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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Salk and Holley

May 1, 2013|

We check in with John Farrell for a weekly update on the Red Sox and all things Red Sox baseball.

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Well just say this to finish off some of that Bruins conversation. While that team that won the cup may have been. Trouble down the stretch we did go 642 against play against the top three seeds say here other than them. Pittsburgh New York Rangers Philadelphia this year they go 16 victory so you're looking for some evidence that a team can do it against the better teams in the league. You could. Throw that in his part of the evidence Jon Farrell's team has been red hot unfortunately suffers defeat last night in Toronto but he joins us right now is always brought to you. By our belly insurance town fair tire and buy celebrity cruises. What happened last night Jon Lester and he'd been so good for the first few starts may be. A little iffy in the in the start before this one and last night he just seem like kind of a different pitcher. I yet you don't want -- I think it it comes down to two things with last night -- you know -- -- -- has -- -- to those first four starts his command his fastball into right handers and away to lefties with. I I think greater consistency than the last two days or last two times out form and what falls right off that is the effectiveness and consistency of his cutter. To his primary pitches and then as status fluctuate a little bit. I think so has the consistency to retire guys open on the order. Heard you talk about it a little bit before last night's game John talked about the Blue Jays and how they have some different people they have some reinforcements. Now that you didn't see the first time you were there in Toronto. Has -- approach change -- and they saw Lester report got no runs last and he got six earned runs off of different. Approach well left the somewhat different protests -- Do not typical to them that today they took a number of pitches last night there were borderline where their aggressiveness. As you saw earlier in the year or what their approach at the plate typically is where were you know that they'll expand the zone at times that they didn't do that last night but. One also was different one Batiste was middle line up in the first series that we sum up here Encarnacion is. Found his stride somewhat at the plate obviously with the two moment last night and Brett Lawrie was on the on the DL the first summer through here so. Three right handed hitters. Three prominent right handed hitters don't know we get selected in the starter. You know it's a different look to anyone that. Obviously much more capable of quick strike offense which was the case last night. What was Encarnacion due to his arm after that home Roma. I think you might be just his style of renovations to actually go home run. You talk about -- one flat down type. Good looks it was something like that I was either it was like a fist out or one flap down it was I mean hit the ball a long way. It reminds me a little with a different letter back in the eighties when you know he did a homer in the middle of the little bit of a different than a home run trot but. I don't think you're right by any means it's it's consistent with what he does so it's not like showing anybody up. After about one of the key plays in the game the Saltalamacchia. I don't know if you saw it at the time. Hits the umpire did you see it and and you when you look at the replay now and you have the knowledge of what happened. What should've happened what what would you have done have you seen that happen. Well here's hoping Michael last night you don't wanna play like that unfolds you you're watching the reaction of the of a catcher. We knew that. Batiste as a guy that is aggressive on the base paths and in our advanced reading prior to if there was an opportunity to throw in behind him we would look to do it. If the throws sacker I feel like we probably. Execute the play and record an out there but. Watching salty make the change and seeing where the ball went you know I'll watch useful work him in Washington play the baseball. And you would think a normal reaction from the catcher would be hey I I got caught up in the umpires placements. So at the time I'm looking okay it was an errant throw. -- them once and that the next pitch is thrown you can't go back and argue that but as the inning continued to unfold while we're on the field. I felt like an explanation needed to be had at that point and the explanation that was given. Doesn't fit what took place on the field. Put still. I would have expected -- to have a much more quicker reaction like hey I got caught up here because when you have. The ball with the umpire but an immediate dead ball and and base runners go back to their original based. Would be no different that if you guys try to steal second base and that happens at -- goes back to first base because it wasn't -- career are clear throwing lane for the catch yourself. You know I didn't see -- at the time I was watching is a useful work in the play the baseball. Is there an expectation for Jarrod Saltalamacchia that he know that. I would say -- My gut feel that is yes any time that you get caught up with the with the umpires -- you would think that there was there would be a reaction to say you know I -- something didn't. Quite go right here the explanation by Clint -- behind home plate was he. Released the ball and then hit the mask which to me. Mean that taken place was out from the -- is -- -- MM -- don't see how that's physically that I haven't. So I mean there are lots of rules and baseball. Saltalamacchia said after the game that he did not. I know the rule -- he admitted that. Is that something that you'll go over now with. Your team -- -- can't bog them down -- this rule that rule obscure rules but is that something that you got to use as a refresher course. Well it was talked about in the dugout because others we're well aware that if the that is in -- role of a dead ball rules once that. Interference takes place. That's a dead ball in and of itself. It and we'll do it if that's what geragos rationale was. You know it is a rule that if he gets caught up with the umpire anyway if you consummated -- and throw. You don't -- -- it goes back there was published. John -- the siren WEEI -- has brought you by our -- insurance town fair tire and celebrity cruises you make the announcement. I would Joel Hanrahan coming back that you're gonna stick with -- Andrew Bailey in the ninth inning. What's the process there as a manager how do you how do you arrive at that decision. Well what took place over time when Angel was on the on the DL obviously the way and closeout games speaks for itself. We had to get to all out to get him a couple of appearances. -- -- old very well aware of what was taking place and you know that the run that we're that we're currently on as a team. The way the bullpen has performed. And I think in fairness to jolt. He he needs some outings that the Major League level can continue to get back up to speed. And to assume high leverage situations. In both for any kind of announcement. You know what with the decision to stick with entertain about one we had to get through the rehab assignment making sure that you always physically. People which he obviously is in and we got here to Toronto you know we sat down and talk about. What was. The approach going to be taken in before anything was announced publicly just wanna talk with him because certainly he's gonna have questions to answer and people are gonna. Promise and then ask him about the decision and then what his role now beach for the time being. So that I think that's just common courtesy and and maybe a professional approach towards handling a guy who's been a very good closer in his own right. So now going forward you've got two guys on the roster who have done it in the past and and have now even done it for your team this year does it change. How long a leash you have weapons and that's not quite the right way to phrase -- I think you know what I mean with -- Andrew Bailey how long can you. You have a little bit longer leash or is it shorter knowing that you've got a guy that it's right behind in the can also do the job. You know what like I think first and foremost is we've got to get a couple more appearances for jolt to -- to get back up to speed. And what I mean by that is to -- to the effectiveness efficiency that the power in the action to all the stuff. He's still building back. So prior to you know we close out those three consecutive saves. You know I know you -- he's not -- to that level yet which he will be is as he gets -- outings or further her additional innings under his belt. And then I think -- hopefully we're the type of team that there's going to be multiple save opportunities where we're gonna. Have to stay away from Andrew on a given night because he's pitched. Either two or three consecutive days and we've got to go to somebody else and and to have that secondary guys. Ready to go on a given night control. Bottom line is a -- to join him makes us a better team. Me ask you about another guy. We haven't seen them a little bit -- that Shane Victorino what's the story with him and will he need to stand on the disabled list. You know Michael I think right now hole he's Macon. Consistent progress were hopeful that he takes full batting practice on the field today. He swung the bat in the cage yesterday starting throughout to a 120 feet. He's been some you know on the elliptical Leachman and doing some running -- in the weight room. So he's made -- satisfactory progress -- reported today Phelan. Even further improved. So with each day we're -- a point forward. You know put more intense baseball activities in the mix. And he's responding favorably so. We felt like coming into this series if he wasn't improved by eight tomorrow Thursday. We felt like we might need to make a roster adjustment put oh I think we've got coming in tomorrow to really hone in on that decision. It is just a back spasm. Bremen backs battles for him or -- is it something a little more complex than that. Well what happened was he -- he suffered back spies and obviously there's there's you know he tweaked it on that 11 place in about ten days ago come on the box. It causes inflammation and then when it flared up again there's inflammation was there was it was confirmed through the MRI that he did go through. So we had to let that come down he's responded well to the medication he's been taken. As all of the treatment so. The fact is that when it happens place in about a eight to ten day period we've got to be a little bit more cautious. Go forward but. Solid progress is being made right now. You came into the year. With