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Mike Napoli powers the Red Sox to a victory in Toronto

May 1, 2013|

Joe Casltiglione & Dave O'Brien catch up with Mike Napoli after the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays in Toronto.

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I can -- -- some puck home runs in your career -- the -- that night. Especially that second one that -- Went to a different area -- wayward smoke at the yeah I mean you know it until it been a discount and but a game of the green light to swing 30 and I'm just trying to jostled and there and I got the -- do. Do you. Normally swing at three hours -- something and it really has to be in a postage stamp area. Well I mean I I like to you know usually -- -- on account in runners in scoring position. There -- conversation -- with Donnan and all the the stuff about in the -- Some elect to do it is usually your thoughts on just. Micah figured double was almost as hard hitters the home runs the last -- tearing down the line and you've been able to do that with one at bat to the next really stay on it in stay within yourself is not been a great thing about this team's success all season long opened on the lineup. Absolutely we got a veteran club and we've been there before him. No we didn't hit account you know tries to within ourselves and start off we don't know. And I -- what do by having David Ortiz it's brought a few events that changed from the first most of the first month of the year yes knife the time you get a one of us citizen based fun back in the lineup that those nights. I enjoy him on the man. You know is there's sometimes I mean usually people on base those those month. And we can't overlook Clay Buchholz that he's the first six game winner and it. Who knows. Or bad changeup to -- sack he would have it like it is a real drama and -- You know he's he's done a great job and his temple has been awesome you know look I'm on them -- And did you. Master of the year 02 with a glove so much and we thank you so much congratulations. My thanks -- -- and -- Okay Mike Napoli are against the Red Sox way to go on.

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