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An hour with Jack: Jack Edwards previews the Bruins and Stanley Cup playoffs

May 1, 2013|

Because it's CUP time. We talk Bruins and NHL hockey with Jack Edwards of NESN live with us in studio.

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You thought I was given up too much information last week about the -- issues my god sauce well lists at least you give there's still communicating they're -- Still friends all very. I don't know what -- up far is not even good looking at rather make it -- close Julianne and that's gum in my job while -- Smart successful. Got a championship got -- you have he's got a job for at least another week what are app from Brandeis guy's got a -- -- 45 year contract and haven't unless they coach contractor and those mean Jack what sag contract extension for -- with that. He's got two left after this of those superiors he SATA three ya and out burger here that it's the version here. -- -- -- Your country's -- -- -- to be with us all of this -- I was brought to -- -- and smoke -- Boston private bank and by the city of Boston credit union. Are what's team we'll start here we at on the questions for Utah mom Michael and I like most people boss and have a crazy night. Trying to flip back and forth between three really good games I -- if there's a choice you've got restaurant -- Buchholz on the man idea celtics' playoff game OK you're gonna be locked in so exert Celtics are done after tonight. Colts is going to be pitching and at least until September okay. The Bruins are starting the playoffs on national. Pre game at 630 game time seven great trauma what I. Let's not let it out about the pregame was at six according to the we don't big Marlins tonight according to the literature. That I read -- for me not to read our pregame propaganda literate -- are. 0:6 o'clock tonight Bruins start the playoffs and and -- was arguing with fewer. Broadcast partner guy on the air -- handy Brinkley needs any help last night and argue with brick yeah I -- to -- with prickly guy who taught him everything about how recognized an argument. Let. Brinkley says there's no correlation between how a team finishes down the stretch and what they do in the playoffs very little -- is worried I'm not how much. I'm always worried in the playoffs. I think that's that's what Mark Recchi was describing when he said get out your comfort -- You need to you if you're not anxious about the playoffs there's something significantly wrong with you you have to respect any opponent and I mean you know the LA kings -- the eight seed in the west last year they beat. Each of the division champions in order. In the Western Conference who went on to win the Stanley Cup so anybody who's -- ten when you're it is absolutely true that anybody who's in it can when it. And and you should be anxious there should be and how you think Chicago Phil played in overtime last night. Everybody had they you know we're called the Stanley Cup the Chicago Blackhawks invitational right. You know at the beginning of the season they went half of this 48 game season without losing a game in regulation time how sick is that. And there was there was -- there was an overtime game to start the playoffs against Minnesota -- gets a backup goalie from Minnesota opened and a great story that is to -- I'm with you Jack and I understand the everybody can win went to get to the playoffs but it's not like everybody has a 116 chance. Right we can't just flip a core I mean otherwise what why even talk about it right it's not a one man of sixteen chanted it's. The better team should have a better chance based on not just their record but how they're playing it on what they're capable of doing cream should rise to you know anybody you picked -- New Jersey Devils to -- Eastern Conference I didn't know anybody I mean like any any even somebody in New York. I think there -- no Nolan put. No red -- picked in New Jersey doubles to win the eastern obviously it's possible that that pat McNamee at the eight -- win and -- doubles -- -- talented -- -- picked out one don't they didn't but. But maybe we -- based on how they were playing down the struggle with how -- what would -- OK let's if you wanna use that correlation. Coming into the playoffs. Who was the hottest teams got to be seven or exceed what the hottest thing coming into the playoffs. The New York Islanders were absolutely on fire watch the last couple games -- what happened and then rabbit but but here's the point. It's all about matchups and it's all about what happens within a team and what the teen does to get through the first round. Nothing matters except winning this moment you know this loose puck win this -- that's all that matters and and if I mean for me in this world in which we are so easily distracted that use one of the most compelling things about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That no one has any idea what the pivotal moment of any game any series or any