that for the day. I -- -- our guys when you get them take them don't hesitate. Got upset early. Have a couple guys that are we were hesitant. And I just kept unleaded lie. Don't hesitate. Is contested movies it's not consistent -- And I thought our guys that are pretty good job -- made huge huge shots -- number and that's about the bench -- was probably the biggest -- -- Religion or. In that little stretch mechanisms that. No no you know listen they're trapped when they're moving the ball we were doing it for a mouse debuted in the and who was what we're -- deporting him. The world's most disappointed in the us is that we were not taking advantage of their traps. Tonight we did that was why we got three just that Barbara and got easy baskets. To do that just got to trust each other. And I thought in this series for us that's the first thing that we can we trust. And the ball found the open guy that we -- in the stretches where we try before -- stroke. In the stretches where we just trust the past but the ball find the open guy who really. Ian O'Connor ESPN new York stock do you think that can win these. It's on them now going into game six. I taught us do you know and then. You know maybe but it's that's on us deal mean. It's another game seven for us every day since we've been down 30 in game seven for us and that's the way we've been viewing it. Instead of being -- and evidence at 30 and you wanna win the game except. And we're looking at each one of these games and so it's still a ton of pressure on -- where were plan are really good basketball team and and we know that we understand that. We have to be really good especially I -- great we know our limitations on the other and so thrusts to keep going we captive. The great defensively and I thought tonight we were. -- -- from New York Times. -- did you vote she would -- between ray Felton some of your guys after the buzzer any sense of what's now I don't know I think there's much ado about nothing to be honest I didn't see you. That was that happy with it would be what happened -- it really gave me that crack. You know. Really don't. The -- just play basketball as physical as we can be on the floor. In this -- off the floor so I don't know what happened but I don't think that there are a lot of talking. Glad Starks wasn't there. Brand around and it those sorts of Lorena. Kim Garnett. Eighteen announcement third strict but sentencing you guys just his effort and the whole team's effort. Them off. You have because they're there on the scene I mean did they get it's them they're -- they're animals -- the -- -- Whenever -- -- and -- rebound they find -- three point shooters just amazing how to do it and so. Oh I thought we have so much better tonight and everybody got their hands and -- -- help out Kevin Garnett we extended his minutes and I don't know what actually. Played. And he was fantastic you know we gave them -- grass in the middle of the war which is hard to do but it was the right thing to do for him so region is again strong. Our rhythm with a bad stretch that little two minute rest of the game allow him just to make that shot. The time out. But is rebounding and just presence offensively. Has been unbelievable for us. Doc Martin because -- stuck -- you talked a little bit about Terrence -- what gave you inkling to go to him tonight for such extended minutes and then can you just touch on exactly what he brought -- your team tonight. Well he controlled the ball you know he can handle the pressure bringing the ball up or get guys in our stuff. You know as we restore Weaver becoming an organized again and the a lot of -- organize. I don't know what I honestly I just you know. -- -- -- -- -- just a lot of car and he was it tonight you know hopefully -- -- next you know. But this had -- you can just sense it once he got on the board just like his presence we love this size he was rebounding. And what we ask you to do is what he's never done and he's gonna he's the -- You know. The tournament -- -- there just really a problem -- everybody thome couldn't. And he's proven. A lot of people don't care and doing different. Steve -- at Boston Herald hockey get down eleven nothing. Imagine there were some pleading and begging beyond that but beyond that what got you back from that -- in panic and -- and so we go. Problem we didn't we just you know medical or blocking units and are once again got back to that 56 area our guys are good again you know. We we we keep going in the stretches where we settle for jump shot -- jump shot. It's sort of protecting the ball and post that's all reminded them all -- minute timeout can we now. Go toward a plan please -- And we did that and it was good. Thanks guys.

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