outside expectations for your team being fairly low even if they were pretty high inside your clubhouse. That's changed now after an April where you guys had the best record in baseball. Does that change inside your clubhouse now. Well based on them in the conversation in the end of the feel inside the clubhouse I don't think it's changed one bit because it's. The expectations internally still be in the same. And the one thing that I've been. Really interested to watch unfold is that when we've had games work. We've gone out and executed well we've played well or on games where we've you know actually have it handed to us whether it's a thirteen nothing game against -- Our guys have done a great job of what's done is done we cant go back let's get back to. Square one which is every day's preparation and we -- into the game that night I think that speaks to the veteran presence that we have in our clubhouse. The fact that guys have been. In winning situations. And it's been overall very good mix from. Fully expecting that we go out and put together -- very good game here again tonight. Forgive me for -- back here a few minutes in the conversation as one involved. Our. I he says on the Saltalamacchia place at the umpire have made the call himself in -- their -- statement. From Major League Baseball on the missed call. Well. The explanation from the umpire was that he did not make the call east peace stated what could I went to the alcohol played after the inning was over to get an explanation and he said. After he threw the baseball after it was released upon -- oil he hit him in the mask -- his elbow. And to me it just didn't -- So in his mind he got the call right which again in hindsight saying that kind of reaction I should have been out there as soon as the ball. Went into right field because it was so far offline you got -- think it's something interfered with that. The bullpen arms on this team that are that they have some some different. Some different skills I guess who should and do some different results. How do you go about once you've established Bailey -- a closer how do you go about choosing which bullpen army like in which match -- because -- sometimes guys we used in the seventh other times in the eighth sometimes -- hours before -- Harris sometimes the opposite. How how do you decide which guy went. While one. You're bureau is factoring in -- and who's available on a given day. That you're looking at where you -- lineup it it for instance last night's situation they had a number of right handers stacked at the top of the lineup. I like. -- power against. There are right handed hitters in this case. It it unfortunately didn't work out last night with a two fastball that kind of came back on the -- a little bit Encarnacion. But to me what's evolved over the first month is that while the dollar has been good against both righty and lefties. I almost feel like. -- It is even that much more effective against left handers and where they were not you know whether -- switch hitters were not line up. Along with -- down in the bottom third. I've felt like he was the better match up. With those left hitters in that situation and makes me and more just kind of carrying a bowl we've seen of late in Cody performed against righty vs lefties. The fact is -- arrested last night. It unfortunately that in that seventh inning it didn't work out that way -- didn't follow up to follow up with Koji and then ultimately barely closed things out but. It kind of worked in that order who's rested who's available. And then you're looking at where your Carolina probably for the best matchup might be given. Availability on that day. I'm not -- and I've been around for a long time watching baseball John although I do remember watching you play and in the minor league. What do you play around awhile -- as good of shape but you have that -- -- I've watched the replay of car nasty owns second home run about ten times. And I just it doesn't make sense to me that ball in that location. Is hit that far in the other direction Estes. Maybe the strongest man in Canada I don't know maybe -- strong in North America this. A straight home run but I. -- I tell -- -- the home run hit prior to that point what about another hundred feet further. You know he he's a strong man as we know. And you know what he's probably their most complete hitter on that team when you consider average even though the average early on hasn't been one will be towards the end of the year but. He's a very good hitter and and he's got the ability to cover the entire plate. Fact is if you look back at that sequence we threw four straight fastballs in the same area and regardless of velocity -- type hitter who's in a good groove right now. We probably gave him one too many in the same spot where he didn't we didn't force him to make I think it necessary adjustment. Given the game situation and and what he's been doing of late what's your lineup today. While Ellsbury leading off Gomes in the two hole against burly tonight. Pedroia. Ortiz Napoli. Novice in the six hole Mel Brooks seven -- in the old Ross -- John Farrell he joins us every single Wednesday today from Toronto we'll talk to next week thanks John. Or guys here aren't -- John Farrell always brought to -- her belly insurance town fair tire and celebrity cruises would you here -- back tell you what next alcoholic Emilia.

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