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Paul Pierce: 'I didn't get the memo' about the Celtics' funeral

May 1, 2013|

Paul Pierce joined Grande & Max after the Celtics' win at Madison Square Garden. The captain said that if this was supposed the be the Celtics' funeral, he didn't get the memo.

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Thank you every time we have Paul Pierce -- regardless of circumstance it begins with him some kind of guttural noises or some kind of soreness or injury or whatever but. If there's such a thing -- adrenaline taking that over right now. This is and -- you've met so many memorable nights injury NBA life on this floor -- square garden where does this one -- You know this is this is gonna win you know especially when the in the circumstances. You know we're more concerned about his ball close to unify. Backs against the wall and -- And you know this is a gutsy winner let's go to in the last two games and that's -- -- lay down down -- but we take it one game at a time which ones who have. It's but we here's what we come to a funeral today. I mean that well as what that basically the words -- ever hear. All the picks they'd -- -- with your -- all I think you're gonna get them thinking that while you've been reading you every good -- where. Not being given them against -- when that -- things that looked at -- was what that you guys did really well today it was -- the basketball late in the basketball team. You talk about that you -- made -- huge -- talk talk again about exactly what happened not enough Jeff -- -- now. Trace their general grange to Houston reporters like I just photos I institutionally -- ball Brandon Bass with some huge plays down strategize and tear. Kevin Garnett you know as the best -- collectively in Massachusetts on and I -- team effort we we. So settlement settled in on our defense all night long -- it was ever concerned Melo was -- contain mostly forgotten having -- night and it was a great team win. Almost on the floor for an applause. Did you see that you all -- and -- you are you already you already did you are -- to the back. I'm watching you don't look at just how if you -- this deal was with her view on what what. You say physical series them in their non them bombing in amusement and agreement care. It's only on us lets us should not expect you got to expect bumps and bruises and so when. Last year you had a six game at home against Miami and weren't successful. The crowd in one of the most resident memorable moments in recent Celtic history since she lost to Miami and now you have a chance to repay that crowd with a team six. Well yes definitely our crowd is going to be very emotional this is what they wanted to one of another home. I expect the bailout disagreement. In the in the world tomorrow this will be some emotions. You know we we gotta have plans come back here on Sunday. How much do you ever think about. Your career your life for Celtic as the schemes ever putting the world wants to talk about it. As schemes are going on you're going through your pregame routine you get on the plus how much of these thoughts about what its next ever cross your. You know it really doesn't cross my mind you know it's like I'm kind of still enjoying Iran's like Ramon roller coast move my hands is that. In a moment thinking about the Indian I'm going to remove some -- We can drops her and I'm just enjoying -- isn't you know truthfully in. You know always you know lack of locals of the council to stop there and you honestly in the fountain the -- and you know on what they -- there. Well I think they're really -- all of them laugh about this is of the stage youth now if you are as they it remains a person as a father now. I was left the -- that was nice place. It didn't make any difference if you want the laws that family unit that was home that those girls from the boys -- home right now they still want to play so it. Bring you to a sit so a decent car. -- brings into room. Since promise because you know every day -- emotionally and after and every game -- locker room that. Lost a slightly walk into that story. Houston commodity and -- -- it's going great guns and you know -- really help me every day -- practice and on -- Captain that roller coasters that they get those ball stops you think the rats -- yet it speeds up I know we stuck in the loop you know sometimes you just let -- -- enough. And -- tobacco and keep going. Another chapter -- default -- -- --

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