entire playoff run is going to be. Until it's all over and we can look back but in the moment you best not look away for even a single second because that might beat it. That might be the moment. By the way hottest teams heading into the playoffs. Pittsburgh 82. Washington 81 and one and Chicago 72 -- one. Of the three artist currently having all you can file it away we can have a conversation later I just. I understand that that's the fun of the NHL class and I love that I mean look I love the NHL players such as anyone I can not be more excited for the next few weeks. But I refuse to believe that nothing matters leading into nothing it's got your team has been built. You've you've you've you've seen which line combinations were you spent usually 82 games this year last fewer than that. Trying to figure out what your team is going to be in the problem I have with his Bruins team. Is that. What they're supposed to be. And what they've been for quite some time now is not the same thing. They don't match up. When they played against good teams they've been even worse against the top three seeds there 16 and three the shooting at one win. Against the three division leaders that they played so they've shown inability to beat good teams. They've shown an ability to play good good hockey and Bruins hockey over the last month and a half. And now they go up against the team that they should have every matchup advantage against they beat him three times out of four they've owned the lease for years. So if they don't lose this and I'm nervous based on the first two qualities and you -- the third qualities you said Jack match -- matter well here's your matchup against team you should beat. What are we supposed to think if they don't come -- Bruins hockey knock around the -- and played their game over the next. Okay look let's sort it tees all the different fibers out of out one okay the the bill leafs do have an edge on the Bruins in team speed police are faster in the -- So the first order business for the Bruins has to be a combination. Of thinking on a higher plane. And making good body contact. Without going to the box OK which is the classic -- Berkeley move your feet. Type of thing that's what the Bruins absolutely must do if they do not do that. They're going to be in a whole heap of trouble against a Randy Carlyle team that plays with a lot of grip. And you know Toronto was the team that led the league in fighting majors they stand up for each other they stand up for themselves they are difficult team to play against. The season series that they won. On February 2. Chris -- stores the only goal of the game literally crashing into the net and Satan and the net off its -- 10 Boston the final. On the seventh -- march Tyler -- I believe it was scored an empty netter in the final was fortitude so I was a one goal game. On the 23 to march up there in the Bruins lose 32. That was the -- kind of disaster game for who -- open. And -- on the 25 the march it was a home and home set shoot out win for the Bruins so it's a -- game. So they play four games. The Bruins outscored at least 97. That doesn't look like a clear cut Boston series drop to me and the Bruins had trouble with the -- at least going all the way back to last year in terms of the tenacity of beliefs even before. They turf. Brian Burke before they even changed out Ron Wilson in favor of Randy Carlyle. This was a team that showed that it was willing to put in the effort. That's set. That's said the Bruins still should be confident that they can beat this Maple Leafs team and hear the reasons why. James drivers never played in the NHL playoffs it's a different game. Tim thomas' introduction of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is up in Montreal 2008 liberals are down to zero after the second shift. At Bell Centre and I thought they're gonna knock the roof off of that place at the decimals in there so that's that's one factor. Another is the leafs are going to give the Bruins opportunities the least give up an enormous number of shots on goal. Comparative to the rest of the league there in the top two or three of the leading in shots on goal allowed and rubber while he has a very good glove. Does give up rebounds so it's incumbent upon the Bruins to get to the dirty areas to look for the second chance while the shooter shooting. To use their heads to get their bodies in the right position to cash in on those chances that they definitely would get. And at the other end of the ice Tuukka Rask has to make the stops and he's got to make. He doesn't necessarily have to -- game saving stops every period but. But he's got to make the stop cities supposed to make he's he can't -- in any soft goals -- the Bruins are not an explosive offensive team. -- -- this fellas we've -- Tuukka -- in the playoffs before and the last time we -- in the playoffs it was the bad scene. That was the end of game seven yet lead there. Gave up a couple of soft goals and we know what happening at the -- So -- in the post season before. But do you think Tuukka Rask. A couple of years later as the number one guy. You think he has the capability of getting hot and others Thomas -- and that's the that's the topic we -- Nazis are given nobody -- ever -- that up before do you think he has the the opportunity. Anything in his. On his -- makes you think. I get hot for a sustained period and carry this team this year's world and yes yes where where where was written in the what did you see from. Actually during during his 2010 season. Rask had some periods were played extremely strongly he's had. A couple of games this year or he's played very very well the first game in Montreal he absolutely stole that game for the Bruins he was astounding especially in the first period. Where liberals were just trying to get to the siren get back in the Roman regroup. He's capable of -- this team through adversity. But we still don't know the big picture question on him the big quiet the big picture question is. Is she going to be able to sustain that and sustainability is that a cluster for the whole team. -- and that's you know that's one of the great mysteries of this playoff series and this playoff run. Claude Julien made some decisions or is in the process of making some decisions that are. At the very least curious and it the most head scratching. Why is he making them in the direction he appears to be gone the last Jack Edwards that question a more back in ninety seconds talk Ali WEEI. Gears here it's great memories. They're great guys here. And I figured you know when you leave guys -- -- -- -- -- It's OK but I enjoyed playing here they have great hands he's indignant question. -- -- Sure felt -- still castle. He ducked the media first but then finally today -- -- want to talk thanks Philly we appreciate talking finally we already sitting there is for greats and a good. How this one Jack. We do you think those. You know it's there it's. Much good -- Yeah he's never one for attention except when he skated around the rink playing for Wisconsin with a into this year for about 2532. But not Philly. Phillies never been one for Karl wasn't I was what's different I just -- out what I've never been one for attention to human rose c'mon now -- -- don't know now you're exactly when he was talking. Let me get some footage of view from high school we were you didn't hype going and what are you -- -- -- now I was a great footage of -- high stepping off the football field implement it went to -- where you're running from -- I don't know what I go before a videotape existed. Just is still talking about all I I'd I'd never been one for attention isn't exactly one for attention no. On the Angeles site on the ice -- Has some social issues to save at least he's not a gregarious guy he is as introverted as any athlete. That I've ever encountered one on one. He doesn't like doing the -- thing now he's been a terrific hockey player since he was a young child and that has been the focus of his life since he is today. Young child and in many ways. He has that kind of social capability and you know. -- He's not a bad guy he's just kind of a site for. I thought I know cipher he's not a bad guy to decipher who has figured that the great quote what do you do you think the Bruins they'll. Look forward to playing against him. Yes and and how to -- do you do you feel like I'm gonna put Saturday after that is yes on the flip side. Does he look forward to playing against the -- -- Don't you don't expect but you don't expect much from bill Cassell in the series. Here's the thing about hockey. There's no a lot of pounds. And and if -- player like Phil Kessel who thrives on open space who thrives on being able to do your thing. With a great deal of speed that commits you to a certain flight path if you will. It's really scary to be looking up the ice if you're playing right wing as he always had its. And see a guy who weighs 260 pounds and plays with Paul wants moral and just lives to eliminate people like you. And on the other hand maybe you get out there against Andrew Ference. Who oil -- destroys castle. I -- birds I don't know I don't know if it's a personal thing probably is Arctic air and it seems like it would be the way plays against Kurds first loves to play against -- He really just some of those challenges he likes to play against Crosby he's gone after Crosby a few times do I mean he clearly takes those he's an ornery guy. And especially against smaller forwards who like their space ya -- and and the first time Tesla came back to TD garden to play with the leafs. He tried that outside inside move and ferrets to school to -- and and I don't know -- was one of those coincidences. Or if it was intentional. But it sure looked as if -- selected him as if to say. Yet now here I've CNET 101000 times in world. I thought you're gonna say something before I asked about. Tuukka Rask. Now getting hot in yeah -- guy who. Who carries -- team and you don't think again no I didn't say that I