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Brian Butterfield, Red Sox 3B Coach, on the new look club

May 1, 2013|

Brian Butterfield joins the show to discuss the clubhouse atmosphere, what happened last night when Salty was interfered with, and the effect of John Farrell.

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Our -- what -- not a 37 WEL we got Bruins tickets for you later on in the show we get any brick league at 1 o'clock -- on the Sauer will dive into game one. Bruins and Maple Leafs about fifty minutes from now pressure on this team. In a column from Toronto that makes you feel like the limit believe like they have a chance. In this series are we continue with the baseball to start the show go to Toronto. Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield also. I -- that's it brightest official title you advance scout for the Patriots to did you help the -- draft scouting this year. You know I would love to do that but I don't -- Libya and they just I think they probably considered -- -- our -- there. I look at we are gonna get your thoughts a little bit later on but I wanted to -- last night not many people in the stands to -- -- but -- love you know you still get a free pass that -- up there -- still. Well we'll let you know that this there were some. Discouraging words from behind me -- both series but. You know what it's a fun to come back but I sure am glad that I'm worried about their associate Ormond I'm just proud to be a member this organization. Us our last night's game because we're talking about early this worn in the play where it's pretty clear with Jarrod Saltalamacchia is arm hits the umpire space basket nets. Brian back case normally a dead ball and salty said after the game he didn't all the rule and John and talk to the umpire till. After the inning I guess through things for you on that it did you guys see that. From the bench was there inning brought up at the time where where Jared arm hit the umpire and whose responsibility is -- there to make sure you get that call right. That's it's a good question I don't I don't think anybody really saw until. After the fact some guys came up from the clubhouse and they had mentioned that. When salty was caucus are back it'd make contact with a hole played a part so that was after the fact and then. By that time -- a little bit too late but that I know effort for a fact sit there. I didn't see it you know -- because you're kind of you're you're used in that's -- vision to kind of watching to see what the runners and because you see salty commodity shoot two up back there. In the right gravity over toward first base we saw the ball a -- right field so. I don't think anybody but he saw from the dugout and then when it was finally realized who will be acutely. You know a lot of the guys that play forever and you always learn something new every day but I was little surprise to salty didn't know that rule. In first -- Yet yet you know I think you know it was funny because once. They had seen the video I wanted in on TV. There's a lot of discussion on what happens there you know sort of with every. You know we realized that you know the -- got to -- dad whatever -- -- -- -- appears or Pete -- got sort of ball that got killed. Because nothing but bad things happen there. Nobody you you work in the defense here and get a -- before the season started my one concern -- health for Napoli wasn't swinging for Napoli was defensively at first base and we all. I think first base it's underrated I think you can affect the entire infield with so far I think he's done a really nice job what have you seen from him working at first. He has done a great job and it's a credit to him he's a hard worker he's. He's a guy that's gonna chase you down to get some extra work it's not. It's not a case -- -- some players that she'd seen the pastor -- in the past we've got a -- hunt him down to work deep but it would make them better defensively but. He's a tremendous kid. And I take it -- -- consult the coach can say that I'm getting old but are now works he cares about everything that we do. He wants to be a great defender and he's very accountable when he doesn't pickle ball. He's very upset with themselves because you feel like you let him into retirement and like you said -- -- hope that first base position defense is critical because. He's hitting you in the welfare of of three other infielders pitcher and a catcher in. The number one priority is being able to get around that bag and be able to. Adjust -- throws there and -- falls under the dirt and the athletic and sometimes an underrated thing because. The profile with some of that first baseman via home run hitter and hit ball deep which snapped it provided we knew who's gonna provide that but that you've been very pleased with the way. He works and how diligently at. We're talking a Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield we saw Brett Lawrie make a play I'm sure you saw make a lot last night a ridiculous. -- diving play there at third base and the way you moved him around. Is it compare probable what you've done so far -- new will -- Brooks and how is will handle that challenge of hey we're gonna will be in death. Now the shortstop position to play short right we're gonna use you as a mr. everything here in his Red Sox infield. It is there's that there is a good person that's a great question and it's -- I think has. Think of the ball that we've had a chance to see rookie. Oh lead defense and and do so thank you realize this guy is