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Buster Olney, ESPN, on Sox closer situation

May 1, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Andrew Bailey retaining the closer role despite Joel Hanrahan being ready to go, the coaching staff, and the umpiring in MLB.

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But -- ID 37 WEEI told you to the Boston Police Department weeded out. We've taken three suspects in custody with connections to the marathon bombing some more news on that the last couple minutes. CNN's report says the Department of Homeland Security source of firsthand knowledge of the investigation. Says two of the students. A third -- been arrested who is a US citizen the source said Boston Police. Added via Twitter quote please be advised there is no threat to the public in addition Pete Williams. And NBC news reporting that the three suspects have been arrested today. Are roommates of the accused bomber joke cars -- Are suspected of removing items from his dorm room at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth so. Wouldn't be suspects in turn helping to plan the bombing there's one source one news report that says they had they had no prior knowledge. Of the bombing but it sounds like there's going to be a scenario here where these guys are roommates with Joseph -- He comes back and they may have removed items. From their dorm room or apartment where they live together off from that room as authorities closed in on this was. Last Thursday Friday. Where follow that story told you all day during our show about we talk to our our connections UMass Dartmouth and the joke card. -- -- -- at the pool on Tuesday it was party and smoke weed on Wednesday of people there. In that area at night getting report that he his roommates animal a structure just I don't know if you get more information -- -- one you can. Pieces do you support the cause. Is that what you hope the guy out. What I brought a lot of -- right now that they removed items from the hole from the dorm room. That could have been a laptop with -- information or cellphone info lower some like that that's. That's the -- terrorist right. That's that's their right aiding a terrorist. So as we get more information on that will certainly pass along but the policy and police saying no threat. In this case and that there's no indication that the three suspects at any prior knowledge. Of the bombing sources said the FBI's investigating this for about ten days taken into custody today an arrest about Boston Police. Joining us on the eighteenth the outline ESPN's -- roaming. An off the top -- I gotta tell IAE six the last night your story. On David -- the the grounds keeper there there at Fenway Park was also stored know how long guys worked on nap but. Lot of stuff there I didn't know about him and it was out really well done should be congratulated for the work. I appreciate that. And it was used to -- at one of those things. Where I I'd literally this is before an opening day game retouched -- three years ago. And get ready go on the air and I didn't know gave before war. This conversation really and he was walking Pat -- Agassi -- to get underground keeping. And yet he told an unbelievable story about Melanie got out of Bermuda high school senior and he got hit by Clark. Maybe that person ran him over in front of the McDonald's any of these terrible injuries and ended his baseball career. And then he wrote to ground keepers in -- looking for ways to stay in baseball. Without. You know you don't see where he's in situation which he couldn't play. And then he gets the -- -- the brewers and gets run over by a car but again by a woman he drove on the feel -- stadium who'd been out of that. You know had been basically locked up before that in just unbelievable. Stories he told and you know what I. -- a strong person to go through what he's gone through the night and again that you know had a report that producer did a great job -- that. And I really took a lot of -- my conversations with -- It is good man works hard -- it takes pride in what he does and I wanna I wanna ask you bought this Red Sox team right now because a look at last night's game and and little blip on the radar in other starting pitcher has been so good not so much last night the bullpen has been great maybe not so much last night but. Overall in general eighteen -- right now it's it's been a ball pitching with a -- thoughts on the early start. Yeah they -- the other Sunday baseball tonight if you know they -- is okay what's the best story of the first month that I did read that to me without a doubt. And of course going forward you have everything that happened at -- -- on and and people around the country are going to be. I think the following a red -- more rallying for the more. But the big thing is he's just the turnaround Andy from the -- last year where you guys remember that last game against the Yankees where. They just looked like he didn't wanna be there and now you see them investigating you see them. Doing things its. You know making all the adjustments that they need to make. To do well you see the impact Ortiz -- coming back. And I did think that. What happened. With Hanrahan Daley tells you a lot about sort of where this team that I think in the last five years. The team with the best -- court without a doubt. Has been the Tampa Bay Rays where you know 22 players will shave their heads for a cancer charity and then all the that every person the organization doing it. And we got to sign that in the -- Hanrahan handle this situation because he's got a lot at stake. -- -- perspective free agent. You know two to step out of that role warning that the Red Sox have been talking about internally within relievers is don't worry about role. Just worry about you know what you do when the phone rings and that's exactly the conversation that's been taking place with the -- In recent seasons and that's part and sometimes to sell the