said it's just a little hard to imagine I'll tell you want to do when asked Jack about some of these moves that quote appears to be making. Beverley may be out it looks like Don Hamilton talk and play well hit on that here in just a moment or two but. I realize that when you ask the question I was listening Jackson answered -- OK can I imagine in my head and I look forward in my mind die. And see Tuukka Rask going crazy and making every single stop -- the Bruins their -- series. And the reason it's difficult to do that is that's not the kind of goalie he has always your confidence level and Tim Thomas after Scott Walker all bought off the spoke to be all fun and and I'm not saying I'm not confident to -- and -- let me let me finish -- -- I am confident Tuukka -- actually and I think very highly of -- but as we -- just -- -- not spectacular -- -- -- -- -- that's not how -- makes his living as a -- all over the -- the -- Thomas did which wows you because it looks incredible. Sometimes I think Tim Thomas was Derek Jeter. Where is another guy might just be in position to pick the ball and throw the ball the first -- first base Jeter had to go running because he's so stupid small. Finally make it back -- make it looks spectacular I think it occasionally Timmy would make the regular looks spectacular I think -- does the opposite. I think there are some plays he makes some -- he makes that four. Other goalies would look spectacular but he's so good at positioning himself that it's really hard to to get him out of position and put the -- by -- -- It's not hard to see him carrying the team and to see them winning. It's hard to see him being the guy everyone points that says look too good just made five great saves that's why they're winning the thing that. That worries you. If you do get worried about about Tuukka Rask is this year's. Blogger who if you will which is the the loose pucks just barely out of his reach. At the top of the -- somehow. A high percentage of those scrappy moments have ended up in the back in the Boston goal. And who knows how. Part gets through there as -- like how do you recover a fumble in an NFL and it. Will never help because we can't see in there after guys are entirely tell you know there I was bite herself like that. But but who knows how that puck gets in there but that's been a problem for the Bruins and if there's an area that should concern. Bruins fans against a very scrappy. And speed to Ronald team. That's probably the areas so the answer is. Denied them access in the first place told allow them to penetrate the zone with speed being in position given the perimeter take away the inside. David -- human remains intact or back to what it's been most of the year crate G with port no one side Lucic on the other the Bergeron line. Obviously that would not gonna change and a -- into the third like is the fourth one looks like it's not gonna change either. And based on practice yesterday Kelly and the morning skate with jogger yeah no heavily on the other side instead cast respond events seem surprised. It is a little surprising. Beverly would be three million dollars worth of healthy scratch if that's the case. I'm not that that matters to -- because says he's he's shown with his actions that. He doesn't really pay attention to what do guys cap it is in terms of his values team. The -- questions about our police performance. Have gone unanswered and they haven't had a satisfactory answer this has been a bad year for rich partly. He he could turn it around there are plenty of of cases of guys having. Absolutely bad regular seasons and then having pretty decent playoff rounds but it looks as if he's gonna start this one on the night for comic guy from Toronto. Who everybody in Boston should be concerned about not and I -- NASA and Cadbury absolutely and I like X-Factor player. Willing to it's to play a physical game he's got a little bit nasty and him which is good it's a competitive nasty not a dirty nasty. He's it got high end skill. Can get. Enormously. Hot he had a stretch in the middle of the season where he had. Something like thirteen points in nine games or something like that it he's. He's a very very good young player they have been extraordinarily. Patient with -- the heat in Toronto is similar to. You know Red Sox in Boston or yankees in New York everything. Team management does is an absolute failure -- guy comes up and hits 400 for one of those teams. Calgary is a guy -- a first round pick. Didn't come in and stick right away they kept sending him down to the Marlys to DHL. Well this time they brought about and he stuck and he is a significant. Dangerous player almost every time he's on the -- creative he's tough he's Smart totally agree on concrete. He's Adam is the center of one line and then he's on the wing in the -- he's he's moved them all over and used him as a utility man all yard hasn't had the best here I agree. But him and Kelly and jogger. -- seems like it makes -- -- -- documents -- -- one