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Doc Rivers pregame before Game 5 against the Knicks

May 1, 2013|

Doc talked to Sean Grande before Game 5 in New York. Doc said the team can't afford to have a bad quarter like in the previous games.

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The game five edition of the Celtics that I represented by Lexus continues. From Madison Square Garden are probably citizens is our conversation with that coach Doc Rivers. It is always -- for the healthcare Harvard health care. Austin that's conversation. At times you know if you win this game tonight only ran our back below one or teams Celtics coach you. I did not know that staggering number that is it's nice armor it's our hope I can achieve that apparently -- terrific. If there's an element to thorough -- element to elimination -- for years especially teams down 30 or -- 31 sort. A fatalism mindset the start think about vacation he didn't seem we didn't seem like there was any of that for better or worse that the game is going the distance him and he expressed. Now we had a great focus through the gang you know we had our bad quarter and and survived in which we we can't have tonight. But it was just good that guys wanna keep playing and you can feel that in the locker room you could fill in the -- from the very. Facing elimination on the road rock is building -- year thirsting it's been forever since they won a playoff series what beyond Texas knows characterizes. A win like this that he's the ultimate don't let go of the rope at any time kind of game. Just got to keep your focus you know. You -- on this and you may take a hit here in there in the game I mean then you just got to keep -- for and I think that's the attitude. That you got to have we talked about a deal in -- in the room you're gonna get it. And you gotta keep -- reporter I think that's our message. X.s o.s wise -- oversimplify or streamline the first four games of the series via you know the basketball for dummies version. Would it be about when you have been aggressive and able to attack because of defense for whatever reason able to attack -- been successful -- and even -- were destroyed them we stop attacking. We settle. We just can't settle against them of their traveling as a were rotating the ball we just can't stand outside shoot threes she contested shots -- got to put the ball back on the floor. And attack and if we do there will be good if there are characteristic to that that you see that happening does it happen for 45 possessions -- -- -- happens governor rowand then -- snowball you know and then each -- -- Make their -- play you know instead of distrust each other so that's okay. It takes a lot -- series and the situation that Celtics facing off the off the celtics' front page sort of speak it's been two days now. We have yet -- Jason Collins made the announcement we've always know what's coming from someone still. Does it make you smile to an -- later. And even longer that you play that you loved coaching -- -- -- respect -- professionalism in this on this ridiculously. Out of your way over and over a lot. Ends up being the first. The -- This and it was just made me smile for him I mean. I'm just happy that he can just being himself you know it's amazing no one knew I didn't go in. Just I always have one person to -- -- If you garments and and as you can do. Is via eventual troop progress -- all of us announcement like that happens in real controversial statement players you know in baseball when they -- a black where now. The -- carriers more about it and I remember when that wouldn't slow if Norton's so. I'm hoping that that happens in an -- stuff. That's led coach we've been doing this for a lot of years of relief staying over the last couple of these inevitable stories about Paul Kevin every year it's the same thing as the season gets towards the end about what's gonna happen in the future. But nobody really stuck to you two years ago Miami you've said what you said you were staying that you knew I had time you don't for awhile. You're gonna -- you know right now if you're coaching next year. No I don't mean I you know most of time and don't. That case I did I just every year is the same thing for me. I just you need to detox and you know that's what I'm gonna do. And I'm sure that's what those guys and there was oil. Thought of this segment though not happening I mean I -- -- expect that this is huge factor. Game five is next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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