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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 05/01/13

May 1, 2013|

We end the show with this... you ask, we answer.

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It's time for answers the question generic answer the question with -- and how it is the big question. So put -- -- years not answering any and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question. Always brought you by air -- restoration specialists Mike Adams is witnesses always get ready for a short showing no because there's like thirty important games. -- You might think Andy likes lately he's -- screw -- I'm expecting some but not keen to secure the Mike off that's good radio makes it. That -- to be honest you talking without them like better than you making whatever -- like she. And -- -- hey guys don't regard it as a unit pitcher remote remote portion fumbled ready to go digital lumbered out. Yeah every bounce around tonight and he'll have a feeling in the -- watching law broke duplex that's my feeling -- to go to -- -- Celtics are going to win tonight. The biggest say what's the score. They go by the three. I. Like three pilots into your question anyone -- 78 by the way you guys calling service -- donkey yeah its board rule. I'm going down border I think he's. Jerks and your other -- sex -- -- six months pregnant wife or just take care. As an easy question of course easy easy. Two months. And months. Is not. Months they are you know it this is this is the question essentially break it down the question is. Would you rather have sex with someone. Work or not or not yeah. Next question trivia question asked by somebody who was not an important -- what do you think. Six months next question is all BS -- hire a nanny for your wife and CEO we need to money. You couldn't get a nanny nanny below it and do I have to I don't want. I want my wife that. Especially politics -- for him to pressure. Welcome to 1957. Next question -- don't feel bad I have to buy my kids the seed in the airplane and drug them to. Don't drug your kids in the -- and in that some people that -- allowed to do. Drug studio reports next well the network it is and the only question people do it just. Right that's. A good though workers their drew -- -- and India the flight attendant to always say. Intersil will behave if you are wonder why yes it's validity of their under the influence the next question we better off -- public potato or better mob movie goodfellas or the god bodies out of the -- Obviously easy it. -- are you still best -- of Michael Smith there was Gmail hill taken your place that is a great quest you jealous of that battle I think there might be a little jealous of -- while ago doesn't podcast with Michael Smith is that there's he has to dreadlocks and the ship. That would have been in. But -- earning a pretty tight these days come -- -- off he talked. All the all the time all the so I'm telling you should be -- find out where you stand and I -- that you've really got to hang out with some help today Patrick could not say -- Next question is right how many black people these notes. -- where. I don't want it I know Michael OK so Cedric he. Or an accident it is -- admitted yesterday where you were to Michael's -- I got I got ago. And you work with the -- -- first year we worked for football -- our area alone to what I have. -- -- Janelle little bit a little bit not familiar black no who's black blue looming and why is he black. You don't know until I don't. Do. So -- is for a alerts I'll have you know. Win in this conversation like get out of this now as -- -- and I cannot explain okay Jared it's late next question a few more times next question. Bigger rip off. Extended warranties -- travel. I actually went with travel insurance for the first time ever this past year why because of my baby. The only reason I would like if she guts it would ruin the entire vacation is the only time I've ever gotten travel insurance because there. Without that I can't imagine if your targets in 87000. Miles to get the full power train warranty and making me yelled threats that would say it would be travel insurance is a bigger ball yet in general. Yes but -- -- and -- Next question it. Get rid of stuff that's it you go easy driving out there. -- off duty extended warranty for fifty bucks -- nine dollar printer and why would you waste your time. Jerks where do you weird did you go in high school to fool around with girls now that's -- assuming it gets for -- and that's a -- -- that's that's very kind of you to believe that that occurred my garage your garage. -- on fumes. Now it is not that in their -- well issues. I did I did go to him. Our schools the bribes moms or did you did you. And so her Saturday and didn't want to as a CIA. Where do you go. That not of the bras -- towards those like back there was like a Baxter well. Of the school hop. Madison school in the school backs in the school whatever to about school or knows anywhere at that have to have to ask at what age any high school high school we're -- high school to -- -- -- growing up following a round where we're now retired where it reminded that. -- nursery Arrigo we -- and a -- out of it aria in television retirement reform of the -- on the -- And -- to -- about the other takes -- senator al-Qaeda -- Our headline sounds illegal to Chicago because you'd hope which is it this is my -- have to get off. And answer the question your best pizza in Boston. It's for gene. Maps. Street -- -- the -- it's no huddle it's so. How much -- you need a few eats into a social. Lives two blocks if you go there all the time it's that it's back -- a big daddy's it's it's everybody anybody who's making repeat. That year anybody is anybody actually watched it. Guys what do you think about sitting Doug Hamilton tonight for Reynolds gonna happen when -- He's in shame. Really it was Hamilton and team should you don't care at all you know there -- a little bit players talk about power or federal law school oh by the way Texas says not Auburn cemetery behind me now and yeah had a if you had a girl -- and you -- if only we -- let me get appointment but you can still -- We. Some artists who have -- it is an area across the across that river. From union but we couldn't go there and -- is on some critics though there are there. Properties. -- -- show that we really get at night you should do. Finally jerks. What what -- these what song is the slide guitarist for new opening for a while spreads. -- -- -- -- -- As an easy easy question easy answer you know and almost more next question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ernest Ernest goes up until mister Dexter says most underrated pizza in Boston ultra right guys. I mean -- for you guys in the huge fan of wheat I was just curious why that we eat today so much better than it was back we grew up in the eighties. I feel like it smells better tastes better it's just beautiful it is is an arsenal you would notice and this and what its products and that's that's all it is it's about -- -- -- It's in this company's Acapulco gold was forty dollars announces -- Mexican import that was really good for their big people it -- -- it's all about. Certain equipment and again now. It's. About our movies -- we -- equipment that was that is what I think there's enough money in making good -- that gets -- -- Legalize it take the money -- the prison system -- visceral -- -- there's Mike Adams -- coming up next couple of watching all three games back the tomorrow to -- and all the W. -- --

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