good game against his old team where is trying to show them they made a mistake but that's why they got apparently they got apparently so they could move from all over. The line -- -- but now it's playoff time and as you said that's different to put up with Chris Kelly with jogger on the other side make it an offensive line and let's see what happens meanwhile. We talk about Doug Hamilton was knocked in -- -- the seventh player award winner for the Bruins this year will not play will be healthy scratch tonight. The great Mick Bellagio who is one of the biggest hockey dorks in the entire world and I say that lovingly as -- -- on Hamilton. It will make you see -- the way of thinking that's next talk -- Jackson this is well on WB. They don't lousy record against playoff team they only have one win it. Against -- team of the top three seed well one of the things I learned from my playing games inside the boards that game one of the play -- totally different animal than the regular season. The court. They're being used having -- car but so far. -- what did you learn as the players -- regular season that is just it is totally different playoff -- it is -- in intensity what I mean everybody. Organizations and individual place. I feel like you took a piece of sand paper over and over his Lucy -- distort our beat a mop. Left spent -- studio. So. I don't among looted a brick yeah. He did political party played the I was in the I was between the -- -- I heard that -- in his voice and and that you know. You know I love that whatever I really do -- learn more about the game from him than anything but when you hear that special -- and his voice. That's certainly be handed defenseman -- back on soft Olympian and look over your shorter seventeen that's elderly and -- So it's gonna hurt or you're sort it out in compartments -- oh soles talked pissed them off and some kind of way. I'll have the aegis -- stating he had got. It's ironic that this fight is about to and there's no -- -- up they would probably not done yet you you shouldn't you shouldn't -- -- your punishment just put in my patients that you tried to sneak his slider over audience I sort when he sneaked it 500 -- -- it hurts our way up the right field line -- -- when -- I'm sure you've had this experience at some point with -- working and working with -- when India. They -- to the woodshed when they give you a little you know he's. He's never done it that way we've had some really good disagreements about about things maybe interpretation of a somebody's conduct on the ice there serve. A rough -- called but. He he hasn't he he's never -- take immediate task. That way. Hi I have I have heard I never did it did -- all of the 85 seconds to get that at a brick I have heard. I have heard him. Just down a couple people but I think that he dressed me down. Well let's not exaggerate the not to rest I don't know leaders that he just said from my experience inside the sports this is that I saw within this is the visual element an individual -- on -- watching last night outlaw hot get hot Doctorow watching -- real -- Rick Perry Jack -- gave -- That is return and that is the turn in the let -- of stick the -- a nice positive. All -- here that is not true you know you're making a mountain out of a mole hill there is no way that is true here's the -- One thing you got to remember going into the playoffs and that's what makes added it's what made me spring out of bed this morning with the alarm went off and it you know. No matter how well you think you have this. Analyzed. And and scope -- out and how well you think you know these two teams. You're going to be surprised being prepared to be surprised you have no -- deal what's gonna go on in the National Hockey League last did anybody think when that puck got dumped by the LA kings net last night that -- in court was a uptick committing very Kerry for his team. They use got to give it away and Alex Steen was gonna wrap around into an empty goal shorthanded in overtime. I mean twelve odd that's only happened five times since nine. -- and ERC once -- history here's some history so Doug Hamilton gonna get scratched and I healthy scratch which certainly should give us some pause as we look back at the two games he had -- a few weeks ago which at the time I upload made a -- point that hey he's tired he's played a lot but now he's gonna scratch and for the for the playoffs or at least game one. It becomes a little less believable but whatever. -- collage you know New Bedford standard times who was his big hockey not as anyone I can think of including jacket and Mickey is Mickey is wrapped up and it is his life it was yeah. He says I looked up cup roster since 1967. Because of course it and I could not find a regular much less a top four defensemen. Younger than Doug Hamilton or with -- last NHL experience the only compatible experience on a cup winner was Colin White with New Jersey 2000 but he was 22 years old. And already had experience as a pro and there's a guy