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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 05/01/13

May 1, 2013|

We don't care about your Yankees

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-- Mean it's so rude I can't believe that says so yeah. Now. This is around you are friends. -- -- -- In line is unfortunately all good things come to an end it's my job who itself and Ali I have gained quantity and blow it. -- -- -- -- -- high right now we've got Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't court. I go to. For the reversed if a kid and now. My job to do have a problem turn off his nation when it off -- -- -- highly. I brought you by AT&T WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T they've set up a text to donate line to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing text Boston. 280108. To donate ten dollars to one on Boston. Message and data rates course supply of full terms and in give dot or get. And what are we. That the web but that's. Well it's contenders. It has been good about what to there you're not about it but I had a good look at towards the back -- it's wild. And now the question I have is of sadness at their content before the season you're allowed to say who the hero series contenders are right that -- -- missed the deadline what do you have to stop. -- -- Gibbs stable for the first they want though I think it now that -- what you hit that first game widget opening day you have to wait there's a lot ought to just didn't not a lot of talk about it that you were not allowed I don't care. -- breaking out loud Miami -- rebel Michael and I will break those rules like don't care. Well excuse me yeah Eddie inning it got his attention but don't rebel tomorrow I may Salmonella -- -- rebel. Right. -- -- -- What edit other guys got that video about yeah good old. -- thought about it all right -- at. One big. Good good good good good baseball. I wondered about and back again. I'll. And they are the alternate. Roche. Of Major League Baseball to go big or roads you think you got it what do you mean Mikey smoking gun on -- got a roach. The well when you had the yet this parade. He thought they were gone you're gone for like a little bit in the come back. -- you squash them against the wall roaches are pretty crowded wrote approaches are discussed awful awful crash to yes. It is this. Mike. Collins who. Discuss me move that we. -- U haul truck that would they should be good to go. Tight this year are popularly it would get a move. Not a lot of stuff. Good good good I would just think of if you say. -- we afford those pills and studies can monthly you know I -- If you don't mind what are your -- just. Because still way -- figure that out the door and I really if you could to bring in the pulpit or well good luck about health -- -- -- country. Otherwise. Big trouble but -- It's wrong to ask my wife to do all of the packing is that wrong -- is it wrong to ask you to do the moving as well. -- this is this -- your wife's gonna move my wife did a great job -- she's been doing she's. She's she's got a tough game -- now be at home by herself into the area with the fifteen month old money. In the dog -- dog it's no attention right now mystery get a dog. He's great Wendell but well the French Bulldog acquaintances. That you -- -- to vote overview. You know all -- try and I'm trying to figure out a way to get the dog here I'm going there for a couple days in over memorial days trying to figure out like -- the dog bring him here you can place a French below that I -- these these shorts now it's we can't go underneath on the plane he's got a ride. Like in the going to be in his seat idiocy -- -- privacy that I got to fit him into a small container just too small Foreman stickam underneath for a little while way I would probably have to drug him -- that he's not upset while I was there barking so it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Kicks in the back here for nine hours a day last minute there's too many people you meet you meet people who -- who were cruel to animals. Well I mean what -- -- that that's cruelty cruelty people who don't pay attention to do not pay more attention my dog and do my daughter. -- -- of -- skaters and -- clip where you're -- he's a record amount for you I mean that's the answer. That deal that is calling for it would something important about -- -- yeah -- and at that. Level member. -- and it got but it won't have a duck. Boat and and and I. Got out my hand. And and it didn't put it. He's got back. -- I don't -- -- and pick out. And drink it up and. And this message yeah that's going to be problems and I think that's probably pretty hard I think we have to bring on them look for the conference funds. That's like a Nana -- I get out -- -- come on come on up for the big games but. The real big series. And. I might get my yeah Lou and I know that we've got very profitable on a fanatic that Obama -- give it up -- And a we've talked. I thought it did. Why. People boo about that you led. What what if fuel while. So far as. Why I thought. And that. Analysts rhythm -- -- to have. -- be in top forty is. At one -- to discuss what the Liberty City Eddie -- And it -- my career over all lost. They're still he's still putting out top editors I want to get like wat. Y -- -- itself. She is Chevy Chase element that though was the last Eddie won't -- as -- as the star. Was the last good Eddie Murphy movie -- -- mention. What year that was -- not only lasts last good at gamers already committed to move we Eddie Murphy movies aren't there. There are few of the department later -- eighties to data like medical I -- tell us what we'll do so the new pricing nutty professor -- -- but is that the top -- -- -- -- this note you watch list does not know professor scene with him and Dave Chappelle. It's funny -- that's funny but the rest of them will like I think the -- stuff as. Oscar -- -- -- but it still as a rank with trading places and coming to America and Beverly Hills cop. Come to America you only 48 hours -- -- a long time he was good in the to our place to be small I was getting very good there but not the main little like -- movie Shrek. -- -- What was the movie would do would beyoncé and another singer. Three girls dream girls -- Is supposedly awesome now. How well this message to Mike broke this out well in birdie I would -- -- note that I have worked so I. Genitalia awful it -- you look at what they have been removed. -- don't like a hot Coca the open at my desk at night I can't have that no big deal. I -- -- relate -- it certainly can't be -- in the heat don't. You do he's not the reputable. Polls. -- didn't really need it how to me -- the heck. But I'm not Italy's. And care how it does. The Jerky Boys -- with the -- -- it's funny I guess funny contractors under rated and Ebert movie life. That may be the last one. And theme all life. It seems slightly crazy metro the golden age I'll look at what worst movie yesterday. -- this -- -- is right both. Pretty good operators -- to -- long does the humor it's real and whether it's in one's coming to America that is that is -- up powered by. AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston bruins' most orgy coverage. In -- new England and yes you can start sending in that 102 grant to the open might. As part of the WEEI. Apple on the iPhone soon to be on the android as wells had over there you can record quick 102 to quick and second message. For Mike -- called open Mike there and send it right in -- can go right to Andy. And he will put it into the next edition of -- right answer the questions are next -- means we need to questions text them any question. Will answer 37937. It's coming up salt and -- WB.

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