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Andy Brickley, NESN, on Game 1 Bruins v. Leafs

May 1, 2013|

Brickley joins Mut and Merloni to talk about what the Bruins game plan for Phil Kessel will be, the importance of not getting too hyped up for the playoffs, and what he expects from Nathan Horton.

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Final hour -- Lou not a 37 WE eEye has promised. Its. Can't tell exactly when the coming up very very soon be listening for your code word text in and win. Bruins game one tickets tonight home against the Maple Leafs. Your phone calls all the way until 2 o'clock with -- holly apple -- Celtics and the Bruins. Of course somebody -- brick on brick joins us he brought to you by our friends at a yield of Nashua. It is playoff hockey time Ricky get is echoed. Extra ball in the preparation that I it's playoff game number one for the Bruins. Perturbed or. -- they yelled Jews still a bit more than usual for regular season game. I'm here no doubt it's you'll have a player's mentality or simply became as long as they did. You still believe a little player blood so get real excited to start here. I've brick talk about the schedule here. A much respected think that helps this Bruins team because. I'm not sure it was physical I think a lot of mental fatigue -- the mistakes that we made in these first couple games being spread out as far as they -- think that helps. But at a bargain given the circumstances of the make up games in fact that they at least six and 98 kind of hurt them down the stretch -- -- -- excuses for the scheme because. This certainly has some challenges and solutions but the fact that they had to play two games to two days in between it certainly helps the broad stretch this they like. Forget the the time off when you heard the match up when it finally was official I guess you come Sunday night it was Toronto. In terms of the fit they are people -- and opting physical. It does work out for them that they got the best of these match of your brick. But we'd like you know the final reaching toward that final day that was gonna be auto quality islanders are drawn a lot of literature on right in the middle and an -- was a difficult team they're well coached and well in those games helped it beat. That combined with the group's inability to work. According to -- on the board by. Toronto no force on defense -- so much all the libraries Vietnamese you know an -- guys got no experience really -- NHL postseason play. Sort it's a pretty good match up my preference would have been the islanders but you know get what you wish for. But it should have all the elements of all the playoff series regulate which is it physical play. Five outside hockey and you -- -- -- to initiate. -- broad global obliged but I look at for the coastal initiate brick. With the Maple -- share a couple good lines here productive lines are you surprised Chara Seidenberg gonna be together read out of the gate here not split them up. I'm not surprised I don't know what my preference I think brought a lot of strength this year it's that they have more than one scoring line so. You put those two guys yet and try to duplicate felt council it has threesome of the order to cool and I agree you know they're the guys and that so. But that's some -- -- they wanted to do who committed to a typical season ended now after the other for the -- letter Lorena who I get the job done all the matchups. It we hear so much about a physical Toronto has become act when it gets the playoff time like this for help physical. Can -- be a barbershop important you know a couple years ago during now Ron it was like it was gonna if you can't fight you're worried about ticket penalties. How much do you play how physical did in this series is going to be. We're going to be -- fiscal total of its leaders that are put any stock in the -- -- but it does tell you that they finished their check it's ultimately allowed the millions. There is able to take the body because the XP which means they can get there and they'll fly bodies and if you if you knew the Arctic the body than you don't replace Carlyle. Which is pretty much staying there. Demand from coach Julien so I expected to be physical the key will be who can handle the fortunate the better and have more clean break out -- a bit much betrayal of what. You know -- delicate game one here for this team has brewers team. May be trying to convince themselves that they can flip the switch and you know you try to you play those mental games -- -- yourself and say we had a couple days off we can do the week at the talent. The importance of game one is either -- self correct. Well you add even more dealt by the way Gordon play. Momentum -- certainly do want god -- you can overcome losses how much obviously ruled group that a couple of years ago put. It does set the tempo when you struggle with your record. Not getting the desired results even though he played better in certain areas on -- race. I got a long way to helping them believability the confidence and that swagger that you're looking forward we did you have that reset button -- the playoffs start. We talked early about the line -- brick DJ being join us live from the garden and I guess one of the surprises would be that it looks like rich apparently not gonna play. Here in this game last I looked he was one of the guys in the playoffs that was among your top point getters all time. Off the Bruins in the post season are you surprised it looks like dog events over heavily in this first game tonight. I have a little surprised tropical is that a lot of -- you know which -- is the best chance to win which player. Lined up better with Kelly inaugural that's their units. They're anticipating physical style -- And I think -- was done in greens you know in those areas. Of their tact especially their tortured so -- also would be ignored. And this could interpret that this is also a little -- that message you know what's in there in the past well -- There in the 2011 runs though she try to get their attention to get more out of them to motivate them. And maybe that's part of the decision making that we're really comes down to what -- Q and inaccurate given the opponent you just had the opportunity to play this elegant that we looked like. Number a lot of times of the athletes were playing for contracts it usually motivates and elevate their game but there are few words actually causing distraction. Maybe try to do too much thinking about it too much any concerns with Rask coming in this post season. No one goes like this isn't about contracts is not about future money this is about change to be champions is what you play the game towards like have a regular season and they said they had. And then prove your teammates your organization -- -- worthy of number one -- status or whatever position player you lock. Talk about that legacy that you wanna leave a player you wanna be known as the data showed up the -- and I was productive it was a good team member and I think that's the -- does that -- a contract like a hole like Rask. That's first and foremost on. Yeah I don't ask you about anything important because this post season determine whether. He's back Q with the Bruins or do you think that's already determined whether he's here or not. What are they waited. All the elements of the decision as