named Scott Stevens and doctor -- taking care business and an hour every other great defense and Danica was there Friday asking -- -- -- -- there was a year -- they're always playing golf for the guy that helped him I think he's still the only player the only player nearly as young was -- of -- the bowed out. With perhaps an 86 but he was at the end of his second full NHL season so basically. It means having Hamilton and his reading what nick wrote me it means having Hamilton in the spotty played most of the season's second pairing and winning the cup it would be unprecedented. In the NHL's modern -- Turn off. Sarah abduct the fact that we know -- does not really trust young guys and usually will choose a defense over risky offense. And maybe we shouldn't be so shocked that he's going with Wade Redden. Overdone and right and that's a third factor is the guy it's a thousand game player who has shown that he's pretty reliable. And you know I'm not saying -- -- Wade Redden has has come in here. And has been say even Dan Girardi you know and and I think juries of terrific defenseman but but you know -- Isn't that anymore the redden has been reliable has passed the puck well has not hurt the Bruins. And has done a lot of good thing. Like this move and Michael what I like about his all the conversations we've had a boat -- going forward. Look this is a close move this is closed Julian being close Julian Wright. Doing sticking with the veteran sticking with the defensive guy if they are gonna lose the series if they do end up going down and -- a still. Hope that that does not happen that he's got a lot his wife got -- on his terms in got to go out and -- donors -- or way. But not let me ask you listen and speaking of clothes away because before they acquired this guy. Elect candidates in the -- gonna work yeah armor yarder and -- Julian. What do you expect. Because yarder when he first got here there was a lot of attention all my -- arguably the Bruins went -- -- Bruins got a guy like this. Acquired for younger since his -- in Boston what do you expect from him in this series. I expect your -- yarder to be a I'm not parole pot holder. A guy who creates offense for the players around him. A guy who occupies an awful lot of attention from the two Ronald defense when he's got the at the park in the attacking zone. I expect him to do a reasonable job back checking subcommittee shown he has done. And I expect him to get on and off the ice in a timely fashion something that he has done. All the spot -- If I can use that ever that we were hustling to a from the bench yet and getting off when it's time to get off you know it not -- out -- for buck fifteen on a shift when really the rhythm of the team needs to go it somewhere between forty and 48 seconds of on off make it crisp make it clean. Clean changes have been an issue with the -- I expect out of him and I expect him to bring Bruins fans out of their seats at least couple times because he's got. Total. X-Factor world class talent and imagination and that's something that this team was purely lacking in the attacking zone and and you know he's been a very good -- for them and help their power play which is just in. Really really really bad. Have the flu that was the over is gonna be -- looked -- at the morning -- Hamas Hamas on he was bent over look like death so hopefully he's feeling better because they could use -- Jack Edwards is with -- says he is every Wednesday's those -- you -- -- and smoke shop Boston private bank. And by the city of Boston credit union. To what happens how does this go I know it's unpredictable I mean look we all know some predictions -- so we're -- you're trying to. Figure out what's gonna happen and something that quite frankly we have no idea you're right that's part of the fun of the NHL playoffs that doesn't mean -- can't look at it and say how do we think this goes are you more this goes. DC more than highlights of the -- Saint Louis LA game last night I was a highlight that I've watched a few minutes of the of the Minnesota Ken Hitchcock's teams play. A lot. Of the way that that the Bruins play when they play well. They leave marks on you they leave welts on you the price for touching the park. Is good solid legal contact but it's a heavy game it sends a message. That's what I think we should see from the Boston Bruins tonight I think that we will see from Toronto a team that is. Very fast very tenacious will take the punch. And will try to answer and it's going to be a close game I think every game this series is going to be a close game. This is a tough match up for the Bruins this is a tough match I really don't know right about what they are. Part I hope you're going to wait but the wait broke down earlier and in those invested Jackson earlier he's got his information -- ago with the spreadsheet. That it was 97. It was 97 brought the Bruins won the series put -- four days there for game -- of this this and while I'm wondering if it to be close. I I I know how most people here feel about the -- castle. 