players. But the fact that Hanrahan is he's you know bought into it and supportive of it I think it's a great sign for this. But out taking a step further it's not only -- they supportive of -- they trust this coaching staff -- we have a conversation yesterday about the sustainability of the start and to me. This coaching staff deserves a ton of credit from where they were a year ago to now and that conversely we talked Brian Butterfield last hour and what -- old bulls had to say in Maryland the Avis these guys get there have been these little. Land mines buster no drop closer that would've been drama last year with a guy that was here and in this case Carroll says the right thing. They know what they're confident and that manager and they trust the manager this year. Well I told you died last week when you -- the what -- they unity within an hour and a well if you look at the history seems the situation. They'll give the guys -- job back to the guy and I think that's what they would do you cannot do that. To your point if there are questions about the motive of the manager in it there's other side issues going on and Joseph Maddon. They've developed a trust with the players in Tampa Bay in the fact that he -- the players now trust barrel and that certainly is going to be routed back in history would retain. For the guys have been there. And for what's being said behind closed door from player to player. You know -- he came back. That'd -- great -- I totally agree with you and cute you know when you're talking about the moratorium -- Brian Butterfield. You know -- fit into that life first and guide to when you're around Brian Butterfield for five minutes. You know that all he cares about is winning immediately -- was passed over for the managerial job. By the Toronto Blue Jays and they put him back on staff what does that say about him and what does that say you know about how the players -- gonna feel. About having a guy like that by the side all season long. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the -- disorders off to a tough start we forget the only -- -- 350 big league at bats so would not sure what he is the other guy. I think we might know what he is Jarrod Saltalamacchia. The type of hitter or maybe inconsistent behind the plate what you hear about those -- -- Who got the -- meadowbrook that he simply has to be put himself in a better position when it comes to count. And not these sanctions that the played in that sounds simple. You know Josh Hamilton dealing with the exact same thing where the fact that he's -- is something that they pitchers are gonna take advantage of and I'm sure that that's in the reports there are being sent back to -- -- I'm hearing from some of the advance guys. Where they stand. That -- simply is really pumped up to the plate and he needs to. Reduce debt level of adrenaline that he has his at bats can be a little bit more relaxed in the Saltalamacchia. I think that you know I've heard this from executives said the teams that they say that. They think that the Red Sox will be looking for an upgraded deposition that you know and possibly even before. The trade deadline at some point that -- Feel like dead you know given the amount of money that they're paying him that he's got to perform better than he's been. How he's performing at the beginning of this year that was. You know an interest moment last night. Where that happens in Egypt interfered with by the umpire doesn't say a word about it. Does -- role admitted after the game. Well and that I gotta be honest with you haven't heard a lot of things to a lot of players in the years that that not as much of the surprised me but what's surprising to me is that. There that there isn't that instinct there wasn't there in that case let we're just it doesn't immediately Tera -- and you know exactly. Been an all. I mean I don't you know like it. -- that I know every rule the rule book but if we've all been in this situation at second. Ewing knew it would make you you bought me. And and at least put here you -- coach you're coaching your manager in the dugout. Probably are aware -- in a position with a command at the question. Expedite you do wonder how the dominoes would have fallen. -- they say dumping two adult plate umpire and all played a part did okay I'll go talk to my guys in the other. Umpires they were looked like he actually hit you on as usual lines are back. And he had is that Peter would fork on a couple weeks go on your on your podcast buster talking about umpiring and baseball questions there. My guess is that they might be have some conversation about what happened in Tampa Bay -- -- Chicago between. Kelly in the dubbed the whole plate umpire and David Price because as you told that story mark -- can rope that story Tampa I've never heard scenario. Where an umpire -- is at a pitcher and then after that. Claims the pitcher lied about what he heard and what the umpire said on the field that's a bad scene before those guys. Yeah and that's why I think whether we hear about it or not or they try to covered up by saying well he took a vacation. Why do you think -- is -- -- valued at faith is faith and sanctions because. You can verify that and let's face it guys that you got Joseph Maddon. And David Price and Jeremy Alex and and other members on that team also in the same thing we heard -- and they have feel like. In basically every partner out so they can go back and get some information. It doesn't look good and eight. Yeah you know it's one thing to go back and forth -- a player but when you you -- prompted yelled something like that. Even -- that's what he did that the major problem and I know from talking with people Major League Baseball. In those situations they don't want the umpire rendering an opinion like well he lied or he's a liar. To the media they want the umpires to file their report. And at that point to have a back and forth in Major League Baseball as opposed to accusing a player or