to what its future is with the group throughout the regular season. -- -- trade deadline knowing that he's an unrestricted. They know what he did a lot of it a critical time they wouldn't it would it would copy to get that goal -- -- area that they struggled you know likable guy to machinery Google's core returned so. I think yeah I will have an impact on the decision making moving forward. And I had to agree. Confidence that he will play well you will be elevated because his game. Has increased terms so what you're looking for you know their speed on the fortunate to be productive player and have a good attitude -- -- different. I think is -- it will help Paul important. Into the that's real bind here around one. But the forever -- Doug Hamilton such an offensive piece earlier this year. -- be scratched looks like a healthy scratch you'll sit up on level mine. What are your tellem brick and do you think at some point will see Doug Hamilton in the series. I actually think -- too valuable to whether it's that just -- an injury or -- trying to get a little bit more media power play. If it's a physical series and their penalties and you -- four or four point 41351. Or kind of hockey that I think you seem to -- sort of in the oil and didn't want him. -- in a playoff experience no doubt but it would all be determined how the Bruins play and how healthy their rosters on the back here. Agree look back -- his regular season and now that it's over his rookie year -- say about him as far as things you need to work on things you were impressed. With. Well what and I was impressed is its ability to move into the most mobile search and that they had these perfect guys. His hockey IQ is pretty strong in -- authentic creativity. You know -- without the park knowing how to get open -- play offensively -- dropping in the way. All those things that are strong. -- -- war in -- in -- -- -- to work -- -- gap Ctrl+Alt. Got to strengthen parliament that understanding leverage body position. Explain what went down and you're beaches in the world do -- and junior hockey. Is not even American League -- its top players in the world. It's new concepts. Need to -- more that Beckham took reps he just needs to play. You missed it last night Andy Britain was in a spot I've been in do in the fizzle throat out on NASA and Andy is here is the the beaten down hockey -- or -- like salt on NASA there was. On stands have a reason to panic correct. Got absolutely not if you did a case study of the last 25 years the Stanley Cup champions and took a look at that their final 1015. What twenty games of the regular season and is that in determining factor. As to how deep they were gonna go the post season what you would learn is no there's nothing consistent about the answers that you would -- so they'll no reason to panic. This is more the eyeball test. Thought they prepared are they committed and they have the will to win. -- happen I'm -- out and have the will to win that haven't looked like a team. With the will to win I'll panic and rioting in the streets I am very -- -- about the Boston Bruins are not just because of the 252 in the way they've played at the end. Last month and a half I haven't played Bruins hockey that haven't yet. I haven't been physical they have played a Lucy who -- style with dozens of one of the best examples like India -- 2000 level of the Bruins won the Stanley Cup eight had finished the regular season they were playing great hockey they'd lose the first two games. As the higher Steve on a whole life for the Montreal Canadians. If -- go on what other linkup to English says that he had sand paper as you like -- haven't seen any of that sand paper from this team not in months not. Talking about the schedule told -- that the schedules and the problem but at some point -- stop making excuses they've made every single one of them in the book. Until they actually go out there and beat a team or maybe even a playoff team they don't lousy record against playoff -- they only have one win against a team of the top three seed well one of the things I learned from my playing games inside the boards that game one of the playoffs is a totally different animal than the regular season. Is that a number of teams that did not have their a game late in the year and into the playoffs got a different. The winner like when parents grandparents. Yeah they're being used having late cart but -- so -- -- what did you learn that supporters of the regular season that is just it is totally different playoff ought it is -- in intensity what does it mean -- everybody. Organizations and individual place. I feel like you took a piece of sand paper over his over his Lucy Goosen yes disorder. Beat a -- correct. Left -- we're studio our ports so that it -- It'll be just a year tonight I'll get you on this the emotion of this game Rite -- joke about. Yeah how how you'll feel going into it when that crowd and and you get. Or today and that anthem -- -- can you can you put into words what it's like that first playoff game. Yet all the control and those emotions continue to be actually pumped to play and oh hole by him and what it means an old port the first game is -- You know you've you've been together when he is criticized collectively and you -- what you have to try that you're you're reminded of that sickening feeling of being seven always -- Washington a year ago. The message that was sent by edited by bringing everybody back I think it's seventeen guys. Are there are hostile part of their daily cup championship -- may go this is an opportunity that he been giving it one of the most of the. Recording look for early on is just the physical style the Bruins or is it puck control of the lack eternal. Yet accurately -- number one it's it's the ability to break the the puck out under pressure to make plays make good decisions. You know the bill kid authored by little things don't go with the idea maybe now Michael bought -- and most of the great tests of oil are all of both the will live. Send those -- the site that I'll be looked at ordinary that this team -- that believability we think that they have. I saw the Presley's and I saw the ad today all Eastern Conference quarter final games. Well beyond -- and starting with game one tonight with a pre game six we'll drop the puck just after seven Bruins begin their quest for the company that goes seven. They're all going to be on -- which frost who are huge anti Britney fans -- jacket fans that's a great thing Rick enjoy game one tonight we're talking next week. Are categorically a nest and joining us on the eighteenth the outline its AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster three GT AT&T. Rethink possible. We Pope wants all of the things I learned from my playing days inside the board. Chinese assault on that play like me from Steve Steve -- Perfect you -- to be on this Tuesday. -- -- and -- -- big league big league molecular says GO you know week in big league guys in that's -- -- -- that's -- break. Result was an app that can at times into the boards quit it wasn't on board game. In this. -- -- the right across Duluth based. On 92 break can't exactly win. We're going to be given labor with tickets for game one tonight chance to win the text message but -- it's going to be very very very. Very soon -- you're.

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