99 westerly to a player you know dynamic score may be a bit of a diva. Even though that's. He says that his personality quite the quite deep to right right. He's -- what does he into easier these gates around the -- -- -- seventeen and whatever result he still -- -- -- a lot of stupid things when I was seventeen against a lot of stupid things now. Let us. If Huckabee close series if Phil Kessel and important player to a Toronto does is taken out this year. Fair enough. National Cadbury. Clarke MacArthur. Role players guys who find ways to get it done. Toronto has has jelled as a team. You don't get to the Stanley Cup Playoffs you don't finish in the top eight in the conference by having one. Really good score because teams would gear to shut that guy down and I even though Toronto. Usually sees -- gets shot down by the Bruins had believed 22 regular season games against some lifetime and know even strength goals for -- So Toronto needs to -- every step of the way so as of the end that's mostly because. The Bruins match up Chara against him and when char is not out there it's usually ferrets it really brings up they. Dave what if now. One of Kessel has one of those -- well maybe he'd done what if Cassel comes out and scores like five goals in the series has a few assists. And the -- well I mean it would be devastating. To watch Phil Kessel comeback against the Bruins and a playoff series and dominate them in a series in which Doug Hamilton doesn't play potentially at least in game one. An end and who knows what -- -- does it if if you'll Cassel gets by far the better of that matchup and is the X-Factor in the series devastate. Yeah it will be devastating and something in something new based on what it would fit and I'm not just a vignette I would do -- -- if it does -- dot I don't wanna see if I'm honest I do not wanna see that I'm -- not mistaken I think Jack had one of those prophetic an object a -- had one of those prophetic moments. It was the Toronto game the Toronto game when they were down two zip. In the third period and Jack said in -- said while. This team and -- it looks like it was pretty dire right now but you will have some opportunities against this team maybe a minute later. There was a score to make it 21 and they tied it up I think that was -- gain. Where it is it is it it's exactly what you said against Toronto even if they have you down you gotta get some opportunities you come -- We don't get your chances against Ronald. Beliefs. Our 28 in the regular season in allowing shots on goal 28. In the -- You know. That's not good there that's a lot of chances and even if most of them are coming from the perimeter. If you put those shots where they need to be low into the far side especially if you're going to get rebounds so -- the game becomes. Are you willing to pay the price and now on that subject. The pressure's not so much on Philip Kessel Toronto but on Tyler Sagan of Boston give me what are you willing to go to that to the net and willing to get your head kicked in for the chance to score not necessarily definitely to score but just for the chance. Give me one name give me one name of a guy may be it's Sega maybe somebody else give me one name of the guy Jack. -- needs to step up that will be the X-Factor in the bruins' side in order for them to win the series do it next rockaholic Jack Edwards W media. I'm just going out and play that game. -- tired -- us again. Do whatever I can help team enemy it's different you know it's it's harder hockey game you know guys. Accelerate their play you know racing game and you know it's gonna be talking to -- You better not be the guy if Phil Kessel has one of those series that would be so I'm grinding howling it's gonna happen. It's always there in the back your -- -- they owned them for so long what do they don't this time we were looking for an X-Factor we've seen him get very hot. Penalties as we are in an odd thing -- There is I don't bother some -- by apple are wanna hear that's harder to hear from Jessica. What is it about that what do you mean. The bothersome Max factor is that should this series. Of the distance. Game five would be on a Friday. Game six would be on a Sunday game seven would be on -- Monday. What's that. That's three games is important work days how the Bruins doing that third game in four days -- when a mobile dead flat awful. All full. Awful this year but I thought that the regular season has no bearing on the play now know why should we and it's a symptom it's a symptom of what ails this team. And it is why even if they should win the Stanley Cup this year they need. An infusion. Of of depth and youth. Any different from all the other point that I made about what you looked at the regular season wondering how those things. How they carry over into the plant none of those matter because I gave him four days doesn't. In -- big difference. And it is art it is -- was between the boards he was playing on the -- got duke