six foot or six with five but he's a tremendous athlete park he's got body control. And he's fearless than when we first started talking to a -- Playing some different positions and you know sometimes play the rover position sub -- play around second base. Argue that whatever whatever it take egos I'm not afraid to go to the right side and he doesn't have any fear and I think that's one of the things that for young player. He's been able to step in there and play relaxed and play with confidence even though he hadn't yet gotten out of the gate like you'd like to offensively. He's the guy that. -- you trust there and in key to -- the -- worked very hard I didn't have to chase him down during spring training you want to get an extra work. And he's on board and everything would do. -- ask you Billick John Ferrell cup years up in Toronto with as well as well as torrent of low. Do you see a different John Farrell I think he walks into this team a more comfortable the organization anymore comfortable with the roster that with his knowledge of them in the past. What's the difference or is there one which -- pro this year. Oh without a doubt -- different -- I think it's just lead since the media evolution of a guy that hasn't had a lot of managing experience but he's highly intelligent he's a baseball guy. He cares about a lot of things can take care of -- coaches and I just think he's more comfortable. In a managerial role and I think that anything that you've ever endeavor in the game it takes a while you know whether it be. A third base coach whether he would bench coach whether it be a Major League pitching coach. There's not a lot of responsibility. That a that a Major League manager has -- I think that. Just in. You know it's the repetition. Just continues to get better are you a lot more confidence you. He's. Just like everybody else that has done us a little bit more. Are you can he the competent. You can like you and Torre an awful lot more I think -- loves being in the city to. While the other part of this and has been a couple stories about her toward talk about it as well you know the coaching staff and your part of that and one of the your strikes bright -- story did early in the year with with fox sports. Is about your defense of positioning how important -- Toronto last year how you're going to -- drop like -- on a chalkboard and show the guys how you wanted to work it. This year how much work goes and that is it before series is before specific game. In terms that set up for guys that you want a shift or or changed defensively against in that infield. Well there's a lot of video work that we have to do it with. And one of the key things there is John it's very creative and he's very receptive to anything that we wanted to do but the biggest thing is when you wanna do so and you've got to go to -- on and you gotta have a good reason why you wanna do it you don't have a good reason just like any other good leader -- back to endorse so. We spend a lot of current coaches on the video. Are you try to look at Tennessee try to we're still trying to get a real good feel on what the pitcher's strengths are. And then you look at tendencies you know what you you can eliminate all the bases. A from the field Abner Doubleday had put -- bases and he just looked at where guys took the ball people were really -- concern themselves too much with playing two guys on the left side and two guys on the right side. As much as putting people in places. Where there is the greatest tendency for them to hit ground ball oak. That's basically what we try to do it you know in the and the nature of it is that you're not always right you go through periods where. They'll hit the ball where you guys are but then you go -- periods there where they don't hit it where your guys are -- that we tried to. Always reaffirmed players remember we're not trying to defend broken bats -- balls -- up in the -- would try to defend ball. That are hit firmly up barrels and hopefully we can be in the right spot -- up men are. -- this we get a lot of times doing in David's up there and it shift may be going up against him and I always said if they -- -- -- a -- to put a bunt down or get on base. As the team the other dugout David Ortiz -- you win correct. If Jack was especially David Ortiz and -- guys that we tried to hold ship for years there -- back about 78 years ago with -- the piece of pitching in Boston. In the tenth inning against David we had three guys and all side and one guy the one dog. On the left side -- -- up the middle and he just took ball out over the plate get a ball to grow up straight up shortstop -- walk up a bit and can tell you the truth I've never seen any power hitter especially where I'm able to be around -- guy every day. Never team that guys that can manipulate the barrel. At the power hitter like David -- adjust -- them in amazement everyday watch him take batting practice. And it seemed as though we've gotten better. It you know he's better at being able to maneuver the ball the left side of guilt that I beat people with three people on all sides. In the one dog by himself over on the left side with the runner and scored position albeit what we've we've been driving around. And so far he's just made a lot of people eight or so. It sure as night that or -- world think that we don't have a defense that we've got Victor right -- work. Any a great hitter like David or keep putting the ball doesn't look paper. We're talking a Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield you saw last year trying to play a lot -- that last year a log scale consider one of the best defensive short -- In the history of the game I get a chance to see Jose Iglesias up close prime it was the first time opened spring training beginning of this year. Does he have a chance. To be in that category defender goalies he is is he if he plays. Up to his -- the have a chance to be defensively inept the skill category at some point during his career. On a short period of time that I've seen be played defense I think in -- that we I don't think that it's really care for any of us who are we young. Players to ever put them in. -- Cooperstown too -- you know it's it's a learning process and do what they did in eighty. Has matured to a point where. You gain the trust that he needs to gain the trust that the manager coaches. He worked very hard in spring training he's starting to value the baseball a lot more I think than he ever has and that's important and look having said that. I'm but I you know I I. Looking at that Stephen Drew keep the guy that. I would bet I absolutely love open and you've if you look at the scoreboard in these -- and arrogance -- you that does not matter to me. A guy that I use the baseball catching the baseball. Consistently and can take -- hit the cup. Intelligent and unselfish. Type of quarterback that we need to be playing shortstop. In order to be able to pitch or champagne on each other as the -- year. -- wall said but it's. It will set a China people patient which I. All through a lot of -- walking into a -- -- -- that this is banned drug -- Gasol you're actually at -- he'd just give Clijsters a lot made it and it came back which are on the back -- you know just and that decision making obviously was playing was getting his hits you know. Either you get the the closer situation hander coming up the DL. What I think we've grown to appreciate here be given what happened last year was the lack of drama. His decision made communication the players. That's extremely important specially in this -- I think it was handled properly I just talk about is that the approach is that just. Communication the key right now -- death. But the depth but the band that Mike and everybody in the -- -- that Larry have been an out standing job at putting together the roster and you know. In looking at it neo Nazis and you could read through when you're comparing that it was about sexy roster knew that it wasn't that star power but. There's so much the extent about high character guys and I'm I'm so pleased to be part of those guys -- while crowds and with the veteran leadership that we have. I don't think that were evident -- it will -- problem but you know there is -- -- good communication but. But Showalter told -- one -- Back in the early New York Yankee days. -- with the -- -- -- is the club quote that we felt that make it EPO the manager it makes it easier on coaches oak. We have an outstanding club that we feel confident that. Something is not being done it the young guys running bases. Like he should -- the patent or not backing up bases are doing the -- things that are required for championship caliber team are that it will be addressed internally. By the players themselves so that makes it easy and you know like we said -- and it. Is evolving into an outstanding manager but he also had the benefit of having an outstanding. A veteran leadership where guys take care thing. Where he can focus on. Right now lineup card and -- into but what you -- it you know. Sketch out on this Jason Cole writes. Football for Yahoo!. He he gave the Patriots draft the. Dinner or you're trying to slow down with a little bit about. Actually I always trust in bill and there are process over there by the way to never bet met Bill Belichick and that's something that -- all of my friends back home said the biggest reason why I wanted to side with the reds are. Because I could get a little bit closer to. Brady and Belichick have never -- -- -- -- -- get that work out and we'll get out without I would leave that up you guys aren't that open up for me. But I I trust what they do I know that. With some of their success they've worked in twos when they needed Qaeda and they got broken in the and that's when we needed a running back they -- Ridley and believe. And be needed wide receivers obviously. And they get the option and boy I'm. -- a huge Julian settlement and a huge stadium until we have to I think that there wide receiver -- Is going to be outstanding. And the people that they too rapid and I did watch what beat Hewitt in cold. -- -- -- To video that I I was. Very impressed we're. Also like Michael beat Jim in that Illinois the same type of guy you along 65 that there. Guy at Illinois that great conference so they're in the Big Ten. And the directors factor elect Logan Ryan so I think it. I'm trying to set used my best -- like -- right now but it I like what they've done and I think that they. I've met some need the big thing is. It's in bill we trust anyway. Needs the girl video he is -- I -- Brian Butterfield Red Sox third base coach Jody if Brian bit -- against throttle collected on the road. Revenue Brian Butterfield joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GA TT rethink possible on 92 break come back we'll get into. The Bruins game tonight and the pressures on the Bruins with this series also tell you about the Boston Police Department with a breaking news tweet. On the Boston Marathon terror bombings that's in ninety.

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