something because of course now. Spinning it forward. There's a game involving arrays and -- -- and it's something happened there was gonna go. They had a problem in the past and that's why they want the umpires to keeping behind closed doors and indoors and that's why I think that -- ain't gonna face some sort of a fine or suspension. But let me ask what this Toronto blue Jay team sucks -- right now other questions about -- bullpen coming into the year. They've been pretty good. I'm a firm believer even in bad start guys played their level -- if track record and an Al Reyes. Loss hurts this team but still I don't think this -- blue jays team is out of it yet. Well I agree that you and I think we've learned here because we've all made that mistake where at the end of may were like well that that -- -- and we've seen teams come roaring back we saw that with the Oakland Athletics several times. But the one thing that really concerns you is is the that's the hairstyle we're seeing the rotation. You know he's got shot and didn't get back to being what he wasn't asked -- he certainly hasn't looked -- April last year and a half. It was Mark Burly. Going to be different when you face American League team the -- he's been. He'd during the course of -- career you know I was RA -- gonna become more consistent. I was out I was gonna pick the the blue -- to win that division when I flew to Florida but then I was around that team and you mention the bullpen that was a concern for me. But also the idea throwing together so many people for the first time. And you had John Gibbons who can manage it there yet. But it's a whole different cap the players and how to deal with Colby Rasmus who's not viewed as someone who takes instruction well -- you know Brett -- You know Jose -- right away there -- questions okay -- got to talk to about how we deal with umpires. I think we kind of learned. That when -- bunch of guys together like that that some time to take longer than we expect but the most important thing it they got to get better stuff out of that rotation. Also in the division and ask you about the Yankees are they have a timetable buster when Mark Teixeira might be back in that lineup for the. I talked to Brian Cashman the general manager less than an hour ago. You know mark he is progress has been. Steady but it is certainly been slower than. I think that. Maybe they had hoped initially. He's taking some swings now. The big thing with the image to -- as any kind of setback that he's probably gonna faces season ending surgery because it's it's that type of injury the Yankees are totally got hurt. Look at this 70% cute he comes back this year he did this setback in his the other 30%. That he's going to be done Curtis Granderson to make a lot of progress. And no he could be sent out for game sometime in the next week. I think that the Yankees are feeling really good about the start how they're playing. But I think they're also very aware of sort of how fragile it is considering the names that the throwing in the line up every day it's really an amazing job work. You know they pulled Nichols out of their couch cushion to get some of these guys and these guys to -- well. -- last one for me is Jason Collins told his stored Sports Illustrated and I thought that. You're one of the guys that talks to players more than anybody that we talked to and -- wondering about the response that you -- cross Major League Baseball and is baseball ready for that for an active player to come out that -- gain of the world. Well and in 199394. I covered Billy bean who came out after he retired. And you know I talked to Billy since Jason Collins announcement we look back at that team and would it have been a good time. And it -- opinion that baseball. Would be conference baseball. Dan and a lot of other sports because of it just the nature of the sport and -- he's feeling you're out on the field every day and there's a lot of standing around time and and the culture of it. To -- different I think in general I think the players are progressing. A lot of relate to the idea that it mirrors society that this is growing feeling of you know what who cares. If there are two -- You know what guy doesn't own time and an and I think also and this is a real fact guys you know for years it was -- force someone like Billie -- to come out because the reaction. While we sought this week that period on the other side now where if you say something about it out loud. The backlash that you're gonna say is enormous look what happened who have Mike Wallace. The wide receiver from the NFL when he tweeted something out he got hammered. And don't even if you're not comfortable with it. It's probably Smart to -- -- yourself and I thought about this. If you're a player now. -- not -- -- -- say you know what I'm not comfortable playing with Simmons is black I'm not comfortable playing with the -- and -- we're glad. You're gonna shut your mouth even if you feel that way in I think going forward that's the way players are going to be when it comes to playing with someone who might -- -- Buster great stuff is always appreciate it we'll talk connects Wednesday -- -- buster -- leave ESPN joins us every single week at this time and buster course. Occupier friends that toy -- of Nashua Bob Draper recovery go see him. Check out the all new Toyota Nashua megaplex during their ongoing spring saving sales event comes -- While the buzz is all about. By heiress restoration specialist and by -- space 92 break welcome backed -- about one of the big games tonight. And Bruins a Maple Leafs -- Britain will join us wanna popping up Bruins tickets for tonight's game that's right. Game one we're sending you to that game. At some point today be listening for your chance to win. Well what the other game. Not the Red Sox game but the other playoff games Celtics and -- is the end for Paul Pierce KG and company ninety seconds from --

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