and he got out of -- skin with dad and grass -- and I got -- that is the role well I would possibly be concerned HDTV -- the -- -- garnered an active can stand up all I got you it doesn't matter you can't have it both ways it is Rick Hendrick under the death and they went with they went -- -- record. -- -- And -- way come up where you can I don't Michael loves to say we can all be hypocrites and he's right you have it both ways if you're gonna tell me up in the Bruins did over the last month and half carries in the playoffs -- you can't tell me three games of forty different either I realized I guess a lot. -- -- It's the same opponent. It's the same travel so you're just going to -- brigades reported where you may be in buffalo for this game you may be important for this game in Boston for this game you're either going to be in Boston. Or Toronto okay that's why I love the policies and it's not a fact. And then it should not well I that's that's on sale and -- have to -- reject -- -- three games in four days it's bad in the regular season. In the playoffs. It's not so bad you know with the opponent's going to be they've got the same travel schedule that you have it's still the great equalizer. And Brian -- silly question then becomes who is able to bear up under that. And that extreme work -- better the veteran team where the fasting at the younger faster more resilient. I would probably have to give that I've never been there before or haven't been there and all I have once it's really -- -- it shouldn't matter -- hit them and offer -- it shouldn't matter if they get them an offer early it shouldn't go six pastor tell. Both of those things that your right to give me one guy that's the X-Factor that no one's even thinking about who's the guy can give me the -- that needs to do his thing. For them to win the series. Tyler segment. Tyler -- needs to have an explosive series he needs to have -- high scoring all hole he's on the ice again series he has the talent to do it. In game seven against Washington last year we saw him get absolutely flattened. On a goal that ended up sending game seven overtime. That's the way he needs to play from the drop from the very first shift. He needs to put himself in harm's way on every shift. If necessary to create a scoring chance it's not to say he's got a a lot of his way to look for contact it's not to say he's got to go out of his way. Two to make himself vulnerable of course not. Played with straights but much of the game is going to be played between the hash marks and in front of the crease and -- NHL defenseman do not take kindly to enemy forwards going of that territory if Sagan is willing to pay the price and go in there and be dangerous score from in there. All the other stuff is gonna fall. What do people say about the playoffs even even. Even people who have watched documents about the playoffs -- -- well. In all comes down to the equally. Rocco Rocco he got a hearty on that Geoff -- lined it -- -- can be called hockey should be called goalie if you sit at a record. But if you look at if you look at goalie on goalie goalie Maple Leafs goalie -- Who's the guy. That that you can see taken it to that next slow to correct -- you don't see. It that I see -- noble goal there last year. But pity or was it or was it just the he didn't he did what they need and I was gonna say it was that -- within the concept of dale hunter had him. -- play out. He wanted to be a aide Eddie Money and he was ready in the -- -- has backed up our guys have five sticks with them at times require about who's to cut one radar I I can give your rain out there aren't that. Now is it -- as ice. -- -- -- slowed us down a little -- exactly what franchise that's here that's at dale hunter did and and it was it was not an artful series to watch it wasn't an especially sponsors to watch. This is going to be a fun series to watch because Toronto's game is all about speed. Hitting and speed and skating and and creating things and they will give up a lot of shots that it will happen. And so it's a question of of whether the -- can get. You know it doesn't this this would be mr. beard Jack cam night. I just don't like. Based on based on your energy right now he got a yellow suspenders -- I don't go Bruins color energy you have to write a towel is like it out and and the game. That we're gonna see I think. Nest and to take the artwork look for places now and I I'm regarded -- -- This project -- Jack. How fun tonight playoffs get going -- be underway we know you'll be excited -- level CI NASA might -- Michael I'll -- we're talking -- -- -- -- weeks pressure due to Adobe that would be a lot of fun -- join us again next week he is always brought to buy bread and smoke -- Boston private bank. And by the city of Boston credit union force for coming up next including the guy who has a chance to be the best pitcher in baseball will we ever live up to it. It's -- access rockaholic WE yeah.

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